010 – Videogains

An Enchanting Tale of The Far Shore

A pair of lesbian otakus find themselves playing a game with a very robust character creator which has some… expansive effects.

Word Count: 4863
For: Anon | Sex? Yes | Between? Two Lesbians

Warning: this sexually explicit story is about two women playing a reality warping video game, that is kind of like Streets of Wrath, but with RPG elements, and increasing their avatar’s stats changes their bodies in the real world. This story is actually kind of fluffy, but still has breast expansion, weight gain, women’s muscle growth, and more as the two end up very different heights. If any of that sounds awful, I am sure my [Story Index] has something for you.

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While this story is free to read, it is a work of adult fiction and I need you to provide some level of identification to read it. So, please, either sign in below or [register for an account]. Thanks for your understanding!- Misty F

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