Misty F Fiction

197 – On Top of Everything

The text presented here is a rough draft which was never posted to Tumblr. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex

(Featuring a character whom I inspired and the @thelightfantasy created in a lost Tumblr post)

Jessica O’Doyle Ph.D. and CEO of Eros Enterprises, let out a sigh as she relaxed into the comfort of her high-backed chair and the grip of Gretchen’s powerful hands. While the Swedish masseuse’s wonderful thumbs dug into the tortured arch of her left foot, the super-genius bombshell took in Seattle from the 66th-floor of Columbia Tower and savored the sweet taste of triumph.

The view from her corner office in the recently acquired four-room suite looked out over Elliott Bay towards West Seattle and wrapped all the way around to the south and the industrial district. The Emerald City was nothing like the cityscapes of Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, or New York--but that was, like, totally a good thing! The laid-back feeling of the city was just what the fledgling executive needed after the whirlwind of experiences and emotions the last year had been. Especially after what had happened. Even after she had finally stopped growing and changing, Jess’ fears of succumbing to her new… condition drove her to go, like, all the way to the balls in taking on mentally stimulating tasks. However, now that she possessed intelligence and stamina that were, like, clear off the charts, she had a hard time finding things which fatigued her. So she went for quantity instead, though that was only marginally successful.

The chief example is what had happened when Jess had scheduled an appearance at her alma mater. On a whim, she had offered to fuck every fraternity and sorority member who wanted a go. Despite the overwhelming response, damn near the entire Greek Affairs department had not been enough to sate her--granted most of them had never actually pleasured a girl so... quality was definitely better in that case.

There was something, however, where overwhelming numbers satisfied and that, was work. Finding a twisted sort of pleasure in being hemmed in, Jess took on project after project until she was doing the work of, like, three people--and that felt fulfilling beyond words. Being up to her eyes in tasks and to do lists definitely outranked being on her knees in a circle jerk of huge studs. Work, after all, had just as much stamina as she did--which was something few partners could claim. Gleefully buried in things to do for the last twelve months, she had not only completed her then-in-progress MBA, but also her entire Doctorate in Biochemical Engineering. Although she had done it in a quarter of the time thanks to a gripping presentation on, well, herself--and her condition.

At the same time that Ms. O'Doyle was upending the world of genetics thanks to proprietary technology, she had also attacked the Pharmaceuticals industry on all fronts. It started when the blonde, business-savvy bombshell had challenged Viagra by creating the first feminine performance enhancement supplement. A product which had been wildly successful--to the point that it was hard to keep up with the demand. Capitalizing on that momentum, however, she was turning her companies resources to making the world a better place.

Despite all the fun perverted and professional things she had done, she took the greatest pride and pleasure in how she had played Townbridge like a set of cheap plastic video game drums. She had fed his ego and hunger to blind him to what she was doing. Instead of becoming the Daddy Dom of a hyper-sexual, subservient bimbo, the scumbag found himself bought out of his own company by a super-genius he had inadvertently created.

"I wonder what it must have felt like, Gretchen," Jess mused. The warm, sultry voice of the new her still pinched a bit like new heels. Would she, like, ever think of this as her voice? She certainly hoped so. She really liked her richer, sexier tone, especially when she hardened the edge. It was just jarring to not hear the Minnesotan drawl she had spoken with for all but a few years of her life.

Her masseuse made an affirming noise from her stool but continued to dig into Jess’ ankles.

At an impasse, Ms. O’Doyle turned her attention to the pleasant sensations of her tongue passing over her plump lips as she continued. “I can imagine that having to be, like, at ground zero after his plan blew up in his face, would’ve been so hard for a guy like him. That I went on to achieve more in a year than he had in five is probably just killing him."

There was a click of her office door opening, the frosted glass swung aside for Ji-woo Cheung, her dangerously competent Administrative Assistant. As usual, the Korean-American woman looked absolutely gorgeous--like had-just-stepped-off-the-cover-of-Fitness Monthly gorgeous.

"I'm sure that wherever he is, the toad is boiling in his own slime," she said as she crossed the room to the click-clack of her totally fab knee-length boots and their four-inch heel.

