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Trope: weak mage seeks power

223 – A Temptation Beyond

A scion of a powerful magical family, everyone expected Demma to be as successful as her siblings. Thing is, Demma might have the knack, but she lacks the power. So when she stumbles across a tome that is supposed to heighten the user's connection to the world's magic, she doesn't hesitate to get ahold of it--even if it means stealing it...

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Demma, Eldritch Being

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The youngest daughter of a prestigious family of mages, Demma Kylieneux has skill beyond that of her sisters… she merely has no power to back it up. Up to now, she’s managed purely on talent, but now that will change once she’s a student at Dimeyton University. She dreads going off to university, knowing full-well that someone is going to see through her and destroy her in an attempt to take her family down a peg.

That event happens almost immediately as she is asked to demonstrate a complex spell and utterly fails to do so, becoming a laughingstock around campus. Her sisters spurn her to save face, and she finds herself alone with only her studies for company. That’s when she first reads about The Book. No title, no author, just… The Book. Rumors say that using it as a catalyst can greatly improve one’s magical power so she sets out to find it.

Turns out, it happens to be stored on campus. Once she finds it, she begins to make plans to steal it. She might not be great as grandiose spells as her sisters, but they can’t pick locks with their breath or enchant cameras with subliminal messages.


This section contains spoilers for 223 – A Temptation Beyond.


This section contains spoilers for 223 – A Temptation Beyond.

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