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183 – Clearance Candies

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex, Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation, Huge Growth and Huge Sizes

"Headed out early t’day, miss? Not that I blame ya. It'sa doozy out there!"

"Hmm?" Vera came to a halt at the security desk. Her tired and preoccupied mind stumbled over the attempt at conversation while her aching fingers fumbled to unclip her badge. "Did you say something?"

"I asked if you were head'n out early t'day," the kindly old man said with a wheezing chuckle.

"Ah, yeah, trying to beat the storm." She finally removed the clasp and tapped the card to the gate. The usual chirp sounded, but the lights, however, did not go green. Vera held her badge up to her eyes as if she could visually discern why it had not worked.

Like everyone at the firm, her face was printed on an RFID card. Her mass of feathered neon-and-navy blue hair seemed to glow under the overhead lights. She had worn all of her makeup that day, her lips the same shocking blue as half of her hairstyle and her cheek. Below that portrait, in neat block letters, was Vera Nobella da Santessa, Consultant. The Brazillian-American woman had been consulting with them for the better part of a year now, and they were in talks to renew her contract--and for once her aesthetic was not even something on the table.

"Ah, that train's a'ready lef' the station, I reckon," he said with another quick chuckle.

Behind well-worn frames of black plastic, Vera's amber-brown eyes flicked from the card to the face of the friendly, well-meaning security guard who looked kind of like an older Tracy Morgan. Then her gaze followed the tilt of his head to the partially-frosted windows behind him. The tinted, floor-to-ceiling panes of glass which formed the far wall of the lobby just outside the offices of her current information security client. That they were on the fifteenth-floor usually afforded a great view of Center City. Now though, the skyline was fading into grays and white as the blizzard picked up.

"Oh, that's just great," she huffed, she shifting in her polished, knee-length boots causing the inky vinyl to creak with her movements.

That she was ostensibly wearing fetish boots to work was, like her hair, only another part of the corporate iconoclasm which had defined her career. However, she liked this place and had made some small concessions to her typical Kat Von D-esque, cyber-punk aesthetic.

Compromises like the style of these boots.

Even with all the stitching done in neon-bright purple, and all the hardware fabricated from shimmering chrome, the pointed-toe and four-inch square-shaped heel had been chosen to make them look as sleek and refined as any black patent leather dress shoe. The rest of today's more business than cyber-punk outfit began with striped navy-and-fuchsia thigh-highs that disappeared beneath a black skirt. The mermaid-cut flared out just below her knees in a bloom of vibrant purple lace to then cling snugly around her thighs, hourglass hips, and prominent butt. Matched with the skirt was a black leather vest over a long-sleeved silk button-down blouse which was a hue that complemented the skirt's lace.

Really, thinking about it, she was looking pretty "normal" today since she had skipped on her make-up and her contacts. Well, at least as much as someone with neck-length, two-toned sky-and-navy hair, that was voluminous in ways which should have only been possible in a comic drawn by Alan Davis, could look "normal."

Even discounting her fantastic feathered hairstyle, her lack of teal-over-black lipstick and eye-shadow or her white-on black contacts were hardly the biggest hurdles to a typical business-class appearance. Her ornate, filigree septum ring and the seven points of a Faerie's Star peeking around from the nape of her neck like clasped talons were hard to miss.

Realizing that the security guard had been speaking as her weary mind wandered, Vera finally noticed that he was saying the turnstile was out of service.

"Apparen'ly they gonna come and fix some kinda connec'ion this weekend," he concluded, as she walked to the next exit. Though his voice was uncertain. "I don' 'spect they'll come 'til it's damn near nine in the mornin' on Monday."

Not sure what else to say, Vera wished him a good weekend and hurried on her way. Her boots click-clacked on the marble and her hand-made necklace swayed in opposition to the swish of her wider-than-average hips. The charm, a small spoon whittled from dark-colored wood, hung around her neck on a simple chord of leather. The outline of two interlocked gears had been carved into the handle--the half arcs formed by inlaid amethyst and amazonite. The jewelry had been a gift from her girlfriend, Bryanna, on their year anniversary, and was a symbol of great importance to the woman from Cardiff who was living the States to finish her doctorate.

