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009 – Honest Desire

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Dubious Consent, Explicit Sex, Minor Growth and Significant Sexually-Focused Transformation

“And you’re sure this is virgin?” Nevv asked as she swirled a vial of milky fluid.

The bone-thin troll who was tending the counter glared balefully, his eyes moving over long, bright hair, stone-gray skin, and slight, but decidedly feminine curves under simple robes. He fixed his gaze on the white crest that emblazoned the robe’s shoulders, then snorted.

“Look, girl, I don’t ask you why you, or your teacher more like from that crest, need vials of cum, I just make ‘em available alongside all my other wares. So do me a favor and don’t ask me things, unless it’s for something else you’re buyin’.” He then moved down the counter to other customers.

“I just want to make sure, geez.” Nevv snapped at the empty air, punctuating the jab with a flip of her arrow straight, platinum blonde hair. She tucked the bottle into her bag all the same. One more thing collected for the spell to prove himself to Illuna of the White.

That the troll had thought him female was a normal occurrence, one of many that had come to define his identity. Since he aged slower than regular humans, he had never been as strong as his childhood friends and was frequently bullied growing up. Even when he did reach maturity, his body hardly grew into the manhood of most humans. His elven heritage was of no help either, as it was likely the reason he had such shapely hips and long legs.

He harbored some regrets, as would any young man who did not get to grow up and be an adventurer, but accepted the fact he would probably always be mistaken. In the interest of making things easier on him, he did what he could to present himself as a woman. One of those things was the practiced sway of his hips as he walked out the door.

Nevv could hardly believe he was doing this, crafting a spell to show his aptitude to one of the strongest witches in the nation. Even though she was one of the most powerful magic users for miles around, Illuna of the White was most memorable for her appearance. Almost inhumanly curvy, her exceedingly long fame was thick but tight. Her skin was like porcelain, a stark contrast to her cascading raven hair and eyes without whites. Exacting makeup, bodices, lace, and tight-fitting cloth were apparently her standard fare, further accentuating her almost overwhelming sexual presence.

The half-elf had willingly approached her what felt like a lifetime ago, but was only a couple days past. The witch’s reputation was what had drawn him. There were all kinds of rumors. Whispers that she milked men and women alike for sexual fluids, performed spells to satisfy unspeakable fantasies, and hosted orgies each full moon to keep her youth. On the balance, there were many who swore by her medical arts, claiming her intimate knowledge made her a impeccable healer.

Regardless of her reputation, this was multiple opportunities for Nevv.

After the alchemist, he moved to the apothecary he had passed on his way down. His gaze darted about, seeking out herbs for the spell he was crafting as he mulled over Illuna’s offer. She had certainly seemed overjoyed when he showed up on her doorstep. His hair had been in tangles then. His only possessions a ragged sun dress and sandals.

Even so, she offered him hospitality. He was given a bath, clothed in the soft robes he now wore, and fed his first meal in days. Oddly, it did not take much to convince her to take him as her client. Reclined on a lush chaise, her body draped in tight satin, she had listened to him talk for a few moments while he ate.

“You intrigue me, young half-elf,” she had said. “No one arrives at my doorstep by mistake, so I have seen a great many souls in my lifetime, most lost and confused, their hearts looking for direction. You are the same. Someone looking for answers.”

“Unlike the rest," she continued, "I also see that ability to find those answers yourself. So, I have a proposition for you. Prove to me that you can traverse your shadows to find the answers you seek. I will allow you to purchase anything you need, but you must craft me a spell to prove your worth. If you can, I will take you on as my apprentice. However, if you fail, you will be my slave until I tire of you.”

The hunger in her eyes as she said those words made Nevv rethink his coming for a brief moment before he nodded. Their first meeting ended abruptly after that, with her sealing their contract by way a powerful, hungry kiss that the half-elf still could feel lingering. She allowed him free rein of her library to research, and offered him an attached room, but asked that he not go anywhere else in the house. Surrounded by ages of magical texts, he was happy to comply.

The she-elf working the counter winked at him as he paid for his herbs, pulling him back to the present. She, like the troll, let her gaze linger on his curves. Unlike the troll, she seemed interested in knowing more about him. From her questions, she believed him to be a young girl and an apprentice of one of the lesser witches in the city. Nervous that he would say something which would give away that he was neither a young girl nor an apprentice, he excused himself at the first opportunity.

