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121 – A Pair of Surprises

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Altersex, Explicit Sex, Huge Sizes and Intimate Nudity

Tim shuffled bags around as he pulled out his keys, the awkwardness of the act only piling on to the apprehension he was feeling. Although Joan had invited him to use her apartment whenever he needed, he still tried to let her know first before he came over. Except she had not responded last night. She was back after a week away at some conference, so he assumed she had just gone to bed early.

When he opened her apartment and stepped inside, the TV was on in her bedroom at the far end of the hall. Her suitcase was standing in the middle of the living room. Desperate to get started before she happened to get up, Tim stepped into her galley-style kitchen and flipped the light on. He tried to keep quiet as he unpacked. He wanted to surprise her with the smell of a homemade breakfast.

After pulling out a skillet, he prepared the mix of flour, milk, eggs, and a few of his secret ingredients. Then he waited for things to heat up and melt the pad of butter he had placed in the center of the pan. The first dollop of pancake batter hitting pan conjured the scent of vanilla. Working with his usual level of industriousness, Tim finished two plate’s worth in short order. He started some of the bacon as he poured a third batch. The savory smell of cooking meat spread out behind him. He noticed the TV had turned off but he still was surprised when he turned and found someone leaning on the doorframe.

In part, because that someone was not who he expected to see.

The tanned woman looming from the shadows was huge; almost more than Tim could comprehend. Her head was just shy of the lintel and the width of her shoulders filled the doorway. A stunning cascade of platinum blonde ringlets half-obscured her sleepy smile and bright purple eyes. She was clad in a pair of jersey shorts which fit like a second skin over her thick thighs. Her bush showed over the waistband which was strained across hips which filled the doorframe. Moving up from there, the woman's ripped abs were fully on display thanks to her tank top barely managing to cover fake-looking tits that were bigger, fuller, and firmer than anything Tim had ever seen in person. They had to be as big as his head! Further, her lats spread out from either side of her barrel chest like she was some kind of cobra, further taxing the undersized top.

Whomever she was, the tall, strange, and super muscular woman looked familiar, however, he could not figure out why. Her chin and cheekbones resembled Joan's, only they were much stronger features. Regardless, what was she doing in his girlfriend’s apartment? Did Joan have a veritable goddess of a sister who had been house sitting? Why had she not told him if that was the case?

He tried to speak, but could not find words. His mouth was dry, his throat felt like it had closed up. Then he smelled burning and pulled the last of breakfast off the stove. The woman yawned as she walked towards him, the tendons in her feet writhing with each movement. Her calves had to be bigger around than his thighs! Tim was unsure what would happen next, but he never could have expected Joan’s voice, only a little deeper, to be what he heard when the woman spoke.

“Aww, Timmy, this is so sweet,” she said clasping her hands together near her face, squishing her boobs in the process. It was jarring, to say the least, to see her cutesy pose only three times bigger. “I love that you came to make breakfast.”

“Joan?!” He managed to croak out.

“Yup, I must look a mess,” she said pinching the front of her overstuffed top and pulling it away from her chest. He could see her areola, which had grown just as much as the rest of her.

“If you…if you say so.”

Only an arm’s length away now, the bottom curves of massive tits were at eye level making it painfully apparent just how much she had grown. The last time he had seen her, she was five-six and fighting to button an eighteen. Now, well, he was unsure if there were clothes for people built with bodies that belonged in superhero comics.

“Really though, this week was double hell so…i t’s nice to feel welcome.”

“It was nothing,” he said as Joan stepped closer. He craned his neck to look at her smiling face. Her deep purple eyes seemed to glow.

“Oh stop,” she said, kissing him on the forehead. “You did all this and I appreciate it. Let’s eat, I’m starving!”

“Sure…go ahead, I’ll make up some eggs.”

Joan took a whole two helpings of pancakes and then slid every piece from the pound of the bacon onto her plate without a moment’s hesitation. She pulled out one of the cafe chairs and the metal creaked as her weight settled onto it. Her knees were higher than table but she did not seem to mind, swinging them to the side as she dug in.

Tim put on more bacon and then cracked a few eggs into a bowl. He scrambled them as he watched her attack the pancakes and bacon with an abandon which made it seem like she had not eaten in days. He cracked the rest of the dozen, just to be sure.

By time the eggs were done, he did not hear her eating. A couple of seconds later, he felt her boobs settle around the back and sides of his neck as she reached around him to scoop eggs out of the pan with a serving spoon. She grabbed still frying bacon with just her fingers and She hummed like this was supposed to a hug.

Something wet hit the floor and something thick and sticky splattered against his legs. Maybe she had spilled some syrup? Then there was louder and wetter splat. He realized the back of his shorts were damp.

When she stepped back he turned and found himself faced with something else unexpected. Hanging out of her gym shorts was a penis, and like everything else about her now, it was so very big. Easily ten inches long, it looked as thick as one of those mini-cans. Glancing up, he realized Joan was blushing as tears started to roll down her suntanned cheeks. “I’m sorry, Timmy. I…”

“Joan, just…just what happened to you?”

She leaned back against the island and began to talk as the sobbing calmed. The story was fragmented because it involved a classified experiment, though he got an inkling of what had happened. Exposure to something tangential to the experiment had changed her.

“Widelstein believes this body is a manifestation of my id and I’ll be the first to admit I feel like a goddess physically. Mentally though…” She touched her cock. In the time it had taken her to tell him her story, it had swelled to dimensions that seemed impossible. The thickness of it and her thigh tearing apart her inseam, the head had to be more than halfway to her knees.

“Because it was a body sculpted by my id and libido, it’s wired for pleasure. I’m easily turned on and once that switch is flipped, the urge for release grows until it’s all I can feel. It’s mentally exhausting.

“I’ve pretty much got a handle on it, but seeing you taking care of me like this, well, I remembered why I fell in love with you.”

Tim leaned into her fantasy tits and hesitantly put his hand on her cock. It was hot to the touch and she groaned from just that brief touch. He tried to grip it and found the girth was comparable to a pint glass. A gentle tug had her moaning like she was near orgasm. A few strokes had her panting and gasping. She slammed a hand down on the counter for balance and Tim heard the marble crack. After a minute, a deep scream rose from her belly. The first explosion of her orgasm was awe-inspiring. Twitch after twitch let loose more cum, but she was still hard thirty seconds later as she slid to the floor.

He knelt on either side of her massive thigh, knees sinking into the inch of spunk. This time he gripped tighter and close to the base.

“I think I can get used to this,” he said before kissing Joan. She burst into tears and pulled him close though it was not long before her sobs became moans once more…

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