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119 – A Chimera and A Mage

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex, Extreme Growth, Huge Sizes, Intimate Nudity, Mental Corruption, Minor Demihuman Transformation, Significant Growth and Significant Sexually-Focused Transformation

Ch.1 The Third Date (Jump to Ch.2 - Ch.3)

A new, loose-fitting light blue polo. A pair of husky-sized and calf-length brown canvas shorts. Some fun ankle socks. His favorite pair of slip-on shoes. Yes, Jeff was equipped for the night's battle of love. He was sitting on a swiveling stool and leaning back against the bar at the back of Masamune’s Grill and Bar. He had never been here before, but a friend recommended it. The smell of tex-mex Korean BBQ fusion dishes filled the air around him. The sizzle of fajitas platters served over noddles were making his mouth water. The restaurant had an overall hip, modern feel with its hand-shaped metal seating, its shimmering runestone-topped tables, and the playlist of Top 40 hits. A blue-white witch orb floated over each table, their light focused by different two-layered glass lampshades. Korean sigils that glowed in rotating neon colors floated near the joint between the walls and the ceiling, casting a shifting rainbow over the white.

The bar area was darker than the dining area. Fewer ceiling lights. There was even more neon scrollwork, however, giving the space a club-like feel. Surrounded by other twenty-somethings having a good time, Jeff tried to look cool while waiting for Basa to arrive and felt like he was half accomplishing that. From the waist up, he was the epitome of self-confident. Below that, his legs were bouncing as his feet rocked back and forth on the crossbar of the stool. His energy level was high from the anticipation. Not just of dinner, but the evening on the far side of the meal. This was going to be their third time going out, they were even going to go back to Basa’s place after eating.

Maybe, hopefully, they would get further than second base this time.

“What’ll you have, friend?”

Jeff turned to face a dusky voice and was greeted by the shining smile of a long-haired, strong-jawed individual who looked to have Shadei heritage from their pointed ears, pale hair, and glowing color-on-black eyes. In their case, the rings of their irises glowed with a soft purple. They had added a red apron to the staff uniform of a black t-shirt with the symbol of a sword across the chest and khaki shorts. Their name tag on the shoulder strap just said 'Bartender'. They were willowy, but solid-looking at the same time. The way they held themselves said they probably had some training as a Fighter or even a Monk.

In the half-light of the bar, he could not help but notice that the elvish-looking server was covered in an intricate body-length tattoo which glowed with the same light as their eyes. A central line snaked up the right side of their body, ending in a spiral on their right cheek. Below that, the light forked into similar spirals at irregular intervals. Their body art was illuminating enough to show through the cotton t-shirt, but not the khaki shorts. With that realization, Jeff noticed two things about that the otherwise anonymous bartender. One, they could not be wearing another top under their shirt since every inch of glowing tattoo was visible from the hips up, and two, they appeared to be a woman--or had boobs at the very least.

His eyes shot up from their chest and the bartender raised a pale blue eyebrow when their eyes met. “So, uh, didja want a drink, or were you just going to drink me?” they asked with a wink.

“Oh! Sorry... Yeah, I could use a drink. I’m meeting my date here for dinner and I'm....”

“Undressing me with your eyes while you wait?"

Dropping his gaze to the polished runestones of the bar, Jeff began to stammer an explanation until the bartender touched the counter in front of him. He followed the glowing spirals up to meet their eyes again. They had a half-cocked grin and their irises were a little brighter. Were they not upset?

"Look, kid, relax. I'm just yanking your chain."


Well, anyway, I’m Ambrin--she/her, by the way,” she said after they stood there not speaking for a beat. She put a wood and cork coaster down on the polished tile with a clack that pulled his attention to it. His gaze flicked back up to her grin after. “Anyway, just holler if can I get you something while you wait for your date."

“Um, actually…” He scratched at his recently trimmed beard as he looked at the ceiling. How did people usually order a beer? “What do you have on tap?”

"Let me go check, they were swapping them around at lunch."

She turned and walked towards the far end of the bar. As she stepped under one of the floating witch orbs, he gulped. The blue-white light bounced off of what appeared to be scale and not skin. The interlocking segments looked like sandstone from the way their ruddy red sparkled in the illumination. She must have had fire drake or something in her background. Then again, she did not seem to have a tail. In glancing down at her butt, Jeff realized she had rolled the cuffs up of her shorts until there was a hint of her cheeks peeking out. Godsdamn her ass was fine.