Her glossy black hair was up in a braid which must have taken her more than an hour to complete. She had slung her ash grey, sharply tailored coat over her shoulder and her flowing tank top of crimson silk showed off her always tan, fitness-model guns. The pair of stretch khakis she had on made the overblown shape of her legs readily apparent. Really, between her lengthy stature, comparatively big boobs, and super fit musculature, Ji-woo’s body seemed purpose-built for being a fitness and bikini model--which, in a fucked up way, it was.

Jess' gaze was drawn to her bestie's suntanned neck, her eyes searching for--Yes! They were still there! Even under the dark, heavy foundation, there were hints of the bruises Jess had left the night before. Triggered by that visual, the unforgettable taste of the other woman's sweat-slick skin blossomed in her mouth and her heart began to pound in her chest.

Pulling her gaze away from the testament to the depths of their relationship, Jess focused on Ji-woo's exquisitely feminine face and her conservative but colorful makeup. As was often the case, she found herself drawn into her absolute bestie’s amethyst eyes. The unique purple hue was so very alluring, but also reassuring. They were eyes which had seen Jess through nearly every step of this transformation.

Scant days before the buyout had gone public, Townbridge's ineptitude as her assistant was already starting to grate on her nerves. The scum only held the position of AA to Ms. O’Doyle because she had given it to him as a sign of shame. He was, truth be told, abysmal at doing things even the old her could handle without trouble and Jess needed someone she could rely on.

When she posted the position internally, Ji-woo had sent in her resume moments after the listing went live. From her robust resume, it seemed odd as to why the former full-stack developer from San Francisco would want to be an Admin Assistant--though several reasons became apparent at the interview. Beyond those circumstances, Ji-woo had proven herself reliable to a fault, so it was not hard to demote the sleazy turdbag to the call center to make way for her.

"I’m sure the stew is especially hot and thick after Monday's deal," Ji-woo said with a slight chuckle as she sat down. Her flat, yet piercing intonation bringing Jess back from space. “Seriously, though. He had been dying to get in with the league for years.

"How fascinating,” Jess said, hiding a grin. “Chalk another one up for me, I guess?"

"Happily. Anyway," Ji-woo continued her dour, deadpan tone somewhat at odds with the bright, beach bunny persona she presented. "I have updates for you on you the status of several sisters in transformation at the hands of the company."

"That's, like, great news!” Jess said, clapping her hands together beneath her prodigious bust. “But, it’s also kinda awful, y’know? This brings the total to what? Thirteen?"

"Fourteen, actually." Ji-woo made a face that conveyed a disgust so profound it turned Jess’ stomach.

Jess sat forward, reaching for Ji-woo, but slipped out of Gretchen’s grip as she did. Peppering the older woman with apologies, the masseuse grinned back at her.

“I’m gonna be honest with ya, miss," she said, shifting her weight on the stood before moving up from Jess' ankle to her muscular cable-tight calf. "With what all I've dealt with in my ten years as a masseuse, you movin’ a bit is not even an annoyance. I’ll take the brief interruption, fore’er and always, ov’r the alternative of havin’ to keep my guard up for the entire session.”

“I feel like you might have a type, Jess,” Ji-woo observed with a snicker Jess knew to be self-deprecating. After all, the reason that Ji-woo had jumped at the chance to interview was to reveal that she was just like Jess. Who she was now, the woman who appeared to be a life-long follower of fitness that happened to be gifted with the genes to ensure she was still stacked, was not who she had been sixteen months ago.

In gruesome detail, she had described how Townbridge, misogynist asshole that he was, dosed her with a similar chemical during a work function to score a one-night stand with a paradoxically buxom and super fit swimsuit model. In a matter of minutes, the once small, lithe and sardonic goth had been turned not only into a towering queen of jocks, but also an “Asian” fetishist’s wet dream.

Worse yet, even beyond her own abuse, she was certain it had happened to others. In fact, once they started digging into Townbridge’s personal files, Jess and Ji-woo found another half dozen women who had been victims of strange, radical alterations to their bodies and minds which he had orchestrated. Jess flew them all in that following week without a thought beyond wanting to give them each a big, comforting hug.

After meeting with her seven “sisters” she called the scum of scum into her office to answer to them for what he had done. Instead, he stormed out and never came back. Probably because Ji-woo had ensured the FBI, the IRS, and even the CIA had some questions for him.

