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171 – Chosen By Passion

The text presented here is copied directly from my Tumblr with minimal editing. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated PSFW for Huge Growth, Non-Sexual Nudity and Sexually-Focused Transformation

Tears had been running down her face through most of the movie, though she could not have been further from sad. Between the depression and her meds, however, any strong sense of emotion ended up filtered through a feeling of sorrow so enduring she could tell no longer where it ended, and where she began. The simple truth was that seeing Princess Diana on screen was overwhelming for her.

Even before she had begun to transition, Elle had felt a kinship with the Amazonian noblewoman. A beautiful and powerful warrior-scholar, with incredible black hair and fierce eyes, Diana was everything Elle wished she could be. When Diana: Earth-7 dropped last year and revealed the Diana of that multiversal reality was not AFAB, just like her, Elle was over the moon to have a literary fellowship with the Princess of Themyscira.

It turned out, of course, that Diana was both male and female at once and not at all conflicted about her sex. While that had felt kind of like a cop-out to her, Elle would have been lying if she said that being the same way was not a wild fantasy of hers. She had laid in bed more nights than she cared to admit masturbating to the idea of her scrawny frame becoming that of a swimsuit model’s while keeping her penis, if not having it get just a little bigger.

All that aside, while this version on screen was not that Wonder Woman, the sense of solidarity she felt from sitting in a room with five hundred other women all cheering was no less real.

As the movie wrapped up after Diana’s fight with Ares, Elle snuck down the stairs and out to the lobby to find a restroom ahead of everyone else leaving. In a hurry and tweeting on her phone, the years of habit guided her steps, and she found herself in the men’s room. Looking up from her post, she began to freak out and back stepped right into someone in the alcove.

She turned to apologize and found herself face to bust with a much taller woman who had more flawless copper-toned skin on display just from within a half-open collar of her cream-white trench coat than Elle had from head to toe. The young woman looked up and was unable to speak as the radiant beauty of a veritable goddess washed over her. The other woman’s flowing mane of dark hair pulled Elle in, while her statuesque countenance and her full lips under black lipstick made the young woman quake in her boots.

“E-excuse m-”

“I am sorry, love,” the woman said, speaking over her, “I was not paying attention.” Her voice was both sultry and sweet, and it caused Elle's words to catch in her throat.  She could not place the accent but still found herself captured by the woman’s husky voice.

The woman looked right at her and blinked before she smiled. “Just like my sister, hmm? Mortal,” she began, her brilliant blue eyes catching hold of Elle’s brown pair. “I will confess that I came to do business with someone else, but I feel like perhaps fate has conspired to make us acquainted. Tell me, what do you desire most?”

“To be an Amazon!” The words came of their own accord as if summoned from the depths of her soul. Elle had said them on instinct to this complete stranger. Her face began to burn from embarrassment until she heard the woman speaking.

“Then I shall offer you a generous proposition to make up for my inattention. I will make the body of your wildest dreams a reality, so long as you make me a promise to comply when I ask something of you.”


“Hmm…” she tapped her strong chin with a slender finger finished by an exquisite manicure. “No, that is much too long for you to be merely my lap dog. How about the next four weeks, hmm? Be mine, completely and utterly, from now until the Equinox and then I will consider our bargain paid.”

“I’d hate to know what you’d ask for if you weren’t generous…”

“Oh, you say that, but admit it, spending forever with me would not be the worst, yes? At any rate, mortal, you have five seconds to accept, or the offer will expire.”

Without hesitation, Elle grabbed the woman’s outstretched hand with both of her own.

“Very well, my pet. So shall it be!”

A pair of shocking sensations rushed up into her arms to collide within her chest. At once, she felt her hard-won bug bites twitch and push against her bralette. There was another twitch that crossed her chest, bringing with it more growth. Then another pulse, and another, and another. In less time than it took her to exhale, her boobs had gone from barely there to handfuls–-and they continued swelling! They were fattening more and more with each passing second that she continued to hold the mysterious woman’s hand. It was not long before her girls had escaped from their lace-trimmed tube top and issued a challenge to her medium-sized t-shirt.

