Misty F Fiction

117 – The Gift Which Keeps Giving

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Altersex, Complete Demihuman Transformation, Dubious Consent, Exhibitionism, Explicit Sex, Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation, Foreplay, Huge Growth, Huge Sizes, Ignorant of Participation, Impossible Growth, Intimate Nudity, Mental Corruption, Physical Corruption, Sexual Teasing, Significant Demihuman Transformation and Significant Sexually-Focused Transformation

It was nearly time to go and Hazel was still deciding on an outfit. She was currently standing in the middle of her room in just a bandeau with stars on it and a pair of grey boyshorts. The pieces of a dozen outfits were strewn around her like the aftermath of a tornado, nothing she had tried had the effect she wanted. Now that they were healed, she wanted a top that would show off the bat wing-like tattoos across her shoulders and down her back, but one that would also not highlight her overall boyish figure too much. Sure, she was athletic in a way that made her look like Olympian marathon runner. However, much as she loved running, if she and Rara were called boyfriends one more time...

She grabbed a black Lycra tube top and pulled it over her head, it gave her just a little definition. So she reached for another one. Just as she pulled on another top, a lilac Lycra this time, her phone buzzed.

[Turn'n on2 your st, Spooks. B there soon! <3]

Still not sure what to wear with the layered tops and now running out of time, she slipped on a short, black skirt that helped to make her butt look just a little bigger, and unrolled a pair of gray knee-highs that matched her panties. After pulling the long socks up her legs, she stepped into her calf-length black velvet boots and zipped them up. She made one last check in the mirror to make sure her fiery and yet blonde hair was still mostly pinned up except for her bangs framing her face. She tugged her shirts up enough to show the rounded studs on either end of the curved bar in her belly button. A quick dash of dark purple eye shadow and cranberry lipstick left her looking suitably neo-goth for a night out with her punk rock heartthrob.

For a half of a second, in the time it took her to take a breath, she wished she had just a little more curve in her shirts then violently shoved that wish away as she exhaled. It was bad enough she had her mother's predisposition towards physical fitness--if she took after her any more...

Grabbing a light jacket as she hurried down the stairs, she made a dash for the front door. Her mother was nowhere in sight.

“Going out for a bit. Home by one. Love you! Bye!” Hazel said it in a rush, hoping for once her mother did not realize what she was saying until she was out the door and in her girlfriend’s car.

As usual, however, her mother appeared, as if from nowhere, to step between her and the front door with the menacing grace of a large grizzly.

“You were saying?” She spoke in that tone which was quiet but still carried the weight of a sledgehammer. Very tall and in extraordinary shape, her mother was the most physically imposing person Hazel had ever met. Beyond her impressive Amazonian stature, she had an air of proven confidence about her like she had handily beaten something inordinately difficult. Not just once either, but so many times that she was sure anything else would be trivial in comparison.

“I said I’m going out and I’ll be back by one.”

Hazel tried to step around her mother but was blocked by her freakish and enormous boobs. Their size seemed like some sort of supernatural paradox. Hazel could not fathom how a woman as super fit as her mother had the body fat for the 32P bras she had found in the wash when starting to do her own laundry. The difference between bust and waist was so drastic, Hazel was sure her mother’s tits had to be fake despite not having the pronounced curve of implants. Their abnormal size was not the only weird thing about them, however. Hazel could not ever recall noticing her mother's massive cans while she was dressed in her sharp suits for work. It was like they vanished when she left in the morning or something. In the evenings and on weekends though, the more than head-sized teardrop-shaped mounds were always on display. Like now, when they were straining a t-shirt so much her plump areolae were visible as they hung half-way to her navel.

Her mother put her hands on her hips, further accentuating her bust. “What did I tell you about going out at night?”

“That I needed to-” She shook her head, breaking the automatic response drilled into her. Her therapist had said to be more assertive about her rights as an adult, even if she had started living at home again to save money.

“Look,” she said as she started again. “I get that you’re worried about me doing something that will affect your chances of getting elected as AG next year, but I shouldn’t have to clear my schedule with you like you’re my secretary either.”

“My job is not the issue here-” her mother began, her voice rising. Maybe it was just a triggered response, but it felt like the windows began to rattle like a storm was brewing.

“Then what else is it?” Hazel snapped. She held out her hand and pulled at her index finger as she prepared to present her multiple-point case. “I’m old enough to drink. I get home when I say I’ll be back, if not before. You know all my friends like they’re your own kids. I’m weeks ahead in my classes. What more do I need to show I can be responsible while going out and being an adult for once?”

