Misty F Fiction

051 – Infused With Alteration

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated PSFW for Altersex, Exaggerated Sexually-Focused Transformation and Non-Sexual Nudity

For Harrison, the worst part about growing out his hair to piss off his folks was how much shampoo and conditioner he went through now, five years later. It had become an enduring statement, an emblem of his defiance to not go to their alma mater. As such, he refused to cut it even though it was now past his knees. So when he heard about a trial that would send him test products on a regular basis, it seemed like a solution. He enjoyed the chill tingle as the suds washed over his body and rubbing his hair with the liquid felt surprisingly good.

What he did not notice, however, was what the runoff was doing to him. As his fingers lathered the bottom half of his hair, his body shifted. His hips slowly widened as his flat ass began to swell. His nipples thickened first before hills of flesh rose from his chest. His dick grew in surges--as if being pumped up--until it had nearly doubled his once average size. It was not until he felt a tingle between his legs and a subtle swelling against his thighs that he opened his eyes and looked down.

Bemused, he gripped his new perky boobs with sudsy hands causing him to groan and them to swell further. He rinsed off in a panic after that, but his body did not change back. Not sure what else to do he sent a text to Julie, the girl who lived in the apartment across the hall who seemed to have a crush on him, saying he was having an emergency and then huddled in bed. She let herself in a moment later and gasped when he sat up as his new bust became evident.

“It’s not, like, all bad,” she said sitting next to him while he told her what happened. “At least you’re hot, right?”

“You think so?”

“I mean, you were pretty hot before, but this is the full package, right? Anyway, let me see if I’ve got anything that’ll fit and we’ll go shopping. Sound good?”

She bounced up and out into his apartment before he could say anything, then leaned back into the room a second later. “Actually, before we go anywhere, have any of that shampoo left?”

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