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144 – Z-Gene

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Diminished Sizes, Exaggerated Sizes, Explicit Sex, Foreplay, Intimate Nudity, Significant Growth and Significant Sexually-Focused Transformation

Shane rubbed the steam off the mirror in his girlfriend’s bathroom and noted the lack of red stubble on his jaw with passing interest as he prodded lips that looked a little puffier than they had been before bed before shrugging off the new changes. The nonplussed reaction was a marked difference from the panic attack which had gripped him the morning after the first incident. Much to his surprise, it had only taken a couple of days for the slightly narrower, more feminine face to register as his reflection. One corner of his mouth quirked up at that realization, a wry smile stretching out his fuller lips. You really could get used to anything.

With one last ruffle of his strawberry-blonde hair, he slid the towel down from his tangle of newly shoulder-length locks and wrapped the fuzzy fabric around the most noticeable change to his body. Ever since his breasts had budded while he had been looking at porn, his swelling bust had grown ever heavier and fuller each time he felt his cock stiffen. Their warm mass enveloped his entire chest now and they both over-flowed his hands when he squished them together. It was as if his abandoned transformations were stacking up because he was getting thicker all over. Then again, maybe the female version of him was just hugely endowed. It was a mystery with only one answer and he was still not ready to face... that. There were just too many unknowns about his genetic glitch. With only five hundred confirmed cases of the Z-Gene the world over, there was barely any information at all.

The changes to his body hair had him leaning towards the residual, cumulative growth. His once thick and corse tangle of reddish-brown had softened, shortened, and lightened over the course of the last few days. Just yesterday, the last vestiges of the wiry tangle which had manifested very early in his life had become soft, delicate peach fuzz. Most of it was barely visible now, though there were patches, under his arms and between his legs, which were a very light reddish-brown instead. Through his engagement with the developing ‘Zee’ community, he discovered that the people at the forefront of the medical studies had concluded it was likely that, even after a full transformation to female and back, his body hair would remain as it was. Not that he minded no longer looking like a grizzly and Brit loved to touch him now.

Well, she had always enjoyed touching him, but now it felt like she was continually brushing his hand, his face or, with increasing frequency, his butt. Obvious physical attraction aside, her reaction to his apparent mutation seemed to stem from genuine affection--as opposed to the disgust or pity he was not quite ready to deal with at the moment. Her unwavering support had made the last week bearable and her parents, though they barely understood, had welcomed him with open arms after what had happened with his folks. Since then, he had been living in her parent’s in-law suite across the lawn from the house and Brit with him. In most respects, the two of them had their own place, but the generosity made him nervous. So he was trying work things out with her folks to pay his share of the utilities at least. They, of course, assured him it was okay and that he should focus on coming to terms with his condition.

To that end, he found himself pretty much a new person at twenty-two. A person who was a mystery. Everything about himself felt taboo since any amount of arousal or sexual stimulation would trigger further transformation. Just thinking about the ascetic life which awaited him, if he wanted to maintain some amount of manhood, filled him with a dread that felt all-encompassing. After all, there was no guarantee that once he became fully female that the pendulum would swing back the other way. Hell, he had not even looked at anything sexy since the symptoms first presented. However, even just a little stimulation was enough to add an inch here or there. The otherwise chaste act of washing had been enough to render his expanding butt too large for his boxers--and it was likely that would be the case more and more. With each bit of transformation, his sense of pleasure rose. His enlarged nipples and areolae in particular were… intensely sensitive, as he was reminded while attempting to towel off.

The soft fuzzy fabric slipping over them dragged up a moan from the depths of his gut. With a tremble, his bust grew and an even greater weight settled into his hands. The towel dropped to the floor, forgotten, as they expanded further. He could only guess how much more pleasurable they would feel if he continued, and something about today made it hard to stop as he squished and squeezed his expanding boobs. Slumping into the sink, he lost himself in the feelings as his unique physiology kicked into high gear.  His dick was hard, so hard and needy, but he kept massaging his ever-increasing bust.  He started to shrink, his billowing ass sliding down the slick marble. He could feel his thighs and stomach twitching, as the lost mass seemingly relocated into plush flesh.

He probably would have toyed with himself to orgasm, had Brit not walked in on him.

“Why hello there, cutie!” she said with a sly smile. "Have you, um, decided or... ?"