He had one last stop before he returned to Illuna’s. The spell would need an anchor, a focus for the enchantment he had spent hours researching. The enchantment which would dispel all doubts. Tonight, he would make something that would allow him to be fully a woman.

As he approached his destination, he wondered if she knew. Wondered, if she was waiting for him to ask her to use her magic on him to make his doubts go away. Not that it mattered, if this worked, well, the new Nevv could be the perfect apprentice.

The half-elf stepped into a bright storefront and it was like traveling to a world of lace and silk and leather and velvet. All around, garments of all cuts and materials hung from racks. Tame things like brassiers, panties, and hose were on display along side more exotic garments. Things Illuna not doubt purchased. He moved with purpose, picking up a pair of black, thigh-high tights, a black garter belt, and panties that were effectively two wide strips of black lace sewn together with a soft, silk backing.

“Oh? A wedding set, huh?” The shopkeeper smiled as she packed the things away. “They’re going to look super cute under your dress, if they’re for you that is.”

“Oh, yes, they’re for me.” The normal fear that someone would realize he had a penis, but was buying the “wrong” clothes did not even cross his mind. He also did not even think of what they were implying right away, but felt his face begin to burn as he stepped inside Illuna’s chateau.

Retreating to his room, he began the long process which would culminate in the spell which would influence the course of his life for the foreseeable future. It started with the combination herbs and other things he had acquired over the afternoon’s span. Boiling them down, he made an incense for the real work. Scattering shredded pieces of his concoction over coals caused a thick purple smoke to rise over the sand-filled cauldron. The iron pot went into a smoking chamber which came up to his chest, filling the column of iron with faintly glowing fumes.

He hung the garments in the smoker, and sealed the chamber to begin the next phase of the spell. Grabbing two pieces of chalk, he traced the runes to impress on the garments over the surface of the iron. Each one began to glow as he finished it. It was an hour later before he had covered the curved surface in glowing symbols. Now for the real magic.

Nevv sat cross-legged and facing East, towards the far off ocean from which life had come. He called upon the water, the symbol of rebirth, to aid him in his spell. The runes flared as he felt a rush of power in his hands. He turned his palms to the chamber and began to chant. The words familiar and yet, alien. He had read the language of magic, practiced it while designing his enchantment, but never spoken it in a spell. The words fought him, filling his mouth and biting his tongue as he forced them into the shape he wanted.

Finally, his work was complete.

Opening the smoker revealed that the garments had turned pure white. The half-elf took them out, each warm like a living thing and laid them over his workbench. If everything had gone well, the enchantment would take his desire and temporarily change him to match. Effectively, he could become a woman and remain one for as long as he wore the white lace panties. Removing the panties would undo the spell within an hour. The belt and tights worked amplify the spell, increasing its duration and also bolstering his curves.

Torn between trying out the spell now and waiting to surprise Illuna, his eagerness won out. The panties tickled as he drew it up his legs and the feeling of silk against his balls made him gasp. Slipping on one of the tights, he absently wished that he had been brave enough to purchase a brassiere. The thought was replaced with how the soft mesh felt wonderful against his shapely leg and, for a moment, he lost himself in running his fingers over his calf and thigh. Pulling on the other one, he snapped the belt around his waist and tightened it. The clasps attached to his hose easily, pulling the straps tight against front and butt. Everything felt wonderful.

When he went to say the words though, he hesitated and doubled checked his work. He was bent over his notes when the silver bell in his room chimed, breaking his focus. Illuna was asking for him. He threw on his robes in a hurry, not thinking about how he was dressed underneath. A fact that he regretted almost at once as the sensation of his stocking feet sliding over the polished wood combined with the swishing feeling of his tights-clad legs passing each other had him panting by time he arrived in Illuna’s parlor.

She sat once more in repose on her chaise, a book in one hand, her glasses in the other, one wing pressed between her blood red lips as her dark eyes moved over the page. Her hair was up in a ponytail that draped over the chair back. A sheer gown, which made her seem frosted instead of clothed, was all she had on.

“You seem winded, dear Nevv. Is something the matter?”

“I was in the middle of a study and finished it before coming, so I rushed to make up for it.”

“A study that involves tights?” she said, glancing at his toes.

