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154 – A Stretchy Situation (Side A)

The text presented here is copied directly from my Tumblr with minimal editing. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex, Significant Growth and Significant Sexually-Focused Transformation

“Uh… ladies? Can we talk about this?”

Todd Silva, known to many as the strongman hero The SilverAge, he scrambled backward towards his front door and the hallway beyond. As he did, Kayla, effectively his boss, and Shanni, effectively his superhero partner, rose from opposing armchairs in the living room of his fifth-floor apartment. Though the door had been locked and the windows unopened, they were nonetheless awaiting his arrival while sharing a bottle of deep red wine as if they lived there. He was reminded once more that typical expectations had to be thrown out when dealing with other powered people. Especially women one had been dating.

The duo was dressed to kill in outfits that matched. Black stockings rose from patent-leather knee-high boots to vanish beneath the hem of mini-dresses made of matte black leather. It was like a scene from a mob movie as the pair of dead sexy women regard him like he was merely something to be disposed of. Granted, the pair of them were spies so perhaps that might have been a better comparison.

Kayla was to his left. Her pale and freckled skin contrasted starkly with the outfit she had stolen from The Matrix. Her bright green eyes glimmered with mischief and her braided, bright orange hair was draped around her neck twice like a scarf. He had seen the short, curvy, and crafty woman take down markedly dangerous powered people with just that braid and a little Blue.

On his right, tall, dark, and confident Shanni was moving to get between him and his escape route. Her bright, reddish-brown skin was more complimentary to her dark dress and boots, which only accentuated the leather’s shine as the material bent around her athletic physique. She had her long cascade of ruby curls pulled back, but the volume made them flare out from her hair tie like a hood. As she moved, the ends swished and swayed like she was underwater.

He was sure then that both of them had already taken a dose of Blue. The two women shared an aptitude for elasticity and telekinesis, which meant Shanni’s hair might as well be ten or more additional limbs and Kayla’s braid could grasp with the strength on several pythons. Even with the permanent boost to his build from the new type of Blue, Todd knew he had no hope of fighting without the full extent of his own powers. Not sure what else to do, and unable to escape, he bolted for his bedroom.

The door hit the frame with a thunderclap and he fumbled with the lock until he finally got it to turn. He slumped to the floor against the door. They were walking closer. Whispers and the clack of boots echoed in the hallway. He scanned the room looking for the bottle which contained his pills but could not find the source of his abilities.

“Now, now Todd,” came Kayla’s Cajun baked Irish brogue, “Why’ya runnin’ away? You’re the one who thought he could get away with this. Why no’ jus’ face tha’music like a real man?”

Someone rapped on the door above his head. “You’ve got some massive balls, muthafucka, I’ll give you that, but did you really think two-timing a pair of spies who work together wouldn’t get figured out?”

“Hey now, that’s hardly bloody fucken fair,” he said, scrambling to stuff the gap under the door full of clothing. He could already feel one of them probing the barrier, no doubt trying to push their stretched out fingers through to open the door. Where the fuck were those pills? “You’re the one who kept coming over here to sleep with me. Must’ve craved how my super-sized cock could stuff your elastic holes like no one else, no doubt.”

“And you could’ve just fuckin’ said you were fuckin’ our boss!”

“I was just following your lead, Red!”

“Come again?”

“The first night we fucked, you said seducing coworkers was just training. Something everyone in the agency did. You said we weren’t a thing, just a moment’s of practice.”

“Yeah, moments which happened nearly every night for the last month! Are you that… Are you really that dense? I’m a goddamn spy, Silva! D’ya think I would tell you the truth about us?”

“Oh, that’s rich. So it’s fine for you to lie to Kayla that we weren’t still doing it after you used my fetish for Capes to get me to sign up, but I get the fifth degree over not saying anything about boning her all those long nights at training, when I was just doing the same thing you said you were doing me? Unbelievable!”

“You know he-”

“That’s not the point! Look asshole, just admit you fucked up an’ come out here.”

