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194 – Outmommed 1

The text presented here is a rough draft which was never posted to Tumblr. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated PSFW

"You're sure you're going to be okay with a weekend at my Mothers' cabin? It'll just be us..."

Wes looked up from his book and glanced at Anja, his girlfriend of six wonderful months. Like usual, the Neo-Football star looked far too large for the world around her. Despite having gotten the up-sized version of her truck, it felt like she was holding her breath to fit into the extended cab of her massive Super Duty. The steering wheel looked like a toy in her meaty grip. Although her seat had been slid all the way back, her knees still rubbed her elbows when she changed lanes. She had even opened the sunroof just so she could drive without being hunched over. As a result, the early summer wind tugged at her short, blonde hair as it fluttered in the breeze.

"All alone, huh..." he said, his mind lost for a moment between being pulled out of the ARC of his friend's new novel and the way Anja made his whole body flutter. Cheesy as it was, being in a relationship with a New Woman was like a dream come true for him since the outbreak had happened just as he was getting into girls. On top of that, Anja was just now back from training camp, which only heightened the feeling of her being larger than life. At the camp-end weigh-in yesterday she had been seventy pounds heavier than her peak weight of four-sixty last season—which meant she had packed on damn near thirty pounds in four weeks.

She glanced over, raising an eyebrow as a sly grin tugged at the corner of her mouth. "You've come a long way, Liebling, and I'll admit you're the first guy to consistently last until I've cum twice. However, that said, I'm not sure you can handle all of this, much less alone, for a whole weekend." That was a point Wes hadn't considered. Anja having more than enough outlets to satisfy her Needs was a crucial part of their relationship. While tagging along with her had opened Wes up to more than few new kinks, there was no way he alone could satisfy Anja—Well, there was one way. "I wouldn't want you to lose your appetite for schnitzel after all..."

He laughed at that before his gaze roamed down her body past her heavy bust, her thick-as-hell waist, and her absurdly cut abs to fix on the bulge in her pants. The front of her specially-designed stretch carbon fiber leggings was wrapped tight around a member which very much resembled a thick summer sausage draped over her right leg. The domed tip of her rod, which barely fit in his mouth, cast a long shadow over her hip. How many people and toys did she plow each day with that behemoth?

"I'm not sure that's possible right now," he said as he reached over and brushed the broad tip of her permanent semi-erection. Her cock twitched at the touch, causing them both to gasp. Anja's throbbing shaft was becoming even more of a handful than Wes had ever expected. She had just pumped out three huge loads at the rest area not two hours ago. How was she already back to the point where her pants were straining to contain the steady growth of her arousal? If her cycle had hastened that much, it would only be forty-five minutes, at most, before she was fully engorged--and twice as big. Goddess the idea of it made him so hot.

"I appreciate that, mine Süssse," she moaned as his fingers passed over her inflating length once more. "I really do."

Wes, meanwhile, tried to sort out his feelings about this apparent change. Her status as an effectively second-generation New Woman, combined with the regimen of hormone-boosting drugs, ensured that the floor on her physique was always rising. He had seen it first hand. She had grown a considerable amount since they started going out—but that had been over months. It felt like she had gained a month's worth of growth in the few days she had been at the year's first training camp. He tried to assure himself that she could not have developed all that much in a few days. Then again, she always had a growth spike when around her friends on the team. Once the league started back up how many weeks would it be before she surpassed ten feet tall? If she was going to grow even faster, how much longer could he keep up with the veritable goddess of muscle and sexuality who had upended his entire life?

"So..." he ventured, trying to think about something else. "How was getting back into the groove?"

"It was great! Oh--you won't believe how big Vivian got from her participation in those trials! She has to have put on twice as much weight as I have, maybe more. Really, everyone has been growing just like me for the last few months and the new players are a whole other level. I'm really looking forward to some, uh, quality time with a few of them, but it's likely this is my last season if they're going to start at ten feet from now on."