A bank of four elevator doors was situated halfway between her firm and the other company which occupied the floor at the bottom of a u-shaped hallway. There were already people milling about as Vera turned the corner, so she picked up her pace, her lower body swaying like a frantic metronome as she closed the distance between her and the waiting crowd. The elevator was packed, but she squeezed in thanks to a quick application of her adaptation of her Abuela's patented withering glare. Even so, it felt like the small metal box was closing in on her. After an uncomfortable moment of being breathed on, she was safely ensconced in the heated driver seat of her trusty '94 E34 M5.

Vera let Beamer warm up for a bit and sent Bryanna a message to let her know she was headed that way. Her girlfriend did not respond, which meant she was probably teaching. Putting the well-maintained machine into gear, she pulled out of her spot and out into the swelling snowstorm.

The drive was immediately harrowing as a *SEPTA* bus almost failed to stop at the very first red light--and that was just the beginning. It was chaos in the streets. What was usually a fifteen-minute drive up South Street to the UPenn Campus instead took more than thirty. By then, the blizzard was howling around her and she could barely see the buildings past the sidewalks.

Eventually, she made it to University City and pulled into a curbside spot which was clear of snow after the previous occupant had pretty much cut her off. The drifts of snow on either end of her car were above her bumper. Byranna had messaged back about forty-five minutes ago that she had an interview for her thesis and that she would be out in around an hour. That meant Vera had some time to kill and it would be too cold to wait in the car.

Going to get a coffee crossed Vera's mind, but the Starbucks was three blocks up and the hastily cleared sidewalks were sheets of ice. She considered just ducking into the mom-and-pop convenience store she had parked in front of to wait. It *was* the fifteenth of February after all, so there was bound to be some candy on clearance. She snapped a selfie of the storefront which was merely said *Puck's*, sent it to Bryanna and then stepped in from the cold.

“G'Afternoon'...” The scrawny, punk-styled clerk said in reply to the door chime, never looking up from their work. Vera could not help but notice they were already putting out Easter things. She puffed at a bright blue lock of wet hair in annoyance with the ever-increasing rate of holiday turn over. Soon enough it really would be Christmas in July...

As it was, all of the store's chocolate's and other such Valentine's candies were dumped into one of those standing cardboard displays. She was digging around in it, looking for a few specific bags, when someone taller than her wrapped their arms around her waist.

"What's occurin', Spookybutt?" said a sexy, familiar feminine voice. One with just a tinge of Welsh brogue. "D'ya comes over here often?"

"Only when I'm here to pick up kick-ass ladies looking for a good time," she replied with a flirtatious roll of her tightly contained hips between soft thighs, which were far thicker than her own, and the pillowy softness of her girlfriend's tummy. Turning in the embrace, she caught her girlfriend's surprised grin and wide pale-green eyes. Before she could speak, Vera rose to her tip-toes, her fingers spread wide as she leaned into boobs larger than her head, to plant a kiss on Brya's plump lips.

Her larger partner's hands eagerly cupped the bottom her big butt, lifting her into further kissing with broad yet deft fingers trained in the deadly art of the Mind-Melting Massage.

The punk-looking guy working the floor cleared his throat, even though he seemed to not be paying them any attention as he moved down the shelves to continue stocking. Even so, Bryanna put her down and they stopped making out in the store.

"Yeah, you seem like just my type, love," Vera continued, looking the huge woman up and down. Byranna had been big before they got together but, since she started working for The Eros Group a month ago, everything about her had gone up a size class--sometimes two. "Though... I never thought I'd say that."

"What can I say?" The voluptuous woman said with a shrug that made her chest and belly jiggle. "My milkshake [EDITS!!!!]

brushing aside wavy, auburn locks and pushing her forehead into her buxom girlfriend's. Part of the move was because she loved that specific feeling of connection, but it was also so that she could look down Bryanna's zipped jacket and into her barely contained cleavage. "How about it? Want to come home with me and spend all night listening to my cutting edge electronica collection and eating clearance chocolates while gazing into each other's eyes until the tension is too much and we fuck like minxes?"