“Yeah, Silva, we ain’t gonna hurt ya--”


“So just… open th’door and let’s handle this like adults, yea?”

He said nothing, choosing instead to wrack his brain about where he had left the drugs which turned him from an average Joe into the superhuman he had always dreamed of being. Then he realized he had last taken Blue with Kayla. It had been those new ones. The ones that had made him permanently larger, in some places more than others. He did not recall bringing them with him from the Agency. It was very possible he did not have anything to get out of this situation with two angry stretchy women.

“Are ye lookin’ for these?” Kayla said through the door, accompanied by the rattle of pills. “Because ye left ‘em on m’desk after tha’last time an’ if yer not gonna come ou’here. I will come in there!”

Todd’s only response was to whimper. This was it, he was going to be done in by his lust for Capes and a misunderstanding.

“Okay, I’mma takin’ one o’these pills then!” There was a gulp, then a gasp and a gurgling before there was a series of tearing noises. The floor creaked in protest as if a considerable weight was being been placed on it. “Omyeffing… I can see why you love this feeling, Silva!”

Just then Kayla’s paper thin hand slid into view from under his cloth barrier. Peeling off the ground like a sticker, there was a sudden noise and her arm was not only three dimensional again, but much thicker than usual. She went to grab his ankle. He grappled with her, having to use both hands just to hold her at bay. Her grasp slowly grew larger and stronger as she moved more of her mass through the crack under the door. He struggled until her fingers were much bigger than him and she easily overpowered him.

With him tugged away from the door, the barrier was easily removed and the door opened. Kayla was half naked as she grinned at him. It was obvious now that she had taken another dose of Blue, probably one of his from all the extra bulk on her frame. Instead of becoming muscular, she had become incredibly voluptuous, and bits of pale, freckled skin were swelling out of rents in dress and stocking alike. The floor shuddered as she walked, her absurdly broad hips swaying past her shoulders as her huge boobs tore her dress further with each bounce. Even so, there were unmistakable ripples of muscle under her skin, which belied her soft appearance.

“Whadda think we should do first?” She asked, putting a foot on his chest to hold him in place.

“I think he should get what’s fuckin’ coming to him.”

He looked to Shanni and felt his heart jump when he watched her swallow a second Blue as well. She inhaled deeply and her coppery skin took on a pink cast as she began to blush from what he knew was an intensely stimulating sensation. Veins began to rise under her skin, the blood vessels visibly thickening as the muscle growth began. She throbbed once or twice, her whole body seeming to pulse larger for a second.

Then, with a loud pop, she was suddenly larger. She stretched upwards while her dress and boots tore nearly in half as her svelte build thickened with pound upon pound lean muscle in an instant. The growth confirmed the pills were his. He had to get them back.

Shanni exhaled loudly and began swearing, even more than usual. While she shouted and moaned about how good that had felt, her hair was growing. The writhing mass of bright red curls grew down her body almost like a feather cape. Fixing him with an expression that was somewhere between orgasmic bliss and primal fury, she tore off the remains of her dress and then tossed the bottle to Kayla.

“You’re next,” she growled before she began to tug on her ruined boots. Her arms bulked up from the strain until she tore the leather clear out of the sole. Surprised by her growth, she closed her eyes. Her legs twitched before they grew thick enough to tear apart her stockings the rest of the way. After that, she put her hands on her ass. Both her butt and her hips swelled until there was a snap and she was standing there stark naked and built like a brick house on steroids.

“So… so close… A little mor--ah! Yes… Kayla was right. I can see why this is your thing, Silva...”

Todd could hardly believe what had just happened. Not Shanni’s growth so much as the fact that she had really driven herself to orgasm from just the sensation of growing. Not that he had any room to talk, he always had to jerk it at least once after becoming “The SIlverAge”. However, he had never even dreamed of witnessing something so purely and violently arousing. His dick was so hard now that it hurt each time it throbbed. His augmented body was producing so much precum that the milky fluid was leaking out and pooling in his boxers.

