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010 – Videogains

The text presented here is copied directly from my Tumblr with minimal editing. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex, Intimate Nudity, Minor Growth, Physical Corruption and Significant Sexually-Focused Transformation

June, her arms full of bags from the dealer’s room, fumbled with the key card for the room before she managed to get it to slide the right way. She pushed the door open with her hip and managed to drop everything on the bed. It was not often she spent like this, but a convention vacation was a once a year thing for her and her girlfriend so she felt she could justify splurging just a little. The fact that most everything she had picked up were games, of both board and video persuasions, was also a mitigating factor. Most were ones she had been looking for and a couple more just happened to look interesting.

One of her conquests was a PS2 game she had never seen before. The screenshots on the box showed HD sprites depicting a wide variety of female characters in a 2-D beat ‘em up. Much of the text was in Japanese, but from what she could make out, one of the selling points was that your characters had persistent stat increases, slowly strengthening them against the game for later attempts. It also appeared to have a co-op mode where both players competed for the highest score as they cleared the stage or could fight head to head.

“Oh man, Shelly is gonna love this. But first...I gotta play it!”

Fortunately, June had brought her modded slim in case either of them picked up a sweet import and this was just the situation. The disc featured two characters who looked like veiled attempts to rip off other, more famous ones. The fists of a busty demoness with blue skin and wings growing from her lower back clashed with the insanely muscular legs of a woman shrouded in a hooded cape.

Starting up the game, she spammed x and o through the advisories, notifications, and so forth until the title screen finally loaded. The new character screen was surprisingly complex for something that had seemed sprite based. Instead of the retro-style characters which she had seen on the back, a curiously high-poly model stood next to a plethora of state-changing boxes. The model was blank, like a mannequin, and she spent quite a while flipping through the options to create her avatar. She accidentally hit back at one point and when she went back in, the controller vibrated so hard a tingle washed over her hands and up her arms. When the character screen reloaded, the mannequin had been replaced with a character that looked quite a bit like her.

It was actually such an uncanny resemblance that June got up to check and make sure she had not plugged in the camera earlier in the weekend. Based on the 1.65m stat, the avatar was roughly the same height as she was, and at 110kg, it also seemed to share her heavyset build--albeit with a bit more beef than she had. Like her, its light hair was just shorter than her shoulders and was obviously dyed from the darker exposed roots. Switching to the face customizer, its eyes were the same amber-brown as hers and it even had her scar over her right eyebrow from when she crashed her bike as a kid. The model’s skin tone was even that same rustic tan of someone who worked at the beach. A little freaked out and just ready to play, she hit accept and the high poly-model shrank down to a sprite that matched the style from the screenshots.

A sweeping cinematic that seemed to imply that a conflict had broken out between two rival gangs propelled her through a surprisingly well-rendered cityscape of Shibuya. All over, cybernetically enhanced men and women with tattoos and guns fought alongside monsters against similar-looking combatants and their own monsters. The setting reminded her a little bit of Shadowrun or MegaTen.

As the camera pulled back, there was some text that scrolled over the skyline before the screen faded to black. The first level came into view right after that. It was a city street that looked right out of an 80’s action movie with blowing paper and overturned trash cans. Her character walked up to a gang of people hitting something on the ground and ‘FIGHT!’ flashed on the screen. The enemies, all feminine cyborgs, turned to face her.

Springing into action, June’s fingers slid over the face buttons with the practiced ease of someone who had been gaming since she could read. At first, she just mashed buttons to figure out what they did, but quickly got into the combo-centric style of combat the game racking up several 10-hit combo kills.

Once she cleared the screen, it turned out what the crowd was hitting was a very diminished version of the demoness from the front of the disc. A head shot of a child-like version of the character popped up along with a dialog box full of Japanese. June once more alternated spamming x and o to get through the text faster, until there was a flash and another cycle of vibration so strong it left her hands stinging. A box came up on screen with two words, this time in English. Synchronization Complete.

What the heck did that mean?