Bryanna giggled and shuddered, her hands dragging over the bubble-like curve of Vera's booty up into the small of her back. "That sounds like a right lush coddiwomple, Senorita Spooky!"

Vera could not keep herself from laughing at that one. "Brya, meu bem, I love the Cardiff flavor, but you're laying it on a bit thick today, aren't you?"

"Aye, but the snows were just making me nostalgic. Besides, not like you're going to says no to a tidy cwtching, da?"

"No, I'd never turn down 'cutching' with you," Vera said before landing another quick peck on Bryanna's cheek. "Especially on a day like today..."

With that, they stepped apart, though Brya's right hand found her left right away. In moments like this, it was easy for her to forget Brya was older by a few years. With their contact focused down to that one point, it was hard to ignore how much the bubbly woman from across the ocean was humming with girlish energy, despite her long day. Which probably meant that coffee was involved.

"Hey, did you stop at--?"

"The Double-Wa on campus? Yeah, I got you, bruv," she said reaching over to grab something she had placed on a nearby shelf. The cup of black coffee was mercifully warm in Vera's other hand as Bryanna sifted through the pile of candy.

“Ya know, I’ve always bought this kind of stuff ahead of the holiday, I didn't think to check after the facts. I mean, it’s not like candy goes buzzer--*right?*--and most of it, well, most of it is just colors swapped versions of normal candy. So I just, ya know, figured they put the holiday bags with their--I guess family is kind of the right word?--anyway, it never occurred to me that there would be sales like this.”

“You also didn’t grow up in the States, Brya--”

“Yeah, true. Also, for me, it was Dwynwen's Day--and that's in January, so it completely upends the timing of such marketing. Did you know that--"

Vera nodded sagely as Bryanna continued to enthusiastically talk about the differences of holidays on either side of the pond. As was usually the case when at the edges of exhaustion, she found the sound of her girlfriend's voice oddly soothing. Between her Cardiff-infused diction and her near-musical cadence from the way specific words still carried a Welsh accent, her beloved's voice created a warm symphony of sound that enveloped everything like a thick blanket.

After a few minutes, the two of them had collected a dragon’s hoard worth of candies in a plastic hand basket. Bryanna had just kept cramming things in until there was absolutely no more space.

"You're not going to eat all of this in a week, right?"

"All of this? Nah," Brya said, turning a bag of chocolate pieces over in her hands. "It'll take me two weeks--*at least*--and not all of it is for me, right?"

"Sure, sure," Vera said, grabbing a couple bags of things that appealed to her.

"Though if you want to feeds me chocolates tonight, well, I'd love you even more, bruv." Bryanna winked and licked her plush, glistening lips.

There it was. The other storm in Vera's life. It had been developing before they started going out, but the buxom woman from Wales had a feedee kink that grew right along with her bustline.

"I don't know," Vera replied, her face starting to feel warm. "Was Brya a *good girl* today? Has she *earned* those extra treats?"

Bryanna had always loved cooking, but after interviewing a feeder/feedee couple for her PH.D.--and a dozen more in the previous few month--she was developing a growing obsession with eating.

That is not to say the pleasantly plump woman was letting herself go. Quite the opposite. Bryanna was probably at the gym twelve to fourteen hours a week at this point keeping her waistline hovering around twenty-two. When Vera had asked why all the effort, Bryanna's answer was something to effect of most enjoying her increasing appetite more than anything--and the woman from Cardiff had already been capable of eating even some of Vera's more voracious family members under the table! Her girlfriend went on to say that she loved cooking far more than eating, but *something* had to be done with all that food!

Beyond her ever-growing appetite, Bryanna's oral fixation was causing other changes in their relationship. She was much more prone to nibbling now, something Vera already really enjoyed, so that was a big win. Most of all, however, her muffdiving was forever getting better as her jaw muscles and tongue slowly adjusted to the amount she was eating. Brya could do so *very* much with her tongue and for a length of time that ensured Vera melted over and over during an hour--or more!