He glanced over at Kayla and realized the other woman was actually biting her lip as her free hand tugged at the scraps of her dress. More and more pale, freckled flesh bubbled up, rendering her outfit more holes than cloth. With seams popping one after the other, her body became ever more hourglass shaped, her hips curving wider and wider as the dress was forced upwards. Finally, it was just a frayed tube top and, with one last burst of growth, Kayla destroyed it. What was his Blue doing to them? Her fingers went to her fat nipple and she began to work herself up as well as her half-lidded eyes fixed on Shanni.

Drawn to look as well, tendrils of Shanni’s hair had moved to caress her new physique. The teasing was eliciting a near constant stream of moaning now. Her knees began to shake. Her huge hand crunched into the wall. She let out a bellow as her entire body shuddered and swelled just a little more. “Ah, fuck! That feels so good!”

Walking towards him, her naked footfalls were loud on the floor. “Well, what do you think? I’m sure you’re out of your fucking mind right now.”

“I… uh, where are we going with this?”

She stepped over Kayla’s arm, straddling it between her knees as she looked down at him. Her arm came up as she reached for him. Her forearm stretched, her fingers tangling in his hair and pulling him forward. Now on his knees before her, his face was even with her smooth vulva. At the edge of his vision, her pumped abs and thick quads were visibly becoming even more vascular as throbbing blood vessels continued to spread over her muscles.

“Here’s the deal,” she snapped, pulling his attention up her hard body. “You agree that, if you want to fuck one of us, you have to satisfy each of us at the same time, both now and in the future. If you don’t, then we’re both gone and I’m probably putting you in the hospital for being a scumbag.”

“I… wha?”

“You wanted to be a big fucking stud and fuck two superheroines at the same time. Well, I hope you’re ready to get exactly what you wanted, because if you ain’t... your body’s going to go bank-fuckin’-rupt if you can’t cash that check your ego wrote.”

He looked around her to Kayla. “Can you tell me what is going on without all the metaphor? Is she serious?”

“She’s not joking,” the other elastic woman said. “Either ya’re for both o’us, always, or neither o’us ever again.”

“And don’t think for a minute that this is an ‘only on your terms thing’ either, fuckstick. If I want sex, you best believe that Kay will be there making sure you keep up your end of the bargain.”

“...and if she’s not?”

“Then you make yourself available to her at the first opportunity. Same goes for me if she fucks you when I can’t be there. You, Casanova, cannot initiate unless both of us are present and interested, you feel me?”

“Are you saying I would be a sex slave to the two of you or something?”

“That’s what we’re saying, yeah. Either you become our super-powered fuck pet, ready to go whenever, or you end up on the bad side of the next supervillain fight. It wouldn’t be hard for the two of us to ruin you and then you’d never be a superhero again.”

Todd felt himself start to laugh. “You’re joking, right? This is just some test or something. It’s gotta be! You’re bloody threatening me with a good time!”

“Ya say that now…” Kayla said, appearing around Shanni’s muscular hip as her neck stretched until her face was right in his, “but can’ya really go twice every time, multiple times a day if need be? Can’ya keep us both satisfied until we both be ready to forgive ya?”

“Isn’t this… isn’t this blackmail? Extortion? Aren’t you two the good guys?”

“Sure,” Kayla said from behind him as her head circled around his neck to the other side of his face. “but spies be not the same as the Headliners. Not everything is so… black’n’white here. I though’ya o’all people would know that...”

Shanni jerked his head back. “Besides, right now, you’re a villain. So be grateful we’re giving you a choice in your punishment.”

Okay, they were pissed, but there was definitely more going on here. If they had really wanted to deal with him as a villain, they would have just killed him and made it look like an accident. This was… what? Ensuring he really was in it for the long haul with both of them? Was this… was this them proposing to him or something?