Another pair of shocks rushed through her arms and then down into her legs. There was a creak, and then a pop as her stance suddenly widened and snapped the button off her skinny jeans. Her thighs quivered, her glutes throbbed, and then her leg muscles began to grow. The rate of swelling increased faster the more mass she gained and soon every ounce of her powerful, burgeoning lower body physique was trying to escape the semi-stretch material.

She could feel the cuffs rising past her ankles and up her calves as her legs began to lengthen. The seams popped at the cuffs, and the sides of her pants split right open around creamy thighs so big around it looked like Chin-Li’s lower body had been photoshopped onto her own. Her butt soon followed in the escape, popping the inseam and spreading out the seat of her ruined pants.

She lost track of the third pair of pulses because the next ones came right after, the power from the other woman settling into every square inch of her stick-like arms. Elle could hardly believe it as her body manifested muscular definition she had feared developing lest her masculine frame betray her. From wrist to shoulder and then on down her back, muscle fibers knit into existence, thickening and stretching her limbs into the arms of someone who had grown to be more than six feet tall and had spent their whole life training for physical combat.

Warmth wrapped around her midsection as the spread of growth from her extremities met within her core. Sensation flared throughout her as she finally became aware of just how her new body felt. She could feel every inch of herself with a clarity she had thought impossible. For the first time ever, her skin felt like her own.

Which is when she figured out where the other pulses had gone. Her crotch contracted, her Kegels pulling on her smallish balls.The flex happened over and over, each one smacking her sack into her taint until she was panting from the aggressive stimulation. Finally, something happened. The contraction did not release. Instead, she felt her balls pushing up inside herself, leaving her scrotum looking like huge labia. She was not sure what happened after that because her penis began to grow.

Her mind spinning from sensation upon sensation, her thoughts drifted to land on Earth-7 Diana of all things. As the bed-time fantasies of just how big a demi-goddess birthed by Aphrodite and Hippolyta began bubbling up once more, the growth intensified. The transformative energy played up and down her enlarging shaft, altering her further with each pass. Even though her member was still flaccid, it was already far longer and thicker than it had ever been and it did not seem like this was over yet. It slid between her vacant sack as it grew and that only made her more aware of her shaft’s increasing girth. It had to be bigger than her ex-boyfriend now. Oh Goddess, just how much more growth was to come?

Her whole body throbbed as if in reply, and she probably gained about twenty pounds as her butt, legs, and penis swelled even more. Her bust had not increased much more throughout all of this, leaving her a little pear-shaped. She was torn about that, but her thoughts returned to her stiffening cock as it thumped against her thigh while her crotch spasmed wildly. Something was happening. Something amazing. She could feel growth inside her, new physiology coming into existence to fulfill her lustful dream. Her uterus connected with her vagina and she was wracked with pleasure so intense she almost passed out.

Then it was over. Elle realized that she was wearing new, better fitting clothes. Their cut custom tailored for her build–especially her massive lower body and equally meaty dick. A sudden flood of sensations crashed over her all at once, and she reached out to her mistress as the world spun around her. Her hand on Aphrodite's arm, Elle realized the stimulation was her vagina being stretched out by something substantial that was slowly vibrating. She could vaguely remember stuffing the oblong vibrator into her pussy before she and her mistress left for the mortal world that morning. It was the ninth in a series of slowly growing phallic toys as the Goddess of Passion experimented with just how far the blessed body of her chosen pet could be pushed.

Their relationship had always been this way. As a being that was neither explicitly male or female, but had become notably gifted in both areas, Elle had curried favor with The Goddess of Passion late in her adolescence. Which is why she was not surprised when Aphrodite requested Elle become her consort in exchange for the Goddess's aide against Ares in the coming conflict. Hippolyta had come to her with the news, told Elle it was her decision. There had never been a more straightforward choice.

She and Aphrodite were bonded with chords braided from pastel threads. Palms to forearms, the Goddess, and her new companion spent nearly a week connected thus as the rope pulled tighter. Elle had been sure it would start cutting into her skin, but instead of biting into her, the soft hemp melded with her skin, leaving a pale crisscrossing tattoo on the outside of her arms and a matching one for her Goddess.