Knowing this, she reached across her hardwood desk and put her hand on her bestie’s totally drool-worthy forearm. “Look, Chiu, I’m--”

“You don’t have to say anything,” she said thickly, her dazzling purple gaze lowering as her strong chin fell. “Your actions have already spoken more about how you feel about supporting other women than every would-be nice guy has ever whinged.”

“Ohmigosh! Like, stop!” Jess said as her face started to heat up. “You’re, like, totally making Jessi blush!”

In fact, after that outburst, Jess was blushing even harder even as she started giggling. The transformed woman had come to terms with most of the programming that had been woven into her personality. Sometimes, she even enjoyed it. Being able to indulge body’s appetites and let her mind go on auto-pilot for a bit had been a huge help in dealing with everything. Still, outside of that context, her super-blonde moments made her cringe, just a little.

Ji-woo joined her in the giggling fit and, triggered by their heightened, synchronized emotions, there was a moment where their awareness’ seemed to mingle. Jess could feel Ji-woo all around her; could feel their hearts beating as one. These mind merges seemed to be a side effect of the transformations--though it only happened between her and the other women.

“Maybe it just proves you’re Queen Bitch?” Ji-woo said as Jess’ thoughts intruded, her hidden smirk visible in her words. “Someone has to be the center, the nexus, and it might as well be you.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” Jess agreed, her vocabulary returning as her arousal was quelled. “But, that’s not what you stopped in for.”

“Right, just…”

“Take all the time you need.”

It was a minute before Ji-woo finally sighed and rubbed her eyes. When she looked up again, the shadow of loss had faded. “You’re the bestest--y’know that?”

“No--you is the bestest, Chiu!”

"Only because you’re right there with me. Anyway, updates. I'm happy to say Ms. Conway's condition has stabilized. While she is still semi-permeable, she is keeping up to four of her bodies together for eight hours now. She also reports that your web-based sex-ed curriculum is coming along on schedule. It is, as you requested, ‘very candid.’”

Jess beamed. "That's good to hear! Oh," she said, pulling out her phone, "have her and Vera set a date yet, by the way?"

Ji-woo flicked through her phone as well. "It looks like... March of next year."

"Great, make sure we're there."

"Yes, ma'am. The next item of business is about Ms. Spicewell--"

"That poor woman from the birth control trials?"

"That's the one. She was in the office for her monthly check-in and, happily, her mental state has dramatically improved."

"That's so wonderful to hear! I was, like, so super worried about her--she definitely seemed kind of, y'know--zombie-like the last time we met.

"It seems like she met someone who is unabashedly helping her to like the woman she sees in the mirror. According to the report Dawkins sent over, things are pretty serious between her and a guy named Lew."

"Oh, goody for her! Um, was there anything else?"

"Logistics are reporting that distribution of the new STI tests to University and Planned Parenthood clinics across the country have begun and they expect to have everything distributed by the end of the Fall Semester."

"Excellent, excellent--and they're still free, right?"

"As of now, the partnerships are supplementing the product by twenty percent above breaking even, so the plan seems to be panning out--Oh!” she said suddenly. “One last thing, the New York office received an invitation for you from Meredi McKell."

Jess perked up at the name of the woman who had ended up with the experimental implants which Townbridge had intended for her. "An invite from Didi? What's the occasion?"

"Looks like the launch party for her first book," Ji-woo said squinting at what was likely a photo of the mail. "It's in a couple of weeks, shall I accept?"

"Yes, please do. I cannot wait to see how big she's gotten in the last couple months! Besides," Jess added with a cough. "I also want to talk to her about financing a new initiative--and you know how she likes being involved in those discussions."

"I certainly do."

As Gretchen moved on to her right foot, the so-called Sexiest Woman in Business floated an idea she had been wrestling with for weeks. “Can I ask you something personal, Chiu?”

“I guess," she replied with her usual level of enthusiasm.

“What if I told you I had developed a new serum, let’s say a “cure” for our condition. Would you--?”

“Absolutely not!” She blurted the answer out, speaking over Jess, which, in turn, made her start to turn a little pink under her tan. “What about you?” she asked. "Surely, like, you want to get rid of those..."

Jess glanced down at her tremendous boobies which were somehow as full and firm as they would be with the 3000cc implants they rivaled in size, however, they were entirely natural--well, as natural as they could be considering. As her cleavage drew her gaze, she absently ran her finger over her lips as she thought, an act which was generally counter-productive to brain function.

