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081 – A Birthday On Camera

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for BDSM Elements, Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation, Intimate Nudity, Massive Growth and Masturbation

When Zoey got a message from Kelly at lunch, saying that she wanted to Skype tonight, she figured her girlfriend was just going to wish her a happy birthday while they sat around in their miles distant apartments and talked softly about their days. Something to look forward to, but nothing earth-shattering. The rest of the day was busy and the call honestly slipped her mind.

By the time she left work, it was just about when Kelly wanted to talk. There was a box wrapped in brown paper in her mailbox when she got home some minutes later. The sender was a familiar name. She pulled the paper off as she walked up the flight of stairs to her place and found a note attached to a white cardboard box.

[Figured I would send you something fun for your birthday. The dose is one per day, but I know you, so absolutely do not take more than three within twenty-four hours. Enjoy! -Misty]

Opening the box, she found a bottle that rattled when she shook it. It appeared to contain pills, but there was no marking or label to say what they were. She shrugged and turned the key in her door lock. Stepping into her one-bedroom apartment, she heard Skype already ringing. Suddenly remembering, she kicked off her flats and hurried to sit down at the computer.

“Sorry. Just got home. Work got crazy and the traffic was--oh.” She had not expected her very tall, very athletic girlfriend to be sitting on a stool wearing spandex workout gear when the video feed started. A deep blue sports bra clung to her wide, muscular chest, hinting at her still growing breasts. The pants were tight and knee-length, highlighting her subtle bulge and her killer quads. It was fairly daring for her normally reserved partner.

“Hey, you!” Kelly said, her face brightening. “I’ve got a surprise for your birthday.”

“You mean that isn’t it?”

“Nope, just the start!.”

“You tease, you’re not going to strip for me are you?”

Kelly blushed. “Maybe, you’ll just have to watch and see!”

“See? See what?”

“Oh, right.” She reached out of the frame and came back with a large cup for making protein shakes and a bright pink box. While the vessel was filled to the brim, it did not seem like she had added anything to the liquid yet. “I wanted to do something special for you for your birthday but wasn’t sure what to do. I was just there, so a surprise visit wasn’t in the cards...”

“I sense a but there.”

She laughed and then popped the lid off the cup and opened the tin. “Yeah, I remembered the name of that writer you liked and talked with, Misty, right?

“Yeah, that’s their name.”

“I reached out to them. ”

“You talked with Misty? What did they tell you?”

“Nothing I didn’t know already,” Kelly said taking a whiff of the tin’s contents and then shuddering.

“What?” Zoey asked. “What’d I miss?”

“Nothing, nothing.” Her girlfriend flexed her right arm and then winked. “Misty just told me that you’re crazy about me--and my muscles.”

The memory of Kelly’s arms around her gave Zoey goosebumps.  It had been two months, but the feel of that embrace was still fresh in her mind. She could almost smell Kelly’s scent, the salty tang of her skin after working out. She gulped as her mouth went dry. “I’ll have to thank them later.”

“You’ll probably want to do more than that once this is all done. They said they were sending you something?”

“Yeah, I just got it.”

“Good. Take one of the pills.”


“Because I asked,” Kelly said with the dominating tone Zoey had been trying to foster in her bigger girlfriend. “So be a good girl and take your pill, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am,” she said and opened the bottle. The pills inside were oblong and bright orange. They looked kind of like tic-tacs. Zoey knocked one out into her hand and then tossed it back, chasing it with the water from her bottle.

“Open wide. Good! I’m so proud of you.” Kelly giggled as she picked up a spoon off her desk. Instead of dipping it into the pink container, she dragged it along the curve of her bust and then started to tap it to her cheek. “Now...how much did they say to take…?”

“How much…?”

“Of this powder. They said the effect of the right dose would be like getting a month’s workout in a couple minutes, but kind of implied that taking more would be okay if I wanted greater gains.”

“They did, did they?” Zoey looked at her note, which had a similar tone. Her friend really was the worst kind of enabler sometimes...

“Uh-huh. So how much do you want me to take, or, actually...you wanted me to be more dominating, but making you beg for your birthday present seems cruel. How about we play a game? You just got home, you should get comfortable. So I will put a spoonful in for each article of clothing you take off. Sound like a trade? We can even do things slow if you want. Just start with the bottom you’re wearing.”

“Ya, ma’am,” Zoey said as she jumped up and went to jerk down her pencil skirt.

“Ah, ah,” Kelly admonished. “Slowly now. Give me a show and I’ll make it worth your while.”