He opened his mouth to respond and everything went dark as Shanni began to grind on his face, her vulva flexing and warping to engulf the entire front half of his skull. It was like being smothered by wet velvet. Todd had never felt so aroused. The situation was so hot he actually came without any other stimulation and two fat globs of cum splattered down his pant leg. Shanni stepped back to let him take a gasping breath. Her stretched pussy returned to more typical dimensions but was still very inflated.

“You know what? I’m in,” he said. He knew he was thinking with his other head, but he also cared for both women. Being with them both for the foreseeable future, even if he was beholden to their appetites, was fine by him. “It might kill me, but fuck if this opportunity ever happens again. Gimme my Blues first though, I’m gonna need to be in top form if both of you want proper dickings.”

Kayla’s head withdrew up over Shanni’s shoulder. Much to his surprise the taller woman pulled her into a loud, enthusiastic kiss. As they continued to make out, Kayla’s whole body relaxed, her stretched limbs drooping and her curves expanding even further. The bottle of pills slipped from her fingers to clatter on the floor just out of reach.

“Oops,” she said breathlessly. “Silly me.”

When he went to reach for them, Shanni pushed him back into a reclined position against the wall. She lifted one leg and pressed it to the wall just above and beside him so that she was spread wide just inches from his face. Her hair took the bottle from her, wrapping it up tight. “You can have your Blue the moment I cum and not a second before.”

Her foot and shin were stretching behind him, her elastic mass sinking between his back and the wall. Her mound was trembling as pumping blood caused it to swell even more, becoming far more plush than her heavily muscular frame should have allowed. Her dark brown labia were already so engorged they seemed to be puckered lips.

“Oh my,” Kayla’s voice said from beyond Shanni’s display. “You really did stay bigger down here, Silva.”

He could hear her cooing as she rubbed him through his pants. His button came undone and his zipper was pulled down. Kayla’s fingers grew down around him, wrapping him in a cocoon of stretchy flesh and his own spunk. She began to hum as she softly pumped his half-hard cock. “Did’ya orgasm earlier just from being dominated? I had no idea that was what’ya were into…”

“Of course he’s into this,” Shanni said as she slammed her thigh down on his shoulder. “He wanted to be our pet, after all.”

Aside from the few inches pressing down on him, the rest of her leg was now coiled around his upper arm and chest. It was like being in the grip of a huge python as her muscles squeezed around him. She had left his other arm free and he tentatively reached out to stroke the leg she was still standing on. She gasped as his fingers touched her muscles and a flash of annoyance crossed her face. Her hair whipped around her, grappling him and her coils both. His other arm was forced back and pinned to the wall.

Was she really faking being this upset or was she getting off on being rough with him? Whatever the case might have been, it was obvious she was more turned on than ever as her pubic mound continued to swell. It was like nothing he had ever seen. She had gotten rather large and puffy from arousal before, but her current appearance was a whole other league. Her vulva was a dome shape now, the contour curving out from her amazing abs as it squished around her massive quads.

“Let’s see if you can survive long enough to have some real fun!” She squished herself around his face. Her swollen mons felt almost like a tit with how pumped up it had become and her vagina was flooded with glit after her earlier orgasm.

He struggled to pry himself enough space to breathe, but her flesh flowed around him, her pussy getting bigger and bigger as her body went even further into overdrive. He could feel her fingers kneading her clit, squishing her plush flesh around him. Turning his attention to eating her out, he knew his only hope was for her to get big enough for him to give her a signal she could not ignore.

Meanwhile, as Shanni really began to fuck his face, he was rapidly getting hard in Kayla’s grasp. She played with him, her fingers tightening like slip knots around his girth seemingly at random. It was so wonderful and yet so painful. It felt like the elastic woman’s pressure was changing the shape of his cock. He was getting longer as he got hard, much longer than he had ever been.

Despite the apparently grim circumstances, he could not help but feel a growing sense of satisfaction with the situation. He was getting fucked by two of the hottest women in his life and they were both Capes. Capes that could stretch and expand.