There was not time to consider the implications before the game resumed and started throwing hordes of enemies at her over the next several screens. There were so many that the combos she had just begun to grasp gave way to frantic button-mashing until she finally died. The game totaled her kills, highest combo, and other such things and gave her a bonus to her score. The numbers counted down as they filled a bar she assumed was an experience meter. Her score got the bar full three times.

A complex, detailed screen with all kinds of stats alongside the high-poly model came up. Not sure what else to take, she put the three points into HP because more health could never be a bad thing in a game like this. For a third time, the numbing vibration shook her arms, only this time it traveled further, to her chest. As the tingle dissipated, she began to feel warm. Pulling at her shirt to fan herself, she could swear the fabric was tighter than before.

“Goddess above, I hate hotel A/C,” she said more to herself than anything else as she got up to see if she could adjust the single wall unit to blow colder air. While away from screen, she missed that her avatar had gotten a bit bustier and the game was loading stage one by time she got back.

The second time through, she got to a screen with so many enemies that the game started to lag a little. This time, her death let her hit level ten and the game told her, again oddly in English, she had unlocked her first super move. The explanation was in Japanese, but what she could glean from the screen shots, she had one use per stage and the move would clear one screen of enemies. It did not seem exactly helpful, but at least it was something, right?

Again she got up after applying her level up points and missed the changes to her avatar’s bustline caused by picking HP seven times. This time, she put the controller down before the accept dialog had even vanished. Even so, there was a slight tingle as she splashed water on her face before sitting back down on the edge of the bed so that she was directly in the airflow.

Starting the level for the third time, she was burning up. Taking advantage of the dialog she wished she could read, June pulled off her shirt in the hopes that the A/C blowing over her skin would cool her off. Two unfamiliar weights landed on her chest and her attention snapped off the game to look down.

Hanging off her were considerably larger boobs than those she had woken up with. June had always been a little busty, her girls had fit comfortably in each hand. Now though, the supple flesh flowed over either side of her fingers. Looking back up, she noticed just how busty her avatar had gotten. Coincidence? Perhaps. Curious more than anything, she began to play through the level again.

At this point, she had a general grasp of everything the game had to offer. The combat system was everything she expected from a modern top-tier fighter. Air combos, cancels, orb walks, and more were all present and worked beautifully. June wondered just how she had not heard of this game before this chance encounter. Before she could really dwell on it, the game’s difficulty once again spiked, forcing her to use of her super move. With the unfairly hard fight won, she advanced to a screen she had not seen yet.

Her avatar and the child-like demoness walked into the lobby of a skyscraper, Matrix style. There were a few baddies, but she dispatched them with ease. Which is when the elevator dinged and the game played a cut scene. Stepping out of the elevator was a tall woman in a Chinese dress whose design was an obvious nod to a certain detective who wore spiked bracelets and solved crimes with her kicks.

June fought carefully, feeling out both her opponent and the game itself. Having only one enemy on screen allowed the lifelong gamer to explore the game’s mechanics more thoroughly. Her fighting game days from college came back with a vengeance as she practiced combos while dodging energy projectiles. Finally, after ten minutes she felt confident in her ability to smash face in the game and took the boss down in a few combos that kept her foe in the air.

A screen much like the one used for leveling up appeared on the display. On it was a portrait of the enemy she had just defeated with multiple lines pointing to various body parts. Flipping between them displayed various stat changes to her own character with green and red arrows. Not sure what to choose, and curious about her suspicions, she picked the choice pointing at the boss’s chest and sure enough, after a burst of vibration and blossoming heat, her boobs swelled just a little bigger. Meanwhile, the game had more dialog she could not read, during which the demoness seemed to grow a little bit, as if aging a year.

June played through a few more levels, each one slightly harder than the last. Each time, the demoness aged slightly, becoming ever more like the character on the disc art. As for her boss defeat bonuses, she kept picking the HP rewards. This had the effect of steadily growing her boobs until they filled her incidentally cradling arms. Satisfied with what she had learned, she quit from the stage select screen and went to see if she could make a new character.

