Misty F Fiction

115 – Fallen Atop the Mountain Ch.1

In a land where the Gods dream, an exiled dark elf climbs Mount Gneise in search of enlightenment from her patron, the Goddess of Magic Atheek. There are a lot of hurdles to surmount. Chief among them having been on the wrong side of a war that only just now fading into memory...

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Conf Call – 7/15

Hey there! We have a lot to cover since it has been a while since the last one of these!

114 – Annasi Tome

A half-Nymph working in the Grand Library makes the discovery of a lifetime when she finds a strange book bearing the likeness of a spider. It looks like one of the mythical Annasi Tomes, but there is only one way to know--is it worth dying over?

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168 – Dangerously Selfless

What happens when a selfless heart agrees to an unfair deal? What happens if someone agrees to give away something which cannot be given up?

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104 – Understanding Dick

You used to have a fetish about wearing strap-ons under your pants at school and work, at least until it ended a relationship. A moment of irritation and misplaced jealousy, however, brings the desire back, to unexpected results, but is there more to being on top in bed than being the one wearing the strap-on?
This story contains: transphobia (and overcoming it), genderfuckery, harsh language/slurs, rough sex, and altersex content.

147 – A Difference of Fantasy

An empathic shapeshifter is tired of her dates all turning out the same way--with her tits bursting out of her top. Will she ever find someone who doesn't fantasize about how busty she can get?

171 – Chosen By Passion

A chance encounter with something divine changes a woman's life forever...Warning: Altersex content ahead

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Meta Misty – Magical Girl Spec Ops Asuka

I ramble on about Mahō Shōjo tropes, depictions of PTSD in anime, and reasons that we can't have nice things as I discuss the anime adaptation of Magical Girl Spec Ops Asuka / Mahō Shōjo Tokushusen Asuka.

096 – In Your Genes

As his twenty-fifth birthday approaches, things have been weird for Rodney. His sex drive is off the charts, he is eating enough food for three people, and he keeps dreaming that he is a woman--but those are just dreams, right?

090 – Giantess at the World’s End

Years from now, in a future blasted by heat, all but the most elite of humanity live as nomadic hunting bands. One such band stalks the wastelands of the American Northeast, the home of creatures infused with saurian DNA through unknown means...

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Conference Call – 3/15

Much to my surprise, I have actually done quite a bit since the last one of these. It feels like maybe I am finding my grove again--or I have been in mania state for the last few weeks and I am bound to hit manic point any day now--Guess we'll see!

216 – Full-Time Magical Girl

AMAB, Hitomi Tanaka got the chance of a lifetime when she became Magical Spice Sailor Mint. Thanks to the transformation's magic, she finally had access to a body that felt right. However, that made changing back feel like withdrawal. So about a month ago, she made a decision to never change back unless she absolutely had to. Suffice to say, that has had some interesting effects on her life...

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