Zoey spun the skirt so the zipper was visible and slowly pulled it down against her hip. Her apartment was not particularly cold but she felt a chill as the air hit her skin. For the first time in a while, her shaft throbbed as heat began to build in her gut. She tucked her thumbs into the hem and slid the skirt down bit by bit, alternating sides. The waistband got tighter as it moved down her butt, a triumphant reminder of how much rounder she was versus a year ago. At the same time, she felt an erection rising as heat began to spread through her body.

She turned her back to the camera and began to rock her hips to get the slightly too small skirt past the widest part of her hips and ass. It tugged at her bikini briefs, and she felt them begin to also slide down. With a little less grace than she hoped, she held her panties with one hand as she pulled the skirt down far enough to it to simply fall away.

When she looked back at her screen, it was quite obvious her girlfriend had enjoyed the show. As Zoey stepped out of her skirt, she realized she had as well. Tucked up against her pelvis, her cock was obviously tenting the left side of her bikini briefs as a bulge rose from the pink cotton. The heat in her stomach was spreading.

“Oh, wow...feels like forever since I saw you hardening like that. The last time was--”

“When you tied my arms behind my back and fucked my face,” Zoey said, a moan escaping her lips at the thought of Kelly’s big, strong hands once more tangled in her undercut as her girlfriend’s substantial dick slid against the back of her throat.

“Mhmm. Then I rode you until we were both sore. Our first night together was... really something.” She bit her lip as her hands began to wander her body. When her fingers brushed her dick, it seemed to break her trance. “Anyway, that’s one piece of clothing, so here’s one spoonful…”

Sitting back at her desk, Zoey shifted in her seat as she watched Kelly slowly pour the spoonful of powder into the cup. All the while, she could feel the throbbing of her cock becoming more insistent. She could swear it was growing with each beat of her heart, a rate that was increasing as her pulse began to quicken.

“Why don’t you take off that blouse, love? Or do you not want me to grow big and strong for you?”

The thought of Kelly getting more muscular made Zoey’s shaft twitch. It was definitely getting bigger as the pill took effect. She shamelessly thought about taking the other two pills that Misty said would be safe to ingest. What would it like to be so big that she could not hide her boner any more?

To keep from grabbing the bottle, Zoey focused on taking off her shirt with the same level of sensuality as she had her skirt. Her gaze flicked between her fingers and Kelly’s growing bulge, using the swelling to gauge how well she was doing. From how the curve in her girlfriend’s pants was moving, she was doing an excellent job. With the shirt unbuttoned halfway, she pulled the open collar over her shoulders and down her arms to reveal a lacy black bra holding boobs she was proud of. They had grown so much since her doctor adjusted her hormones and she started on her new diet. She pulled her arms close, lifting up her B cups so that Kelly could see them.

“Hey, I recognize that bra. I’m happy you like it.”

“Heh, I’ve probably worn it twice a week since you bought it for me. It feels... safe, you know?”

Kelly blinked as she nodded, as if fighting tears. “Okay! Stand up and let me see that tummy as you finish getting undressed for me.”

As Zoey stood, she realized just how much her cock had grown in the past few minutes. It was rising sideways out of her waistband now, the pink tip surprisingly shiny as it peeked out above the cotton. Was she releasing pre? That had not happened since she started hormones. Just what the hell was in those pills from Misty?

“Ah! You’re getting so BIG, pet. Almost big enough to be one of my toys. Would you like that? To be my new toy? To have no other purpose in life than for me to fuck?”

“Hun, a little too much. At least, it is when you aren’t here to follow up on that talk.”

“Oh, sorry, I just got carried away. Misty said you’d get bigger, but I didn’t expect like this.”

“You knew?”

“Of course. This is all for you to have the best day, pet. Now, that shirt needs to be off.”

Hurrying to comply, Zoey undid the last few buttons. The fabric fell away to hang off her arms and expose her tummy. Once skinny as a rail, she now had a slight plateau of fat which gave her torso a much desired softer look.

Thinking about it, eating for weight gain had become a habit, one that was slowly escalating as she fell more and more in love with the feeling of her thickening thighs and tummy, her swelling butt, and eher xpanding boobs. It was to the point that even with her regular workout routine, she had put on more than a few pounds since Kelly had last visited.

“Ahh! Your tummy’s so cute, love. I just want to run my hands all over it…”

The affirmation made her throb all over. Her dick twitched and slipped along her waistband to push against the slight curve. The feeling of her warm chub resting against her tip was new and surprisingly enjoyable.