With forty bucks of randomly selected bags of candy in hand, an amount which had probably cost twice as many dollars the previous day, they checked out, climbed back into Vera's Beamer and made their way towards the BFB and 676 into Jersey. Taking the drive slowly, they had plenty of time to talk about Bryanna's thesis as, all the while, she tore into one of the bags of gummies.

"What about you, bruv? Anything you can talk about at the firm or is the investigation still hush-hush?"

"Yeah, something like that," Vera said evasively. "Let's just say we've reached 'Matter of National Security' levels with what we've uncovered."

Downing the rest of the bag, Bryanna chewed on the mass of gelatin with many loud slurps. Strangely, the sound set off a twinge between Vera's legs. Was she actually getting turned on by Brya having her face stuffed like that?

"Well," Vera said after she finally swallowed with a satisfied gulp. "Better that you all found those exploits and not the baddies, da?"

"I wish it were that--*are you seriously opening another bag?*."

"Uh, maybe? I mean, I haven't eaten since, um, like three hours ago."

Vera barked a laugh. "Then why didn't you get food at Double-Wa?"

"Oh, right! I *did* do that!" Bryanna dug through her bag and pulled out two classic hoagies. "I got you ham and turkey--"

"With provolone and enough lettuce, it might as well be a salad?"


"You're the best..."

Thanks to having to drive twenty-five the whole way, it was nearly another hour later before the pair got to their apartment in Mt. Laurel. While Vera had only managed to eat half of her twelve-inch sub in that time, Bryanna had long since eaten every ounce and a big bag of chips as well.

The snow had not let up at all, even now, hours later. It was to the point that, as they pulled in, the drifts were starting to engulf parked cars. Pulling into what was nominally their assigned spot, the pair of women hurried as best they could across the parking lot, up the stairs, and through the door. Even so, they were both soaked and shivering as the stripped off their snow-soaked clothes.

They made it to the sofa before the need to snuggle and make out for heat convinced them to curl up with a couple blankets and find some warmth. In only the tights Vera had worn under her skirt, her naked shoulders hit the velvet-covered pillows that lined the back of the sofa. Bryanna's hands followed right after, gripping the frame while her knees sank into the cushions on either side. She drew a blanket around them, pulling Brya closer.

Her girlfriend's feet and calves were still wrapped in their soft cashmere stockings, and the cuffs of her terrycloth boyshorts teased Vera's goosepimpled skin. Between those bits of body warmed cloth, however, the exposed surfaces of Brya's thick, jiggly thighs was clammy from the wind. The chill contrast made Vera gasp.

"Sorry, I must be like an ice cube," she said between kisses, tucking another blanket around them.

"That's alright," Vera cooed. "The cold is invigorating--and it makes the warmth so much better."

The bralett which matched Bryanna's panties was still on, the heart-shaped screenprint visibly stretched from how much flesh the simple garment was trying to contain. Her cleavage was spilling out of the square neckline, her pale, blushing flesh heaving with each staggered breath. Maybe it was just the moment, but it seemed like there was more of her being barely contained than usual.

Like her thighs, Bryanna's bust and belly were cold to the touch, but there was a sense of heat waiting just below the surface like metaphorical mountain hot springs. Vera only had to crack the ice before she could settle in.

She tugged at the bralette's bottom hem, pulling the slightly stretchy top up over her girlfriend's tremendous boobs. Once again, it felt like there was more flesh than usual as Vera had to tug and tug to get enough clearance to remove the garment. The massive mounds flowed out of the clothing like two huge marshmallows until they flopped to her tummy with a pair of soft thumps. Not surprisingly, the dark, raspberry-pink nubs of her nipples were swollen and Vera eagerly wrapped her lips around the sensitive flesh.

"Vi! Th-that tickl--oh!" her girlfriend's playful protests sank into satisfied hums as she swirled her tongue around the thumb-thick nub. Brya cupped her other boob and teased her nipple until Vera moved over to suckle on that one as well.

