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113 – Self-Discovery is a Helluva Drug

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated PSFW for BDSM Elements, Dubious Consent, Exaggerated Sexually-Focused Transformation, Exaggerated Sizes, Huge Sizes, Implied Sex, Intimate Nudity, Large Sizes, Malicious Non-Consensual Participation, Mental Corruption and Significant Growth

Back from a harrowing day at the office, Mistress Meredith Klein entered her corner condo with a sigh that dripped relief. The Head of Marketing for the Eros Corporation's Chicago office paused for a moment to pull off her power heels, her height dropping six inches, from six-foot-two to five-foot-nine. Padding cat-like along the hallway in her sheer knee-highs, twilight's orange glow danced on her pale skin as it reflected off the glass windows of the next building over in the skyline. Pulling out a few key bobby pins, her hair dropped to her shoulders like a hood of black velvet. Her wide, round ass swayed back and forth under a black-white-pinstriped canvas skirt which fit much tighter than the last time she had worn it. The pink silk blouse and a black sport coat she had chosen that morning were both strained by boobs so massive and full that they had to be fake--and they were, just... not in the way most people would have thought.

Stepping off the wood and onto the plush carpeting of her sanctum sent a shiver of anticipation up her legs and spine. Only the sheer curtains were drawn over the three three-quarter windows, casting her room in a glow that made it seem like another world. Her huge, custom-crafted four post bed was positioned in the middle of the space. The reinforced wooden spires were laced with more straps and loops of colorful rope than she could count. She had tied up hundreds of partners on that bed, but looking at the frame now only made her recall the moans of her current pet. The memory of the previous night filled her ears with such clarity it was as if she had traveled back in time. She bit her lip as her body reacted in kind, her hyper-responsive nerves replaying the impacts of her hips slapping into his ass. The moment stretched on and she could feel the curve of his hips against her palms and thumbs even as her fingers undid the heroic buttons of her top.

Meredith had not always been this way. The master suite only ceased being just her bedroom a couple of years ago. It happened under suspicious circumstances, at about the same time she and many of her colleagues' sex drives had exploded like bubbles on the surface of boiling water. Once a woman who masturbated once in a while as she read fics, Meredith's appetite had grown and grown over the course of two weeks for no apparent reason. Before she knew it, she was damn near a nymphomaniac. She took a vacation and each morning taxed every ounce of her will power. It was all she could do to get out of bed and into the tub to rinse off the sweat and fluids from masturbating even in her sleep. Away from the office, the alteration to her personality lessened and her physical addiction eased to the point where she could put on clothes and go out, but it had taken a lot of therapy to find a healthy relationship with her ionospheric level of desire. Part of that was finding an outlet for her needs that kept her engaged with others, and the discipline she developed during her training as a domme had given her control over her life again.

After Townbridge was ousted by Jess--Dr. O'Doyle--the truth came out. The former fuckwad of a CEO had orchestrated a branch-wide experiment for a new drug designed to, well, turn women into sex pets. Under his direction, the coffee grounds delivered to the Chicago office had been tainted by a foreign chemical compound. After Meredith, a ten cup a day drinker had gotten dosed at a rate far above what he anticipated, Townbridge feared discovery. He terminated the plan and destroyed the evidence. By the time Meredith had gotten back to work, all traces of the chemical were excised from the office. All that remained were its effects. A sudden and uncanny rise in the sex drive of anyone for whom estrogen was their dominant hormone. Two hundred individuals, cis and trans women alike, had been affected in some way. Like with so many of the other crimes committed behind closed doors, Jess and Ji-woo were still trying to figure out the specifics.

Ms. Klein withdrew a glass vial full of a seafoam green liquid from her coat pocket as she shrugged it off her shoulders. The anticipation of what was going to happen that evening cut through her body's sensory recreation of last night. Her mind turned to the future and she began to roll the tube between her fingers. Heightened as her senses were, the way the transparent fluid sloshed against her fingertips was hypnotic. No matter how many times it wound back and forth, the liquid was cold through the glass, its movement always obvious. When her watch beeped the half hour, Meredith realized she had been caught up in imagining what life would be like after tonight.

Jess would probably be pissed at her for taking a couple of doses from the latest experimental batch Ray had created--at least until she saw the results. After that, Meredith was sure all would be forgiven. After all, Erin had consented to this; had orchestrated this. She knew what was going to happen--wanted it even. The chemical-driven re-assignment Meredith held was the last leg of a journey begun months ago.