Nevv went to speak, but she held up a hand. “I know what you’re doing, dear Nevv. I know that you came to me hoping that I could change you.” She paused, her expression unreadable. “I am glad you are taking those steps yourself. Experimentation is a necessary thing. How do you think I ended up looking as I do now?”

“I had thought witches, as bearers of fragments of the divine, just happened to be larger than life.”

“While that is true, there are not many like myself naturally. Only my cousin, Jhnessa, who lives far to the north and a few others grew to be semi-giants. No, my body is one I have crafted for myself, a manifestation of my desires. A labor of love to ensure others seek me out for their own desires, whatever they might be.”

Illuna shifted in the seat, flashing her shaved pussy as she uncrossed and crossed her legs again. “Now, take off your robes and let us see if the spell you have for me has had the effect you seek. Let us see if your desire can light the way through your darkness.”

Put on the spot before he was ready, Nevv could not find words. He disrobed quietly, standing there half naked before the witch. He was tenting his panties, which only added to the embarrassment. Normally, he did not get erect, but there was something about the smoldering, yet appraising look Illuna was giving him that reached into the depths of his soul and pulled at every ounce of masculinity he had.

“Well, Nevv, what are you waiting for?” Her tone was both admonishing and supportive.

The half-elf swallowed and mouthed the incantation.

“What was that, dear? Speak up!” Her eyes flickered red as she admonished him. Briefly, the full force of her power enveloped him.

He shouted the incantation the second time. Each word a booming command. The enchantment activated and he was bathed in brilliant light. Hundreds of sensations crashed over him, knocking the half-elf to his knees. Heat and cold, pain and pleasure, and pressure, so much pressure all threatened to consume him, the contrasting feelings swirling through him as he felt his body change.

It began with a crack that made him wince as his pelvis broke and started to spread. The feeling of new bone knitting itself together should have been excruciating, but was more like the tingle of a sleeping limb. Inch by inch, his hips widened until they were past his shoulders. The lace panties were starting to dig in. He had not anticipated growing so much.

Shocks passed between his legs and the wood, accompanied by the feeling of the tights becoming tighter. In waves, he felt his legs pulse larger. First thickening, then stretching as the tingle of bone growth kicked in. It was like the tights were converting magic directly from the earth into flesh and bone. Had the spell been this powerful?

The plumping didn’t stop with his legs, with each progressively intense wave of energy, more and more converted mass was funneled to his hips and ass and the waiting garter straps. He found himself massaging his rump as it steadily swelled under his fingers. It might have been more than he expected, but everything was going according to plan.

Channeled upwards by the garter belt, energy coursed through his body to flow out of the top of his head to fall back like a warm spring rain. He could feel small changes happening, but without anything to hold it in, the energy didn’t manifest as strongly.

Now all that remained to change was between his legs. Only, it seemed like he was getting bigger. Already his junk was straining against the panties, his now very masculine and strangely equine cock peeking out over the waistband. A tingle like that of the bone growth passed over his taint to his asshole and he felt new flesh swelling against the silk. Balls that got heavier and heavier dropped to either side of the panties and continued to grow until they touched the floor.

The brilliant light turned purple as even more energy coursed into his system through his balls. Veins stood out over the darkening skin as energy arced up to his dick which was steadily becoming an insane size. It had finally pushed over the waistband and was slumping towards the ground. Fearful of what would happen if a third leg began soaking up energy, he grabbed hold of the burgeoning phallus. He could feel it pulsing ever larger, pushing against his thumb, spreading his grip.

Like a tide, the dark skin of his balls crept up his shaft to crest about a third of the way up. There, a fleshy ring began to develop, ballooning the skin out until a ridge wider than two fingers rose above his shaft. On three sides, veins as thick as his thumb grew towards the flared tip of his cock. They snaked back and forth and then over the ridge like creeping vines that narrowed a few inches from his head. The enhanced blood flow made his cock twitch with each heartbeat, the spongy flesh growing more and more firm as it continued to lengthen and thicken forcing him to use both hands to keep it from touching the floor.

Elsewhere, the haywire spell was just as ruthlessly efficient at growing him. The stockings, and belt were each quickly vanishing in a tide of supple flesh. He was sure they would snap, but with a particular feeling like sliding into water, his body consumed the garments. The stockings were a different matter all together. He could feel them melting, sinking into his skin. He realized this meant he could never take off the panties, the spell would likely never end.

