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142 – A Difference of Fantasy

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated PSFW for Huge Growth, Huge Sizes and Non-Sexual Nudity

“And that’s a wrap. Thanks, everybody!”

Cici turned off the biggest vibe she had used to date and someone with surgical gloves took it. Fuck, it had been three long hours and she wasn't even close to satisfied. Well, more like the 'her' she had become wasn't satisfied. Which was a very odd feeling. The last time a transformation had seeped into her psyche like this had been years ago. She was so much more practiced now. So much so that she could suppress the empathetic trigger and live a normal life. It seemed, however, that practice hadn't prepared her for a situation where the emotions of a crowd were so strong that touch wasn't necessary to trigger a change. Just being the focus of so many people has, apparently, been enough to keep her figure—and, it seemed, her libido—to keep swelling the whole time. She had already been huge when she started the shoot, but that look had been more natural-looking. Now though, she was on par with women like Mary Madison or Candy Charms. The average person would no doubt think that her excessive silhouette was from implants—and they would be kind of right. Even though her curves had manifested as a result of her shapeshifting ability, her biology was mimicking the director's fantasy. As a result, she was sitting on the butt implants necessary to have a booty one could balance a book on. Meanwhile, her tits were, frustratingly, quote-unquote perfect between their size, fullness, and how they balanced looking fake with looking natural.

The same gaffer who had taken the vibe returned with a robe that Cici knew wouldn't fit. The pseudo-implants in her cheeks alone would make belting the robe impossible. Not that it mattered. She couldn't even get the sides of the robe past her nipples.  At least she was also the kind of fit that was only possible if she were a character on a page. She might have been stuck until she managed to revert to her normal appearance otherwise. Ugh. Did any of the guys drooling over her understand the reality of having a body modified like this? Probably not. Because it wasn't just the only-possible-in-a-fantasy tits and ass she manifested. There were more changes, hundreds—cosmetics, ink, piercings, and the like—although but they felt inconsequential in comparison to her body having manifested.

Sure, she was paid well to deliver impossible fantasies. Yes, typically men were the target audience. But that didn't keep it from getting boring. The initial rush of excitement from doing something so completely out of character had run dry, especially after today. Fantasy or not, three hours of posing and teasing, while carrying an extra sixty pounds of T and A was exhausting. She just wanted to go home and shower then curl up and read her new book. As much as she wanted to be done with today, however, she could feel the eyes of the crew following her every move. The lot of them would probably go home to jack off, wishing that it had been them between her thighs instead of the vibe. The sensation followed her as she moved across the studio. Each step made her pumped-up body quake--in a way that was far more frustrating than sensual for her. Ugh. How long was it going to take to turn back into herself? Desperate to rid herself of both her expanded assets and the predatory stares, Cici fought the sway of her figure and headed for the green room so that she could revert to her real appearance in private.

The model-turned-temporary-plastic-fantasy pulled the door to the green room closed and lowered herself onto the sofa. Cici tried to relax, to let her body return to its defaults, but a transformation of this level was like being drunk. As much as she wanted to sober up, she had to wait for the imparted visuals to pass from her system. This had been the case since just after her sixteenth birthday. Her shapeshifting traits were the strongest in her family, the only problem was it triggered based on the touch of another person. The moment her skin came into contact with someone else’s, her cellular structure responded to their desires and transformed her accordingly. It was how she had gone from runway model to doing softcore porn photoshoots. As an otherwise starving college grad, it was very hard to pass up on jobs where she was paid thousands of dollars just to masturbate for a couple of hours as the "perfect" woman.

After a long moment, Cici felt her waist thickening back from being ribs-removed-wasp-like thin. Her absurd, custom-crafted, twice-as-wide-as-her-shoulders hips began to narrow as the dreamed-up implants shrank. Her huge, fake-looking boobs deflated to about half of their size. She was still over-the-top sexy enough that people would stare as she walked to her car, but in comparison to how she had been, Cici looked damn unremarkable. By the time she went out for her date tomorrow, she would be back to looking like the midwestern "girl next door" she really was. Hopefully, things would go better than the last few times. As you can imagine, touch-based transformation meant that getting dressed for first dates was always awkward. She had destroyed two dresses in the last three weeks, her body exploding out of them in some way or another. So while she was looking for someone, she also dreaded going out with another guy from LA.

