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223 – A Temptation Beyond

The text presented here is a rough draft which was never posted to Tumblr. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Complete Demihuman Transformation, Dubious Consent, Exaggerated Growth, Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation, Gratuitous Nudity, Masturbation, Mental Corruption and Physical Corruption

The forbidden book seemed to writhe against her chest as Demma smuggled it out of the library. Though she had yet to open and read it, she could still feel its Eldritch power seeping into her. Was the corruption of her supposed to feel this pleasurable? She had no idea, but the discovery made her giddy.

Back in her room, she realized the growing sense of weight during her trek wasn't just the strain of carrying the book–her book–halfway 'cross campus. A surprising amount of brand-new boob was trying to escape through her collar as she embraced her book. Something about the psychically-tuned arcane power must've altered her physically to match her preconceived ideal. After all, an Eldritch sorceress should be equally compelling as she was sublime.

“Let’s see what else changed, shall we?” she mused as she put her book aside and shucked her robes. Her new bust, freed from clothes that were now too small, hit her chest with a thud that echoed through her body. They were huge and heavy and outstanding. They outsized all of her sisters’ combined. 

“Oh! They’re perfect!” she cooed, hefting them and letting them wobble as they spread over her palms. The sheer size of Demma’s breasts was not the only thing about them that had changed. Her areola had spread out and puffed up simultaneously, engulfing her nipples. As she cupped the soft mounds, she realized they alone were bigger than her previous, paltry breasts. Why, though, had they been all but drained of color? She tilted her head as she continued to look at them. They looked… They looked almost like lips. 

Then the eye opened on her chest, and she dropped her new endowments in shock. The eye’s corners pointed up and down, and the pupil was an almond-shaped slit with the same orientation. It was situated at the bottom of her sternum, such that it would peek out from beneath her cleavage when dressed. The iris’ color shifted between deep pink and bright purple at a rate slow enough that it was almost unnoticeable. At first, she panicked, but that was before the wave of power that started in her chest washed over her. A taste of things to come. In the grand scheme of things, such a change was a small price to pay. 

“Invigorating,” Demma said, half-breathless. She turned her attention back to her pilfered tome and licked her lips. “But that’s nothing compared to what is going to happen–if the whispers are true.” Not that she doubted them. If anything, the stories of this tome had undersold its potential to affect its wielder.

Returning to her bed, she curled her left fingers around the cover. A different energy surged up her arm when her fingertips touched the pages. Glowing angular runes burst to life just above her skin. A swarm of tingling up and down her arm followed, the sensation reminiscent of paper cuts.

SPLORCH! SPLORCH! SPLORCH! The wet yet forceful sounds of her arm muscles’ sudden expansion were audible and quite nauseating. Demma rushed to put her book aside and grab her desk trash. She struggled with the urge to hurl but succumbed despite her best efforts. 

After a long moment, she put the half-filled bucket down and sat back. Her attention snapped back to her arm, forgetting her sickness as she marveled at the new definition. With her mind clear of resistance, the extent of her new physical power became clear. She was hit with the memory of holding someone aloft by the front of their robes. 

All of this change was just from touching the edge of the pages? Her mind went blank except for the word 'more' repeating, over and over, until it was a buzzing sound in her ears. 

Had it been any other book, she would’ve torn the cover off as she jerked it open. Eager to the point of vibration, she pressed her right palm to the light green pages and savored the feel of the mirrored sensations as similar runes encircled her right arm. The wet sound of the following growth was still a bit sickening, but it was also arousing for some reason.

Without hesitation, she put her left hand on her book’s inside cover. The runes spread down her body. Knowing what was coming, she relaxed her mind. With the same sickening–but now very arousing noise–the energy upgraded her entire body's physique. Her boobs spread down her chest and then out around her ribs. Her hips widened across her sheets with CRICKs and CRACKs that made her gasp as the stabs of pain blossomed into pleasure. Her non-existent butt pushed against the mattress, raising her eye level, inch upon inch. Her knees rose away from the floor and seemed to retreat as she gained what had to be at least a foot of height. Above all, an even greater level of arcane power flowed through her. Her whole body tingled with energy. Yes, this is what she had sought. It felt like no spell would be beyond her. Not now–or ever again.

“I could stop here,” she mused, more than impressed. “My sisters will be in my shadow for the rest of their lives..." She ran her hands down her altered body and relished her new muscles moving beneath her skin. On top of that, the transformation had seemingly heightened how her nerves triggered her sense of pleasure. Every touch felt like a lingering, loving caress.

“Yes, I’m already superhuman, but…” She glanced at her grimoire. The promise of everything beyond the title page awaited her. Not one story, not one rumor, had said anything beyond what she’d already experienced. What other remarkable, unspoken changes were just inside?

