011 – Arenkant’s Temple

The World of Witches calls to you...

A witch hunter finds himself in the middle of centuries of planning…

Warning: this sexually explicit story is about a guy who wants to the power to kill witches and finds himself transformed by his quest as he fuses with entities who are three fragments of a whole. This story has a lot of breast, butt, hourglass, and penis expansion as he fights two of them in a battle of wills and becomes altersex before returning to sexually grapple with the third who had also become busty, buff, and hung. If that sexual odyssey sounds like something you will not enjoy, check my [Story Index] for something that might n.n | Word Count: 6821

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While this story is free to read, it is a work of adult fiction and I need you to provide some level of identification to read it. So, please, either sign in below or [register for an account]. Thanks for your understanding!- Misty F

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