191 – Devil with a Greed Tattoo

A Glimpse into a A Present Fantasy

She had been clueless about what the Hebrew symbols meant, they were just something that had looked cool in an anime. Yet, after a nightmarish evening, it seemed that those five characters contained a power she could draw on. Now, with 'Greed' branded upon her, she is being transformed into something... Read More of 191 РDevil with a Greed Tattoo

192 – A New Found Thirst

A Glimpse into a A Present Fantasy

You find yourself invited out to a remission party for a friend, only to find out that her miraculous recovery might have not been what you were expecting. She is not just healthy again, but utterly transformed. You cannot stop staring at her bust which jiggles too much to be Read More of 192 – A New Found Thirst

181 – Coincidences of Lust

Another fine fiction powered by Comicbook Science

Legends speak of a goddess from Vanaheim whose appetites could not even be satisfied by lives of one hundred men. Called a succubus by those who survived coupling with her, summoning her is considered a trial by combat. But everyone is bound to find someone who can match them, right?