Startled out of his pleasure-fueled haze, Shane’s heat turned to embarrassment and he stooped to pick up the towel only to be pulled off his feet by the new weight hanging off him. He caught himself on the tub, though he could not keep his heavy hangers from thudding into the cold porcelain. Brit was there in a flash, kneeling next to him as she offered another towel. He could feel her hand hovering after that. It was clear she was unsure where to touch to provide comfort. He pulled the towel around his shoulders then leaned into her cut obliques and toned abs. For a moment, she simply brushed her hand through his hair as he silently sobbed.

Eventually though, when his knees started to hurt from being pressed into the tile, he got to his feet with her help. He bit his lip at the feel of her meaty shoulder flexing under his palm. A heat blossomed in his back which spread down his sides and through his tummy. Was this his body developing the muscles he would have had from growing into the woman he was halfway to becoming? It certainly was getting easier to stand with each breath. It felt like his butt and thighs were growing again.

"Damn, babe," she cooed. "You're getting so thicc."

Something about that realization stabbed at Shane. He pulled away and tried to step around her, but Brit put her arm up and she leaned against the doorframe. Her bicep rose as her weight settled on her hand, the well-developed muscle straining against the short sleeve of her flannel pjs. Shifting her weight, she made her quads ripple against shorts so small her muscular bubble butt peeked out from the bottom. Goddam, she was so fucking hot. Considering that they had been sharing a bed, how he had not bust a nut in his sleep and turned into a woman already was a complete mystery to him.

“Where you going so fast there, hot stuff? Why not show me the goods?”

Fixing his girlfriend with a withering glare, Shane stepped under her arm. “I don’t know why you put on that Fonz persona when you try flirting…”

“Hey, I just call it like I see it, babe. You’re just so… irresistible,” she said while draping herself over his shrunken shoulders. She was already bigger than him, but his transformation only exacerbated the difference. Although he would be lying if he said he did not enjoy it. In fact, being embraced by her was actually making his shoulder-length hair grow, the wet locks sliding down his naked back.

Brit was, to be honest, something of an Amazon. Though she seemed blind to her beauty, Shane found her tan, tall, and near-bodybuilder physique beyond stunning. That she was smart with cars, loved sci-fi novels, and could crush people in hockey only added to what was, to him, the perfect package. She was even Greek, which only solidified his comparison to the warrior women of myth. Maybe she was a descendant of that legendary tribe. Mrs. Dukas was taller than her husband after all, and she was pretty fit, too.

“I’m glad someone finds me attractive when I’m like... this,” Shane said with a heavy sigh.

She moved around him to cup his face in her hands, “Babe, you’ve always been attractive to me. This, well, this just lets me be attracted to a whole bunch of different versions of you. If anything I’m really lucky that I get to have you in my life.”

Shane blushed even more than he thought possible, the heat spreading down his neck to his chest. “Thank you. For everything.”

“Anything for my cutie of a boyfriend,” she said, kissing his forehead.

“Zeefriend.” He said it automatically, but the word turned to ash in his mouth. He still thought of himself as a guy, but that was less true with each day that passed.

“Yes,” she said with a light laugh before pulling him into a tight hug. “You’re right and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“You’re just saying that... “

Instead of responding, she scooped him up and carried him towards the bed. She set him on the edge and knelt between his legs. Her fingers began to walk up his thigh. “Let me show you how serious I am…”


“Sush.” She flashed him a look that he took as her trying to be seductive, but seemed more like an admonishment. She watched him through her lashes as she tried to undo the buttons on her plaid sleep shirt. Again, trying to be sexy, but ending up more in the range of cute as her fingers kept slipping because of her split attention. She tried talking dirty, but her delivery was stiff.

It was, however, super endearing. Here was this amazing woman who only had eyes for him. Despite everything, she wanted to be with a genetic freak.

She pushed him to his back and he realized for the first time how much bigger his ass had gotten as his spine curved up off the bed. Leaning over him, Brit gently wrapped her fingers around his half-risen erection and he grew hard almost instantly. Despite everything else that had happened, he was still quite large. Nearly three inches of shaft and head rose out of her grasp. Then it occurred to him right now was only the second time they had gotten this far and his whole body throbbed.

“Wow, I didn’t realize you were still so… big,” she said, her eyes fixed on his dick. She licked her lips. “I had thought…”

“You and me both.”