Demma flipped through her tome, looking for a spell she knew had to be there. Each time her fingers touched the page, the connection felt a tiny bit more sensual. A little more loving. Her book was her partner, after all. She needed no one else. She was so absorbed in her search that she didn’t notice how the pages changed from luminescent green to that same wavering pink-purple of the eye on her chest. 

Such a connection was a new thing for the book. It had never encountered someone so earnest, so enthusiastic, so… happy about being connected to it. It was surprising how easy it was binding itself to her. It knew she could be its avatar, an embodiment of its power, the first in millenia. It resolved to grow their bond until there was no longer a barrier between them and manifested the spell its new master sought.

“Ah, here it is!” Demma clapped her hands together and began to chant. Starting at her fingertip, the runes floating above her arms turned red. The line swept up her neck and over her face. There was a SQUELCH! as another eye opened in the middle of her forehead. Like the one on her chest, its corners pointed up and down. Unlike that eye, however, its iris was the same red hue the runes had shifted towards.

Demma was so overwhelmed by her new sixth sense that she failed to notice that her hair had lengthened past her shoulders. She also didn’t see how that corrupting red spread upward from the edges. In most places, it was only an inch or two of color, but there were a couple of places where the red almost reached the runes across her shoulders. The avatar-to-be cheered at the success of her spell. Then, she bit her tongue.

Her fingers went to her mouth, bridging with them the purple-pink dust of the page, and touched her teeth. “My canines, they’re… they’re longer!”

Under the influence of direct contact with her grimoire’s power, they grew even more. When she gasped in surprise, she inhaled the dust. Most of it settled on her tongue, but a good amount stuck to the back of her throat. Almost at once, her tongue began to itch.

“What… What’s happening?” She asked, the edges of her tongue tingling even more. There was a series of subtle pinching sensations, the magic creating a fin-like structure. Every half-centimeter there was a soft, squishy, rib-like structure that gave the fin its shape. Then there was a less subtle tug as some unseen force pulled her tongue out of her mouth. Runes appeared around the stretching muscle as the event continued, and she watched in awe as it stretched out, further and further. How much longer was her tongue going to become?

The force finally relented and dropped her tongue. It landed between her tits with a SPLAT! and the eye on her chest blinked shut. The damn thing reached her sternum! The runes began to swirl around her tongue and drew closer and closer until they became symbols on it. Then, in an instant, the pink of muscle became the same glowing purple of her partially- corrupted energies. A wave of pin-pricks spread from her gums to her cheeks, and she knew, somehow, that her mouth was now the same gleaming black as polished obsidian.

When she went to speak, her tongue retracted until it was the right length again. “Okay, that answers that question. Now, what about this?” She stuck it out like normal and felt it growing and reshaping into the monstrous version, only now she had full control over it. It was as if the flat muscle had become the wide middle of a great python. Coiling it around her wrist, she marveled at how heavy it felt. How strong was it, though?

She squeezed a little bit and it felt like grabbing her wrist with her other hand. So she tried to go harder. More and more of her arm was constricted as she squeezed and squeezed and–CRACK! CRACK!

There was a yelp of pain as she cracked both of her forearm bones. Without thinking, she turned to her partner and held her other hand out, beseeching it for a spell to heal the damage. Pages flew past until the book stopped at a point about half-way through its contents. By now, Demma’s energy stained all but the last few pages. 

Hazy tentacles of power rose from the edges of the two pages and then enveloped her arm. When the pain subsided, she released her constriction and contemplated how foolish she had been. A feeling that conveyed ‘well, of course, you went too far’ spoke directly into her mind. Meanwhile, a gentle weight settled on her other shoulder as the aura of magic she had summoned spread over more of her body.

Meanwhile, the repair was so, so much better than the break. It felt like gentle kisses on her skin that were becoming more and more insistent. As the intensity grew, she could feel the bone healing. As it seemed like the spell was ending, something weird happened. To her side, purple-pink pages of her book tore themselves free of their binding and wrapped around her break. Then more of her arm. Then her other arm as well. 

We are one, Demma. The voice in her head was slow and psyche-shaking. The runes snapped into place on the paper, and the whole thing became a seamless layer above her skin–no, it was part of her skin! Before she could even touch what seemed to be some sort of Eldritch cast, she felt that same writhing sensation as when she first picked up the book.

“Oh,” was all she could muster as the realization sank in. Her book was the voice. She and it were to be one. A part of her began to freak out. This level of change was too far. She’d only wanted to gain power, not become some otherworldly being! The ‘her’ with pure purple energy began to push back on the merging sensation. That is until the ‘her’ with pink energy draped herself over her former self, and a spotlight shone upon them.