“I… I’m not sure, really. Like, if I’m honest, I love being this version of me--and, sure, like, this ‘me’ is so totally that shitbag’s perversion of an ideal feminine form--but, like--mmm! This body feels so good!"

She was sucking on her finger now, as moans rumbled in her throat. "Mmm, yeah! Jessi feels so good. She just wants to... to...--uh… Chiu? Help?

Ji-woo reached over and tugged Jess’ arm, pulling her finger out from between her lips. Almost at once, her awareness sharpened back into focus. “Ah, that’s much better. Like I was just saying, I am also still very much the book-reading, show-watching, and fanfic-loving woman I was before all of this happened. Hell, ‘Jessi’ might even be more into those last two things more than I am considering how much I consume when I masturbate.”

“So you’re what, then? Merely content with being a fucking brilliant woman and a woman who is brilliant at fucking?” Ji-woo sneered, irritation sparking her sarcasm. “What more could you want from the hedonistic end of the pool? Do dicks need to be twenty-percent bigger for you? Forty?”

“Okay, okay,” Jess said, shrinking back. “That’s one way of putting it in perspective.”

“So why is this an issue then?”

“I guess I’m just worried that,” Ms. O’Doyle paused afraid that voicing her concern would make it happen.

“Worried what? That you’ll start growing again?” Ji-woo’s voice was still fiery, her ember-like temper searing Jess as she hesitated.

“Oh, no--that’d be lovely!” she replied with a giggle, trying to deflect.

“What then?” She snapped, her eyes boring into Jess’. “Why not take the cure?”

“Well, it’s more I’m worried that... that whatever went wrong with the formula might one day, y’know, go the other way. I worry that eventually I’ll slip too far into ‘Jessi’ and never come back.”

That is the only reason this is even a quandary for me,” Jess continued, her mind relaxing as Gretchen worked on her other calf and Ji-woo held her hand. “Like, instead of ending up some empty-headed sex slave, my intellect grew with the rest of me. It’s so… so utterly bizarre to realize my IQ and my metric bustline are about the same number. Did you know that 220 is recording breaking for both of them!?”

Ji-woo fixed her with a dead gaze even as the corner of her mouth quirked. “I had no idea, you only mention it, like, once a week.”

“Oh. I do, do I?

“It’s okay; you’re just a goldfish sometimes.”

“Which is why I have you, right?”

“Right,” Ji-woo said, flashing a rare smile. “So, not at all bothered by those boulders you call boobs?”

“Not… really? I mean, yeah, they were cumbersome at first, but, thanks to everything else that happened to my physiology, they’re hardly a burden now.” A fact which was only more the case now that she was taking a couple of her company’s supplements for muscle density and growth--she had already put on ten pounds!

There was a knock on the office door which pulled her attention back to the present. She turned just as Leslie, her adorably punk-rock secretary, poked her head through the tall frosted glass doors. “Ms. O’Doyle? Your fifteen-hundred is here.”

“Great! Send him in--oh and Leslie, I just love the new earrings,” she added, gushing positivity. "They look great!"

“They, really do!” Ji-woo added. “Love the way they make your ears look pointy.”

“You are both too kind,” Leslie said, a blush tinting her cheeks as she slipped back into the reception area.

“I guess I’ll take my leave then,” Gretchen said as she sat back on her stool. “Same time tomorrow Ms. O’Doyle?”

“That would be lovely, Gretchen. Thank you. Did you want me to secure you a ride home? I think Leslie lives out in the same direction as you do.”

“If she doesn’t mind. I always prefer someone I know, to the bus if I have that option.”

“Well, let her know that she is free to go for the day, then. Travel safe!”

Jess’ prospective celebrity endorsement, one Keyone Woods, entered a moment later and his appearance left Jess reeling--Ji-woo, too, from the feelings that were flooding her awareness. Janice had, like, not been kidding at all about the size of her personal trainer–if anything Jess's other bestie had understated how much man Mr. Woods was. He had to be at least six-six judging from where his shoulder matched up to the door frame, and he was super built. Even on the far side of fifty, the four-time pro bowl tight end lived up to his position's adjective. The dark-skinned athlete was in outstanding shape. There were studs half his age who did not even come close to his physique. He was the very definition of DILF--and, for various reasons, Jessica had it bad.

