Misty F Fiction

059 – Petting the Cat

The text presented here is copied directly from my Tumblr with minimal editing. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW

When she signed up for the trial of a drug claiming to be “Women’s Viagra” Lynn figured it was just an excuse to get paid for masturbating. She never expected it to work.

Still, she dutifully she swallowed one as she dropped into bed. Rubbing herself through her panties, she felt her engine start to rev. She dragged her fingers up over her mons then slid back down between her legs in a practiced warm up stroke, only she was already starting to moan with the subtle touch.

She dipped her middle finger in between and it was like she had been electrocuted from how much she jumped. Continuing to run over her labia had her shuddering and clenching the bed with the other hand. When she hit her button, she actually yelled. Suddenly one finger was not enough as two circled on either side of her clit. Maybe it was just her imagination, but it felt like it was getting bigger. Moving back down to her labia, she found them plusher than she remembered.

Even if it was not, the swelling feeling inside her as she resumed rubbing her stiffening clit was more than enough to encourage further touch. Arching up off the bed, she circled harder and faster. Gasping and moaning and begging she kept getting close, but losing the tempo when she began to buck from the overloading stimulation. Out of aggravation, she rolled over and shoved a pillow between her legs and held on as her body moved on reflex.

To say her orgasm was earth-shattering would not come close. For a brief moment, it felt like she was floating above her body. Her very soul seemed to hum from the sheer satisfaction. Then she was back and everything felt so heavy. Her fingers stroked her labia weakly, her body craving further sensation. Her lips were still swelling against her fingertips, the sensitive flesh becoming inexplicably more sensitive by the second. They threatened to swallow up her clit until a trembling in her pelvis gave rise to her clit swelling up as big as her thumb.

The air from the ceiling fan washing over her was slowly becoming like the brush of lips as her sensory overdrive spread outwards from her pussy. Weakly she reached for the edge of the bed, hoping to pull herself closer to her nightstand and her drawer of toys. Sliding over the t-shirt sheets was almost enough to make her pass out, her body setting off a small orgasm for each inch she moved. She grasped the drawer numbly and pulled it open. Her fingers clasped a vibrator. They slipped as she tried to turn it on. Finally, her appetite decided to just stuff it inside her. Which is exactly when she hit the button and the entire six inches of silicone rumbled to life.

The last thing she remembered was her screams when she awoke sometime later. From how dark it was, several hours had passed. She was lying on her back, she felt stuffed. Her whole body ached. Curious hands moved towards her crotch. There she found not one, but two toys crammed in next to each other. They were still weakly throbbing. Pulling them out made her gasp and then shiver as her entire nervous system fired in a wave. Despite feeling exhausted, that little bit of stimulation became a rising heat.

“Guess I…I can’t make fun of the four-hour erection warning any more…”

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