Misty F Fiction

200 – Mutable Masturbation

Pardon my dust. The text presented here is an in-progress draft--it might even just be notes. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW

General outline...

  • Introduce readers to heroines
    • Kwazeth - Twi'lek-esc design, photojournalist for an intergalactic travel magazine
    • Yspa PhD - Half-orc-like design, exo-biologist and poet
  • Shore day mishap
    • One of them tumbles into what locals say is a geyser-powered tar-pit
  • Sexy shower/bath scene as the goo-covered partner washes off and then finds themselves mentally linked with a new intelligence
  • Both converse with the entity
    • It, of course, has no idea what sex is since it reproduces by division
  • Both merge with half of the entity, kicking off transformations
  • Sensual scene as both adapt to entity-augmented lovemaking
  • Denouement - Entity finds their own humanoid shape
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