Demma’s dark reflection was barely human. Two other eyes peered out from either side of the big one on her forehead. They, along with her original two, all glowed the same brilliant purple. Her feet had twisted into hand-like shapes, the huge thumb acting like a variable-height heel spike. The eye on her chest was bigger and projected further. A ring of silver encircled it. She was also even more shapely than now, with boobs so vast she had a hard time comprehending the extent of her transformation. Her hips had become too wide to see all of them in the small beam of light.

Most disturbing of all however was how two pairs of arms grew out of each elbow. All four limbs seemed to move independently of the others, meaning the joints were no longer like a hinge but more like her shoulders were structured.

“Look at what we become when we submit,” the monster version of Demma said, her mouth aglow and her voice dripping of stardust. All of her teeth had become fangs, the maw of a predator. In contrast, her gleaming black lips were inviting and plump. So much so that the series of ring-shaped piercings seemed to be the only thing keeping them from swelling to even greater thickness. “We are a god now!”

The human version of Demma sobbed. In that instant, she regretted the whole thing. Her life flashed before her eyes, which might’ve been a mistake. The memories began to bubble up, and with them, the abuse. The bullying. The derision. The crushing weight of unmet expectations. The desperation that had led her to the book in the first place, and now–

“And now we’ll get everything we wanted–and more. Glarpotoph loves us. Glarpotoph is us, and we are Glarpotoph.” That same snake-like tongue slithered down and began to wrap around Demma’s neck. It was an embrace and a threat. “Just say the words…”

The phrase began to fill the void. Thousands of whispers, all inviting her to speak. Her counterpart’s tongue was reaching her mouth. The voices were getting louder. Say the words. Say the words. SAY the words. Saythewords. Saythewords-saythewords-saythewords. SaytheWORDS. The mantra of invitation repeated, over and over again. Until, finally, all of them seemed to speak at once. “Say it!”

“I accept you, Glarpotoph.”

Her human form was consumed by her monstrous one as it melted around her. Demma’s inner world shattered. Back in reality, she was hit with pleasure unlike any mortal had ever experienced. It was deeper than the ocean, and she continued to sink into it as her body finished changing into what she was meant to be. What she had always been.

There was a curious sensation of pulling her hand away while it wasn’t moving. Then a mound appeared under her skin. It was a wrist, she realized, as a hand and arm emerged on either side of it. A SPLORCH! that made her body tense with sexual need filled the room as her second arm emerged from the first. One of those hands, the original one, moved to her pussy. The other clutched a boob and squeezed even as the tide of growing flesh pushed back. In both cases, she inserted an index finger.

The sensation of penetration doubled as if she somehow had two such holes between her legs. Another feeling joined those. One of her sucking on and licking her fingers, but there wasn’t anything near her mouth. Which is when the mound of her areola twitched and curled into a grin. On the other side, another mouth spoke with Glarpotoph’s endless voice.

Just another of your dark dreams made real, little Demma. More of your dark, dark dreams.

All of a sudden, she was off the bed and on her knees. She began to thrust into her hand as the other inserted another finger into her second mouth. At the same time, her other arm was splitting apart. She was so absorbed with her furious masturbation that she didn’t even notice until she felt fingers in her third mouth.

Her last hand turned its attention to the book. Now it was her tearing pages out and pressing them to her body. Bit by bit, she grew into the goddess she had seen in her mind, but she wanted even more. But what else was there? The covers!

She needed to pull a hand away to roll up the remaining shell of her lover. So she convinced her body to grow fins similar to the ones on her tongue on her labia. Her body complied, of course. She made them longer, thicker, more flexible, and more prehensile. After a few seconds of work, a dozen velvety tentacles were fingering her instead.

With two arms free now, she grabbed hold of the covers and began to roll up the stiff but squishy material. Every fold was a lifetime’s worth of effort as she broke apart the last bars of her cage. Finally, however, it was done, and only a few minutes had passed.

Demma ran her tongue up what had been the spine as if she were licking the underside of someone’s cock and then she had an idea. She had intended on just eating it, but why not do this in as hedonistically a way as possible? She shifted her arms around, returning one to fingering herself, and she began to tease the would-be toy… with all the grace of an amateur.

She swore, her voice speaking in harmony. Somehow, in that whole horny-ass book, there had not been any instruction on sexual prowess. If she were going to use the remains of this relic as a sex toy, it deserved the best experience.

So… Now what? Well, aside from finishing herself off. That much was obvious. How could she solve this problem? Where could she gain that knowledge? What if she could have someone instruct her? A devotee to a new goddess, perhaps? Ashkvita was rumored to be a master in bed. She was a Divine Studies major, too. What would she do if she found out she could be the first fuck a newly risen god?

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