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095 – At the Threshold

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated PSFW for Massive Sizes

(This is several years before Life With Beth #1)

Beth knew that David was doing something special for her birthday but had no idea what. Last week, he had given her a package during their now weekly visits. It in had been a strapless, red velvet dress that looked like it had been stolen from Jessica Rabbit. Pinned to it was a note that said to wear it and meet him for dinner--it had not been phrased as a request. He was learning quickly and while they had not worked out a contract yet, she was enjoying his growing interest in kink outside of their private sessions. So she had indulged his whim and acquiesced. However, she was not going to simply wear the dress, she was going to steal the night. So she made some calls and pulled out all the stops. Her hair alone had taken two hours.

It had taken a little shrinking on her part to fit her girls into the dress's molded top, not that such a thing was a surprise. Clothes were not made with her in mind. Few women were even close to her resting size, much less her maximum. Of course, David knew her secret at this point and she had a feeling the size of what had to be carbon-fiber reinforced cups was just another element of the evening's power exchange between them. Finally pulling up the zipper made the dress' sewn in support grip her hourglass figure like a lover, and she could almost feel his hands on her again. Despite wearing far more revealing attire while on shift at The Chateau, something as simple as the dress' slit going past her hip was almost as thrilling as making someone eat her out.

A car met her at six-thirty, the driver was someone she knew from the city's kink scene so he knew how to handle someone of her stature. As they trundled along, her thoughts turned to her evolving relationship with David. Beth was sure their session two weeks ago had been the catalyst for this change in their relationship. Although they had planned it out, the act of finally permitting him to dominate her had advanced their connection in ways neither of them expected. Hell, she had gone from smothering him with her boobs and commanding him to orgasm for her to kneeling at his feet and begging for him to cover her in cum. They had known each other six months, been friends for three, and now she was wearing an absurd dress he wanted her to wear and vibrating with anticipation at seeing his reaction like a schoolgirl on her first date. It was the first time in a while that she was looking forward to meeting with someone outside of an event.

After a time, the limo came to a gentle stop in front of, Le Plus Grand, one of the most popular five-star dining establishments in Ruby City. As the driver helped her out, the valets stopped dead in their tracks. They must have thought her some starlet carried away by her augmentations, but they could not take their eyes off her or her tits all the same. She did not blame them in the slightest. She, too, would have openly admired a woman with gravity-defying boobs much larger than her head. Struck with the urge to be mischievous, she bumped her bust up a half inch. Her girls quivered as they began to overflow the reinforced cups just a bit and Beth winked at them as she strode into the lobby wearing confidence like a shawl around her bare shoulders.

David was standing off to the side, dressed in a suit so sharp that it would probably cut diamond. With his broad shoulders, square jaw, and close cut hair, he looked more like a retired Marine than a guy who spent most of his days optimizing code. The feeling of his thick, muscular build under her hands had become one of the best things in life.

“Evening, Lovely,” he said, offering his arm.

She took it, wrapping his bicep in boob. “It really is.”

The host flinched as he saw them. He probably half recognized her from another, more private function held here previously. Granted, she had been wearing something much more revealing then and her bust had been down to her navel, but how many hyper-busty women lived in this city?

“Good evening, Mr…”

“Parker. David Parker. I have a reservation for two at seven.”

The host moved his finger down the page of reservations and pursed his lips. He flipped to another page and his expression darkened further. “I am not seeing a reservation under that name, sir.”

“What about Rosen?” Beth prompted. “I bet J.R. is--”

“Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Rosen!” the host said as his eyes widened. “Yes, we are expecting you.”

He spoke French into the mic on his shoulder. A moment later a woman dressed in a fine suit with meticulously done hair and makeup emerged from the restaurant. “Jenn here will take you to your table. Please, enjoy your evening.”

Jenn led them onto the floor of the dining room, but they did not stop at any of the open tables as Jenn walked with purpose towards the wide sweeping staircase that went up to the next floor. Reaching the landing, Beth felt her breath catch in her throat. The entire carpeted balcony was cleared aside from one table for two, a stand for a wine bucket, and a few tables laden with candles. “You didn’t…”

“I did. I had to call in a couple of favors, and I owe J.R. quite a bit, but this is totally worth it.” He looked at her. “You know, I would like it if we could go out like this more often.”

She shuddered as the quiet power in that statement washed over her. “I could probably make some time… given the proper motivation.”

"How about this then?" He pulled out a flat box made of fine leather and handed it to her.

Beth lifted the lid and gasped. Settled on a silk pillow was the collar she had shown him at one of The Chateau's previous events.

"Well, Lovely? Can I put that around your neck?"

"For tonight, yes. Let's see where tomorrow leads..."

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