Misty F Fiction

A Story Setting: Eros Corp.

197 – On Top of Everything

A year has passed since a woman's boss attempted to turn her into his perfect fuck toy--only to find himself at her mercy when the intelligence diminishing aspect of the drug worked in reverse and made her a super-genius. Although she is successful, happy, and surrounded by loving friends, there are still times where she finds herself wondering what tomorrow will bring...

144 – Z-Gene

Out of the blue, a man in his twenties has started to transform whenever he is aroused and he soon discovers his condition is due to the "Z-Gene" mutation. During an already trying time in his life, he didn't need an identity crisis as well...

060 – Outgrowing the Playing Field

An altersex individual with a shrinking condition offers their partner a chance to have some fun and also outgrow her sister...
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051 – Infused With Alteration

Eros brand shampoo is guaranteed to make your hair, and the rest of you, look great! Warning, incorrect use can lead to dramatic changes in appearance. Ensure you are using the correct product before purchase.
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