"He looks like Idris Elba on steroids," Ji-woo whispered.

"Tell me about it."

Despite having scheduled two hours for preparation before the meeting, Ms. O’Doyle nonetheless found herself heating up as her superhuman libido awakened for the ninth time that day. She had been thirsty enough for two women before the botched attempt to bimbofy her. Now, it took a metaphorical thunderstorm to satisfy her--and she could feel a quickening breeze at Mr. Wood's back with the potential for a wonderful gale.

Thanks to the programming, the intensity of her kinks had increased ten-fold. Even things that had once been idle curiosities were now deeply satisfying experiences. As for what had been big kinks for her before? Well, most of those were more than satisfied at this point with her body, position, and having three women to love. Many of her new kinks were sort of dull in comparison to those extremes. However, chief among them was an age-gap between her and her partner--to the point she was sure a certain scumbag had tried to make doubly sure she would be wild for his teeny-tiny disappointment.

Still, finding creepy old men slightly more bearable was an invaluable asset in the world of business. Maybe one day she would be able to walk into a boardroom and not feel as if she had startled a herd of deer during the mating season--until then, at least they were as much eye candy to her as she was them.

Practical purposes aside, there were times when the kink was a real perk. Times like now, for instance. Jessica could appreciate the bits of silver in Mr. Wood's mass of dreds and his shaved beard as well as those peeking out of his open collar. The sprinkling of contrasting colors made him look distinguished, amplifying the power of his reserved but confident smile. Then, there was the way his custom-tailored business attire balanced out his umber complexion and clung to him in just the right places without being the second skin of a younger, more brazen athlete.

“Welcome to Eros Enterprises, Mr. Wood,” she said, walking around her desk and offering her hand to the retired football star. "It is a pleasure to meet you finally."

“I can definitely say the same, Ms. O'Doyle,” he said taking hold of her outstretched hand.

His voice was a deep, dark masculine rumble that made her vibrate and his strong grip was so much bigger than hers. She started throbbing from nose to toes at the thought of those hands on other parts of her. Just one of them could probably wrap around--

“You know, I didn’t realize I was going to be dealing with both parts of the power set,” he said with a gruff laugh. “I would have asked Mrs. Meadows for more advice.”

So Janice was more involved than she let on, huh? The realization echoed in both of their minds and they could not help but giggle with glee as they pictured their spritely colleague being dominated by someone nearly twice her size.

"Also, just Keyone, please," he added with a warm laugh that matched his rich, umber-hued complexion. “Mr. Wood is my old man.”

Jessica drew blood biting her tongue to keep herself from telling him that he could be her Daddy. That she felt so strongly was honestly a little shocking. Her thirst might have been enough to drain a lake now, but, all of a sudden, it felt like she was standing the Mohave once more. That remembered heat from the last family trip before college was generating almost as much heat as her pounding sex drive--and it left her parched.

"If that's the case, why don't you call me Jess, as well?" she cooed as their handshake lingered. His pulse was quickening against her palm, and she could almost feel his manhood stiffening in his pants. She caught his amber-colored eyes wandering towards the floor as he feigned looking around. However, just like light circling a black hole, his gaze was drawn into the inescapable depths of her cleavage. She could feel him drinking in the impossible curves of her magnificent mounds as they bulged out from between the lapels of her powder blue suit-coat. She saw his tongue slide against the inside of his lips and shuddered.

Oh yes, Daddy, take it in. Take it all in…

Spun up as she was, the sensations of her dropping to her knees and pulling that big, black cock out to kiss it felt real. Her knees quaked. Thankfully, Ji-woo came to the rescue, getting to her feet and pulling the attention to her.

“Well,” she said, dredging his attention from the depths of Jess’ bosom after that moment of mutual eye fucking, "did you want to get acquainted with the product before we get down to business?”

For a moment, Keyone looked like he was sixteen again as his eyes widened and he looked back and forth between the two stunning examples of raw sexual power before him. Realizing how that must have sounded, Jess hurried to course correct the double entendre even as the fantasy of his face squished between her and Ji-woo’s tits crashed into their shared mindscape like a ton of bricks.

"I’m sure Chiu meant having one of the drinks before going down to the studio where they’ll shoot the commercial,“ she said in what she hoped was a convincing tone.

"That way you know what it tastes like," Ji-woo added to the amendment. “I’d hate for you to make a face on the first take, y’know?”