Ambrin returned a moment later. “Okay, I’ve got Dogshead Pale, Dogshead Black, Ice and Spice, and... Ellerift Twilight is still on from last month since there is a little left.”

He ordered a glass of Ellerift and handed her more than enough. Ambrin gave him a wink, and when she returned with his drink, he noticed glowing runes affixed to the curved surface of the glass. It appeared to be her number, something which was confirmed when his lips touched the rim and absorbed the magical characters. 'Just in case tonight doesn't work out, kid.'

Jeff laughed to himself and was sipping the foam over the curved edge of the glass when he saw Basa walking towards him with a smile on his long, pointed face. Like the last time he saw his boyfriend, Basa's hair was cut very tight to his scalp. A self-proclaimed chimera, Basa was mostly Scionic with a couple of other things mixed in. Some of it was parentage. Some were experiments. The only sure thing was that his deep brown skin shimmered with a touch of silver, pretty much confirming some amount of Angelene in his background.

The small, dish-like antlers were probably the biggest outlier to all of it. While the left one had been snapped off because of an accident in his youth, a brilliant golden halo hung from a point of the right. Jeff was not sure if the ring of light was real or just an accessory. Asking seemed rude, but there was a certain excitement about his date potentially being the son of an Spectral entity.

When the conversation had turned to Basa’s appearance on their first date, he had joked about being an orc in the sheets to sort of break the ice. Jeff had not understood. Sure, the mage's build was super athletic despite being only a little over five feet tall, but that level of athleticism was hardly limited to any one heritage. His genes might have given him a boost, but anyone with the dedication could get just as built.

However, after getting to second base last time, Jeff now had a pretty good idea what being an orc in the sheets meant. His date was hung. So very, very hung. Jeff had slipped his hand down Basa's pants while they made out in the bathroom of the club they had met at. At the time, it had felt like Basa had a large zucchini stuffed in his boxer briefs as a prank--and then it pulsed against Jeff's fingers. The feeling of that huge dick pushing, growing against his hand through straining cotton as they continued to kiss had stuck with Jeff all week.

Jeff stood and stooped slightly to hug his date. “Damn if you aren’t a sight for sore eyes!”

“Hey there, handsome,” Basa said as he pulled out the next stool over. “This seat taken?”

“It is now,” Jeff replied with a smile. Turning to his date, the very evident shadow which went down to the mid-point of Basa’s thigh grabbed his attention. Has he really ready for this? He gulped and sipped his beer.

The mage leaned over and nuzzled his shoulder. “While I know you’re craving dessert nearly as much as I am,” he whispered. “Do try to enjoy the main course as well, okay?”

Jeff felt a heat spread over his face. “Am I really that obvious?”

“Yes, but it’s super cute and I appreciate your adoration,” Basa kissed him and then sat forward at the bar. “Ah, Ambrin! I see my dragonscale amulet is working as expected.”

“Not quite, there are a few glitches,” she said lifting a small pewter dragon out of her shirt. The moment it stopped touching her skin, her scales seemed to melt away. Her skin underneath was a pale gray overlaid with pink, like she was recovering from a sunburn. “For one, the scales amplify the effects of the sun on my skin instead of lessening them. Which, to me, was the whole point, but there are other issues as well.”

“Noted, come by later this week and we’ll talk. I’m off the clock as of right now. Which table should we grab?”

“Any of them are fine, really,” Ambrin said as she tucked the necklace back into her shirt and the ruddy scales regrew. “It’s early so the dinner rush hasn’t hit yet.”

“Excellent. Come on, handsome, let’s get a booth and get tonight rolling!”

Their server turned out to be a pixie named Fitz. Though a bit shy, his suggestions for appetizers sounded wonderful and they had a hard time picking just one. Eventually, Jeff suggested he bring a half order of everything. Once Fitz had flitted off, Basa slumped down, his head in his hands and his halo jingling on his horns. “I can’t believe I probably made things worse for her.”

“You tried right?” Jeff reached out and brushed Basa’s arm. “I mean, I have no idea how magic works, but turning someone partially into a dragon seems difficult.”

“It’s all in the formula really. After the initial spark, the world’s latent energy does the work... most of the time at least.”

