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180 – Coincidences of Lust

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW

For Fýsn, the adopted daughter of Lofn, the swirling rush of color and sensation during a summoning was always the best part of traveling from Vanaheim to Midgard. The energy of the rainbow bridge of Asgard set off a very peculiar and penetrating tingle throughout her entire body. It was more intense than being massaged by four Valkyries at the same time. The overwhelming sensation made the Goddess of Lust so wet that by the time she usually arrived on Midgard, she was already willing to please the mighty warriors foolish enough to try bedding the woman who could not be satiated and would take their life in search of that satisfaction.

Named for the lustful hedonism which had seemingly birthed her as an orphan, Fýsn lived up to her self-ascribed title. She was every inch the epitome of beauty. Her thick physique gave her curves that many a man had given their last breath to grip as they found Heaven beneath her. Her eyes were the white of snow in winter’s twilight, and they glowed in the light of the moons. The goddess’ pale skin was speckled with glimmering dots that reflected the Bifrost. She told her brothers they were the souls of every man she had killed in bed--though even the Norns could not tell her what they were in truth.

When not serving in some capacity on Midgard, her life in Vanaheim was filled with exuberant hedonistic exertions. Orgies which lasted for days were the only things which allowed her to push past the many smaller releases of pleasure and into the void of pure, physical satisfaction. For a few hours at a time, after she had exhausted all thirteen members in her honor guard of Valkyries and Elven Women, she was not craving physical connection, and the howling blizzard of her passion could be focused on other things.

As such, her existence was such a sensational paradox, for though her appetites were near endless, she utterly loved her sensual existence. She was unique among the more mild-mannered daughters of Lofn and had a power, a strength, which no man could best. Each who tried soon found themselves at Valhalla's gates. Strangely, however, this did not happen to other women she took to her bed--even frail mortals of Midgard! Perhaps it had something to do with their attempts at conception? Despite her plethora of partners through the ages of Midgard, not one had given her a child--and oh, had they tried! It was not the first time the goddess of lust pondered how, after two millennia of sexual conquests, she had not yet ended up the mother to a partial Vanir like her sisters.

Starting to daydream about just summoning a thousand warriors from all eras and challenging them to breed her, the goddess fell to teasing herself through her hose. She did not realize, in her haze of pleasure, that she had been traveling for much longer than usual. When the bridge’s light and tingle faded from around her, the world awaiting Fýsn was not the Midgard she had last visited, but somewhere far more advanced.  She turned and found herself looking back into the Bifrost, the bridge held open within a vast, intricately crafted archway covered in technology that far outstripped what should have been available to humanity in even twenty-five hundred AD. Had they somehow been gifted knowledge from the All-Father? Was this one of Loki’s schemes?

“That’s weird. You don’t… look like a succubus...”

The goddess turned and found herself looking at a relatively much smaller woman with far darker skin than the pale, shimmering goddess. The reddish-brown hue of their complexion was so warm and inviting that Fýsn's found herself succumbing to the rush of a full-body throb. Her summoner did not seem particularly fit, what with her slender build and comparatively short stature. Then again, it was hard to measure up to Fýsn's typical partners. Despite the differences in stature, the Midgardian stood before the goddess with a confidence that stirred Fýsn's desire even more for some reason.

“I have been called that before," Fýsn said guardedly as she looked closer at the figure standing before her. "Though, I can assure you that I am no Helspawn.”

Her short purple hair was actually quite fetching, and her glistening lips looked exceptionally soft. Her darkly-hued face had many strong features, suitable for one who would become a Valkyrie. Her bright green eyes showed not fear, but curiosity--even want--towards the being of towering lust standing before her. Just who was this mortal?

“What are you then?” The woman asked as she turned her attention back to a small pad in her right hand. An intricate ribbon dangled from one corner, and the shimmering, pink-hued fabric rose up to circle around the woman's neck. Silver light flickering along the band highlighted runes that Fýsn did not recognize. However, sensing no ill intent, Fýsn answered truthfully.

“I am Vanir,” she said as her hunger drew her attention down to the woman's partially undone jumpsuit zipper and offered a glimpse of modest cleavage.

“Vanir...” The woman repeated slowly as she tapped on the screen and then put her chin in her free hand. Her host occupied, Fýsn took a moment to look around at the room. Even then, she kept catching the mortal's shocking green eyes darting up before her gaze rushed back down to her device.

Everything about her surroundings seemed to match the Asgardian glimmer of utopia the goddess was familiar with, but something about the place as a whole was strangely out of phase at the same time. The light was distinctly different. It made the technology felt less… alive. Perhaps it was from being this far down The World Tree.