Normally argumentative by reflex, that her mother had no immediate response was almost more frightening than the yelling. Her purple eyes--another thing Hazel had inherited from her--moved left and right for a moment as if she was playing out the conversation in her head. Her expression softened with each pass until she finally sighed.

“Okay,” she said as she tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. She stepped back into the kitchen to let Hazel pass. “You can go out. Who are-”

“I’m only going out with Rara,” Hazel said before adding that they were going to see a movie. She had yet to tell her mother she and her best friend from high school were an item now, much less that they having sex.

“Oh good,” her mother said with a nod, replying like she knew it was a date anyway.

“You know, I really like her," she said from the kitchen. "She’s quite sharp and super personable, too. I always enjoy talking with her.”

That her mom was saying such nice things about her girlfriend made her face warm slightly. It felt like implied acceptance of their relationship.

“I’m glad you like her,” Hazel said with a smile. Because I am head-over-fucking-heels in love with her.

Her mom made a confused sound and stepped back into view.“Come again?”

Hazel blanched. Had she said that out loud? Had she really just casually come out to her mother like that? She decided to play dumb. “Hmm?”

Framed by the door, with the lights behind her so her face was hidden, her mother looked more terrifying than ever. “What this about being in love? With a fucking girl?”

“Mom I-” She started to explain, backing up like she expected to find herself on the receiving end of a punch. Her mother stepped towards her. Hazel put up her hands. She waited for the blow, instead, she was wrapped in a warm and squishy bear hug. It had been more than a year since they had been this physically close without trying to kill each other and Hazel found herself relaxing into the embrace. Having to be on guard all the time was exhausting, and it seemed like her mother supported her. So maybe, just maybe, the defensiveness would be less of a requirement.

“I’m so happy you finally trusted me enough to come out! I had a hunch but didn’t want to force the issue. Sorry,” she said, letting go of Hazel. “Ah! This is so exciting!”

“It is?”

“It really is. I’m really happy you found someone you care that deeply for.”

“You make it sound like you thought I was a sociopath or something…” Hazel had meant it as a joke, but it was obvious her mother missed that.

“Well, there was always a chance," her mother said, tapping her chin. "I see enough of them at work that noticing the quirks is second nature, and you do have tendencies in that direction.”

Hazel shook her head and narrowed her eyes, fixing her mother with a look of disbelief. So much for not having to be on guard. “Did you really just fucking say that?”

She expected her mother to bite back like usual, but her tone was not heated when she replied. In fact, she looked a little defeated. “I suppose I did... Sorry, that was too far."

They stood there in silence for a moment. Hazel felt like she had just stepped off the most intense roller coaster ever.

"Here, hold on a second.” Her mother walked back to her home office and returned with a small box. She handed it to Hazel. Inside was a necklace. The fine links were made of silver, or maybe even platinum. They were looped through a pendant which had an iridescent gemstone eye set into a thick bezel of the same material as the chain. As she looked at it, Hazel could have sworn the colors were shifting, like the gemstone contained an oily fluid. Turning the pendant over in her hands, there were etchings on the back. The symbols were like her tattoos, only she was certain she had never seen this jewelry before in her life. Then again, come to think of it, she could not remember what had given her the inspiration for the wings on her back either. They had always just been there in her mind, something she scribbled on tests and in the margins of notes.

A weird feeling ran up her spine.  “Umm... what is this, exactly? An apology?”

“Well, yes, but it was a gift from your father. It... well... let’s just say it was his engagement present to me.”

“... and you’re giving it to me why?”  The necklace was getting warm in her hand and was pulsing like it was throbbing in time with her heartbeat.  She wanted to put it down, but there was nowhere to place it.

“He wanted you to have it when you were old enough.”

“Okay, but why?”

“I can't keep putting off 'old enough.' So this is me recognizing that you're an adult.”

“Thanks,” Hazel said, her voice drier than sun-baked sand. "Just what I needed, your wedding necklace to prove you think I'm an adult. You'll excuse me if I have a hard time believing that. Take it back."

"No, dear, it's yours now."

"Don't you want this memento of..." Just thinking about saying 'Dad' cut her throat. "Don't you want this promise from your husband?"