“What do you mean?” Jeff loved hearing about magic. It was ubiquitous, but also inscrutable. Jeff knew how to browse the Web and play games. There were a few other programs from work that he knew quite well. On the whole, though, it was not like he knew any of it worked.

“Well, just like anything mechanical, a spell gets worn down after being used for so long...”

Jeff continued to ask questions about magic, drawing Basa more and more out of his shell as he tapped into the mage’s intense passion for his craft. More than two hours had passed by the time they left. They held hands as they walked to the Lev station a few blocks over.

"You still up for coming over?" Basa asked when they got there. "I would understand if you were-"

Jeff raised his hands and waved them slightly. "No, no, I'm definitely up for heading back to your place," he said before leaning into a kiss which Basa returned.

Ch.2 The Mage's Sanctum

A few Lev stops and half a block later they walked through the door into Basa's loft apartment. The far wall was two floors of nothing but solid glass looking back east to downtown New Chicago. A pair of broad curtains hung to either side, and it was likely that they could block out sunlight.

“It’s so much bigger than my place and this view! I’ve never seen the skyline from this end of town before.”

Basa laughed and wrapped his arms around Jeff's waist. “Come on, there’s more. Just make sure to take your shoes off.”

The first floor was dominated by a huge kitchen and a decadent bathroom. The loft was much more spartan, with a simple queen-sized mattress on an unfinished wood frame, a bookshelf stuffed with paperback books, and a chest of drawers. The wall to the left of the stairs had a door drawn onto it with shimmering ink.

“Is your lab not here?" Jeff asked. "I thought you worked from home.”

“Oh, it is. You’re looking at the door into it.” Basa reached for the painted door and his hand gripped the two-dimensional door handle. Pulling back, an actual door rose out of the wall, beyond it was a large space filled with wooden benches and half-opened shipping crates. The mage stepped through, hanging his halo on a coat-tree hook like it was a hat.

“Well? What are you waiting for? Welcome to my sanctum.”

Jeff felt the world around him stretch out when he tried to step through the doorway. The sensation felt like being pulled back in a slingshot, something which was only reinforced by the way he rushed forward all of a sudden like the elastic band had been released. The feeling of hurtling forward only lasted a few seconds, but he was still gasping and uneasy when hit feet his solid ground again.

“Whoa,” he said as he stumbled and leaned on a workbench.

“Oh, my gods! I’m so sorry, I completely forgot you had probably never traveled like that before.”

“I’m okay. Just give me a sec.” Jeff focused on the workbench to stop the world from spinning. The surface was covered in scraps of paper with complex circles scrawled on them. The same one, over and over again. Finally, Jeff felt like he could stand up again.

“There’s a lot here…”

“Much of it is stuff I mean to come back to," Basa said his arms raised as he turned. "That’s the nature of things, really. I come up with a neat idea, work on it, but it just never pans out because I end up working on something I can get out the door right now to pay the bills.”

“I suppose that’s one thing my desk job has going for it. While I always have projects to track and talk about in frankly meaningless meetings, it lends itself to a consistency you don’t have the luxury of enjoying.”

“That won’t be the case soon. Here, come look.”

A mass of glass and rubber tubing sat on a nearby table. A stone that seemed to be bleeding from etchings on its surface hung at one end. A clear but blue liquid pulsed through the system between that and the bulbous ending chamber. “What is all this?”

“This is my attempt at a liquid enchantment. It utilizes the user’s conceptual ideals to cast a slight beautification spell. When rubbed on the skin like lotion, its effects could last for more than a week.”

“Is it an illusion?”

“Not at all. Undiluted, a few drops empower the spell enough that it allows the user to transform entirely into someone or something else. It was the basis for the same spell embedded in Ambrin’s necklace. Which speaks to how complete it already is.”

“Wait, how the hells can a couple of drops do all that?”

“Are you familiar with holograms?”

“Those cards that you can tilt back and forth to make an image move?”

“Exactly those. Now, every angle of that tilt motion is actually a slice, a single image of that animation. Each slice, taken on its own, is still mostly the whole image, or at least a discernable version of it. This spell is sort of like that.”

“Magic is so cool! Can I try it out?”

“Well, I haven’t figured out a good base for it yet, so…”

“...would it be safe to mix into a drink?”

