Misty F Fiction

A Story Setting: Eros Corp.

Features stories which are set in a contemporary world, much like ours, except for the presence of the Eros Corporation, a pharmaceuticals firm which makes products related to affecting or altering one’s gender.

226 – Revised Age

Jean Hughfort, a woman with a long lifetime of many accomplishments, takes a risk on a new “reverse-aging” cream that claims to provide the user with increased vitality and vigor. Spoilers: it works.

113 – Self-Discovery is a Helluva Drug

Tonight was the night the rest of their lives began. After months of changes and training, the tall but shy guy in IT has become a confident, sexy woman who has stolen Meredith's heart. She had expected to get a lap dog, but, honestly, this is better...

197 – On Top of Everything

A year has passed since a woman's boss attempted to turn her into his perfect fuck toy--only to find himself at her mercy when the intelligence diminishing aspect of the drug worked in reverse and made her a super-genius. Although she is successful, happy, and surrounded by loving friends, there are still times where she finds herself wondering what tomorrow will bring...

183 – Clearance Candies

The best thing about the day after a holiday is getting all the clearance candies. Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? Warning: Extreme Transformations ahead!

144 – Z-Gene

Out of the blue, a man in his twenties has started to transform whenever he is aroused and he soon discovers his condition is due to the "Z-Gene" mutation. During an already trying time in his life, he didn't need an identity crisis as well...

081 – A Birthday On Camera

It was Zoey's birthday and her girlfriend wanted to do something for her. So she got in touch with a mutual friend who has some... reality altering abilities. Warning:Extreme transformations ahead

059 – Petting the Cat

When she signed up for the trial of a drug claiming to be “Women’s Viagra” Lynn figured it was just an excuse to get paid for masturbating. She never expected it to work.

051 – Infused With Alteration

Eros brand shampoo is guaranteed to make your hair, and the rest of you, look great! Warning, incorrect use can lead to dramatic changes in appearance. Ensure you are using the correct product before purchase.

037 – Together Again

A divorced couple drops their daughter off her new dorm at the college a few towns over. Then, they have a conversation about where to go next, which takes an interesting turn... Warning: Altersex Content Ahead