“And a deal’s a deal, here’s another spoonful for me.” As the powder drifted down into the water, the fluid began to glow faintly. “Now then, before you take off that cute bra, I have a bonus round for you.”

“I’m listening.”

“If you take another pill, I’ll put in two spoonfuls.”

Already tempted, the deal was easy to accept. Before she even thought about it, she was opening the bottle. She knocked out two and had a moment of crisis. If she had grown nearly three inches with one pill already, two more could mean nine inches of growth and that was supposing this was all the first pill was going to do. There could be more growth waiting for her with just one dose.

It took more willpower than she was expecting to put one of the pills back in the bottle and set it down. Swallowing the other, she felt a thrill as Kelly added two spoonfuls. The glow in the cup grew more apparent.

“You know what?” Kelly said, reaching for the lid.


“I kinda want to take this much and see what happens. I’m super jealous that you’re getting to grow already. Yeah, that sounds good. I can take more if the effect is not enough.”

Zoey nodded. “Whatever you feel is best, ma’am.”

Clipping the cup closed, Kelly began to shake the mixture up. Like a snapped glow stick, the cup flickered to life with a bright purple-pink light. She eyed the cup with distrust and then glanced at the camera. “I know this transformation stuff is old hat for you, but...this is my first time.”

“It’ll be okay. Just drink a little and see what happens.”

“Sure, just a sip.”

Opening it, she tilted the vessel back to take a small drink. Then Zoey saw her eyes go wide. Kelly lifted the cup higher, tilting her head back at the same time. Her throat squirmed as the sound of gulping started to come through the speakers.

“Hey, what happened to just a sip?”

Kelly held up a finger as she lifted the cup even further. Glowing water began to trail down from the corners of her mouth, but her gulping was getting louder. With nearly a third of the mixture downed, her body was starting to react to the growth serum. The veins in her flexed forearm, bicep, and shoulder were starting to glow as the drink had. Each muscle began pulsing larger like they were being pumped up. Rising to her feet, Kelly put her entire body into chugging the drink. There was a straining noise, but Zoey could not tell what was making it until the legs of her girlfriend’s pants began to ride up.

Zoey leaned closer to the screen, watching more of Kelly’s veins begin to glow. Her hand wandered to her cock. Gripping it for the first time since it had started growing was like grabbing hold of a stranger’s. She could not believe how thick it was now or how long. Trying to find something familiar, her thumb searched for the vein which coiled around her length and moaned when she brushed it and realized how much more prominent it had become.

She tore her gaze away from Kelly’s transformation to consider her own. She had never thought herself small, but the dick rising from her panties now was definitely huge. If nothing else, it felt like it was twice the size in her hand. Her foreskin was a little more pliable, a little darker and though she was hard, it was further up her shaft than she remembered. Starting to stroke, she felt the heat from before spread from her stomach once more. It rushed over her balls like the caress of soft fingers then suffused her length in tingling warmth. Against her fingers and palm, she could feel the main vein thickening, splitting off, and coiling elsewhere.

Turning her attention back to Kelly, her girlfriend was still absorbed in her quest to quench a thirst that had nothing to do with being dehydrated. She had turned her back to the camera at some point, meaning that her back was on display as well as her ass. The network of glowing blood vessels pulsed as Kelly’s traps began to swell. They grew in one smooth motion as if the change was a time lapse of weeks worth of effort. Then there was a loud pop and her back was instantly wider. First by two inches, then another two after a second pop. Kelly had already been a forty-two chest. Now she was a forty-six. Her shoulders, flexed from how she was using both hands to guzzle the growth serum, were growing wider as much as they were out. Like with her traps, they simply swelled until they had doubled in size. Further down, Kelly’s pants looked more like shorts now and there were several tears in the spandex which let firm muscle bubble up. As it was, they were close to dying from how the seam in the back was being pulled by Kelly’s ever-thickening glutes.

Zoey started to hear a wet squelching in time with her stroking. More and more, she could feel her foreskin slipping over her head. Was she filling her foreskin with pre? Was she really drooling that much? Glancing down, a thin stream of creamy fluid was dripping onto her chair and each time she pulled away from her body, her skin completely enveloped her tip. As if realizing this was the trigger, her prick began to throb. She could actually feel it growing this time as her panties began to cut into the underside. It got heavier in her hand, making it wobble more with her motions. Her grip was slowly forced wider, her thumb slipping past her fingers. Each stroke went further. Each stroke felt better. Each stroke was more like bliss than the last.