“You know, I’m not really sure…”

Moments later, they were pouring drops of the liquid spell into a fruit punch wine cooler. Instead of the blue vanishing into the red wine, the entire drink became a reddish-purple that emitted a light blue glow. Jeff shuddered with anticipation as he lifted the beverage to his lips.

The drink had just come out of the fridge, but the glass was ice cold against his skin. The magical additive was sickeningly sweet, overpowering even the cheap alcohol. Despite that, he found himself still drinking after the first swig. In fact, the more he drank, the better the taste became. Simply gulping it down was suddenly too slow. He leaned back, putting his hand on the counter to balance as he began to loudly chug the contents of the bottle. A single drop rolled down his cheek and neck to get soaked up by his shirt. It was the only drop to escape him.

In what felt like an instant the bottle was empty and he slammed it on the counter with a gasp that turned into a burp. Aside from being out of breath, he did not feel any different. How did the spell work again? Something about the user’s conception of beauty, right? He had never really thought about being different. Sure, he was a little bigger and taller than average, but that had never been something he disliked about himself.

Unbidden, the feeling of Basa’s massive schlong pressing into his fingers crossed his mind. What would it feel like to be that hung? A chill rose from the pit of his stomach and what could only be described as a minty tingle spread through his body. His dick began to thicken, the root spreading out to take up more real estate on his crotch in preparation for the growth spurt it was about to have.

"Fuck! I'm--"

"Getting bigger?" Basa asked, a hand on the small of Jeff's back.

"Yeah... Feels good."

Amazed at the feeling of his penis bulging out into the stretch cotton of his boxer briefs, Jeff wondered if things could go further. Not sure how else to make the spell work, his mind went to the massive, masculine balls of the minotaur he had sucked off in gym showers a few weeks back. How they felt in his hands as he cradled them. Their weight, the soft fur which covered them, how they thwacked into his chin once things got to their climax.

There was a jolt when the growth started this time, a wave of chilling sensation that echoed throughout his body while his testes began to expand down into his underwear. The mound behind his balls pushed outward with a gurgle that vibrated his thighs. Then there was a tickling sensation as a thin coat of fur spread down from the mound to envelop his tightening sack. The spread of fur continued, creeping up his body from his crotch. As that happened, the skin around the base of his cock began to flow up and around his half-hard penis, giving his shaft a sheath just like the minotaur's had.

The potion was recreating his partner's cock from his memory. He could feel the veins of his member inflating, crawling down his still growing and hidden length. Each one was no doubt positioned where they had pressed into the roof of his mouth and his tongue. Could he... could he surpass this cloned cock maybe?

Jeff tried to imagine what a cock twenty percent bigger would have felt like. He could almost feel it sliding even further down his throat. The same sense of gagging gripped him and passed before his body could react. The chill swept over him again before his jaw began to hurt like it had been forced wider than it should have been. Inside his sheathe, the rounded head of his dick began to flare, to spread out. Jeff shuddered as he felt his erection emerging. It pushed into his boxers and pants and then laid flat just under his gut and continued to grow towards his hip.

Basa pressed his chest into Jeff's back and wrapped his arms around Jeff's waist. The mage's lips were at Jeff's ear. "Yes, that's it. Show me your ideal. Show me everything."

Jeff's hands pressed against the counter for balance as he bent to put his butt out a little. The heat of Basa's dick seeped through the fabric between them. Jeff's craving for more of that gave rise to another chill which made his breath visible as he began to pant. He felt a quiver run back along his hips from his balls to his glutes. Then, though he was not moving, his ass was pushing back on Basa. His hips, too, were widening against his shorts.

Meanwhile, Baba's hands slid down, following the curve of Jeff's muscle gut until his fingers slipped between Jeff's shorts and his skin. His fingers gripped Jeff's transformed penis and gasped. "Incredible... I had no idea this was possible..."

His lover's hands rubbing Jeff's expanding endowments made him groan and want to grow even more. The chill of the spell kicked up, now intertwined with the ever-increasing burn of more and more androgens flooding his system. He had to get bigger. His balls surged larger, making the seams of his underwear cut into his fur. Bigger! His butt rose like bread behind him like pale loaves peeking out of their pans. Even bigger! Thanks to his wider hips it seemed, there was now enough room for the circumference of his dick to gain another inch or more. More girth meant more stiffness and his cock forced its way up and out of his shorts between Basa's hands.

Basa groaned in his ear as he wedged his thumbs between Jeff's gut and shaft. "Jeff... I... No words..."