Which is why she had decided to reply to Tanya's match. Cici had never been with another woman, and it seemed like her ability never triggered when she touched skin with her friends, so she was curious about how things would go in such a situation. Tanay was a personal trainer and wanted to meet at a park known for its fitness trails so Cici was dressed for a run when she arrived. Hopefully, the spandex clothes would be able to handle any expansion that happened. She was sitting on a bench when Tanya arrived, already looking like she had run a marathon. Cici had met a lot of women in her work, but Tanya was something else. Tall and muscular, she was channeling an Amazon with her stature.

“Hi, you must be Cecilia. I’m Tanya,” she said, offering her hand. From how she was standing over Cici, the noonday sun filtered through her short blonde swoop and made her strong-jawed face seem to shimmer. Her suntanned skin glowed with her mid-workout sweat. Then there was way her grey eyes seemed to spark as she bit her lip while looking at Cici.

There was a flutter in Cici's chest, a sense of weightlessness in her stomach. Was this was being gay felt like? She looked at Tanya's outstretched hand and took it after a moment’s hesitation. "Nice to meet you, Tanya."

The sensation of Tanya's fantasy rushing up her arm was unlike the others. The moment they touched, her arm muscles began to twitch. A sense of power she had never felt before suffused her as the now familiar throb of her transformation traveled down her body. Everything began to burn as muscle fiber was torn and repaired in rapid cycles of growth. Her biceps rose and her shoulders broadened. Her chest tightened and her stomach flattened. Her ass swelled and her legs thickened. All over, her burgeoning muscles began to push against her skin, throwing her vascular system into relief.

It had only been a couple of seconds, but Cici's new physique was already straining the athletic top and shorts and it did not seem like she was close to finished with her growth. The first thing from her outfit to give was a seam on her top when her lats surged outwards. At the same time, Tanya's face went from being above her line of sight to being directly in it. Was she getting taller? Her body answered that question right away. The transforming shapeshifter could feel her feet sliding outwards as her entire body grew wider. Her knees were now on either side of Tanya's thighs, her toes were pushing through the fabric of her running shoes, her ass popped the seams on her shorts. All the while, Tanya's hand was growing smaller and smaller in her grasp. Cici had never let someone touch her for this long, but the sense of worship she was receiving from Tanya made it hard to let go. So she kept growing until, finally, Tanya's face was even with Cici's chest and the insistent drumming of her shapeshifting ability lessened.

How far had she grown? How much did she weigh? How fucking powerful was she now? It felt like she could pick up a car without issue and run for hours without tiring.

Seemingly unfazed by this development, Tanya looked up at her with wide, adoring eyes. Turns out, her fantasy had not been an object to own, like with so many guys, but a goddess to worship. A sense of dominance Cici had never before felt crept into her awareness and it only grew stronger the longer she held Tanya's hand. For the first time ever, her mind began to change to match her physique. It was such a rush that Cici paid it no mind, and in a matter of seconds, Cici had always been a towering dominatrix since she could transform. Her default had become her incognito mode, a look she put on when she wanted to avoid attracting too much attention. After all, it was hard to go out as a seven-and-a-half foot tall woman with biceps bigger than most men's thighs.

"Wow," she said, finally letting go. Once they were no longer touching, the clarity of her alternate personality shifted and she was herself again. "I didn't expect that..."

"Me either!" Tanya said. "I'm so sorry, I should have--I mean, you told me you were a shapeshifter and--"

"--Things got out of control?" Cici suggested. "It's okay, I'm used to it."

"You poor thing..." Tanya rose to her tiptoes to peck Cici on the cheek. After that contact, Cici knew, somehow, every little thing that would get Tanya going and just the thought of doing them was getting Cici hot. Not only was she on her first lesbian date, but she was also going to top the hell out of this woman. Talk about jumping into the deep end. Still, this promised to be fun.

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