“Oh, I already got what was promised to me on that necklace.” Her mother crossed her arms under her freakish boobs, making them seem even larger as they surged forward from being squished together. “Let’s just say your suspicions about these are more right than you know.”

“Wait... are you saying some gemstone necklace made you grow tits so massive they can be seen from space?”

“Look, Hazel, I'm trying really hard right now not to ruin your date night. Just... take it, please? I’m sure you’ll find out everything you want to know.”

“Uh...I’m okay tha-”

“Either you take the necklace or you don’t leave the house. Clear?”

“I really don’t get you sometimes…” She pulled the necklace on all the same. The metal setting of the oval gem came to rest against her sternum between the little amount of cleavage she could coax into existence. It was still very warm against her skin.

“Have fun! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t!”

Hazel went out the door and hurried down the driveway, worried that if she did not get into Rara’s ancient but well maintained Merak SS right away her mother would snatch her back into the house. Upon sitting down in the lovingly restored leather bucket seat, she was wrapped up in the second full-body hug in ten minutes.

Rara’s teeth on her neck made her gasp and then moan as her girlfriend continued to suck. Her scent was a mix of lemon-scented body wash and engine oil. She had probably taken a hasty shower not twenty minutes ago. Hazel went to confirm by feeling if her hair was still wet and found herself rubbing stubble instead of the short curls she had expected. The surprising sensation jerked her out of the moment.

“As much as I love that, Ra, in front of my house is not where I want to be doing it.”

“Spoilsport.” Rara spat before flashing a grin. She settled back into her seat and seductively gripped the shifter. Despite the chilly late spring evening, she was wearing just a tank top and her intricately-tattooed, well muscled arms were on full display as were her thick, pale shoulders. Chilled by the breeze from her open window, her barbell piercings and nipples pushed against the thin, ribbed cotton. Even flatter than Hazel, her nips were pretty much all the curve she had. Which was just fine with Hazel, she had gotten her fill of boob a long time ago.

They passed under a streetlight and Hazel realized just how drastic the hairstyle change had been. The once bright pink flowing locks had transformed into a short, platinum blonde undercut, short on top and buzzed tight everywhere else.

“Ra, I saw you less than a week ago. What happened to the other look?”

“I liked it, but I got bored with all that work. It’s just hair, it’ll grow back.”

“You’re impossible, you know that?”

“I try my best.”

When they pulled onto the highway, Hazel let her hand wander under her girlfriend’s arm to squeeze her thigh beneath her skirt. Rara revved the engine, opening the throttle up in response to the touch. The well-toned muscles she had developed from working in her dad’s garage were just as amazing as the last twenty times.

As Hazel moved down Rara’s legs, she was surprised to find something that felt like an elastic band. She followed it down to the inside of Rara's thigh and grinned. “You’re wearing a strap-on to the movies?”

“You were the one who suggested giving me head in the theater. I figured this was stealthier than you trying to eat me out and I knew you’d enjoy the surprise.”

“Oh, for sure.” She pinched it between her thumb and finger. It had to be more than an inch across. She slid her fingers along the smooth, stiff length until the bump of the exaggerated glans passed under her fingers. “Geez, Ra, this is huge! Think you could have gotten anything longer or thicker?”

“I will have you know that I am very aware just how big my new dick is,” she said with a sidelong wag of her eyebrows.

“It's double-ended? Oh, that gives me all kinds of ideas…”

Letting go, she flicked the dildo and got a gasp out of Rara as the toy’s other end shifted inside. Walking her fingers to the tip, Hazel pushed down and got an even louder gasp as well as a moan. Pressing her nail into the tiniest gap between the huge rubber cock and Rara’s thigh, she worked her fingers into the divide. Rara moans grew louder the entire time.

“Mmm...I can’t wait to get my lips around it. I guess this will have to do for now...” She slid her hand down so it was against Rara's hairless crotch and tightened her grip on the toy. She pulled away then pushed back almost right away. The engine roared as Rara swore.

“Az, it feels like you’re jerking off the real thing.”

She began to move her hand away. “Do you want me to-?”

“No!” Rara’s hand grabbed hers and squeezed. “Don’t you dare stop!”

Hazel continued pumping the dildo, slowly accelerating her tempo since she could not move it far because of the biding. She did not realize the gemstone was starting to glow or that her bust was slowly filling out her tops. It did not occur to her that anything was amiss when it felt like her back was getting hot or that Rara’s false phallus seemed to have a pulse. She was too wrapped up in the sounds her girlfriend was making and how fast they were going to notice anything else. By the time they pulled off the highway and onto the ramp into the mall parking lot, they had an unexpected hour before the showing started. The moment the car was in park, Hazel was climbing over into Rara’s seat and putting her arms around her pale girlfriend’s thick neck.