Her pet had started as Aaron but had been Erin for most of the last six months. The once towering but meek man had accepted thinking of herself as a woman not long after becoming Meredith’s sub. The gender transition had been enthusiastic…almost too enthusiastic. Aaron wanted to be Erin almost as much as she wanted to please Meredith. Ms. Klein had broken men before and made them her sissies, but Erin's transformation had been unlike any before her. The IT tech seemed to be enjoying herself as Ms. Klein stripped away every aspect of her masculine identity, only to build her back up with a sense of femininity that had always gotten the result Meredith wanted. Only... Erin's new personality had not been molded into that a subservient, boot-licking sissy, but a presence that filled Meredith with an excitement she had never felt before.

As Aaron’s mind morphed into Erin’s, her confidence soared. It was completely unexpected, but there was no denying the mental transformation had strengthened Erin. Her unwavering obedience was not from humiliation but from deeply held respect for her alpha. The subservience that used to define her stance and voice, was now unshakable confidence. There was no fear in Erin's eyes when Ms. Klein had her bound and powerless. Her pleading when Meredith fucked her was not of a man choking on his pride, but of another woman who got off on being fucked.

Meredith might have chosen Aaron to be a lapdog, but Erin had turned into a wolf.

Shivering with excitement, Ms. Klein put the vial on the nightstand and stripped down until all that remained were her stockings, her garters, their belt and her favorite set of lingerie. All of them were black lace sewn into pink silk. Though they had fit wonderfully that morning, both were a little undersized now. She ran her fingers along the edge of her bikini cut briefs and gasped at how tight they were. It seemed taking four Estroplus last night had put her back to the measurements she had achieved after taking three for a week. It seemed that the effect was multiplicative instead of additive. She would have to make sure Erin took five before they got started that evening to give her transformation even more of a kick.

Undoing the front clasps of her bra, Meredith hung it on a coat rack with a dozen other similar brassieres. Her full tits settled against her ribs a little bit, but they were still far too firm to be natural. Meredith loved them. Already a bonfire from having so much Estroplus in her system and her daydreaming, she lost herself for a moment exploring her expanded endowments. They had grown quite hefty with their increased volume, almost as much as they would have had Meredith gone a more traditional route. They were also so very, very warm against her skin. Letting them slip through her grasp, a coo became a moan as her nipples dragged across her palm.

This change in her body was one of those unexpected twists to training Erin. It had begun as another piece of the setup to make Aaron more pliable. She wanted him to ask her for Estroplus. It had to be his idea to take a supplement which would fill his mind with the desire for sex. So she had left the documentation open when Aaron came to service her PC. Her eager pet had pretty much begged to give the supplements a try and she made it happen that very evening.

Being the Head of Marketing had its advantages. No one questioned what she was doing with the box of free samples. However, Meredith had forgotten that, because they were for handing out at trade shows, the samples of Estroplus were just a tiny bit stronger than the real thing. It made Aaron putty in her hands, yes, but it heightened the intensity of the side effects of long term use. In just a couple of weeks on one pill a day, Erin's body had begun to change. Meredith then suggested she take two every night. As Erin did that, Meredith started taking a dose of her own each evening.

She had told herself then it was just for a little boost of her own. After all, she did not expect the supplement to do much considering her already unnatural libido. Eventually, however, that 'little boost' had turned into taking two pills every night. At that point, she could fuck for hours and her body would somehow take on a more hourglass-like shape. While the changes were temporary for her, Erin's transformation was quite permanent. Meredith knew it was a bad idea, but she had to know what a bigger dose could do. They took a vacation together and she dove into the deep end. After just a week of three pills a night, her tits and ass had each gained more than seven permanent inches. The significant growth had swelled her from an average bra she could get anywhere to the massive ones which she had to order online. Almost nothing of her wardrobe fit anymore.

Meredith took no pills the following week and her measurements shrank by about two inches. Either way, it was impossible to hide something was up when she and Erin came back from vacation. So, of course, she had a conference with Ji-Woo this morning. Meredith expected to be fired for letting things go this far. Instead, Ji-Woo had Ray dial in and the four of them attempted to work out how the super diluted version of Ray's formula had caused this. They all wanted to be sure the deliberate overdose was an edge case. Which is when Meredith had the idea of selling whatever dose they were on as a short-term growth supplement. Ray and Ji-Woo were dubious. It had taken the better part of a year to figure out the right dose to ensure that Estroplus' function as a performance enhancer for women would not have any adverse, long-lasting effects. The plan to provide it as a transition aid was still a couple of years in.