“Ah, right. Sure," he replied, his gaze torn between the gravity of Jess’ veritable planetoids and Ji-woo’s comparatively moon-sized endowments. "It’s an energy drink, yeah?”

“Of sorts, yes–just for a very... specific purpose," Jess explained while fetching one of the eight-ounce aluminum bottles from the fridge.

"From what the team told us,” Ji-woo continued, the sales pitch flowing between them. “The drink works amazingly well as something to recover from or prepare for, the exertions of sex--or any other high impact cardio. this new, proprietary formula helps with stamina, drive, and, in some cases, is supposed to make you feel years younger.”

“An’ yer sure this stuff is safe?” The retired athlete regarded the canister of AndroBoost with apprehension before looking back to Jess and Ji-woo.

“It’s perfectly safe,” they assured him. “The only side effect we have seen aside from dehydration is a slight swelling of muscle mass like having just gone through a cycle of full-body weight training.”

“That doesn’t sound like all that much a side effect…” he said, taking the can from Jess.

“Well,”Ji-woo prompted. “Why not give it a taste?”

“Sure, sure.”

Cracking the seal on the twist-off top released a powerful citrus aroma into the office. It was so intense that Jess could taste it on the air, and she found herself licking her glossy, pillow-like lips. Keyone, meanwhile, took a tentative sip and made a face. She was just about to ask if it tasted awful when something astonishing happened. Before her eyes, the smattering of silver was regaining its color.

"Damn," he shouted, smacking his lips as he held the can-like bottle out at arms' length. "That has some kick! Whew!"

"And how do you feel?" Ji-woo asked, her voice conveying an uncharacteristic amount of excitement.

"Fucking amazing! It’s like I actually did get a little younger." He took another, smaller sip before looking at Jess. "Hey, uh, how much of this are you supposed to take, exactly?"

Jess reached around her bust to put a finger to her lips. "I think the trials were all with four ounces in twelve hours. The can is supposed to be two servings, right, Chiu?"

“Yeah, if not more than that. We still need to adjust for a few things.”

"Then, uh, Y'all mind if I have a little more than two sips?"

Ji-woo glanced at her. Biting her lip, Jess lived through a war between her ethics and sex drive. It was very likely that if Keyone drank too much, he would be--well, he might as well be drunk. They would most assuredly be taking advantage of him in that state--should anything happen, of course.

On the other hand, if a couple of sips had given him back, like, five years, what would the whole eight ounces do? When her curiosity inevitably allied with her sex drive, the army fighting under the banner of ethics was forced to submit--although their surrender terms were very reasonable.

"Um, like, one sec." Heels clicking as she rushed over to her desk, Jess looked for the waiver forms for clinical trials patients. After a moment, which she had dragged out when she caught his and Ji-woo’s reflections flirting as they admired her ass, she found a blank sheet and handed it to her assistant.

He held it up with a puzzled look on his face. "What's this for?"

"It's a waiver of liability,” Ji-woo said flatly. “It confirms that you are undertaking this experiment under the full knowledge that the parameters used for testing this formula are nowhere near what you are about to ingest."

"So you're saying I can't sue if, say, I grow a second head or somthin'?"

"That is exactly what she’s saying, yes."

Keyone paused for a moment then shrugged and cracked a grin. "Whatever, fuck it. What've I really gotta lose, right?"

Hopefully, a couple of passionate hours, once things were said and done.

Keyone scribbled on the line, scratched in the date and then picked up the sweating can once more. Instead of taking another sip, he began to guzzle the contents of the can like his life depended on it. Each time his Adam's apple pumped, the subtle signs of aging faded away more and more. Then, Jess let out a moan which Ji-woo echoed when they realized that he was growing--and not just a little bit either.

The drink can was probably half empty now from how high he had it raised. Which only served to put every inch of his body on display as, with each slurp, his button down and jacket both grew tighter and tighter. It seemed that his shoulders and chest were growing faster than anything else, and Jess licked her lips when gaps began to appear in the coat's seams. Both arms came undone at about the same time as his bulging shoulders pushed through the joint between the pieces of fabric. Then, it was not long before the coat's detached sleeves were cutting into his biceps. One button popped off his shirt, then another as his upper body surged to greater and greater mass.