Thighs met thighs, lips met lips, and a deep moan vibrated both of them. Rara gripped her hips tight, her strong fingers sinking into Hazel’s soft flesh as they slid up under her skirt. Their tongues rubbed against each other. Gentle bites sent tingles down her spine. The glow from the pendant got brighter. Her back got hotter. Still, they continued to make out for another whole minute before she noticed that her shirt was tight. Had she sat on it?

Breaking the contact, a string of spit bridged their lips for a moment. Both of them were panting as if they had been running hard for the last ten minutes. It was then they each realized the gemstone was shimmering with rainbow light.

“That’s a wicked necklace you’ve got there, Az.”

“Yeah...My mom gave it to me...” Hazel reached up to grab it and her arm bumped into boob that had never been in the way before. Her attention pivoted on a dime to her larger endowments. There was no mistaking she had a pair of cute tits all of a sudden. Her skin was starting to feel tight, the sensation reminiscent of the strain on her tummy when she ate too much at Thanksgiving. Her bust was sore, too, like the sore one feels after a good workout. She reached up to massage them. They were very warm even through both shirts. Their size reminded her of water balloons as they squished in her palms. Then her tits pulsed and she felt them swell against her hands.

Looking up from her deepening cleavage, she found Rara staring at the necklace. Her eyes were wide, the glimmering light playing over them like they were glass. Her girlfriend grunted and the toy twitched up to smack Hazel's butt.

No way. There was no... way…

Hazel reached down between them, her fingers searching for the dildo she had just been playing with. Her growing boob pushed into her arm, its curve slowly widening against her elbow. Between that and how they were sitting, she could not reach down to confirm the smooth rubber she expected was there.

“What the actual fuck? Rara. Sandra! Wake up!”

Grabbing the necklace, she pulled it over her neck and the light died at once. The heat in her shoulders remained. If anything, it was growing more intense. She was just about to reach back there when Rara yawned.

“Whasup? Did we miss the movie?”

“No we didn’t miss the–do you not feel that you have a dick?!”

“I mean, of course, I do. I put it on when I left....” Her girlfriend’s face tightened as another twitch resulted in a thick thump between Hazel's cheeks. Her expression relaxed into the one she usually had after being eaten out--like her mind had checked out. “That’s not a dildo between my legs anymore, is it?”

“Pretty sure it isn’t.”

“Hehehe...So these great tits are-?”

“Also real, yup.”

Rara did not respond beyond giggling more. She hooked her fingers into the hems of the tube tops and bandeau then pulled all three down until Hazel’s inverted nips were exposed. She wrapped her lips around the left one, her tongue flicking down between areolae as she sucked. The intense sensation made Hazel sit back, causing her to hit the horn and give them both a scare. The sudden noise cleared the air and the look of lust on Rara’s face faded as the heat in Hazel's shoulders did the same. Despite being parked in an empty section of the parking lot, she was self-conscious and tugged her top back up.

“What just happened?” Rara asked.

Hazel looked down at the pendant. “I have no idea.”

“I’d be down for more of that later…”

“Um, sure,” she said, stuffing the necklace into her pocket.

Scrambling off of each other and out of the car, the couple walked up to the window to buy tickets. Playing it safe, Hazel pulled her jacket on and zipped it up. It was, of course, quite tight in the chest. After they got seats, she went to go to the bathroom to see what the figurative damage was. There was no one else in the room. So she undid her jacket and put it aside.

“Holy shit,” she said as saw them for the first time. In disbelief, she hefted her new rack. Her improved tits were so very warm, and also soft. Not quite like marshmallow, but also a bit different from the water balloon feel that had in the car. At a loss how else to describe them, each boob felt as big as a grapefruit in her hand. A big, pale, and squishy grapefruit that. Then Rara stepped through the door. She whistled as she walked past and into a stall. The gasp that came from behind the partition made Hazel whirl around--a movement that almost had her spilling out of her tops.

“You okay?” she asked, fixing her outfit.

“I’m… well, I'm hung. So very, very well hung.” The lock clicked and Rara pushed the door out. "I slipped off the binders."