They got Jess on the line and after a long back and forth between her, Meredith, and Erin to make sure this is really what she wanted, Jess offered a handsome amount of compensation for their additional time and exposure. Meredith and Erin agreed to record their changes going forward. Then Meredith went down to the lab for a briefing and Erin headed off to handle an emergency in Finance. From what Dr. Orgisa told Meredith during her visit, the two of them would keep growing so long as they kept taking the supplement at an elevated dosage. The changes to libido and stature would become permanent, but there were not many other risks beyond the growth accelerating.

That, however, was the future. The now was all about Erin.

Pulling on something loose and easily removable, she planted her ass in her plush armchair. The seat had been crafted to be just wide enough for someone’s knees on either side of her thick hips. That was most of why she liked it.

Not thirty seconds later, Erin walked through the door. She was so very tall, her sculpted runner’s legs seeming to go on forever. She slipped out of calf length boots and hustled down the hall. Her now flawless skin had slowly taken on a tan cast as she spent more time outside.

Each hurried step made her marvelous leg muscles flex under her tights. Her above-average bust wobbled under a wide-collared peasant top, her tits shifting in her hand-me-down bra. Tan lines from her bikini top glowed on her shoulders below a very subtle leather collar that looked like a choker. Her long red and black braid swayed opposite her chest, occasionally bouncing off her now phenomenal ass. The long locks had started as extensions Erin had picked out, but something about the side effects fused the false hair with real. At this point, it was as if she had been growing her hair for the better part of ten years.

Erin waited at the doorway to be permitted entry into the bedroom and then knelt at her master’s feet when she entered.

“I got here early, Ms. Klein,” she said before grinning wide enough that her bright green eyes closed.

Meredith rubbed her pet’s head. “That’s my good girl.”

As Erin’s stretched lips relaxed, they puffed up a significant amount. Her face had become reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s, only turned to eleven. It was hard to believe that a few months ago that same face had been thin-lipped, gaunt, and hidden under a sparse scraggly beard.

“So…did Orgisa come through?” Erin asked, her gaze fixed on Meredith's knees.

Ms. Klein produced the vial and swirled its contents. Erin’s eyes followed the fluid’s movement with the same hunger she displayed when pinned down under her master and forced to eat her out. She licked those full lips as she reached for it. A slap sounded in the room and she whimpered as she clutched her hand.

“You forget yourself, pet. What must good girls do?”

“Ask before touching, Ms. Klein.”

“Exactly. Now, are you sure you want to do this? Unlike the side-effects from Estroplus, Orgisa said this will not be reversible.”

“I’m sure, Ms. Klein. I’ve never been surer in all my life.”

She raised a brow. “Oh? Even more sure than choosing to become my pet?”

“Point taken, Ms. Klein. I’ve only been surer once in my life.”

“Excellent! I will see you on the other side, Erin.”

“Thank you, Ms. Klein.” She pulled the stopper out of the vial and paused.

Meredith watched the last vestiges of Aaron tighten for a moment before they relaxed into Erin. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and let it out, but she did not drink the serum. She stoppered the vial and handed it back after a moment.

“You know what? I don’t need to do this.”

“Don’t need to? I thought you hated being male, that you wanted to change everything about yourself.”

“Yes, on both counts, but now…I like being in this space kind of in-between sexes. I’m certainly not a man anymore, but not a woman either. I’ve found a me I enjoy being and you helped me find it. You showed me how to find the confidence to become that person.”

“If you had that confidence, why did you say nothing, pet?”

“I was trying to find the right time. You were so excited about this and I love seeing you excited. This is not the end of me changing, I want to keep finding out things about myself, but I don’t think becoming irreversibly female is what I need right now.”

“I…I guess I can understand that and respect it. I promised you I would not force you to do anything, but I’m not sure where to go from here.”

“If you’ll have me as I am, Ms Klein, I am more than happy to continue being your partner.”

“Partner, huh? A little presumptuous aren’t we, my pet?”

“Am I? You’re the one who had the paperwork for us to get married in her Documents folder on the network.”

Meredith was surprised to find herself blushing at that.

“Ma’am? Do you still want to get married?“

“Well... I do love Erin, and whatever you choose, that is who you are.”

Erin jumped up and kissed Meredith. That kiss turned into another, and another...

Neither of them remembered their wedding night, but they awoke in each other’s arms. Erin cooked breakfast in just an apron like always, though her cute little cock was lifted up against her front so that it was obvious instead of being tucked back. The scene was not anything like Meredith had imagined…it was better, honestly. Even so, she pondered the vial again. If the serum really was designed to invert gender... what would a sip do to her?

Well, that was something to figure out later...

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