Case in point, Shanni’s thighs were swelling on either side of his head as her altered body further reacted to the pleasurable assault of his sucking, his lips, and his tongue. The competition for space between her legs pushed him back enough to take a gasping breath before she pulled him back against her fat, swollen pussy with both hands on the back of his head. Inhumanly plump now, her labia looked like a bimbo’s plumped up lips taken three steps further. While the slick and shiny flesh rubbed against his cheekbones, he worked the insides of her vagina with his tongue. He could feel her quivering, even though he had not reached her spot. It seemed, honestly, that most her stimulation was the result of her thickening clit grinding into his forehead as he ate her out.

Getting lost in the feeling of her fingers tangled in his hair and her clit throbbing so hard he could hear it, he was only half aware as Kayla fished his cock out of his pants. That changed as she shifted her grip. From how stretched her hand was to envelop him, his penis was easily twice as long as it had been. She peeled back her latex grasp and kissed his glans. She licked up his pre and slurped down his cum from earlier. The elastic woman cooed like the sticky liquid was the best thing she had ever tasted. Then, without any warning, swallowed his whole length in one smooth motion.

He almost blew his load for a second time right there, but she clamped tight around the base of his cock and kept him from cumming. He throbbed painfully in her mouth, his cock smashing into her tongue over and over until she coiled the muscle around his shaft. Much like Shanni wrapped around his chest, her coils pulsed and flexed with an insistent rhythm. It teased him with release.

The tip of her tongue moved down, pressing tight as it squeezed between him and her seal. Her muscle split in two, each fork slithering down to caress a testicle. Her cheeks pulled in as she began to suck, enveloping him completely in a suede vacuum. Still way past his limit he began to buck. As he did, he could feel her lips inflating around him, growing into pillowy softness that was out of this world. His flopping balls jiggled in her grasp, filling his brain with a pleasure he had never experienced. Then Kayla’s mouth began to knead his cock from all sides and everything focused down to his crotch.

He tilted his head back in ecstasy, his throat constricting as he let out a long, low moan. Shanni let him slide up. His lips brushed Shanni’s heavily engorged button and he reflexively latched on and stroked it with his tongue. He had gotten her to grow into an erection a few times before, but he could not have prepared for how she reacted when he began to mimic Kayla.

She slammed into him with a loud grunt, shoving as much of herself as she could manage past his lips, which was barely more than an inch. His moan became a sharp groan which was met with a burst of growth and her grip getting tighter. Those sensations became his entire world. The more Kayla tortured him with pleasure, the more his vocalizations became all encompassing. The more she was stimulated by all the vibration, the faster Shanni swelled in his mouth.

Her hands moved from his head as she began to rock against him, letting her continuing growth do much of the work. He glanced up to see her playing with what remained of her small boobs. Though the curves on her chest were mostly pectoral muscle, her fingers were digging into her areoale with abandom. Her kneading fingers were spreading them wider and wider, steadily covering her chest in dark, sensitive skin.

To his surprise, her clit’s developing shape was becoming much more fat than long. It was so soft and heavy in his mouth and yet, still growing. Its thick mass was filling his mouth up like an ever growing wad of chewing gum. The whole thing was making him drool like crazy and Shanni was eager to capitalize on that as her motions became more about thrusting as she dragged her increasingly large member back and forth along his tongue.

Meanwhile, it felt like his own cock had slipped down Kayla’s throat as more length than should have fit in her mouth was now being massaged. She had pulled off his pants at some point and was massaging his taint with softened fingertips. Her pressure was moving down between his cheeks, and he was just putty in her giant, flexible hand. Her narrowed her finger and pushed it into his butt. Swirling it around, she slowly let it expand within him.

He tried to beg for more around his ever larger mouthful of Shanni and only succeeded in making the tall woman’s presence between his lips grow even more. Even so, Kayla seemed to understand what his gagging goans meant.