The was an obvious bulge beneath her skirt. She lifted it up to reveal a thick, meaty dick. The skin was an unnatural purple as if the rubber had just... become flesh somehow.

“It’s a big as the dildo was... but I’m soft! How much bigger will my boners be?” The twitch of her cock said they would find out shortly if things continued.

“Uhh..why don’t we figure this out later?”

Rara shrugged. The door to the stall banged closed again and Hazel turned back to the mirror. A moment later, there was a tug at her pocket and she caught Rara’s reflection as her girlfriend stepped back with the necklace hanging from her hand.

"Sandra, don't!"

"How can you say that, Az? Do you not hear it?"

"Hear what?"

But Rara did not respond beyond putting the necklace on. Her body seemed to shudder and she hugged her sides as the light of the gemstone flickered back on. Rara’s already sizable cock began to inflate as bigger, thicker veins rose out of her skin. Something about the way her body was changing looked like she was being pulled taller as if the rubber of the dildo had been integrated into her essence. Whatever the reason, she was growing nonetheless

As Rara changed, Hazel could feel her body heating up as well, especially her shoulders. She could have sworn she caught a glimpse of wings in her reflection.

Rara squeezed her eyes closed and shook her head as if to clear it. Finally, she walked over and locked the main door to the bathroom. With each step, her swelling erection bobbed in front of her. It was already starting to leak pre-cum.

“Okay, now we won’t be bothered.”

“What happened to later?”

“But it is later, Az. I-ugh!”

Hazel’s own sense of heat grew almost unbearable as the skin of her back began to prickle like before. Her bust began to expand once more, her boobs piling on the inches. “Rara, there’s something about that necklace that's making us change!”

“I’ll say.” Her voice was deeper, stronger, more commanding. She tore open her shirt, revealing a torso even more sculpted than before and tossed the scrap to the side. As she crossed the room, her muscles twinged, her generally androgynous body becoming more masculine. “Changing is all I can think about for some reason and that freaks me out, but I won’t deny I feel really, really good right now.”

Something about this bigger, stronger Rara’s proximity made Hazel's body quake. Unable to keep standing on quivering knees, Hazel dropped into a squat with her back against the counter. The longer Rara stood over her, the hotter she felt. Intrigued, she tentatively reached for a cock that was a size she had only seen in porn. It had to be more than ten inches long! Its thickness reminded her of a Red Bull can.

As she stroked experimentally, Rara rose to her toes. Her head bumped the drop ceiling. The loose foreskin slid back and forth with ease, the opening smoothly slipping over a very real looking glans.The feeling of throbbing, swelling veins in her grasp was oddly compelling. Her movements became faster. Her grip tightened. The sounds Rara was making now were beyond what she could stand. It was all so hot.

Curious, she licked at the pre-cum leaking out. It was salty, but also a little sweet. It was also surprisingly tacky, making her tongue stick to the rubber-turned flesh. She had sucked off Rara while she was wearing a toy before, but this was different. Her girlfriend really had a cock. Even as she pondered wrapping her lips around it, she continued to stroke. Rara was practically begging for something more as the flow of fluid leaking out of her tip grew stronger. Wanting to tease her a bit more, Hazel kissed the ridge of her girlfriend’s cock. Her lips touching skin zapped her like static.

Teasing was no longer enough. Continuing to stroke near the base, she squeezed her lips tight and slowly swallowed Rara’s throbbing pole. Her cheeks pulled in like she was drinking a thick milkshake as she began to suck. The taste of Rara’s pre grew more intense as the dense fluid filled Hazel's mouth and coated her throat. Her body began to quake with a need she had never felt before. Even desire felt when Rara ate her out paled in comparison to the intensity of her want at that very moment. Her free hand snaked down into her boy shorts and she began to tweak her clit.

Flicking her tongue over the bottom ridge, made Rara throb. Hazel's jaw was pushed open just a little more, as if her girlfriend’s cock had thickened as well. She did it again and this time the twitch flooded her mouth with so much pre her cheeks bulged. She circled the head of her girlfriend’s cock, swirling the mouthful of fluid around it.

“Goddess above!” Rara’s fingers gripped Hazel's hair and there was a tinkle of bobby pins hitting the tile. Her girlfriend’s hips started to move but the motion was more like a spasm than a thrust.