All the play was doing wonders for her internal temperature, and it felt like Bryanna was starting to warm up as well. Ready for more, she pushed her buxom girlfriend sideways so they could lay down and pull the blankets closer as their hands stroked and rubbed to discover heat hidden just under the chill crust encasing them.

Brya moved down to cwtch against her and began to nibble the side of her neck. After having to avoid bites while her most recent ink healed, the feeling of Bryanna's teeth on her skin there was electric. Her girlfriend's fingers slipping between flesh and fabric a moment later made her flex and push into the touch.

"How much do you want to come, Vi?" Brya said as she caressed Vera's mound, her fingers trailing through the soft fuzz from having not shaved for a couple of days.

"W-why do you ask, meu bem?"

"Oh, you know, wondering if you might..." Brya's eyes drifted to the bag of candies.

Vera quirked an eyebrow. "You want me to feed you to get you to finger me?"

"Think of it as encouragement," her girlfriend said with a wicked grin as her index finger brushed Vera's clit. "Like putting the carrot before the horse."

"If you say so, love," Vera said braving the relative cold of their apartment to retrieve the bag of goodies. When she turned back around, Bryanna had both of her nips in her mouth. Her eyes were closed as she moaned, lost in the sensations. Her fingers were working her pliant flesh, and there was definitely more of her there from how her massive mams were flowing over her cupped hands.

As she straddled one of Bryanna's legs, it felt like her plump thighs were thicker than before--and not just a little bit either! The plush, squishy limb between her legs was the same size as Brya's waist had been this morning, there was no doubt!


"Hmm--oh! You brought the candy!" Her eyes lit up, and her tits dropped, forgotten, to her tummy with wet thwacks as she sat forward like an eager puppy. "What are you gonna feeds me first, bruv?"

Taken aback by the surprising shift in personality, Vera's mind switched to auto-pilot, and she reached into their haul with wooden fingers. The bag she withdrew was filled with gummies. The name was some kind of corny pun based on gushing hearts. Her popping the bag open made her girlfriend moan, and Vera could not help but grind against Bryanna's thigh empathetically.

Contained within were translucent red gummies, and each was the size of a strawberry. Picking one up, Vera found that it had a fascinating, jelly-like texture like it was filled with something--and she marveled at how squishy they were. At least until Brya ate it out of her fingers.

The gummi burst between her teeth as she took a bite, unleashing a crimson spray that left both of them speckled. Copious amounts trailed from either corner of Bryanna's grinning mouth. The sound her girlfriend made as she chewed encouraged Vera to rock a bit harder and wiggle her butt as well.

Bryanna's hands trailed up, her fingers once more playing over Vera's thighs and hips like the taut muscles were instruments. Starting to get into the sensuality of the moment Vera tossed the next one to Bryanna, and she caught it, whole, with an exaggerated gulp.

"MMM! 'his is *so good!*" Bryanna said as more of the fluid with consistency between jelly and juice gushed from her mouth. There was an audible gurgle, and Vera could not stifle her gasp as she watched her girlfriend's boobs swell incrementally larger. It had to be an illusion, right? Just a trick of the light making it seem like they had grown. There really was only one way to find out...

"Open wide, Brya!" Vera said with a level of excitement that was out of character for the goth as she pulled a whole handful of the gummies from the bag. The mass of gelatin and jelly-like filling crashed into Bryanna's face, and the batch of gelatinous snacks burst one after another like bubbles. The little explosions soaked them, and the couch, with copious amounts of wriggling, viscous liquid.

This time, the growth was unmistakable as Brya's bust actually surged out far enough to capture some of the juice at the tail end of the flood. Giggling, she leaned down to motorboat herself. When she raised her face back up, her skin was very, very flush and also a little shiny--much like an inflated balloon.

[WIP Below here -Misty]

Brya swells and becomes like slime.

Hurry her to the bathtub.

Tendrils. Tentacle sex.

Butt expansion.

Slight mind-control.

Feeding her more.

Bathing in her tub filling mass.

the most intimate embrace.

A trio of lovers.

Aftermath: more than one Brya.

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