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209 – A Well-Intentioned Peace Offering

The text presented here is a rough draft which was never posted to Tumblr. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated PSFW for Non-Sexual Nudity, Sexually-Focused Transformation and Significant Growth

Completing her five hundredth squat-lunge, Kara gingerly set the barbells made of a Super-Nth Metal alloy down on Jupiter’s shimmering surface. While her cousin’s “house key” weighted half a million tons, the mixture she had developed within the walls of Star Labs was closer to merely a few dozen tons. Bending back, she let out a relieved sigh, the sound of which was whipped away as The Great Red Spot raged around her. Yes, the lost daughter of Krypton-2 was relaxing in the middle of a storm several times larger than her adopted home, mostly because the pressure and the gravity presented enough of a challenge to push her physical limits.

This far down into Jupiter’s atmosphere, at a depth which was roughly equivalent to the distance between Earth’s surface and The Watchtower’s orbit, the weight bearing down on her from the boiling, liquid gases was excruciating–well, they should have been. However, the pressure-crystalized hydrogen and helium core of the gas giant let off a considerable amount of energy. Specifically, the planet's pressure-fueled fusion emitted a band of radiation which was nearly identical to the light of Sol. The Kryptonian might as well have been standing on the surface of the yellow star for all the power flowing through her at the moment. It was a sweet sensation only rivaled by the giddy feeling which came from knowing she could cut loose for once while this pumped up.

After all, it was not like she needed to work out, much less in a place only a Kryptonian could, but the feeling was so... viscerally satisfying. The burning sensation of her muscles pushing past their already superhuman limits as their fibers broke and reknit even more massive was intoxicating. It had never occurred to her to test just how far her genetically gifted body could go but, after that meeting with Lana before her trip, she had suddenly found herself craving the burn of pushing herself far enough to grow stronger like a human.

It was a taste of freedom she was trying to savor as the last day of her vacation ended. Her two weeks off had reached their conclusion, and so had her restful solitary retreat. Soon, she would return to the League and all its teeming movement–as well as the evolving Menage et Trois between her, and two of the most eligible bachelorettes’ in this or the next universe: Helena Wayne, and Lana Luthor.

A refugee from Universe-2, Kara loved her fellow second-Earther Helena to death. They had fled from Darkseid together, setting up a new, intensely sapphic life on Earth-1. The last daughter of Krypton-2 tried to utilize what technology she had at her disposal to establish Star Labs under the guise of genius technologist, Karen Star. As soon as she did, Lana Luthor started making herself a nuisance. A rogue of the Kara from this world, Lana was always there, nipping at Kara's heels or getting ahead in subtle ways. Their fencing around the boardroom tables of Metropolis had turned into a very elaborate game.

Despite that, they had put their rivalry aside when Darkseid began his invasion of Earth-1, pooling their resources to defeat the New God of Apokalipse. Lana even knew that Karen was Kara after Powergirl had rescued her from certain death. Still, it was hard to give up on the only way Kara knew how to interact with Lana. So when Helena started dating Lana after they went to a Wayne Enterprises function together, Kara had put on a tough girl act that had only embarrassed all of them.

Things had come to a head just before she left when she swooped in on Lana getting absolutely pounded by Helena with help from genius inventor's newest gadget. Kara had long since admitted that Lana was attractive, but that moment was when she started to have strong feelings towards the human woman. However, if the Kryptonian had to choose between a night with both of the sly brunettes and having to fight Darkseid, well… Apokolips was somewhere that punching until the problem stopped moving was an acceptable answer. In a delicate relationship? Not so much. So, in that roundabout way, the burning rock was far safer than her bedroom as of late. She would have to deal with that situation eventually, for now though; she still had a few hours of solitude left to deal with another situation that had, um, sprung up.

It all came back to the Kryptonian-based supplements Lena had thoughtfully given her to bolster her survival-chances on the surface of Jupiter. Kara had been taking them for a week leading up to her trip but, it was not until she arrived on the gas giant that they started having the most remarkable array of side effects. Sure, Kara had anticipated that her clothing would have long since been scoured and burned away by the environment, but even if Jupiter’s atmosphere had not left her nude in the maelstrom, her body’s unexpected rate of musculoskeletal growth would have quickly ruined her leotard. It was hard to tell with nothing to compare with besides the handles of her barbells which shifted to match her grip, but she had to be twice as big as she had been when she started her vacation.

One particular expansion of her anatomy was a... massive outlier. Her clit was now longer than her palm was wide and was thick enough that her thumb only came to her first knuckle when she gripped it. Considering that she had probably gotten bigger overall, it probably meant her new endowment was in the double-digits length-wise. Other aspects of her physiology had also shifted to match, and it seemed like she was some kind of hermaphroditic alternate sex now if her orgasms were any evidence. She was sure the shift in her personality towards desire and the changes to her body were due to whatever supplement Lana had given her. She was less sure why she had taken them--much less continued to once the side effects began--but they made her grow, and that was an urge she was having a harder and harder time ignoring.