However, it was still overwhelming for some reason. Like she had rubbed cinnamon on her lips, the sensation of something stiff sliding between them was flooding her mind with sensation. In an instant, oral became less about the taunting sucking she was used to and more about cramming as much dick down her throat as she could.As if her body was reacting to that desire, she felt a subtle twinge in her throat. More and more of her girlfriend's massive penis slid into her mouth by the second. She grabbed hold of Rara’s ass and pulled her close. That only seemed to encourage Rara as her cock throbbed even more.

The both of them sped up. Moving as one, they managed to get the entire length of Rara’s dick out past Hazel's lips and then back down her throat every few seconds. The bobbing movement she was making had her chest jiggling like crazy, highlighting just how busty she was becoming. In less than ten minutes she had gone from being an average size in the car to a measurement that was likely more than double that. The thought crossed her mind that she was still not in the same league as her mother. Torn between resentment and jealousy over that, she was unsure what she thought about the growth. It felt great, but this was a fantasy. There was no way this was actually happening.

If this really was just some fantasy though, why not see what it felt like to be that big? In fact, why not keep growing until her mom looked small in comparison? Yeah. That would show her. As if encouraged by her acceptance, the warm, firm flesh of her bust crept further down her body as it slipped out of her bandeau and began to pressure her camis. With every movement from Rara, their curve swelled closer to her waist and her shirt kept riding up until the hem was barely holding back her underboob.

Without warning, Rara roared and slammed into her. With throbs that knocked her head back, her girlfriend’s first male orgasm was a blizzard. Over and over Rara’s spunk hit the back of her throat, coating her insides with sticky fluids. Hazel could feel her tummy starting to push out over her waistband as her stomach filled with thick spunk. There was so much that it was getting hard to breathe. It started to leak out of her mouth to roll down her face. She saw stars. Was she really going to drown in her girlfriend's cum?

Then it was over. Rara pulled out, leading to a gush of cum as Rara gagged. The fluid splattered Rara’s legs, the floor, and most of her own front. Her girlfriend’s cock was still twitching as comparatively small bursts kept shooting out. She was breathing heavily and stepped over to lean against the counter. The wet splats continued.

Gulping to clear her throat, Hazel realized just how distended her stomach was. The curve of her belly was actually resting against the tops of her thighs. The moment she realized this, her body began to vibrate. As if the cum were fueling an engine, her stomach began to gurgle. Her growth accelerated, her tits surpassing her waist and surging towards her navel undaunted by her slowly shrinking tummy. A new sensation of growth washed over her as the hem of her boyshorts rode up and then were swallowed between her butt cheeks as her expanding ass begin to push her up off the floor. The necklace really was turning her into her mother.

No, not her mother. Never her mother. If she was going to grow like this, if she was going to become some sort of Amazon super MILF, she was going to do it her way. She was going to be even sexier than her mother. To do that, she needed more. Standing and turning, she bent over so her boobs filled a sink and her shrinking belly pressed into the edge. Her half undone hair cascaded down over her face and shoulder. She pulled her panties down to her knees and spread herself open. “Please Rara, use that thick hunk of meat and fill me. Make me yours forever!”

Her girlfriend wasted no time in rubbing her still lubricated, half-hard cock up and down her backside.

“I’ll start with your ass…” She pushed in slowly and the whole time it felt like Rara was getting bigger.

“It feels like you’re going to split me in two, but it’s s-s-so good!” As if her body was aware of the mismatch, she felt her bust’s growth cease as other growth ramped up and the consumption of cum accelerated. There was more and more ass pushing against Rara as she began to pump. The slapping sound of their bodies coming together grew louder until the echo in the bathroom made it sound like the space was filled with couples fucking.

Her girlfriend increased her tempo, pulling on Hazel's still widening hips as she thrust at the same time. Hanzel felt herself melting into a pleasure puddle as the last of the cum in her tummy was processed. Everything felt beyond wonderful, but she was sure she could feel even better than that. Slipping her hands down between her legs, she began to toy with her clit again. Each time Rara sank all the way in, she squeezed her clit to heighten the impact. Caught up in the feedback loop, she did not notice her clit was growing in her grasp until she could wrap her hand around it.

With a groan and a tight grip, Rara finished inside her. Even after the blow job, she pumped out an equal amount of cum as before, if not more. Hazel’s tummy began to push against the edge of the counter again and her clit was twitching like crazy as it became more and more like a penis.