"Oh, yes..." Bigger. Stronger. More! That he was already big enough to loom over his lover was of no consequence. He had to show Basa that his spell was perfect. At least that was what he told himself to justify the roar in his ears which called for something more extreme. Desperate to exceed his influenced expectations, Jeff cast his mind back into his past, looking for other outstanding people to visualize.

Someone far bigger than him loomed out of his memories. Kazani. The massive, two-dicked oni woman who had topped him so hard that he fell in love with being a sub. The spell latched onto those sense memories and his body began to grow in all directions. Yes! That was right! He was going to grow until he exceeded her in every physical way!

His stance slid out as his legs lengthened, his loose shorts were getting restrictive between his expanding balls and thighs, the waistband cut into his sheathe. Closer to the floor, his shoe size went up and up until his toes pushed through his socks. As an added benefit, his increasing stature raised his cock higher in relation to Basa. The button on his shorts popped, releasing the pressure on his dick and cheeks. Basa gripped tighter and began to stroke.

That exact level of touch was like reaching the top of the first hill of a roller coaster and peering over the front at the earth far below. He relaxed into the feeling of hands sliding up and down his pole. There was a moment's pause, and then, released from the lifting chain, Jeff's imitating growth went wild. With most of his focus on the sensations from his enhanced dick, his mind was plyable. Unrestrained by his awareness, the spell pulled on everything it could, synthesizing a version of him that was everything he ever wanted about his partners' bodies and then exaggerating it a bit more.

He bulked up in Basa's embrace, the transformational magic somehow packing on more poundage from out of thin air. He grew taller again, his butt now even with Basa's stomach. Unable to deal with his quads getting even bigger, the seams on the legs of his shorts came apart at the cuff and tore all the way to his hips. His balls were distorting the front of his shorts as well, their curves rising from between the open zipper like a pair of fake tits. They were so firm it looked like he had two billiard balls stuffed in his pants. Another growth spurt from his ass finished off his shorts, revealing just how little was left of his boxers. The fabric was tearing away from the seams as bulging sack fought for freedom.

Also at its limit, the brand new polo had slipped up over his tummy and was barely holding on as his upper body continued to evolve his ever more super strongman physique. His neck, his waist, his thighs, his biceps--hells, everything about him was so fucking thick! His swollen pecs were like tits as they projected more than three inches from his chest. His rotund tummy belied the new further enhanced strength of his core.

Turning to face Basa, Jeff's fat and wide ass slid over the counter in a surge of new sensations that translated to his stones finally swelling themselves free of his tattered underwear. Naked now, he bathed in the wonder on his date's face as he looked up from just above Jeff's absurd fuckstick.

"Jeff... I... fuck. How big are you?"

"Uh... Based on your height, I'm probably six-eleven?"

"Six inches in six minutes? That's beyond anything I could have forecasted! Your weight, too, it's..." His gaze flittered about, taking in as much of Jeff as he could.

"I was two-sixty. I have to be twice that now."

"That's simply incredible. Amazing work, stud."

Had it been any other time, that praise would have left his subby brain a mess. However, there was no room for that. His brain's receptors were swamped with sex hormones. Even so, he was still a submissive. Being twice his partner's size only emphasized his respect and obedience towards them. At this point, he was focused on just one thing: serving Basa.

"Did you, uh," Basa began before looking overwhelmed. He took a deep breath and nodded to himself. "Shall we move on to dessert?"

Ch.3 And now, Dessert

Jeff could not get Basa’s pants off fast enough. His thicker fingers fumbled with the button, but he finally just tugged at the waistband. Pants and underwear alike jerked and tore away. Basa stumbled back to his sofa and collapsed on it. Jeff got the first glimpse of his date’s cock then. It was utterly unscionic in every sense of the word. It looked like over-lapping layers of purple scale. The limb emerged from Basa's crotch clutched by a short collar of silver-swirled skin. It was thick, his shaft built like three gun barrels lashed together and the impressive network of veins were the binding holding them together.

Although already surprised by this development, Jeff was unable to fathom how much the bottom barrel curved out and away before bending back upward. The curve was so extreme that the bottom side's ridge projected out to give the member a dome-like peak. There were flat flaps down the underside and Jeff had a feeling they would expand as things proceeded. There was no obvious division between his glans and his shaft besides how the forward-most scale had small nubs around its edge. Judging by the downward curve of his dick, he had risen to half-mast.