After a moment of patently manufactured silence, the summoner looked up with a gasp. “Oh! You’re a Norse Goddess?”

“Aye, and what manner of mortal are you, girl?” The goddess turned her attention back only to realize the mortal woman was staring at her with awe plainly on her face, her hands clenched in that oh-so-human expression of exaltation. Fýsn soaked up the adoration for a moment, feeling it stir her libido further and then cleared her throat.

“Oh, sorry!" The woman's gaze dropped, and she stepped back, her shoulders dropping like the tail of a chastised hound. Then, she looked back up, her eyes meeting Fýsn's. The goddess felt a pull on her, the throb of want began to pound between her legs. This woman--she had to be more than just Midgardian.

"I'm just not used to, you know, meeting divinity an all," she said, continuing. "At any rate... I’m Rezzia, a technomancer.”

“Technomancy? This was sorcery?” Fýsn could not keep the wonder from her voice. Even among the Vanir, those who could craft the All-Father’s vision of the future were rare.

“In a sense, at this point magic can be done digitally. I summoned you with a program I wrote," as she spoke the woman's gaze continued to drift downt, her gaze occasionally drifting even further to the goddess' curvaceous hips before snapping back up. Not that Fýsn blamed, Rezzia. From the way she was twisting and swaying, the goddess knew her presence was affecting the mortal almost as much as the technomancer was enchanting her.

“A program is a spell then?” Fýsn asked, trying to push the conversation towards a conclusion, one of either flesh or dismissal. She could not say which she would have preferred.

“Sort of. My terminal channeled the energies for me,” the woman said, holding up the small device in her hand. Its back surface was wrapped with a leather-like binding. If it was not actually a grimoire, it was making a great impression of one.

“So, then, I am guessing I was not what you were hoping to summon?’

“I, well, maybe?" The technomancer blushed, the brown skin of her cheeks starting to glow. "I'm pretty happy you're here regardless. I mean! Not just because you're so, well, everything--but because I know the program works now... To some extent at least."

"Just what was this program-spell supposed to do?"

The girl blushed even harder, her eyes darting between Fýsn's bust and her terminal. "Honestly? Uh... the program was set to look for… well, um… you know, a partner. For me.”

“You wrote a spell... that put out a call for companionship across the nine realms?” Fýsn could not help but laugh. No wonder this mortal was undressing her with their eyes! No matter how advanced humanity became, it seemed some things never changed. “It is fortunate that you summoned me then! For I am Fýsn! Daughter of Sjofn and the Goddess of Lust itself!”

The dark-skinned woman gasped and then clapped before she blinked and stared woodenly at her terminal. “That is wonderful to hear! You’re exactly who I wanted to meet, then! See I, well, that is…”

“Have you never laid with another, mortal?” Fýsn asked, reaching out to lift the other woman's strong, weighty chin.

“No… I haven’t,” she said, her blush spreading, her eyes darting. “But-”

“Well,” Fýsn said, cutting her off as confusion was finally overrun by desire. “Prepare to be ruined for life then, Rezzia...”

The goddess slipped her tunic off and grinned at the way the mortal’s jaw dropped when they beheld her naked chest. Rezzia reached out, her soft fingers brushing the great curve of Fýsn’s bosom.

“Wow… I had thought some of that was armor…”

“What use would the goddess of lust have with armor, mortal? Now come, embrace me and taste pleasure like you could not have ever imagined.”

Rezzia tugged her shirt off and undid what Fýsn recognized as a sports bra. The technomancer was surprisingly well endowed with her restrictive garment removed and the goddess cupped a breast in each hand as she bent to kiss the shorter woman. Her partner’s lips were indeed kissably soft and the Vanir pushed her embrace, causing Rezzia to grip her waist to keep from falling over. The mortal's hold was much stronger than she expected, but it only made her grin as she kept kissing.

After they were both panting and moaning, Fýsn slid her hands down. The goddess tucked her fingers in the mortal’s pants, gripping her butt. Rezzia broke their kiss.

“Oh, please, goddess… take me. Make me yours…”

After that, the mortal kissed back even more fiercely her fingers pressing into Fýsn’s back as the Vanir worked her pants down her hips. Fýsn was pondering just how to finger her lover to make the moment last as long as possible when something else emerged from the human’s pants. She could hardly believe it. Even as she wrapped her fingers around it, the sheer size of her partner’s member made her very essence quake with need.

“I see now why you sought out a being of lust, though I would have thought Midgardians would surely have moved past such prejudices by now--in this obviously advanced age.”

“For the most part-Ah! Wow... that feels good!-yeah, they have. It’s just…It's complicated.”

