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100 – An Expansive Hangover

The text presented here is copied directly from my Tumblr with minimal editing. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex, Huge Growth, Huge Sizes, Intimate Nudity and Masturbation

Melinda’s alarm sounded much sooner than she expected for a Saturday. Had she really left her fucking weekday alarm set? Even so, it felt like she had only just gotten home. It had to be only a little after midnight then, right? Yet, as she gripped her phone and swiped to dismiss the alarm, the time on the screen was indeed six forty-five.

“Fuckin'... how much did I drink last night? I feel so heavy.” The one-time WNBA all-star went back to lying face down on her bed, but could not get comfortable again. It felt like she was laying on one her pillows. No, more like she had stuffed it into her shirt. Weird, why had she done that?

She pushed herself up from the mattress, and her t-shirt pulled tight across her back as gravity coaxed her back to bed. Soft fabric was rubbing her nipples as she shifted, but the mystery weight remained crammed into her shirt. Then she felt a wobble cross her chest. No... there was no way.

Melinda tugged the collar over her head as she sat back. She expected the pillow to fall to the bed, but she both heard and felt two heavy thumps instead. Her boobs, they... they had gotten bigger! How was that even possible? Was this a dream? 

Hefting them, their heat and weight felt real against her palms. Although they felt small in a grasp used to the feel of a basketball, after a lifetime of having just bumps, having enough tit to cup felt... weird. She let them slide out of her palms, and the feeling of them jiggling against her ribs was even more bizarre. 

Not sure what else to do, she pinched her nipples, now as thick as her pinky and about an inch long, to see if this was a dream. Instead of waking her, the sharp sensation made her squeal and shudder. “Oh, they are most definitely real. Fuck me. How'd this even happen?”

She sat back on her heels and tried to retrace her evening, but much of it was a blur. Her night had started around five. She had just gotten her braids done. At seven, she left the apartment equipped with a new halter-style dress which hugged her thighs and ass like cling wrap in an attempt to keep people from paying attention to how broad her shoulders were.

The first stop had been a bar uptown where she met friends. They had ordered a couple of drinks. There had been a box of pills to heighten the evening's celebration--sudden breast growth had not been listed among the effects. Still, how many had she taken? One?

She cupped her upsized boobs once more like that could answer the question. Had just one pill made this happen? If it had, was this 'whatever' still happening? It seemed like it must be from how her boobs were pulsing against her palms. Already they felt bigger between her fingers, but maybe that was the placebo effect.

Melinda tried harder to recall how many pills she had taken throughout the night. Memory after hazy memory tumbled through her mind. It seemed like she might have taken four, but there was no telling, really.

In all of this, her whole body was feeling warmer and warmer as her arousal grew. In spite of how utterly bizarre this was, she was getting turned on by the changes. She had always been teased for being a bean pole, but now she had tits that were going to look great in a bikini top.

Trying to relax, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the pleasurable sensations of her boobs squishing in her hands. As she kneaded her mams, it felt like other parts of her were changing, growing. After a moment, one hand slipped under the blanket so that she could toy with herself, which is when her eyes snapped open, and she threw the blanket aside.

“There’s no way…”

Throbbing between her thick, muscular thighs was what appeared to be a large cock. Like, not porn star big, but still enough that the width of her palm was not enough to grip the entire length of her new shaft. It was a dark pink at the far end fading to something more akin to the color of cotton candy before giving way to the dark brown of her complexion. It was like her clit had swelled and swelled until it was a twitching five-inch long member. Her vulva was swollen around it, and she was struck with an intense spike of pleasure when she poked at her inflated flesh.

Forcing herself to reach past her new endowment, her fingertips brushed the edges of her labia, and a long, deep moan rose from her chest. There was no mistaking that her tits swelled larger in response to the spike in pleasure. She had never considered it before, but the idea of growing bigger seemed enticing somehow. In that moment of dawning revelation, she grabbed hold of her clit with her other hand and began to thrust into her grasp while fingering herself. That felt amazing, but she wanted more--needed more to keep growing.

The next thing she knew, she had a pillow between her thighs and wrapped around her clit as her hands toyed with her ever more massive tits. She bucked into the pillow like a wild animal, and it felt better than anytime someone had gone down on her. Falling forward, she buried her hands in her tits and fucked the pillow even harder...