This time, she was not surprised just how similar the base character looked to her. Paying close attention, she realized much of the customization was point based in the same way that leveling up was. On a hunch she slide a slider under HP and she gained points as her HP went down. Armed with this knowledge, she made tweaks all over her body by taking away from some places and adding to others. Looking at the final result, she had chosen some radical departures but was excited to hit accept and see what happened.

Again the numbingly intense vibration emitted from the controller. At once, she felt her hair creep down her naked back. Her bangs grew down over her face and then past her jawline to catch up with the rest of her mane. She grinned when she saw that her once dyed, but normally-colored, hair was now the brilliant blue she had set. Her boobs had retreated to a bit larger than their original size as much of their point value was moved to other attributes.

She had dumped a few points into her height and her strength each, which had the expected result of splitting her tight jeans as her legs and hips outgrew the denim. However, she couldn’t resist was putting a couple into her lips, which had seemed an oddly specific thing to be able to tweak. They were attached to her INT value so she figured it was a loose connection to being able to speak well or to articulate ideas. How that applied was another matter.

The feeling as they grew fuller, pressing against each other as somehow more collagen came into existence, was like biting into a marshmallow and she was almost tempted to go back and scavenge a few more points to feel that growth again. Instead, she got up to look over the real world versions of her changes while the game’s opening played again.

“Okay, this is both really freaky and really awesome,” she said to herself as she admired her new appearance in the mirror over the desk every hotel room seemed to have. “I wonder just what the limit is.”

June was about to sit back down and grind more points for her body when Shelly came in the door. The expression on her girlfriend’s face as she realized that June was pretty much naked and suddenly had several feet of curly blue hair was somewhere between shock and awe.

Where June was on the thick side, Shelly was the epitome of svelte. Tall and thin, the word willowy was a good way to describe the track and field star. Her dark hair was cut short and like June, her skin was the sun-kissed bronze of someone who spent a lot of time outside.

“Please tell me that’s a wig.”

“It’s cause this game!”

“I don’t follow, is the wig for a character in the game?”

“No! The game makes you change.” When Shelly just rolled her eyes, June pulled her over to sit on the edge of the bed. “Look, see? I match my character!”

“That’s uncanny.” Shelly was quiet for a moment and then grinned mischievously, “This is a two player game, right?”

June handed her a controller and then nuzzled her taller girlfriend’s neck. “You bet and, from what I can tell, the effects are heightened when there’s two people playing.”

Shelly hit start and the game opened the new character screen. Standing there was a close approximation of her. Ready to see just what all the fuss was about, she hit accept right away. She, too, had her hands and arms go numb with vibration. Synchronization Complete.

After that, the two of them tore through the game. With each successive screen, of which there were more of in comparison to playing solo, their scores rose. Occasionally the game had rooms which were challenges instead of fights. Sometimes the lovers were tasked with accomplishing something as a team which granted a multiplier, but there were a few where they clashed against each other and the loser had points drained away.

It was on the fifth stage when Shelly’s level one character finally took too much damage. The game paused as it counted up her score bonuses and filled her XP bar nearly thirteen times. The level up screen appeared with its plethora of notations and the high-poly model of Shelly. Not even looking at what the selections would change about her stats, Shelly split the twelve points between her hips, shoulders, and waist then hit accept.

The on-screen model of her widened and thickened, not with fat, but with muscle. In reality, the changes took her already athletic frame and ran with it. With each passing second, Shelly looked more and more like a model on the cover of a fitness magazine. It was a level of transformation June did not expect and she was overcome with the need to touch her girlfriend.

Game forgotten, June leaned over to nuzzle Shelly’s neck. Her girlfriend bent into the affection, allowing her shorter lover the opportunity to bite her lip. Arms that were more muscular than before settled around June’s shoulders as her kiss was returned. With the improvements to her lips, each brush, every moment of contact felt like ten at once.

Their kissing intensified and they tumbled back onto the bed as Shelly pressed her affectionate attack. Long fingers entwined in long blue hair and they found each other’s lips again. Neither was sure how long they lay there, but quite a bit of day had passed when they finally broke apart.

“Okay, we can’t be doing that every time one of us changes.” June said between panting breaths.