The goddess, open as she was to her lover, felt pangs of rejection and ridicule. Fýsn pulled Rezzia closer, stroking her short purple-dyed locks even as her other hand softly caressed the still stiffening limb. “Who has made you to feel like you were undesirable, Rezzia? Tell me and I shall show them the folly of their ways with their life!”

“That list might take you a while… better to just stay here and show me how much you desire me instead--unless, of course, your wrath is just an attempt to cover for your own revulsion?”

Fýsn tightened her grip on the mortal's hair, making Rezzia moan loudly. “Harbor no illusions I that find you any lesser than I did moments ago. If anything, this situation is a sign for me. A woman who makes me feel like my amorous heart is in my throat, who possesses the virility that not even one in ten thousand worthy warriors possessed? Darling Rezzia, we were destined to meet.”

Rezzia kissed her then once more, her tongue caressing the goddess', before leaning back to smile. Her cheeks were glistening with tears. “Then I better make sure to live up to destiny, huh?”

“I think you shall be more than equal to the task…”

And then they were on the floor. Fýsn was on top, her body vibrating with the need like never before. They teased each other for a moment, feeling each other out. The ties of her bottom came undone, her draping pants were tossed aside. Then, Rezzia's inhuman and flared head was pushing against her center. Their joining was slow, intense, and oh so magnificent. Once inside, the woman’s size filled Fýsn near to bursting. From there, things got hazier for the goddess. Her mind scattered before the onslaught of sensations. She could only tell how long they had been in coitus from how many times they changed positions. No matter how many orgasms, neither woman’s body seemed willing to quit.

Even better for Fýsn was how Rezzia's skill as a lover kept getting better and better. Her strength was seemingly growing minute to minute as her movements became more powerful, more forceful.  Finding herself on her back, her calves in her lover's grasp, it felt like Rezzia's rod was pinning Fýsn to the floor as her thrusts came like hammer blows. For the first time in her life, the goddess found herself at the mercy of something that was not tongue or toy, but actual hard, throbbing flesh.

Finally, on the cusp of what must have been her twentieth release, Rezzia stopped moving. With pulse after pulse of another orgasm bursting from her shaft, the mortal’s hands were gripping Fýsn’s knees for dear life. The goddess watched her partner between her heaving bosom. Sweat was pouring off the woman, but she seemed no worse for having spent several hours in coitus with a Vanir. The terminal spun in the air between them and Fýsn could not help but reach out.

“No, wait!”

There was a flash and suddenly leaning over the goddess was not a human but something of a far more unearthly beauty. Obsidian horns reflected the glimmer of  Fýsn's freckles, those same bright green eyes swam in inky darkness behind half-open lids with thick lashes. Rezzia’s lips were even thicker and while Fýsn could her hear stammering an explanation as she sat back, all the Vanir could think of was moving closer until they were kissing once more.

The revelation of her lover's demonic identity only made the moment of reconnection more thrilling. Rezzia's mouth tasted even sweeter now and her unfettered essence called to the Vanir, begging for more. Rezzia’s buried member throbbed and was hard once more. Talons sank into Fýsn’s shoulders as her fully inhuman lover began to move once more.

Their lovemaking was ferocious now, the two beings of sexual appetite feeding on each other's energies. However, already pushed to the edge, the intense moment was over all too soon. Fýsn got back on top, both of them could feel actual satisfaction nearing. Her hands sinking into Rezzia’s enlarged bust, the goddess pushed her lover to fuck like the beast she was for every. Last. Glorious. Second!

Fýsn's and Rezzia's joined cries rose higher and higher until, finally, each called the other’s name as their bodies tensed. The explosion between them seemed to go on and on--even longer than their coitus itself. Finally, they slumped together, panting and laughing and satisfied like never before.

Six months later, Fýsn was standing in a field on Vanaheim. Rezzia, in all her daemonic splendor, stood across from her. Their arms were together, the knots on the cords had pulled tight just then. It had taken a long time to convince others that her chosen partner was not evil. That she had not been corrupted. Her ladies in waiting had been the easiest to convince after she and Rezzia embarked on a campaign of unending affection to each Valkyrie. Now though, her brothers and sisters stood in a circle around them. Even The All-Father had come to see their union.

The goddess rested her unbound hand on the curve of her stomach and grinned at her partner. "All of my siblings have been expressing their condolences at my incapacity. As if our daughter has been the death of my sexuality. They know not the pleasures of other entries it would seem."

Rezzia made a throaty giggle and kissed her with the same passion that she had during their first time together. "I guess not. Their loss, I suppose..."

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