“Do you… Do you want to do it? Do you want to fuck me with your big, manly cock?”

“You have no idea, Brit. My body has been screaming to be touched since all this happened. I just... “

Letting go, she sat back on her heels which made her ass spill out of her shorts. “I understand, you still aren't sure--”

“No! Stop saying that!" Shane snapped, all of the emotion rushing out of him. "You know what? I'm so done with all of this stress. I'm going to... to...” He wrapped his trembling, much daintier hand around his shaft and began to stroke. Warmth filled him and his free hand went to his now likely head-sized boob. The pair of sensations made him melt into the bed. Digging his heels in, Shane’s self-love went from hesitant to frantic as the all of amped up need surged down into his hands. It was not long before pre-cum began to roll down over his fingers. As it did his balls started to shrink.

Brit's lips kissed his drooling tip and she ran her tongue around it in the way that always drove him wild. He moved his grip down as he felt a throb followed by his grip getting tighter as his girth decreased. Brit began to suck on him with an enthusiasm he had only seen in porn. Losing all sensation besides his cock and tits, Shane could feel what might be his last masculine orgasm building. Brit pulled his hand away and swallowed his whole length as he began to twitch and spurt.

It was not even a second later that his cock, now only a couple inches long, slipped from between her lips.

"Things are progressing much faster than I expected," Brit said, a tinge of sadness in her voice as she watched his balls vanish up inside him. "But that just means I get to eat you out!"

"Wait, what--?"

Brit’s tongue brushed over the smooth skin where his testes had once been and the sensation was unlike any he had ever felt. With each pass, that part of him swelled and her tongue slid along a deeper and deeper channel. Adjusting his hand so that his fingers were on either side of his shrinking cock, he waved it back and forth as his fingertips played over the edges of his developing labia. The sensation of his glans slipping down between his fingers to become a very engorged clit made him clench his knuckles on it, a move which sent lightning through his body. With a throaty laugh, Brit ran her tongue between his fingers and a scream broke free from his throat. A feeling of swelling within followed. Then, Shane--or perhaps Shayne--grabbed Brit's head and ground against her mouth.

His--or rather, their--next orgasm left Shayne shaking and Brit used the opening to pin him--them--to the bed. She pressed one of her fingers between Shayne's lips and it filled his--their--newly formed vagina far more than they expected. Then a second finger spread them open wider and Brit made a come hither motion against the inside wall. A feeling like cumming with their now transformed cock seized Shayne and they began to buck into Brit's hand. Soon, everything became a haze of twitching pleasure as orgasm after orgasm crashed over the former young man in their new female body.

The next thing they knew, Shayne was gasping, exhausted, and balled up in Brit’s arms. Being held by their larger, powerful girlfriend made them feel safe, made the transformation less frightening than it might have been. Maybe it was a side effect of the changes or maybe it was the mind-blowing finger fucking, but Shayne had never loved Brit more than they did at that moment. For her part, Brit was looking at her new would-be girlfriend with rapt appreciation. It was obvious Shayne was just her type. They were unsure how to feel about that, but put the feeling aside. There was plenty of time for that later.

“So… now what?” Brit asked. “Will you go back to being a guy if you get all the way there again?”

“That’s… what’s supposed to happen.” Shayne's voice surprised them. It was so soft and sexy, just like the rest of them. Weird as it might have been, hearing it made them feel a thrill of pleasure. “Though, honestly, the science is still out. It seems some Zees just gain masculine features instead of completely transforming again. Others won’t transform until some time has passed. There was one case where he reverted almost as soon as the orgasms had subsided. So, while I don’t seem to be that case, the others are each a possibility.”

“This is going to be so selfish,” Brit said after a moment of petting Shayne's now hip length hair. “Can you… can you stay like this for a little bit before trying to change back?”

“Sure, at least for tonight.”

Brit made a cute noise and pulled Shayne close in a hug that verged on crushing. “Eee! I’ve always wanted to sleep with another girl!”

Again, the exaggerated difference in their size made Shayne gasp. Were they developing a size kink or had it always been there? Putting that aside, Shayne opened their mouth to protest that they were not really comfortable with being 'her' all of a sudden but smiled instead. Truth was, they felt a genuine relief that Brit was enthusiastic about the whole weird affair. Besides, maybe staying a woman for a little while and getting comfortable with feminine pronouns would not be too bad…

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