Eager as a newly manifested succubus, Jeff wasted no time in kneeling between Basa's knees and kissing the prominent bump at the front of his cock. He was rewarded with a twitch that made the seam even more pronounced. Jeff lifted Basa's sauran-seeming dick and ran his lips over that plump underside ridge. A salty tang danced over his tongue, mixing with his date’s surprisingly light and airy musk. His mouth slid down and back like the pumped up seam were a rail and he a train. Each pass took a little longer and he estimated Basa's cock had to be more than thirteen inches already and it seemed like more was somehow emerging from within.

Speaking of huge dicks, his was had grown until the flared head was resting on the floor between his bulky thighs. It almost vanished beneath the high bottom of the sofa. He could sit on his balls now, was sitting on them, actually. The spread of fur had reached his chest, rising between his pecs and then spreading out over his chest.

Feeling desperate, Jeff scooted back so that he could attempt to tackle swallowing Basa down. In the time since Jeff started teasing, the three barreled-shape of Basa's dick had grown even more evident. The edges of each scale-like segment had risen as blood pumped in. Between the seams and the scales, there was a hint of a purple-black glow. Glancing down, his sack was starting to glow with the same color.

Jeff put his lips to the tip and ran his tongue over and around the dome-shaped end. He tried to fit his mouth around more than the club-like end, but his jaw refused to open any further. The already colossal drive to show Basa just how effective his spell could be melded with Jeff's frustration. He wanted, more than anything, to have a body that could handle that cock. He wanted that monster inside him.

There was a flash of that time Heidi, a witch with a mile-wide perverted streak and his last ex, enchanted his cock until it was big enough to be laying on his chest as pre-cum flowed down over his shoulder. How had she handled his monster? What had she done? Already his hands were changing to imitate hers even as he tried to remember the feeling of her stretching around him like she was some sort of living condom. His extremities began to tingle, his forearms slimmed down,  taking on a more tapered shape. The feeling of his mass shifting was sort of like pulling on a pair of very tight gloves.

His large, but mostly untoned biceps and shoulders twitched several times as their shape grew more defined but their overall size shrank as well. Some of that mass seemed to flow over and into his torso as his gut pushed out over his thighs. Other amounts of it had to be burning off from how overheated he was starting to feel. Sweat was pouring off his mountainous, fur-covered pecs now, the flow washing down his thick muscley-chubby tummy and his throbbing, churning balls.

As his mind focused on those descending sensations, a gurgle in his tummy preceded the feeling of about half of his muscle-chub sliding down his body. Hips that had seen a little growth before now swelled outwards into a flared, pear-like shape. His already prominent butt spread out even more. Growing further and further from his body until it pushed against the coffee table. Undeterred by this, it began to flow over and around the obstacle as his cheeks plumped with fat and muscle alike.

So too, were his legs changing in much the same way as his arms had, only they seemed to be taking on the migrated thickness instead of relinquishing it. Once the chill of the potion was down spreading his hips out far enough that they were pressing into Basa's legs, the rest of migrating mass hit his thighs. It seeped into has quads, doubling, even tripling their size and mass until they matched up with hips and an ass that should have been impossible. His calves grew larger and more defined, the swelling muscles pushing against his thunder thighs. The growth was so extreme that it made the skin around the back of his legs burn.

Then something unexpected happened. Jeff felt a stretching feeling spread over his chest as some of his mass migrated upward instead. Bit by bit his soft pecs became firm and very warm. With each twitch of his absurd fantasy cock that happened, the weight of his burgeoning bust increased until he had tits which would, no doubt, be much more than handfuls. Although he knew it was not how anatomy worked, it almost felt like his pecs had been warped and stretched out to encompass the fat of his breasts and give them a fullness that should have not been possible.

What was happening? Why was he becoming a woman? Was it because of what he had focused on or was his increased sex drive somehow the cause for the impending reversal of his sexual characteristics? Would he change back? What if he was stuck this way?

As he tried to figure it out, Heidi popped into his mind again. All of a sudden, even as he struggled to suck on Basa's cock, it felt like he was between her legs once more, his lips around her clit. The memories of her fat, needy pussy flooded his awareness. The taste, the feel, the wetness, the way it twitched when she came. The way it looked behind a cock. That time she gave herself a second one. Every little thing bubbled up and the chill grip of the potion grew all-encompassing as the memory grew in intensity. He made a sound that was somewhere between a moan and a groan as bubbles of pleasure began to burst in his mind.