Ji-woo was holding her hands as both women were doing everything in their power not to fingerblast each other. Jess’ body, however, seemed to have different ideas. As had been the case once before, the submerged conditioning started to break through into her awareness. Her hips began to twitch as her thighs rubbed together. She had not decided to do either of those things; her body was moving totally of its own accord. She scrunched up her face, trying to remain focused. She had to, like, stay in control!

She pulled away from her absolute bestie and stumbled to a chair. When she turned her attention back to Keyone, his slight increases in height were balancing the gains in mass as he crept towards being seven feet tall. His god-like abdominals were already peeking out from beneath the bottom edge of his increasingly tortured shirt and coat. Then, with a snap, the button on his pants went flying; which is when she heard him gasp and crunch the can in his hand. His closed fist completely engulfed the aluminum, and it felt like her throat was drying up as desire reached heights she had never experienced before.

"Goddamn! You ladies fucking undersold how amazing this would feel! And it feels like there’s--"

There was an audible crack and his hips widened by several inches, turning his 'v' into a 'u' right before her eyes. The widening burst spread upwards, shredding his shirt and jacket as his entire stature reshaped from merely super athletic to something far more heroic. Gains that would have taken years to accomplish, had they even been possible, developed in an instant. Abs, obliques, lats, pecs, and everything else jumped up in size. Not to be left out, his legs followed suit as his quads and calves burst out of his slacks as he gained what must have been an additional ten percent of his body mass in the span between one breath and the next.

“Wow…” Ji-woo said, dropping to the sofa. “That was some effect.”

"I’ll say!” Keyone said looking down over himself. “Dayum, girls! This drink is the shit!”

He stepped out of his ruined pants and was left standing in only his straining boxer-briefs. A significant bulge was filling the stretchy fabric to its breaking point as his balls peeked out of the legs. On top of that tease, Jess could swear his pulsing veins were visible against the tortured cloth.

“So is this, uh, sexual harassment or something?” he said with a guffaw that made Jess throb.

“Well, you did consent to taking far more of the drink than recommended,” Ji-woo said, licking her lips as she started to walk towards him.

“--and we expected a little growth,” Jess added, fighting with every inch of her body to stay seated. “But this… this was way beyond anything we had seen in testing. Naturally, we are super sorry for--”

“For making me a super stud?” He laughed again and Jess clenched as if his fingers had brushed over her center. “If you really want to apologize about that…”

He hooked his thumbs into the waistband, tugging the elastic down further and further revealing thick but close-cropped pubes. He flexed and fixed Ji-woo with a come-hither look then grinned when she visibly trembled.

“Well? Am I your alpha or not, little princess bikini?”

“Um… I don’t--”

“It’s fine, Chiu,” Jess said, her own dominant voice cutting into the sexual tension.

Keyone turned his attention to her. “Oh? Does her little highness want to experience what she has wrought first hand?”

“Yes, Daddy--” she blurted before sinking her nails into her knees. “Keyone, I want nothing more than to feel you plowing me until I pass out but, before whatever happens next, just know that after this, we go back to being in a business-client relationship, understand? If you can’t respect that--”

He barked a laugh, taking a heavy step towards her. “Does her little highness really think she’s the first trembling maiden I’ve dominated? Hmm? Does she believe I’m ignorant of the rules?”

“N-n-no, Daddy,” she mumbled, although her eyes remained hard. “I just wanted to know that you would respect my sovereignty.”

“It’s okay, pumpkin,” he rumbled as his hand came to rest atop her head. “You have every right to express your feelings--at least for now before we begin. After that, well, I’m sure you can guess what happens to girls who misbehave...”

His weight pressing down on her made Jess throb like never before. He slid his finger down along her jaw, pulling her chin up so that he was staring right into her eyes. Jess could barely catch her breath. Every fiber of sex-attuned body was vibrating with a need that was simultaneously so complex she couldn’t even begin to articulate it and so simple it boiled down to three words. Need, fuck, and now.

“We’re still getting to know each other,” he said, the confident smile from before showing through as he drew closer, the heat of his breath playing over her parted lips. “I’ll take it slow at first--I ain’t as young as I useta be…”

He bent down so that he could whisper and his powerful musk flooded Jess’ senses. A thick, savory aroma which carried hints of engine oil and fresh-cut grass. “Besides, I’ve only really done this with Mrs. Meadows… So, I promise that I will stop when you or Chiu ask, okay?”