“Agreed,” Shelly, also panting as she undid the buttons of her shirt to let the A/C wash over her. “Though you initiated, so don’t act like that wasn’t your plan.”

“I didn’t expect it to go quite so long. Anyway, shall we?”

“Yes, lets.”

Shelly’s character returned to the fray considerably stronger and the duo made quick work of the level, making it to the boss in only a few minutes. Facing the pair was not one, but two sword wielding multi-armed cyborgs with pointed horns and glowing pink-on-black eyes. This was a radical departure from the level when June played alone and the boss had been a Robocop-esc sentry bot.

The duo was obliterated in short order. Shelly had no score worth mentioning and June’s score was worth four new attribute points, which she split one-three for her lips and her own physique. The feeling of her core tightening, making her pudgy tummy more like softly rolling hills, was somewhat blissful.

“Whew, I love this feeling,” she said while caressing her new abdomen. “I could get addicted to just the feeling of changing.” She said it offhand, as a joke, but she admitted there was considerable truth in that statement.

It was well into the night by time June and Shelly got back to the bosses of stage five. By then Shelly had pointed her ears, might as well go all the way with being an elf was her reasoning, and had made herself even taller to push six-and-a-half feet. June had grown her hair out further and it fell around her thighs like a cape. In a weird development, she had somehow managed to select a specialization that made it a weapon. In the game and in real life, she could now control portions of her azure locks enough to grab objects and throw them. She could also hold Shelly down as they found out during another intense cuddling break.

The first cyborg was defeated with relative ease, but the second proved to be difficult to pin down and pummel to death. It finally made a mistake in its pattern and Shelly took it down with an uppercut combo. Unlike the other bosses, the selection screen was only a list. June picked the fifth option, Shelly picked the second. June felt a pain like a shooting headache and she clenched her eyes closed. When she reopened them, Shelly gasped.

“You’ve got eyes like the cyborgs!” Sure enough, her sclera were stained blue-black and her irises glowed with a soft, pink light.

“Well, you’ve got horns!”

Shelly’s hands snapped to her hairline and sure enough two pointed nubs were poking out on either side of her forehead. They grew longer against her fingers, pushing her hands back until they were about four inches long and curved dramatically up.

“Looks like you’re becoming a succubus there and not an elf, love.”

“For serious,” she started before breaking off into a low moan. “More that you’d know. Oh, J, you have no idea what this is like. I can feel your arousal all over my skin, like kisses. This is going to be...very distracting if it’s permanent.”

“I remade my character once and it was based on how I was then, but I don’t know if you can undo something like this.”

“Can we try?”

They quit out and Shelly went in to make a new character. Sure enough, her being a succubus was something that could be changed, but instead of flipping that toggle, she slid the slider directly underneath it towards the minus end and slid the next one all the way to the plus end. Somehow this racked up considerable attribute points. With a grin, she moved around in the labyrinthine menus adding points here and there until she hit accept and the sound of the synchronizing vibrations filled the room.

A deep red blush spread over her face which did not stop at her cheeks, but instead spread down her half-naked chest and stomach. Small wings grew out from the top of her hips, slipping between the hems of her open shirt and pleated skirt. In almost an instant, a very convincing demoness knelt on the bed.

“Ah, that’s better. I turned the effective distance way down so it’s not like my skin is having sex with your aura, but made the effect much stronger. How strong I can’t say, I might just orgasm from you touching me. ”

June laughed. “Sure, but the rest? You went full succubus here.”

“I figured might as well.” She laughed and then grunted as metal studs emerged along the leading edge of her long, pointed ears. There was a swelling behind her nipples that emerged from her blood red skin as glimmering, pointy stainless steel on either end of an embedded bar. The studs lengthened and curved down around each nipple even as the metal continued to thicken and darken.

June could not pull her gaze away as the rapidly gauging rings forced Shelly’s body to grow to accept their twin embrace. As the metal expanded, her nipples grew to match, until they were the size of thumbs to accommodate a bar as thick as June’s ring finger.

