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167 – Compassionate Domination

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for BDSM Elements, Consensual Participation, Explicit Sex, Foreplay, Intimate Nudity, Large Sizes, Rough Sex and Size Difference

Being bound wrists and ankles to a metal sawhorse was not what Lily expected out of this booty call, but this had been her life for a while now. She, a straight-laced Catholic girl from Michigan who had never even gone down on a guy or had a crush on a girl, had not expected to end up working at a fetish film studio and club--or getting off on being a professional submissive. She, who had never even considered having sex before marriage, had never expected to be on the edge of orgasm for multiple hours at a time almost every night for the entertainment of others. She, who had never been on a date, did not expect someone like Amara to enter her life. She, who was frankly unremarkable, had not expected the veritable Amazon Princess in her lit class to ask her out. Also, she hated to admit it, even now, but she had also never anticipated that she would think of someone born with a penis as a woman--much less that she would fall madly in love with them.

Hell, to be perfectly fucking honest, she had never expected to be so fulfilled in a relationship period, queer or not. Her parents pretty much hated each other, and her brothers were both dogs to their wives. So it had seemed inevitable that she would end up another sweatpants-wearing drone of a mother driving a mini-van to and from activities for her two-point-five children.

Being with Amara had shattered all of that.

Her near-superhuman girlfriend defied expectations in every conceivable way. Amara was more confident than a whole football team, more charming than a dozen pick up artists, more caring than a whole platoon of field medics, and more understanding than a hundred kung-fu senseis. Sometimes, she smelled of fresh baked goods and flowers while she made Lily eat her ass. Others, the musky, intrusive smell of engine oil dripped from her skin while she wrapped her huge hands around Lily's neck and plowed her. Honestly, Amara seemed... unreal in her exaggeration. It was as if she had been summoned by magic from the jumbled pages of several fetish comics plus an issue or two of Wonder Woman, and then synthesized into the combined total of each and every attribute.

However, beyond that there had been an accident which improved what was already there and then some, Lily had not yet found out why Amara was this super butch, trans feminine goddess. It was no surprise after the way she had acted the first time Amara opened up about her past.

Besides, regardless of cause, Amara was Amara. From her mass of black curls that fell to her shoulder blades down to the thick and heavy equine cock currently stuffed more than half-way down Lily's throat, Amara was the perfect woman for her.

Sure, fine, she was fetishizing her girlfriend’s massive dick again, but how could she not in the moment? Amara was just so goddam... manly.

The depth and size of her voice made Lily's whole body vibrate. The way her perpetually tanned, sweat-soaked Olympian body glowed after a session or a workout was burned into Lily's memory. The way her unruly, rainbow-dyed bush spread over her entire pelvis and then trailed upwards to her cut abs in a way that could only be described as 'hunky'.

Not to mention how she was so fucking big and so fucking strong that Lily felt tiny--was tiny--in comparison--but protected, too. Amara was a safe harbor in a world that seemed ever more hostile as Lily got more vocal about being a kinky-as-hell pansexual. Since Lily had arrived three hours ago, starved for touch and affection, Amara had showered her with attention. It was a relief after a stressful weekend back home and helped her get into the mindset for what was to come as she began to reciprocate.

Lily had been with a lot of dominant guys at work, guys somehow more physically imposing than Amara, guys who used her more roughly or degraded her more, but Lily could tell she was just a thing to them. No guy had ever used her like Amara did--or loved her like Amara did either.

Even now, while cum as thick as pudding dripped from her jaw and nose, while even more sloshed inside her, Lily could feel respect sinking through her dominant’s controlling grasp in her long hair. Amara was always engaged with her. She told Lily she was being a good girl, she kept catching Lily's eyes looking for the signs that she had gone too far. Even though they had never fucked like this before, Lily knew Amara would stop if she asked. Further, it was a given that, after the scene, Amara would give her a facial massage when they took a candle-lit lavender bath together. Feeling cherished and loved, she would relax into the warm embrace of a woman nearly twice her size and find peace.

Suddenly, her donkey-dicked girlfriend gripped the back of Lily's head and shoved her impossible member down Lily's throat until Lily’s nose was buried in her springy and cum-soaked bush. Lily's eyes rolled back as the prominent ridge of Amara’s flared cock spread her throat open. Tears began to form in her eyes from the burn of suffocation and Amara's dick was swelling even more while the last bit of pressure built! The way Amara kept growing forced Lily's aching jaw even wider. Like before, just the precum alone was flooding her stomach as Amara’s inhumanly massive release drew close. The burn, the deprivation, the stretching, all of it felt so good that Lily never wanted it to end. When the world began to darken, however, Lily clenched the button to signal she had reached her limit.

An old police siren squawked as red light filled the room in Amara's basement suite.

Amara stumbled back, a sheepish look on her face as her throbbing shaft pumped out several more heavy gouts of cum onto Lily’s face and hair as well as the floor. Lily coughed and even more cum splattered the floor below her.

“Sorry… It–It just felt so good…” Amara was always so bashful right when a scene ended as if she were embarrassed by how far things had gone.

“It’s okay,” Lily gasped. “You just surprised me is all. I’ll be ready for more in a moment, ma’am.”

Amarna knelt so their eyes were on the same level, her hand engulfed Lily's shoulder. “Are you really sure you want to continue, my flower?”

“Yeah, just… just give me a moment.”

Lily shifted against the body warmed metal. Her pumped up stomach and pelvis were starting to ache from her entire body’s weight being balanced on a steel rail only a couple of inches wide. Even so, the work gravity and her bonds were doing on her throbbing pussy had her rocking her hips against the make-shift saddle.

“What about this bothers you most?” Amara asked, her expression devoid of anything but concern for her girlfriend's well being.

“Honestly? You’ve just got the ropes too tight.”

“So it’s–”

“–Not your wonderful dick, no, or how rough you’re being either. Just not used to this, uh, arrangement.

“Then why don’t we move to the bed and pick up there?” Amara suggested, starting to undo Lily's wrist.

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