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061 – Surprise Side-Effects

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex, Huge Growth, Huge Sizes and Intimate Nudity

"So like, are you gonna come do me or what, Merin?" Nikki asked as he approached the closed bathroom door. "You've been there an hour."

"Yeah, yeah," Merin replied, their normally light voice sounding a little deeper and darker. "I'm just, uh, having some trouble."

"I know this is the first time you're putting on a condom, but it's not that hard," Nikki replied with a well-meaning laugh.

There was a sound of paper wrapping being torn, then silence. "Uh, you say that, but I don't think you quite get what I'm going through right now."

"Look, babe, I love you. Just set the rubber it against your tip, roll it down, and get out here."

"Uh, Nik... this, uh, this isn't gonna fit."

“Like, what do you mean by, ‘not gonna fit’?” Nikki said. “I thought this stuff was just supposed to, you know, bump you up to average. Did you buy the wrong size maybe?”

“No, see, I bought all the sizes,” Merin replied, their voice even deeper. “But, even the largest condom is too small for, um... why don't you come in?”

“Well, if you insist!” Nikki banged the door open and found himself staring at a stranger sitting on the side of the tub. Then he realized that the huge, burly man in his bathroom was actually Merin.

Normally, Merin was boyish-looking with soft, pale skin and a winning smile. At this point, however, that slender femme frame had given way to the build of a what could only be a stereotypical bear. Dense, black, and very masculine-looking hair had grown all over their now much taller and broader body. On top of that, Merin was sporting both a beard and a jawline that would make a lumberjack jealous.

Last, but certainly not least, a meaty, uncut cock, unlike any Nikki had seen before rose from their wild pubic bush. Hell, it had to be nine inches long--or more--with how it stood out from between Merin’s thick thighs like a dark pink cobra waiting to strike.

It was had to believe that something that phallic had been a larger-than-average clitoris just a few moments ago. Super-phallic as it was, though, the member was not a typical penis. The shape was different, for one. The head was far more egg-shaped than mushroom-like. Further, the bright red tip peeked out of Merin's half retracted foreskin much the same way their testosterone boosted clit had before now.

“Wow,” Nikki said. “Those were some pills.”

"See what I mean?" Merin said. The condom was stretched wide between their transformed fingers, but even so, the latex jacket was nowhere near big enough to fit around that girth. "And I just--Oh, no, not again!"

Marin shuddered, and their penis grew some more, the bottom curve pushing out as the seam began to puff up. Their head pushed further out of their foreskin, its skin glistening as if lubricated by some means. They tried to speak but broke off into a moan as their legs were forced apart by a new swelling. Pushing down from below that still-growing dick were new testes already so oversized that the skin was stretched taught while they continued to grow halfway down the side of the tub.

“Ah... I think it's stopped... for now," Merin said with a dusky sigh. "I mean, like, I knew my being on T was going to be an x-factor with these pills, but this is outrageous!”

Nikki dropped to his knees before Marin and looked up coyly as he went to kiss his partner's virile globes. “Well, you did say you were tired of using the strap-on. Besides…”

He ran his tongue up Merin's length, cupping the muscle on either side of their exaggerated raphe. This had the astonishing effect of causing the veins just under the skin stand out like ribs. The increased blood flow caused another tremor to travel down Merin's shaft.

Just as a glob of brilliant white pre-cum escaped the rounded tip, Merin's dick grew again, stretching out to greater lengths before thickening even more.  It looked more like a sausage now than a human dick it was so big!

That was not the only thing growing either. Nikki could see his partner's knees moving through his periphery as Merin gained more height. His feet were sizing up against Nikki's thighs, and there was definitely more tummy now that there had been a moment ago.

“Oh yeah," Nikki said, "this is way better than some latex toy.”

“But, it’s--I'm so... so fuckin' big! I don’t want to, uh, to hurt you--especially if I keep gro-oh!-wing...”

Trying to be reassuring, Nikki gripped the thick shaft with one hand. It really was still growing! The continual increases in size were pushing his fingers apart a little more with each heartbeat. Big as it was, however, it was smaller around than a twenty-ounce soda bottle--and Nikki had made that mistake before.

“I can handle this—and if can’t…” His gaze drifted to the counter and the open bottle. Granted, who knew what they would do to him if the pills did this to Merin. Nikki could very well end up a bimbo who was hot beyond all reason and craved her man's dick.

Marin followed his eyes and gasped when they realized what he meant. Then their demeanor began to change. The femme turned hulk shifted on the tub, hefting their new endowment and letting out a hearty guffaw. “Well then, you cute lil' twink, why don’t we see where this goes?”

"Hopefully in my ass!" Nikki teased.

"Sure," Merin growled. "Once I'm satisfied with your mouth, that is."

"Oh, yass! That's perfect, babe. Now, let me take care of you..."

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