Without interrupting her fellatio, she maneuvered her lower half so that her pelvis was aligned with his. He felt her clit also start to stretch out between his cheeks, the sensitive bulb becoming more and more phallic. She pressed it to his ass and slipped into his anus. Bit by bit, Kayla filled him up with her inflating clit. The surface of it became a mass of small mounds and like an ocean contained, they began to move as if they were waves. The bumps seemed to move inwards along the top of her member and then back out along the bottom, though they never exited his body.

As he began to sustain a moan around her length, Shanni started to really move. Her hips pulled back, dragging the smooth surface of fat clit between his lips until just the rounded tip was in his mouth. The mass of flesh and nerves drooped under its own weight, coming to rest on his chin. She twitched before she shoved herself back in, her plush mound crashing into his face with the force of most of her weight behind it. Her clit scrunched back up as she plunged into him, forcing his jaw open as the gummy flesh spread between his teeth. In his haze of pleasure, he found himself grinding his teeth against her clit. Him chewing on it seemed to make it get harder.

Again and again, she slowly pulled back only to quickly plunge completely back in and let him work his jaw around her for a few moments. He realized, maybe too late, what she was doing as the weight on his chin grew less with each cycle.

As her member was slowly pulled longer and tighter like taffy, she started to speed up. Her now hardened erection was soon driving into his mouth like a piston. Her fingers found his hair again, holding him tight as she pumped into him with progressively louder and enthusiastic moans. She kept getting bigger, her length and girth becoming impressive

It was when her clit brushed the back of his throat while her plush labia pushed on his face, that he roared into her. She slipped out as she pulled back and the next time she humped his face, it was just swollen labia that crashed into him. That finally seemed to be more than she could handle. Her body spasmed as discordant yelling and moaning rose from her chest and he found his entire head consumed by her stretchy center. Her muscles twitched around him in the dark as her second orgasm continued to grip her body. Lungs burning, he kept dragging his chin against her walls, hoping to stretch her g-spot down into reach.

Just as he was about to expire from a lack of oxygen and Kayla suddenly increasing her tempo, he felt the gland against his lips. He sucked on it weakly before squeezing as hard as he could with his lips. He felt her moans all around him. She was pushing on his shoulders, trying to free him. The feeling when fresh air hit his face again was like coming alive. Down south, his release forced its way though Kayla’s blockade. Her cheeks ballooned out as far more cum than he had ever produced flooded her mouth.

When she staggered back and released him, he finally witnessed what her forceful coaxing had done. His cock was unreal. It was almost as thick as his arm and it had to be close to a foot long. A vein wider than his pinky snaked back and forth up his shaft before branching off just below his carona. Somehow, Kalya had pumped him up to a size that should have been impossible without .

“... how?” He barely got the question out. His voice cracking.

“It… mmm... “ Kayla started to respond before she shuddered and shook. She began to rub her rounded tummy and he could have sworn he heard liquid sloshing. The rest of her slowly expanded, pushing her body above and beyond an hourglass shape.

“Ah! That’s better... After the last round of Blue-fueled sex with the both o’us, we realized the updates I’d made to SilverAge added a new feature… namely transference.”

Shanni was barely articulate as she tried to chime in, but between them, he gathered that both of them had seen a distinct increase in muscle mass.

“So… what you’re saying is…?”

“That’ya became just elastic enough for me to pump ya’up like this and I canno’ wait to see how’ya Blue affects ya’now…”

He heard the bottle rattle, and looked up just in time for Shanni to press two into his mouth with a kiss. Her tongue shoved them down his throat. “Mmm, yeah, show us just how much of a stud you can really be…” (4695)

Side B

[Stuffed inside of Kayla, Todd takes a few Blue and grows to 130%. shanni stradles Kayla and makes out with her while Todd penetrates both of them. Transition to Kayla on her back Shanni on top, Todd doing her from behind. Kayla feeds everyone another Blue. Todd grows to 140% while the force of his thrusts push the two women together, merging them into SHAYLA. Fueled by the raging libido of two women, Shayla encourages Todd to go bigger.

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