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162 – An Interview

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Complete Demihuman Transformation, Consensual Participation, Extreme Growth, Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation, Foreplay, Huge Sizes, Implied Rape, Intimate Nudity, Malicious Non-Consensual Participation, Mental Corruption, Physical Corruption, References to Sex, Sexual Violence and Significant Growth

Garnsey shifted in her seat as the warrior princess realized that she had just spent five minutes elaborating how being a daemon hunter made her uniquely qualified to be a liaison between the Imperium and what free sectors remained of her home plane. The lithe elf maiden realized this was like trying to tell a dragon that her stealing its treasure made her a great gatekeeper. She looked down and her clenched hands, her minty green flesh pale around her knuckles. Not that her identity was a mystery, Hythena knew her face from that night in the palace when her world fell to their forces.

The painfully sexy charcoal-skinned demoness sitting across from her at the glass-top table raised an eyebrow above eyes that were solid, golden disks and quirked her fat, purple lips into a wry smile. She stroked her broad chin with lazuli-scaled claws. Behind her shirt, swollen mounds that seemed to be moving capped tits whose plump, full mass rested on the table before flowing down into her lap. Garnsey swallowed, trying to fight the feeling of attraction rising in her chest. How could she find someone--something--so far removed from the realms of rationality worthy of her consideration? Why was she not halfway to the daemoness' throat?

Finally, Hythena spoke. “Well, my elvish lady, it certainly sounds like you know how everything works and have survived to talk about it…”


“I know who you are, Princess Garnsey of House Fulthorn, and I am… reticent to believe your assertion that you wish to work with us is the truth and not a ploy to–”

“That’s just it, I have seen. I know, like few others do, exactly what your daemonic forces are capable of.”

“I suppose you are," Hythena said, her tone dismissive as she looked at her scale-covered fingers. "So you want to… what? Hope that you can garner some goodwill and keep some small part of your world safe from us? You value yourself too highly, little one. We already have your sisters, your brother. In a week's time, this world will be utterly ours.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, dread Hythena. I have this.” Garnsey grinned before pulling out a vial of milky fluid that crackled with power. There was enough there for two good swallows.

“Is that Lord Taulic’s cum? How did you come by this?”

“Fresh from the hose, as it were." She had taken great pains to secure some of the excess left behind. Since then, she had heard a voice whispering in her ear entreating her to drink. "Yes, I carried the seed of the demon lord closest to Heaven and remained sane enough to not become a thrall. Much like yourself, I’d wager…”

Hythena coughed. “I see. Well then, if you really want to be one of us…"

"I do!" It was a bluff, but it felt like the truth, too. She would love to serve Hythena, would she not? After all, if she gave in, she would be tasked with providing pleasure to this great daemoness--and it was likely Hythen would afford her most autonomy than Taulic.

"Well, in that case," Hythena uncrossed her arms and sat up. "I’ll need you to guzzle every last drop of that spunk to prove it.”

“What?" Garnsey's ears drooped. Like a whisper, she could hear Taulic's groans as he claimed her sisters for his own. Do it. Turn yourself. Admit you want the power, the lust. "No! I… I can’t! There’s…”

“No way you can tempt fate twice?" Hythena suggested with a laugh dark as midnight. "Of course not. Still, either you drink that or I kill you. Either way, I know you are no longer a threat.”

Faced with the worst no-win situation, Garnsey pulled the stopper out of the vial. The sounds of enthusiastic sex flooded her senses. All of a sudden, she was back in her hiding place above the royal hall. Her brother had already turned, corrupted by a daemoness with more manhood than a dozen elf lords. The army followed him despite his monstrous appearance and two soldiers tossed her sisters to the floor before Taulic, who felt like he was sex-made-flesh. His tails took Kyrina, and Telethia choked on his absurd cock. Their bodies warped and their cries became moans. She had been unable to watch after that, but the corrupted voices of her sisters swirled around her. Join us, Garnsey, they beckoned. Give yourself over to the power closest to Heaven.

Hythena rose and walked around the table. She tugged at a scale near the edge of her gauntlet-like claws and pushed it into the crackling spunk. The white fluid went blue and the harsh feeling of ownership it had been emitting morphed into something far more complex. Had the daemoness shown her some measure of mercy?