There was a popping noise from her speakers, then the sound of tearing as flesh began to peer through the seam in the seat of Kelly’s pants. Her girlfriend’s panties had long been swallowed by her spreading assets, leaving her effectively naked as the split in her pants spread until they might as well have been chaps from how they gripped her ass. There was a satisfied gasp and Kelly bent forwards as she exhaled. It seemed she had finished the whole cup in one go. She reached back to put the bottle on her desk and Zoey bit her lip as she saw how defined her girlfriend’s forearm had become. Around the curve of the flexed muscles and glowing veins, she could just make out the round shape of Kelly’s bicep.

Zoey began to stroke faster. Now it felt like her foreskin never pulled back. The soft chamber forming around the head of her growing prick was already filling with her pre, making it almost like a Tenga. She shifted her grip further up her cock, wrapping her fingers around that growth. The squishing sensation within made her hips buck. Kelly turned around and both women gasped at once.

“Ah! Your cock!”

“Holy fuck, your abs!”

There was another tearing noise as Kelly removed the tattered remains of her pants. Her naked pelvis was sporting not just a bush, but a happy trail that gave her lower abdomen a sexy five o’clock shadow. It seemed that she had grown as well. Not nearly as much as Zoey, but she had been bigger in the first place. Most of her growth seemed to be in girth, the underside of her cock curving out a little. With how ripped she had become, she put off a masculine vibe that made Zoey desperate for her embrace.

Despite all the growth, she was still curvy just with twitching muscle instead. Most notably, she was super thick from the waist down. Her hips had to be a couple inches wider than her shoulders, if not a half a foot more. Her muscular ass was visible even from the front. Her legs were just as thick with her quads visibly pushing against her skin as she shifted her weight. What Zoey could see of her calves over her desk promised more of the same.

Her stomach was frankly insane. It was like someone had taken every fitness model, averaged out their stomachs and then doubled the result. Cut and yet soft, her core seemed to dance with her breathing. As she raised her arms to flex, her lats flared, displaying just how broad forty six inches was from the front. The bra strap bit into them, denting their curve. Like Kelly’s pants however, it was probably no match for her new size. As she bent her arms back, the whole thing pulled tight across her chest as pectorals the size of her hand contented with the elastic.

At some point, Zoey had grabbed hold of her dick with her other hand. It was so long now that she could do that and still have room to stoke. She increased her tempo as Kelly tried to flex out of her bra, as if her pleasure would make her girlfriend grow even more.

And then Kelly really did start growing again.

Her pecs surged larger pulled the bra to its utter limit. There was another pop that heralded her back widening, and the band snapped on both sides so that it hung limply between her new muscle tits. What breasts she had grown had turned into enlarged, puffy areolae that cushioned thick, rounded nipples that resembled thimbles in size.

Her girlfriend’s stomach tightened before her eyes. The gentle mounds giving way to deep cuts and prominent, glowing veins. Kelly flexed her arms, making her biceps rise. They stretched upwards, their round shape distending as more and more fiber wove into being.

Zoey was reclined back in her chair at this point, her feet on her desk as she worked a pole as long as her arm. Gripping her overgrown foreskin with both hands, she was thrusting into her grip with a fervor she had never displayed before. Her fluids were spattering her face and chest, but that only heightened her lust.

“Zoey.” Kelly’s voice pulled her attention back to the monitor. Her girlfriend was mirroring her, matching her stroke for stroke. The glow had not yet faded, but it looked like Kelly was no longer still growing. Her skin was shiny, like she was well oiled. “I feel...ah, ah, ah...so strong! So powerful. You better be ready for me to fucking ruin that pretty little face of yours.”

“Yes, Mistress. I crave your attention.”

“AH!” A burst of cum erupted out of Kelly’s dick and almost at once there was a series of staccato pops. In an instant, her ass enveloped her stool as her hips widened impossibly. No sooner was there a gap between her thighs did her quads surge larger. Her hips rose up as a gurgling emanated from her body. A moment later, the stood snapped under her weight and Kelly tumbled out of view.

Startled, Zoey stopped masturbating and leaned forward. “Ohmigawd, are you okay?”

“Yeah,” Kelly rose back into the frame.

“Did...did you knock the camera at all? It seems lower than before.”

“No, I didn’t touch the camera.”

“Holy shit!” They said it at the same time as they realized Kelly had gotten taller. Already over six feet tall, she was probably closing on seven.