An hour later, she was exhausted. Somehow, in all of her rutting, she had cum in the pillow--more than once by the amount. Where all of the spunk had come from was a mystery, but she was sure it had something to do with the fact that her vulva was less swollen.

She had kept growing the whole time. Her tits were overflowing her hands now and then some. Hell, she had to use both hands to even reach her plump areolae. Unsupported, their weighty curves enveloped her waist. Her clit was bigger, too. Much bigger. She had gained a half-dozen inches in length--or more--and was much thicker as well. Six rows of little nubs ran the entire length of her transformed clit. A wandering vein coiled around her shaft like ivy, the pulsing blood vessel getting thicker and more noticeable with each thump of her heart. In all honesty, it looked like some kind of sex toy.

Even as she came down from the orgasmic high, she could swear she was still growing. She wondered if it would ever stop.

Melinda was tempted to start again but decided otherwise. Hauling herself out of bed instead, she stumbled to the bathroom to draw a bath. A few moments later, she settled into the bubbles and softly steaming water. Her boobs floating among the foam was a new experience, as was toying with her still throbbing length.

Climbing out of the tub once the water got cold, she marveled at her body in the mirror. She had put on weight all over the place, filling out her lean frame and then some. God damn was her ass to die for now! Wait, had the rest of her friends been changed like this, too? As that idea sank in, she reached for her phone. She sent a text to the group to suggest they go shopping before she rushed to her chest of drawers and hurried to get dressed.

She tried to pull on panties, but they would not go past her knees so she reached for a pair of workout shorts instead. The mesh stretched to the limit as she pulled them on. Even before she got the waistband past her hips, she felt the bottom of her ass pushing out of the leg holes. A swift tug got the shorts over her booty, although the fabric vanished between her cheeks in doing so. She let go of the elastic only for it to hit her right in the middle of her massive clit. The sensation made her length surge again, the tip sliding past her navel and now brushing the underside of her boobs. A tremor of orgasmic bliss washed over her at the revelation that she could probably get off with her own tits at this point. Well, that was something for later. For now, at least her new limb was secured.

She grabbed her favorite t-shirt, but the hem would barely go past halfway on her new, expansive bust. Rummaging for a long night shirt, she finally found one and pulled it on with a little difficulty. The wide hem hung loosely from her tits like some 80’s jazzercise shirt and her nipples were very evident. Her new pudgy tummy was cute though, and she kind of wanted to go out just like this. However, it was hard to miss her glistening, pulsing member.

All of a sudden, her excitement turned to ash.

How the hell had this perverse transformation been thrilling? She was a chick and she had a dick in all but name! Not to mention she was six-foot-five with an hourglass figure that was probably enough for two people, tits too big to hug, and an ass she could probably balance a book on. How was she going to go to work like this? What was dating going to be like? What were her parents going to say?

Over the sound of her labored breathing, she heard someone else text the group chat. Grabbing the phone like a lifeline, she read a message saying that 'yeah, we need to go shopping, bad.' The confirmation that she was not alone in her transformation was enough to halt the spiral. Trying to get ahold of the situation, Melinda took a deep breath and took a moment to figure out the situation. Obviously, she had gotten to this point because of the decisions she had made since waking up. Overwhelming pleasure or not, she could have stopped at any time, could have gone to the doctor or something. Instead, she kept on experimenting, fucking, and growing--and enjoying every moment. And why not, right? Either this was who she was now and there was no sense in shame, or this was temporary and she would be back to her old self in no time.

When that thought crossed her mind, she was surprised to find out it made her a little sad. The more she tugged at that idea, the more she was in love with her new body. She knew she was trading one kind of derision for another but was used it to frankly. Being big and strong and black in a suburban school district, she had always been a different kind of woman than her peers. Now she was a different kind of different--a different of her own making. Except for her friends perhaps, her body was unlike any other woman's. When it came to people knowing about her addition, well, she knew most people would not see anything else besides her massive rack. As for her growth, she would have been lying had she denied wanting to put on some weight--it was kind of a complex after a lifetime of body issues. Truth was, she would find clothes that fit, and failing that, could afford to have a few outfits custom made.

So, yeah, she was going to go out with her friends. She was going to have a good time. She was going to need high-waisted pants...

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