It seemed like his growth would, though, as the light faded. His horse cock had stopped swelling when it was as wide as his waist and about as long as his torso. Already he was dripping a thick rope of semen. He was sitting on his balls, the swollen sac the size of a nearby footstool. Judging from the twitching pressure between his cheeks, his asshole had become equally enhanced, likely emulating the equine equivalent.

“My, my. That certainly is an impressive spell.” Illuna stood as moved towards him. “Though I think it might have gotten away from you.”

She gripped his cock right under the flared tip. Nevv was surprised she could fit just one hand around it.

“Your desire betrays you, half-elf. This,” and she squeezed “this is not the desire of someone who wants to leave behind the last vestige of who they are and start over.”

“This,” she stroked down to his ring, her fingers sliding through his cum, “this is the desire of someone who regrets, who wishes things had gone otherwise.”

The White Witch released her grip and brought her spunk slick hand to her face. Slowly, she sucked each finger clean, her eyes never wavering from Nevv’s. Finally, she continued.

“Desire is a fickle thing, my dear. Do you want to fuck me?”

It came out of nowhere and Nevv answered instinctively. “Yes, Mistress. More than anything.”

Illuna laughed at that.

“Oh, Mistress? Are you sure you want to call me that?” She slunk towards him once more, her presence washing over the half-elf as he eyes flickered with red. Kneeling next to him, the close proximity of her body made his insane cock seem reasonable in comparison.

“If I have my way with you, your desire will never wane. You will always be this way, fit for nothing besides being my toy.”

“I can honestly say that I could be happy with that.”

She licked his skin, dragging her comparatively large tongue over his ridge and veins. Her attentions moved up, bringing more of her body into contact with his. Her gauzy dress was even softer than his stockings had been.

With his shaft wedged between huge tits and a velvety tongue attacking the flared head, Nevv could feel himself becoming his cock. His world focused, narrowing to just the sensations happening along his massive member. Everything else fell away as he slipped into the endless waves of pleasure. “Please, Mistress, take me. Make me yours.”

In that space, his mind was oddly at peace. For once, he felt content. Everything was wonderful. Only, he did not feel satisfied. His desire was to be an apprentice, to learn the mystic arts and become a force for good that would stand up for others. He wanted to be someone fully instead of two people halfway. Specifically, he wanted to be the woman who could learn from Illuna White, The Witch of Sex.

He snapped back to awareness to find himself on his back and Illuna riding his horse dong with abandon. The sudden rush of feeling made his balls clench. Somehow, he was intimately aware of the flow of his cum as it rose through his dick to explode out inside of The White Witch.

She continued to rise and fall on his cock, her expression disturbingly neutral even as she incessantly moaned. “I see you have returned to your senses, young Nevv. Do you find your desire to your liking?”

Trying to form words through the overloading sensation was nearly impossible, but he eventually shook his head.

“Then show me, speak the words for the spell and your deepest desire will come true.”

It took everything he had, but Nevv once more shouted the words of the command. In a sudden reversal of sensation, he was being fucked by an impossible cock. Balls that had once been attached to him were slapping into an ass that was undiminished. Illuna was howling over him as her body quickened its frantic fucking. Nevv felt like he was being split open by how deep she was thrusting, but at the same time, being fucked felt amazing. All at once, Illuna screamed and the half-elf felt himself fill with her seed.

The White Witch collapsed next to him, panting. Nevv reached out to caress her neck and she snuggled closer, nearly smothering him with her tits. An hour passed in that tight embrace until she finally sat up. The cock and balls were gone, her body back to how he remembered it.

His own body however, was dramatically changed. Foremost was his pussy. At a glance, it did not seem big enough to have accommodated what just happened, but it was perfect just the same. His hips and ass were considerably larger than before, but his legs were the most fascinating. From mid-thigh down, his skin was the sheer black of the stockings he had purchased. His skin felt like the mesh material to the touch and was incredibly sensitive as well.

That oddity aside, Nevv was a woman now and likely Illuna’s servant.

“What should my first task be, Mistress?”

“Improving your rune work, my young apprentice.”

The words did not quite register. “Wait, do you mean?”

“I do, your desire lit your way for the most part. You have proven yourself worthy of my attention. Now come, I wish to nap after our session and you shall sit in bed with me drawing runes until I awaken.”


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