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116 – xxxHiGH Powered Growth

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Consensual Participation, Explicit Sex, Extreme Growth, Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation, Extreme Sizes, Huge Growth, Huge Sizes, Intimate Nudity, Mental Corruption, Nudity and Sexually-Focused Transformation

“...and 40!”

Christina hit the mat and her boobs flowed up to meet her face in spite of her sports bra. Butt and tummy burning, she lay there for a moment to catch her breath. Sweat trickled down her plump, tan thighs into shorts that fit better than they had last time she had tried to pull them on. Honestly, she loved being curvy, she just wanted to get fit enough that going out for a night of dancing lasted more than a couple hours.

“Excellent, Ms. Santino,” said Rico, her hunky personal trainer. Although he felt like more of a friend at this point since they had been working with her for more than eight months now.

“Really, Rico?” She got to her feet, her hands going to her wide hips as she bent forward to stretch.

Rico turned around and grunted as his gaze landed on her chest. “What do you mean?”

“The Ms. Santino thing,” She said, reversing the stretch. “You calling me that...it’s like I’m your mother’s friend or something.”

He barked a laugh, “I mean, you’re my aunt’s friend so...”

“You know what I mean. It feels kinda like–”

“Roleplay dialog?” He flashed a grin with his bright smile.

She shot him a withering glance, but he had a point. They did seem set up for such an undertaking. They were alone in the living room of her fifth-floor apartment instead of at the crowded gym. She was soaked with sweat in tight clothes that barely fit her. Meanwhile, he was the epitome of a hunky Hispanic hottie, right down to the well-trimmed chest hair peeking over his collar.

“Anyway... sorry. Honestly, it’s a habit. It's not like I’m super friendly with any of my other clients.”

“Oh, I’m sure you’re great 'friends' with some of your other clients,” she said with a wiggle of her brow as she looked up from toweling off.

“Hey,” he said with a nervous laugh. “You got anything to eat?”

“Nothing fast,” she said, letting it drop. “Just powdered shakes. If you wanted to stay for dinner, I have some–”

“Maybe next time? Now, where did you say that powder was?”

“Cabinet next to the fridge.”

“xxxHiGH,” he read aloud. “Guaranteed to make you the 'you' of your dreams?”

“Eh, It was the only mix without powdered milk when I stopped at the store.”


“Imma hop in the shower, just lock the door on your way out...”

He replied in the affirmative as the mini-blender began to whir. She pushed her bedroom door most of the way closed behind her and stripped down. He yelled something, but she did not hear what between the shower and her door. He knocked, just as she undid her bun, letting her dark, kinky hair tumble free. He probably had to use the bathroom and forgotten she only had one.

She crossed her room and peeked around the door. The moment she laid eyes on him, she knew something was different. Though she would have never noticed had her eyes been anywhere else, his cock was noticeably larger.

“Tina, um, well...Watch.” He tilted the tumbler back and chugged. It was hard to miss the movement in his shorts. Each gulp increased his length, his cock swelling until its curve was unmistakable.

She forgot she was naked as she opened the door. “Are you...are you fucking growing?”

“It feels beyond amazing!”

She was at a loss for words, but fantasies filled her head with her moans. She dared to wonder if he could get even bigger.

He went back to the kitchen mumbling about doubling the concentration. She turned the shower off and grabbed a bottle of lube, just in case. By time she got back, Rico had already mixed another drink.

“Well, bottoms up.”

The swelling was even more pronounced this time, his cut physique taking on even more definition as his muscles swelled against his clothes. It was not long before his dark brown dick had grown past his waistband. As he let out a satisfied sigh, his huge erection pushed his shorts down. The deep red tip was only half out of his thick foreskin.

“Damn.” They both said it.