“Oh wow, this is amazing. I guess four spoonfuls was too much?”

“Nonono, not at all! You’re a fucking goddess right now.”

“A goddess hmm? A goddess needs tributes...have you come yet, love?”

“I don’t think so?” She was still both quite hard and drooling pre.

“Good. Then I want you to tawo more pills and then finish as you grow to be truly massive.”

“Two? I’m not...I’m not supposed to take more than three a day, ma’am.”

“Does a goddess care about the safety of mortals? Take the pills, pet.”

With a gulp Zoey did as told. “Good girl, now. I’m going to rub this perfect body of mine and I expect you to come until you pass out. Are we clear?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Zoey said as she began to stroke her cock once more. The heat was nearly instant this time but it did not just infuse her member, but her whole body. Her boobs began to throb. Looking down, they were starting to resemble muffins as they started to rise over the edge of her cups. She could feel her hips spreading wider underneath her, as the heat grew more intense.

On the screen, Kelly was moaning as she rubbed her muscle tits. The glow was fading, but they seemed to jump larger with each circling stroke. She stopped doing that and bent over. Zoey was confused until she realized that Kelly’s cock would reach her chest. Gripping her thick cock with both hands, she rubbed her tip in between her pecs.

Zoey’s cock surged larger, surpassing the thickness of her arm. Her shrouded tip brushed her lips and she was overcome with the desire to taste herself. She tried to peel back her foreskin, but the inches of extra length made it impossible. Undaunted, she pushed her face into the drooling end and began to gulp down her juices.

She was aware of the fact that Kelly had stopped worshipping herself to watch and redoubled her efforts, stroking her cock while continuing to suck on her end. As if the pills was aware of the attention, its effect accelerated. Her swelling tits jumped multiple inches every few seconds, quickly overflowing her bra and expanding to envelop her massive dick. Her hips began to buck almost at once, shoving her head closer to her lips.

Her balls began to grow then, their sack spreading over her thighs almost in an instant. Leaving her cock to her tits, she moved down to stroke them. The sensation was like pulling a trigger as they pulled tight. She could feel the cum moving through her insides, could feel it boiling up her dick, but she did not recoil.

When the first burst blasted out, she managed to swallow most of it, the rest dripped down onto her tits. The second wave was even larger and she gagged on her spunk leaving most of it to coat her expansive cleavage. The third shot inflated her foreskin, the fourth made the whole thing run down the underside of her dick.

Gasping for breath, she expected her erection to go down. It did not, if anything, it was getting bigger.

“Mistress! Goddess mine! I love growing for you, I never want to stop. I just want to keep...grow..ing…”

Slumping back in her chair, Zoey felt light headed.

“You okay over there?”

“Yeah, just think...I need to….need to drink something. Several somethings probably.”

“Okay, I’m going to go get cleaned up. More fun later?”

“You bet.”

The moment Kelly hung up, Zoey logged back into Tumblr.

[Misty, how fucking big am I going to get if I take four of these pills?]

[At once? Um, not sure actually. I did not think you would take four.]

[You know me, hard to turn down a command.]

[I suppose so. Well, the pills should only last about eight hours so... there is that?]

[Yeah. There’s that. What about the powder?]

[What I sent Kelly? That is a bit more permanent, but she insisted that was what she wanted. If she never drinks another shake after this first one, she will probably lose about forty percent of her current mass.]

[If she keeps drinking?]

[Two tablespoons every few days will stabilize her at a twenty percent loss. Three means she probably loses nothing. Four means she makes steady gains.]

[What about five?]

[Well, um, make sure she never takes five.]

[I’ll try.]

Her phone buzzed, and it was a message from Kelly. In it was a photo of her pouring the powder out into a measuring cup. There was another soon after, with her spilling that powder into a full bathtub. Then, there was a video of her stepping into the tub. She sounded so hot as she moaned while slipping down into the steaming water. Zoey was not sure if it was a trick of the light or what, but it seemed like the steam was reflecting a pink glow.

Frantic, Zoey messaged Misty. [What would happen if say...she took a bath in half a cup of the stuff?]


Zoey got another photo from Kelly. It was just her cock rising from the water. It was both several inches thicker and longer than before. More concerning, however, were the thick, glowing veins coiled around it.

[Getting hard to hold phone lol] Kelly texted. [My hands are getting so big, Zoe!]

[Misty, I need a real answer.]

[The best I can tell you is that you are probably going to get a very big visitor, likely very soon. Good luck.]

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