"Well, Princess Garnsey? Do you want to die alone or live as my thrall?" Hythena's tail wrapped around Garnsey's waist and slithered over her leather breastplate. The scaled tip pressed into her throat.

Unable to do anything else, Garnsey put the vial to her lips and threw her head back. The taste was far more wonderful than she expected. The feeling of Hythena’s will burning through her was a level of pleasure which was almost unfathomable. The feel of the daemoness' claws reaching into Garnsey's very being and dragging her darkness up from depths left the elf's knees quaking. She was only standing because of Hythena.

The daemoness' shining fingers were undoing the buttons on her top. The sight of mouths at the peak of each boob was so hot and yet, unnatural. Garnsey knew she should have been trying to back away, but was limp in the demoness’ coils as her face was nearly engulfed by the pillowy soft mass of purple flesh.

Whether it was salvia or milk, the fluid tasted like what had been in the vial and Garnsey found herself gulping it down as her body began throbbing with more and more power. Her hips spread as her butt swelled. Then there was a tickling feeling as something began to push out from her back. All of a sudden she had a second pair of arms, her four hands caressing the great curves before her. She expected to develop tits of equal size, but instead found her lower body thickening as her ass continued to grow until her thighs were each probably as big around as her waist was. Like with her extra arms, there was a pressure and then awareness as she sprouted a thick, powerful tail with a diamond-like fin on the end.

Hythena grabbed her subordinate's new appendage and shoved it into her other lipple. The pair shared a deep moan as the combined sensation of penetration and being enveloped crashed over them. The next thing she was aware of, Garnsey was on her back and had her tail between her legs like a cock and Hythena was riding her with abandon.  The demoness’s labia were similarly swollen to her lips, making each impact wet, squishy, and intense. They kept going, on and on, and Garnsey kept growing stronger. Hythena’s influence was just as corrupting as her lord’s and with every second of coitus, the elf turned more and more into the demoness’ ideal submissive. Her four, six-fingered hands were starting to sprout scales, her ankles cracked as her heel bones reformed into spikes that were each five inches long. Her cock-like tail grew thicker and longer, the diamond-shaped tip filling her mistress' snatch like a fist.

Hythena's pace increased and Garnsey's tail developed nubs to better please her mistress, and the nodules of scale were each as sensitive as Garnsey's clit. Overfilled with sexual energy, the corrupted princess was loving every minute of her fall. Her tail swelled and then shrank in a wave. Something gushed out of the end which made Hythena stop moving as she rubbed her belly. In the pause, two more matching tails grew in and Garnsey sank them into Hythea’s moaning, drooling tits.

"Yes, that's it, my apprentice, satisfy me to save yourself. This might be the last time you ever feel the embrace of a partner who can match your swelling appetite."

It was true, despite having cum in a fashion, Garnsey's body craved more sex. In a surge of power, the muscles in her arms and shoulders grew a considerable amount. She pushed up off the floor and forced Hythena to switch positions. Now the daemoness was on her back, cradling her gigantic tits and rubbing her massive clit with both hands. One set of Garnsey's arms gripped her ankles, and the other grabbed her thighs. The fallen elf pulled back far enough to coil her other tails around her club-like one before starting to plow Hythena with a fervor that, somewhere in the back of her mind, scared her. While it seemed like she had the power at that moment, Hythena's voice was directing her, goading her, pushing her to further darkness and depravity. Falling into a rhythm that would have made the forge masters envious, she fucked and came and grew over and over.

When all was said and done, her skin tone had darkened from a bright green to something more at home in the deep forest. Her demonic scales matched her sire’s Azure hue, giving her a striking contrast. Her lower body was so wide that even her lower arms could not reach the outside edge of her hips. Her ass and thighs were built for the endless stamina she had sought at Hythena's behest.

“Well,” she asked, looking up at her mistress, her moon, her everything, through half-open eyes from her kneeling position. “Have I proven myself?"

"For now, yes, but I will require further evidence of your loyalty this evening. We have only just begun, my dear princess..."

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