Rara stumbled back and Hazel heard her yanking out paper towels. She turned to find her girlfriend wiping down. That was the opportunity Hazel needed. Lifting her taller partner onto the counter, she removed Rara’s boxers and appraised the situation. She was surprised to find that the dick had shifted forwards and up, somehow vacating Rara's pussy in doing so. Beyond horny, Hazel began to eat her girlfriend out to buy her developing cock more time.

As she lapped at Rara’s folds, her once more stuffed stomach rubbed against her thighs. The feeling of it gurgling as her body apparently consumed it to fuel her absurd growth made her want more. When her girlfriend’s fingers once more tangled in her hair, the want for more transitioned into a want to share. She devoted everything she had to Rara’s pussy. She could feel her tongue changing. It was getting stronger and longer, letting her sink deep inside, letting it grip her clit. Exploring Rara’s center like never before, she felt every twitch of her partner’s cock. Her own twitched in unison, growing more impressive with every heartbeat.

There was a jolt as something pushed through her skin near her hairline. At the same time, the sharp stabbing pain in her shoulders swelled like a bubble that then popped. All of a sudden, soft yet leathery wing tips brushed her ass.

Looking up, Rara’s forehead was also sporting pointed numbs now. Had they become devils? Demons? Did it really matter? Whatever it was, the were dealing with it together. The necklace, hanging to one side between Rara’s cock and chest, was glowing brighter than ever. Whatever was changing them was working overtime.

She rose to her feet and revealed her changes to Rara. Her girlfriend cooed and Hazel lifted her cock to slap on the counter between Rara's legs. She moved forward, pressing the tip of her dick between Rara's labia.

“Ah!" Rara's gasped. "This is hardly fair, you know.”

“Hardly fair? Ra, you’ve shoved more toys up my snatch that I can remember.”

“Right, but they were toys.”

It was hard to argue with that. It was also hard to argue with the burning need to fuck that was saturating every inch of her awareness. “I need this, Rara. I’ll let you fuck me twice after this, deal?”

Rara opened her mouth as she nodded and Hazel plunged in. Surprisingly, she slid all the way to the hilt on one smooth stroke. Rara’s let out a long, low moan. Her hands went to her own cock and she began to stroke. Hazel grabbed her girlfriend’s calves and lifted, pushing Rara back and tilting her hips to give Hazel a deeper penetration. This brought her girlfriend’s cock within inches of her lips and she eagerly leaned into sucking on herself. Hazel remained pressed up against Rara, letting her growth do the work. She could feel her member swelling steadily as her feelings of lust rose while watching Rara go to town on herself. After a minute or so Rara’s eyes rolled back as her cock began to twitch. A beat later, her center clenched and started to pull on Hazel’s cock. She grew rapidly after that, gaining length and thickness at a rate that thrilled her.

She had to step back as she bottomed out in Rara but continued to grow. Even in her cloud of post orgasm, Rara was moaning and nodding as her center was stretched further and further. Reaching for the necklace, Hazel tugged it over her girlfriend’s head and put it back on. It vanished into her cleavage, but the glow emerged from either end.

At once her tits jumped another two inches, they had to be as big as her head now. There was a peculiar tingle around her nips. A sense of swelling as her already puffy areolae became even more plush. She ran her fingers around the edges and out of curiousity, dipped them in. What she found was not nipple, but tongue. Something about that sent a thrill up her spine and she twitched larger within Rara. It was then she realized how much the necklace was changing her. Not just physically, but mentally as well. The her that had left the house probably would have recoiled at once and run screaming, but this fantasy her reveled in the feeling of toying with her mouth nipples. She wondered if her mother had the same features.

Rara was worshipping her as a goddess at this point. It felt like with every begging plea for pleasure her body grew more. Soon her tits were resting on Rara’s stomach, her extra tongues lapping at either side of her shaft. It had been five minutes, but she had not even felt a build towards orgasm. It was like something was missing.

Pulling Rara’s cock out of her own mouth, she wedged the thick member between her tits right against the necklace. There was a flare of light. She felt her girlfriend’s cock surge in size and a peculiar tingle gripped her pelvis and traveled up her cock. The first ball dropping made her groan, the second one made her cum. Hazel filled Rara the same way she had been filled until her tummy was a cute little dome. She stepped back and let her girlfriend down. The cock hanging between her legs now was almost as thick as her thigh and came just shy of her knees.

