Misty F Fiction

Another Kink: Femsub

113 – Self-Discovery is a Helluva Drug

Tonight was the night the rest of their lives began. After months of changes and training, the tall but shy guy in IT has become a confident, sexy woman who has stolen Meredith's heart. She had expected to get a lap dog, but, honestly, this is better...

104 – Understanding Dick

You used to have a fetish about wearing strap-ons under your pants at school and work, at least until it ended a relationship. A moment of irritation and misplaced jealousy, however, brings the desire back, to unexpected results, but is there more to being on top in bed than being the one wearing the strap-on?
This story contains: transphobia (and overcoming it), genderfuckery, harsh language/slurs, rough sex, and altersex content.

Her Story

A woman's body modification fantasies lead her to another world where size fetishes are part of everyday life. There, she clones herself to pursue her conflicting bodily desires...

197 – On Top of Everything

A year has passed since a woman's boss attempted to turn her into his perfect fuck toy--only to find himself at her mercy when the intelligence diminishing aspect of the drug worked in reverse and made her a super-genius. Although she is successful, happy, and surrounded by loving friends, there are still times where she finds herself wondering what tomorrow will bring...

095 – At the Threshold

Beth knew that David was doing something special for her birthday but had no idea what beyond that it was their first dinner date. Little did she know, this was the first night of the rest of her life. Warning: Massive sizes ahead.

082 – A Midsummer Night’s Hook-Up

Buoyed by worship in the time of the Roman Empire, the faerie queen Aine became a goddess of mysteries and fertility. In modern times, she is thought of more and a concept than a being. Many believe her to be The Boob Faerie, the incarnation of one aspect of a young woman's potential.
Warning:Massive sizes ahead!

080 – Life With Beth 1

When they had first started talking on AugNET, Hanna had never expected to fall in love with a woman like Beth, but it has been five months already and every day is better than the last... Warning: Expansion to massive sizes ahead!

007 – My First Party

After his first day as a hero goes horribly wrong, a young man is saved by two women who offer him a second chance, but at what cost?
Warning: Altersex content ahead and also brief brutal violence.