His entire crotch was throbbing in empathy with the remembered sensations. He could feel fat forming beneath the skin around his bestial shaft. That swollen mound behind his balls grew even more prominent. Without any further stimulation, his balls clenched and he fired off a load that splattered across the floor under the couch all the way to the windows. With that explosion, however, he could feel his cock shrinking. His bushy hair began to retreat down his torso, lightened on his legs and arms.

The desperate desire he was feeling about sucking cock seemed to have the spell drawing on all the women and bois who had done the same to him--and, perhaps more strongly, all the times he had been transformed to service Heidi. With each pulsing cumshot, more of him shifted from masculine to feminine. He told himself he wanted to stop, but he kept thinking of the sex witch and everything they had done together. Without question, the times she made him a woman were the ones Jeff enjoyed most. One after another, again and again, he came and, like a flashbulb, his mind was overwhelmed with another moment of wanting to be her slut. It was so much that his could only nuzzle where Basa's cock met his balls, as more cum than he thought possible burst forth from his less and less hyper-masculine dick.

Finally, after more orgasms than Jeff could count, his penis was smaller than it had been when this started and pre-cum was rolling down his leg to pool around his knees. The fattening flesh of his pelvis began to rise further and his masculine sex shrank further until it was withdrawn inside of him against the front of his plump, gaping pussy. The tide of fluid down his legs remained unchanged. He was beyond horny after all. His concerns about being stuck a woman began to fade. Even if he was stuck in this body, he knew he could be happy.

Sitting back, he tried to take Basa again. Lips with more plump than Heidi had ever employed spread around Basa’s head this time. A throat and mouth made much more accepting with a hint of elastic and latex swallowed an astonishing amount of his date's maxed-out shaft. A tongue as dexterous as any he had known caressed the raised underside and the inflated spines. A deep but feminine moan vibrated his chest while he enjoyed the feeling of his date’s twitching cock and the first salty tastes that promised more.

Jeff pressed the fingers of his free hand to what had been his dick and began to rub his clit in circles. The stimulation was just as good and intense as he remembered. The harder he pushed, the amount of Basa's cock he could handle kept going up. Basa was moaning, was praising him, but Jeff only heard that in one ear. Heidi whispered in the other, cheering him on, offering him advice on how else to transform. His hair was growing longer, spreading over down his back in a silky cascade. The last exaggerated aspects of his hyper-masculine musculature receded, leaving him looking like a fitness model who did a bit more bodybuilding than usual.

Basa's fingers tangled in Jeff's lengthened hair and tugged. Ridge after scaled ridge slid down Jeff's throat. Even Heidi's most outlandish toys had never come close. It was only then, as he half gagged, Jeff realized that cum was not just flowing from the tip of Basa's cock, but the entire length. His lips reached Basa's crotch, and the frilled forward-most scale was filling Jeff's throat. More and more of the tacky substance leaked into Jeff's mouth. It felt like he was going to drown in cum. His awareness faltered as he lost consciousness.

Where was he? Who was he? Wait, 'He'? Well, that was all wrong. She had always been 'she', right? Her name was... Jaya.

Out of nowhere, a lightning bolt of an orgasm hit Jaya and jolted her back to alertness. Stunned, Jeff sat back and let Basa's cock slip from his mouth--all seventeen inches of it. A string of spit and cum connected her(?) and his(?) date. It was such a wonderful sight, but there was something else, something pressing, that needed to be checked.

Jeff reached for her--their--phone. Holding it up, he--they--hardly recognized themselves for some reason. There was a hint in their mind that this had only become their face recently. Although that made sense, Heidi had given them this face. Only, now it was more intense. Their cheekbones were more prominent, their jawbone and chin more refined. Why were they having trouble remembering who they were though? They were...

“Jeff? You okay?”

“I guess? I feel great honestly.” Still confused, they found themselves caressing Basa’s cock once more, their new, more nimble fingers kneading the still inflated scales. The attention had the mage back to fully hard in no time flat.

“For now, I’m going to enjoy this,” they said, pushing their hair behind their ear. “Just... call me Jaya until I change back, k?”

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