Her girlfriend shivered and that behemoth twitched. She watched, transfixed, as Rara developed an erection. She could actually hear the blood pumping and found herself toying with the lipples again. As the cock rose to stand straight out, something even more amazing happened. With a wet noise, that massive shaft began to divide into two. Before either of them realized what was happening, Rara had two huge cocks instead of a single massive one. A mindless groan escaped her girlfriend’s throat as she looked right at Hazel’s tit mouths. She grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her back into the wall. She used her height and strength to push Hazel to her knees. It was just like before, Rara was enthralled by the necklace’s effects.

Only this time, Hazel wanted it.

Her girlfriend lifted her cocks and pushed them against her lipples. They were already an impossible feature, so Hazel was not surprised that Rara’s entire lengths fit. She expected being sensitive, but as her girlfriend began to fuck her tit mouths in earnest, everything went white and all she could hear were her overwhelmed moans of pleasure. Hazel was not sure how long it lasted, but when Rara finally slipped free of her lipples, Hazel's boobs had swollen to fill her lap. They sloshed like they were full of liquid, which was another impossibility. However, when her panting mouths closed, the feeling of being full of liquid dissipated in pulsing waves. Doubtless, her girlfriend’s cum was being transmogrified into breast tissue.

"Okay, this is getting too much." She tried to remove the necklace, but could not find the chain. Running her hands down into cleavage that spanned her torso, she found the pendant, but it was embedded in her skin above her sternum. Somehow, her body was absorbing it! While she clawed at it, she felt it sink into her. Then there was a burning sensation, like someone brushing her with a hot knife. She felt something open on her chest. She turned to look in the mirror, but only saw her which had left the house. Rara, too, was as she had been. The spunk coating the walls and floors had vanished.

It was like none of it had ever happened, except Rara, was still visibly transformed. Her full belly resting atop the roots of her twin cocks. At some point, her ass and hips had grown dramatically, her entire lower body thick with muscle. Something about her tugged at Hazel, stirred feelings that made her feel warm and horny. Had she somehow turned her girlfriend into the most feminine incubus ever? It was no stranger than what had happened to her.

Looking down most of what she could see were her massive tits. They flowed over her now soft but somehow also muscular stomach and rested against her thighs. The cock she had grown still pulsed in her cleavage and it felt larger than before. The only other thing she could see of note was a dome that looked like the gemstone.

She stared at it, her mind drifting from the flood of stimulation she had just experienced. The swirl parted and a single purple on black eye looked up at her. She felt her mind shudder as something ancient stared into her soul and its awareness brushed her own. With a rising sense of revulsion and realization, she realized this necklace probably was her father to some extent. As she thought about them, the answers appeared in her mind. It was like something out of a book. The necklace was the prison for some sort of sexual deity. Her mother had bought the pendant as costume jewelry. For some reason, she had offered herself up to the entity and it had transformed her into a vessel which would gather sexual energy for it.

Now it had done the same to both of them. At the same time, Hazel could feel a sense of pride emanating from the other awareness hovering near hers. Apparently, she had done something to please the entity. Perhaps transforming Rara? Maybe she was the vessel?

"We should get out of here..."

"...Yeah, let's try to get back to my car."

The two hypersexual demons staggered to their feet. They unlocked the bathroom door and stepped back out in the hallway. There was a feeling of the world twisting and warping like it was made of plastic wrap and when the sensation passed, the pair of them had transformed back to human--sort of. Rara was still much taller than she had been and was more buff as well. She was wearing pants instead of the skirt she had arrived in, which seemed like a mistake considering how wide her hips had remained, and how muscular her butt and abdomen were, but the reason became obvious. There was a sizable but still reasonable cock tucked into each pant leg.

For her part, Hazel could still feel her cock but was aware that she had a clit again. Her tits no longer filled her lap, but they were no doubt bigger than her mother's and she could still feel her tongues shifting inside her supernatural mouths. Her tube tops and bandeau had been replaced by a bra she recalled being custom sewn for her 30R measurements and a dress that should not have worked with her rack or her equally impossible butt and physique. It seemed that, in the haze of all her pleasure, everything about her had been rebuilt for the power needed to support her new figure. She was thicker now, but she could feel two, even three times the muscle mass beneath the softening pudge. Hazel had a feeling that would change once she completely consumed the cum Rara had pumped into her.

It also seemed like only seconds had passed because no one was waiting for the door to be unlocked.

"We could still watch the movie," Rara suggested.

"... No, we need to go home. My mother has a lot of questions to answer."

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