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086 – Potion of Transference

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex and Significant Sexually-Focused Transformation

 Linseed was excited to finally be testing the first version of his tonic. However he was surprised how powerful the initial effect was. His test subjects, Vanna and Kira, were a couple who were both trans. They had volunteered to help test his sex reassignment potion. At the moment, they were gasping and moaning as they fucked with abandon under the influence of the potion coursing their veins.

The goal of the potion, effectively, was to transfer Vanna’s genitals to Kira. If it worked, people who no longer wanted Y could give it to someone who did and become X. Such a feat seemed trivial for someone who could craft a potion that turned a human into an elf, but having it be a permanent process had proved to be more of an issue than he anticipated and he had taken a short cut.

That was probably where things got out of hand. Using material from a slime-based lifeform to efficiently bond the new member to a willing host might have been overkill. It certainly seemed to be the case as Vanna leaned back and came with a resounding yell and Kira’s clit blossomed into a cock almost at once. There were, of course, other issues with his potion which were evident by the fact that Vanna was not only still hard, but starting to pound her husband once more. It was a side effect of another shortcut.

Most who wanted to transfer their genitals were already not attached to them emotionally and the potion needed a transference to activate. So he had to come up with some way for them to overcome that. Yes, there were probably ethical breaches with using succubus aphrodisiac as part of the potion to temporarily suspend a client’s dysmorphia so that they could have sex, but they did sign a waiver. Not that it actually assuaged his guilt as he watched his patients continue their frenzied lovemaking.

For nearly twenty minutes, the trans woman plowed her partner with stamina most men would envy, not even stopping as she came a second time. That is not to say that Kira was not developing his own masculine traits. Because the tilt of his hips, the moderately thick member lay flat against his stomach, the length already reaching to his navel. The alchemist did not expect it to get any bigger and yet, as Vanna pumped her partner full, Linseed could actually see it swell like it was being inflated by the woman’s seed.

Finally, she slumped forward and slid out. Linseed gasped as he watched her cock and balls visibly shrink into her pelvis. Before she fully realized what had happened, Kira was laying his wife down to return the favor. He pressed his thick cock against her center and for the first time, their penetration was what they desired.

With Kira bent over, Vanna could reach his demure breasts. She wrapped her lips around a nipple and began to suck. In a few moments, she had drained both, leaving Kira flat chested, while Vanna’s bust had grown. Only, the volume was considerably greater, with her boobs easily twice as big as Kira’s had been.

Falling back into the bed, Vanna seemed to lose herself in the twin sensations of Kira’s dick and her new jiggling boobs. It was only a moment later that she arched back and screamed. It was then that Kira developed balls, as if her orgasm had passed them on. The sound as they slapped Vanna’s ass drowned out the couple’s moans until Kira let out his own guttural scream. His release was so great that it made Vanna’s stomach rise slightly.

When Kira pulled out, he was even bigger than before. He beckoned to Linseed. “I thought this was supposed to give away my genitals, too,” he said, hefting his balls to reveal his still present vulva. “Can I try again?”

Linseed was unsure what would happen, but who was he to stand in the way of someone’s dreams?

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