What would happen when she got back to Earth was up in the air. One thing she was sure about, however, was that her new, huge, very masculine member was way bigger than Kal’s. She could not wait to show Lana that her--Wait, why had she thought about exposing herself to Lana first and not Helena? Kara tried to focus on where the suddenly intensified feelings for her business rival had come from. Going back to the meeting where Lana had given her the supplements, she tried to recall everything that had happened. They had been there to discuss the contract for the new power plant. She had given Kara the pills. She had taken one and after the meeting they had... kissed? Lana's lips had been so wonderfully soft. Her lip balm, so sweet. Her softer body felt so very different from Helena’s hardened form and Kara had found herself just sinking into that embrace.

The whole memory was like the whisper of a half-forgotten dream–like it had happened to someone else, and yet, it is was what lead to her discovering Lana and Helena fucking each other's brains out. Ever since then, Kara had found herself fantasizing about also being at Lana’s place on the bed as the two women rawwed her all night long. She was, after all, not in the least bit opposed to a sapphic pile of affection that even awe Diana’s Amazonian sisters.

Pulling open her Super Metal supply box, Kara looked over the pressure locked contents and fished out the bottle she had gotten. Eight pills remained, and she tossed all of them back before the remnants of their Earth-like distortion fields dissipated. She had never taken more than two at once before. What was going to happen was a complete mystery, but she fell to her back to work on her chest and arms as the supplements began to take effect.

Each rep with the Super-Nth Metal burned more than the last. Then, the chill of the strange chemical infused her tortured arms. Throbbing sensations traveled along her muscles, and she could actually see them growing with each flex and extension--and it was not just her arms either! ALL of her was getting much, much larger as her veins began to glow red--even the newer parts. The surges of power rushing out from her core had her body was heating up far hotter than before. It felt like she was swimming in the molten heat of Sol’s plasma. Like she was going supernova somehow. Above all, a strange sensation was building between her legs. She was gonna--was gonna--

  Meanwhile, on the Outskirts of Metropolis…

Helena Wayne sat on the hood of a Corvette she had recently restored, her telescope trained to the portion of the sky Jupiter would occupy that evening. She sipped at a sensual cinnamon tea she had brought in a thermos as a familiar black Quattroporte rolled up the road towards her. Lana Luthor got out of the driver’s seat, a grin brighter than the waning crescent moon was plastered to her face.

“I wondered when you’d show up, love.” The Huntress purred at her companion.

“We’ve been working on this threesome for weeks, Helena," she said before kissing her lover. "I want every minute I can get.”

“With you there, Lana,” Helena said while handing her other girlfriend a cup and saucer.

“You know," the heroine ventured, "I’m glad we went on that date.”

“Me, too," Lana said with a dreamy sigh. "I mean, I was so set on Kara from day one, and you were just in the way. So much of what I did had just been a plot to remove you from the picture. And then you--”

“--Fucked you like the desperate slut you are?"

It was phrased as a question, but Lana still shivered at the feeling of such a forceful declaration. That she, a woman who had ordered killings and takeovers with the same even tone one might use to order a bottle of wine, felt uneasy around the woman from Earth-2 was still a new sensation. “Y-yeah. That.”

Helena laughed in reply, her sterling voice ringing out over the bluff. “Isn’t being lovers so much better than enemies, Lana?”

Lana merely slurped her tea and hummed as their free hands found each other.

“Well, have you seen her yet?” Lana asked after they sat quietly for a moment, her gaze flicking skyward.

“Nothing so far,” the crossbow-wielding heroine said as she leaned forward to peer into the scope. “Actually, wait–-Come here and look at this!”

Lana rose from the Corvette's hood and eagerly pressed her face to the eyepiece. Rising from the object which was probably Jupiter was what could only be described as a geyser. “Wow, I–”

“What happened? What did you give her?”

“Diluted Red Kryptonite mixed with a Venom derivative, but the effects shouldn’t have been that extreme!”

“What. Did. You. Do. Lana?” Helena demanded in a tempo which made Lana quake.

“I have no idea what happened, Helena! It was just supposed to be a little boost to her stamina to deal with Jupiter’s conditions. She wasn’t supposed to cum into space I can say that!”

“She’s going to be back any moment, are you sure we’ll survive the lust you’ve stoked?”

“You’ve been taking your pills, right?”

“Yeah–though I sort of regret–”

“–Then everything should be fine.” I hope, she added to herself as Kara’s much larger form became a burning blue streak in the sky...

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