“Mhm,” Jess said with an emphatic nod as Ji-woo’s awareness pulsed with positive sensations.

“Good,” he said, getting back into character. “I’m glad we have an understanding. Now, tell me, Queen Blondie...”

“Tell you... what?”

“That thing that makes you melt,” he continued to whisper, his thumb slipping down to her neck as his lips got closer. “What is the thing you wish every guy would do to you, little queen?”


Keyone’s lips brushed her ear and Jess’ entire body shook like she had been shocked. “Janice, freak that she is, loves the feel of my hands around her neck--seems you do, too. Don’t you, my cute queen?”

“Yes, Daddy. Queen Blondie loves you… letting her know how small she is… compared to you...”

A movement to one side tugged at her and she moaned to see Ji-woo already stripped down to just her bikini top and briefs. Keyone followed her shift in gaze and licked his lips. “I’m sorry, Princess Bikini, I didn’t mean to ignore you.”

Princess Bikini dropped to her knees beside them, her hands coming up to caress Keyone’s massive quad.

“It’s, like, totally okay,” she replied with an enthusiasm only Blondie had ever seen. Her Highness felt a pang of jealousy that someone else was getting to know this side of her absolute bestie. Then, Keyone’s grip on her neck tightened just a bit.

“Now, now, my cute little queen,” he growled. “I might be a dragon, but I’m not here to steal your princess--I’m here to turn you both into my hoard.”

Blondie mustered as much will as she could. “You… you can’t…”

“Yes. I can,” he said, rising back to his full height. “--and by the end of all this, you will beg Daddy Scales to keep you, my cute little queen.”

His augmented form towered over her in the overhead lights, his shoulders like clouds before the sun. For a moment, her awareness fuzzed and it looked like he actually had wings! Princess gasped and something warm hit Blondie in the face.

“You--ah!--seem to have a mighty sword there, dragon.”

“A mighty gift for my blonde little queen and her bikini-clad princess,” he said, stepping back to let the queen take in her gift.

“Might we, ah, inspect it, Daddy Scales?”

“--we gotta make sure it’s up to regu-regu--to make sure its safe!” Princess added with a titter.

“By all means, my ladies. Do what you feel is necessary.”

“Princess, attend to me,” Queen commanded, “I can’t possibly inspect a weapon in my finery.”

“Yes, my lady,” she said before crawling over. Her flawless form moved with a sensuality that poured oil on top Queen Blonde’s bonfire-sized libido. Then, as she kissed her way up Her Majesty’s leg, the sex-loving royal gripped her tightly woven hair and pulled her down between her pale, plush thighs. The braid started to unravel as the super fit woman complied with her queen’s needs and began to eagerly lap at her folds. After a moment, she kissed the queen’s button and turned to sucking on the oversized nub which sent the busty noblewoman reeling.

Fortunately, Daddy Scales was there to catch her.

“Oh... your gift! It’s even more impressive now, Daddy,” she said, caressing its thick, deep-red length with her free hand.

He gripped it and lightly swatted her with it again, causing her to squeal and tighten her grip on the princess. Her retainer’s thoughts crossed her mind and she raised her knees so that the other woman could slip beneath them. With her heels now pressing into the other woman’s back, her grip tightened as Daddy Scales throbbed against her lips, cheekbone, and eyebrow.

Just as the princess was kissing her, she began to kiss the dominating dragon, his turgid arousal feeling like absolute bliss on her lips. She worked her jaw and his pole until she could fit him between her teeth. As soon as she did, those heavy hands of his gripped either side of her head and the next thing she was aware of was how strong his scent was right up against his skin. Then, how heavy his balls were against her chin and how much his cock filled her throat. She adjusted her position to allow just enough air past, causing it to press into the roof of her mouth where she could feel the thick veins pulsing into her hard palate.

Once he began to move, everything became of blur of pleasure. She gushed all over Princess Bikini in the first five minutes, but Daddy was hardly satisfied as he continued to pump her face with his powerful dick. The sensations of his thick, pulsing veins sliding between her lips made Blondie's fingers and toes curl as she hovered in the air just over the edge.

“Ah, you’re both such good, slutty girls,” he rumbled, his voice sounding far larger than it should have. "But it is time to move on the next course. Strip your queen, little princess--and let's have some real fun!"

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