Wes gulped at the realization that the "New Woman" outbreak had begun to surpass the multi-year plateau enforced by the New Amazonia Government. Doubtless someone had succeeded in copying the formula and it was only a matter of time before the cycle of growth began again. Even if those women were physical outliers, they were the vanguard of a world where their stature was the status quo. Soon enough, he might as well be from different species than his girlfriend. Although she had been supportive as he joined her at the gym and he had been making gains under her tutelage.

"Speaking of making progress..."


"Is it... Is it just me or, am I, well... Have I changed since we started going out?"

"Not that I've noticed."

He slipped the playing card he was using to mark his place between the pages and tucked the book into the door pocket. "Seriously, Anja. Ever since I moved in with you, everything of mine has started getting tight. On top of that, I've felt more--I dunno--sexual? Like, I never used to think about sex like I have been recently, and I figured your... unique physiology might, um, have something to do with it..."

"It's natural for you to feel more aroused around me," she said reaching over to run her lengthy fingers through his ponytail. "Besides, you've been going to the gym with me and eating like I do, so gains are bound to happen--"

"--Does any of that make my dick bigger?" he said, pulling away to look at her. "Does any of that make my body hair change or get taller or is there something going on that you're not telling me?"

"Nein, not at all. Although it is possible... You know, I've heard about people who aren't cis women injecting a blend of the drug, but..."

"But what? What happens to them?"

She pursed her lips. "You remember Keigen, right?"

"The red-head with legs for days? The one you convinced me to spit roast with you?"

"Yeah, her. Keep this quiet, but Keigen was born male. So, I know that taking the drug in high enough doses can cause sexual realignment but, unless my cum is saturated with the androgens, you shouldn't have..."


"Have you been eating anything I had leftover?"

"Yeah, why?"

Her eyes went wide, but she said nothing in a way that pretty much confirmed that he was being exposed to New Woman hormones on an ongoing basis.

"Anja... what have I been eating the last few weeks?"

"A concentrated infusion of the drug I use for extreme bulking," she replied, her voice hoarse. "You've probably ingested half your body weight of the stuff by now..."

They were both quiet for a moment as she pulled off of I-40 at the exit for Pigeon Forge. He turned his attention to the world outside the truck as the small crossroads town slid past them as they made their way towards the mountain. He bit his knuckle while trying to find the right things to say. Despite being a wordsmith, language was not always his strong suit, and something about his Amazon of a girlfriend only exacerbated the issue. He had never anticipated Anja happening to him. just thinking about the last few months was like recalling a wild, fetish-fueled dream. The current revelation only fanned the flame. Finally, she spoke up.

"Well, we can worry about that when we get back home. For now, let's just survive the weekend."

"Yeah. You know, I don't actually know all that much about your family. Like, your mother. I can't recall you saying much of anything about her--"

"--Them," Anja said with a warm chuckle. "I know I've said that."

"Right, sorry." He chastised himself for not getting that right. "Does that mean... they're, well, like you?"

"Yup!" she replied, shooting him a glance that was full of pride. At that moment, her brown eyes seemed to glitter like smoky quartz. "They were among the first New Women to manifest attributes of both sexes."

"So they're Altersex, too. Huh..." Wes trailed off, hesitant to make any further judgments or to eat any more of his shoe than usual when trying to talk about personal things with Anja.

"You're wondering who between us is bigger, aren't you?" Anja said with a laugh. She reached over to pat his knee, and her grasp enveloped his thigh. "I bet you can get it in one..."

"You are?"

Anja shot him a warm smile. "I appreciate the vote of confidence, Liebling, but... The truth is, I am nothing in comparison to them. They are both just gigantic."

"Oh--wait. Both!?"

"Yeah, that's why I keep correcting you to 'they' and 'them.'"

Heat flooded his face. "Oh, I thought that--I mean, I... Fuck me."

"All in due time." Anja's voice was filled with supportive energy and also a hint of mirth, hinting that her word choice had been deliberate. "For now, we're almost there."

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