Spurred by her fantasies, she scooped some powder into a bowl then poured lube in into it. She mixed until she had a lotion. Slathering a considerable amount on Rico’s cock, she could already feel it pulsing. On her knees, she began to stroke. Her grip widened. Her strokes lengthened. The sounds of Rico’s deepening groans were all she heard as the seconds passed. Yet, in what felt like an instant, a surprising amount of spunk was coating her face and chest.

Wrapped up in the growth of his dick, she did not realize how much bigger he had gotten overall until he pushed her to the floor and his hands wrapped around her calves. He poured the rest of the mixture over her pussy and spread it around with a dick she could barely get her hand around. A swelling feeling gripped her pelvis. Her fattening pussy enveloped the rounded head of his staff. There was a subtle grinding as her hips spread wider. It felt like her asshole was inflating. None of that mattered beyond that he was almost inside her. More lube. More powder. More swelling. More. More! MORE!

His baseball bat of a dick sinking into her cunt was painful, electric, and pleasurable all at the same time. The further he pushed, the more she seemed to stretch to match his girth. She could see his fuck stick beneath her pudge, stretching her tummy tighter with each injected inch. Heat spread throughout Christina's body, and with it, a feeling of swelling. She could feel her muscles twitching, but it seemed like she was not cutting any of her plush thickness as a result. If anything, she seemed to be putting on weight as her thighs forced Rico's grip to widen. She could have sworn her shoulders were sliding over her area rug, but that was probably just from Rico trying to shove himself into her.

Rico gripped her thighs, his hands wrapping around more than half of them, and tugged her towards him. The feeling of her pumped up pussy kissing the base of that impossible dick made her giddy. He was showering her with encouragement as he began to pull back for his first thrust. He did not seem to be getting any bigger, but his cock was still changing. His veins were thickening, pulling his already overtaxed foreskin even tighter. The network of blood vessels made each slow shift in or out far more intense than it should have been. Of course, while his dick was not getting any bigger, the rest of him was. His balls had swollen enough now that they sank into her upturned ass. She could feel them pulsing, expanding a bit and contracting a little. It was like they were being inflated by a hand pump.

The jar of the powder bonked into her head and she did not even hesitate as she pressed the rim to her lips and raised the bottom. There were only a couple more mouthfuls, but all of a sudden, something changed. Without any warning, Rico sank into her from half-mast as if her cunt had always been capable of accepting a cock that would give a horse a run for its money. Her tits were jiggling into her chin now as Rico began to piston in and out of her reshaped pussy. They were so big that she was having a hard time seeing anything past them, and their weight was such that it was all she could do to hold them back with both arms. Even so, she could feel her body's soreness fading. Her exhaustion from the two-hour routine was a distant memory. A power coursed through her veins. A feeling of utter refreshment was sinking into her muscles. Exaggerated as her figure was now, her curves surpassing anything she could have imagined, Christina had a feeling she could outlast all but the best marathon runners.

It seemed her feeling was right as the first round turned into two, and then four. They might have even fucked for longer, but she could not remember any of it.

When she awoke sometime later, Christina was kneeling against something soft and warm. As she blinked the sleep from her eyes, she realized it was her tits that she was half draped over. Had she been able to stand, there was no doubt in her mind that they would hang past her knees. The events of the night prior started to come back to her. Her boobs had knocked out the wall to her bedroom no long after the second time Rico filled her with spunk. She probably would never fit through anything narrower than a french door again. Elsewhere, Rico's fantastical body occupied the rest of the living room. His cock, still half-hard, was propped up on the sofa behind him. Somehow, he had grown even more. Maybe those swollen nuts of his were still tainted with the supplement...

Sliding her tits backward over the cum-slick wood floor, Christina got close enough to grab hold of a fantasy grown exponentially larger. She licked the pre off his tip and began to make out with his cockhead, her mind already trying to imagine what was going to happen. She was probably out of her mind for wanting to grow even more but she knew, as if it were some constant of reality, that she would be able to stand and walk after some rest. Besides, at this point, what were another fifty pounds or a dozen more inches, right?

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