Through that bonding, Elle had been reborn. After a week of breathing in her Mistress, of feeling her every second of every day, the Amazon-turned-demi-goddess had become infused with the very essence of passion. Her already high libido and sense of pleasure had escalated into the realms of inhuman. It was only through the constant stimulation of toys clenched tight within that she was able to think about anything besides satisfying Aphrodite’s appetites as well as her own.

Confused, the new Amazon shook her head. After a moment, her actual past reasserted itself, and the feeling of vibration faded, though the tattoo remained. She realized she was looking right into the other woman’s eyes now. This close, Elle could not help but notice her benefactor had heart-shaped pupils. “You’re Aphro… No. There’s no way! That’s crazy!”

“You mortals always surprise me,” the Goddess said softly, resting her incredibly soft hand on Elle’s. “You just became a physical impossibility in an instant, your reality is warping around you, but you cannot believe I am The Goddess of Passion?”

“No, more like… I can’t believe that you’d pick me to receive such a gift…”

“Well, Diana would have wanted me to. Besides, it is not merely a gift. Remember that you are mine–body, mind, and soul for a month. I have a race of warriors to rebuild before summer is over and you are integral to that. I am sure you can already feel the necessary changes beginning.”

“Is that why I have two sets of memories?” Flashes of her wrestling with other women built much like her melded into sensual orgies. Unique among the Amazons, Elle’s existence had been one of eager experimentation. As that sense of exhibitionism settled into her very being, the feeling of vibration within her returned much more powerfully this time. Years spent training with her sisters in arms unfolded before her, and she plunged into them, letting the scars and instincts from sparing, and coitus alike etch themselves onto her body’s perpetually pale flesh.

“Yes. The memories you are experiencing are to train your body so it can handle what I require of you. Worry not, the real you should remain intact as this happens. Unless of course, you do not wish to return to your life at some point?”

Elle went to speak but instead grinned sheepishly and blushed as her transformed body shuddered with yet another mini-orgasm from the pair of chicken egg-sized vibrators deep inside her. This was her twentieth orgasm today, and it was just barely the afternoon! She was way above her normal count, then again, she was also trying to take the edge off. Being lost in lust once in a while felt great, but today was a day her mistress needed her as cognizant as possible. That required continually satiating the Aphroditian appetites which had become her own since bonding with her Goddess. Even so, the mini-orgasms only did so much. Her need was so very compelling right now that she probably could have outlasted even her Goddess through their storm of orgasms.

That memory and all its sensations faded and she almost sobbed as her mundane existence became a reality again. All the pain and loneliness closed in around her, instead of a life being loved by her family, she was once more merely that weird girl who grew up in foster care. Why in her Goddess's name would she ever want this over all that love and support?

“Actually, my Burning Passion, I’m pretty happy becoming someone else. I was already doing that, but this? This is so much better. It’s, well, divine.”

She stooped and gently grasped her Goddess's hand, then brought it to her lips. A kiss on the back of the hand became one on the knuckles as well, and soon she was sucking on Aphrodite’s middle finger with sensual tenderness. The Goddess put her other hand on her head and brushed her hair. The motion shattered her awareness, breaking it into pieces she could grab hold of. There were only a handful of things she wanted from this life, and they fit so well with her new one.

Elle felt thrilling sensations travel through her when her Goddess hummed her approval. Her past faded away, replaced by one of desire, love, and belonging. As the fragments of her melded with her new identity, they stretched and warped to fit.

Her need to be recognized, transformed into a passion for being acknowledged as the best. All the things she learned to make herself look more feminine in photos became a wealth of knowledge about photography, makeup, and fashion gleaned from decades of study. Memories of things learned thanks to growing up with the internet, made her someone irrepressibly attracted to learning and research. Debates with her Goddess and her fellows about the nature of humanity peppered her past now. Each moment brimmed with arousal from getting to interact with the sources of so many emotions. The remaining memories became an intuitive understanding of the modern world that had baffled her sisters.

The new demi-goddess opened her eyes and looked up at her Goddess. “I am ready to be yours, Aphrodite. There is nowhere else I want to be more.”

“I am glad you think so, Elle of Themyscira. Your passion will serve mine own quite well. now, let us be off, you have appointments to keep…”

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