Whether she had chosen the changes of not, the growth of her nipples cascaded outwards as her areolae spread over more of boobs, which themselves were pulsing larger as the metal grew and shifted. While that was happening, she grunted a couple more times hinting at other, unseen piercings.

“Fuck, I did not expect the piercings to hurt that much. Still, they look good, right?”

June nodded vehemently, still unable to tear her gaze away. She had always hoped Shelly would get pierced to some extent and now she had wicked looking ones that echoed her curved horns. She really looked the part of a succubus.

“What about you, J? Anything you want changed?”

June shook her head as if to free herself from some boob induced strance. Shelly was holding a small, bullet shaped remote in one hand as passed the controller over.

“Oh, just a few things. Nothing as extreme as you.” She loaded up as her new self and within a few moments of taking away some of her excess attributes, June had redefined her appearance. The tingle of the synchronization was almost as pleasurable as the growing now and she relished the sensations that awaited her.

Since Shelly had gone long and slim and sort of stacked, she decided to go in the other direction. Obviously she did need to be somewhat taller or Shelly would just be unreachable, but made sure to only come up to the shoulder of her demon-girlfriend. Most of what she had done was move fat around until she was that perfect fantasy hourglass.

She felt her panties straining as her hips and ass began to spread to match the her on screen. With a soft snap, the waist band broke and shortly after a tear in the soft cotton left her standing there naked. Her tits were once again armfuls, enveloping her torso to the navel in an instant. Everywhere that was not supposed to be jiggly had been sculpted into lightly toned muscle which would look much more impressive when she flexed. Her tummy’s rolling hills remained as they were, if not a little diminished to squeeze out an extra point.

She could have gone further, could have pushed herself to comic book proportions, but she wanted to still be some about of realistic. Though, with her other half committing fully to the demoness aesthetic, was being built like a certain big, green lawyer or world renowned cat burglar really all that unreasonable?

What she was most proud of, though, were the changes she had made to her tongue and jaw muscles. She could not have gotten back to that menu if she tried, but upon stumbling over it had to improve everything she could afford to. Knowing just how much Shelly enjoyed being eaten out, she lengthened her tongue and strengthened her face muscles so they could endure what would likely be hour long cunnilingus sessions. The tingle in her cheeks and mouth as those changes took shape was almost more pleasurable than the simultaneous changes to her lips were.

The moment her synchronization was done she pushed Shelly over, and attacked with both of her new weapons. Laying across her lover’s chest, she only had to coil hair around upper arms and wrists before grappling the posts in the headboard to hold her down. A tongue longer than her mouth snaked out between super plush lips now permanently stained a deep blue.

She moved teasingly at first, just barely grazing her demon-girlfriend’s slender neck. It seemed Shelly’s hunch about her sensitivity was right as just that touch was enough to make her arch back and let out a long rolling moan. As Shelly bucked against the air, June resisted just reaching under her skirt and finger fucking her. Instead, she continued to build slowly, pressing steadily more tongue against her demon-girlfriend’s surprisingly warm skin with each long, lingering pass.

When she finally bit down on flesh, Shelly was moaning her name like a mantra. More nibbles moved her up to chin and then lips. She could feel her demon-girlfriend straining against her, her fingers entwining in their bonds as her breath played over skin. The feeling of power pushed June to attack even harder, mixing soft, quick bites with long, lingering kisses.

It was not long before their engagement became aggressive, each trying to make the other come again. Shelly sucked on June’s lip as she stroked it with her tongue which was now apparently sporting a pair of rounded piercings. Unable to do much in that position beyond moan and shudder, she instead focused her attention on gently stroking Shelly’s nipples.

Eventually though, her super sensitive lips betrayed her and she collapsed, panting, onto Shelly. Free from her hair bonds, the succubus easily took control of the situation. Extricating herself, she flipped June on her back and hovered her pussy over the shorter woman’s face.

Despite being numb from the extended lip lock, June grinned as she saw where the last piercing had grown in. Situated vertically against Shelly’s clit was another, much narrower bar. Purple balls sat at either end, one right up against the mons and the other just outside the hood. Shelly grabbed the mysterious remote from before and twisted it a full turn. The sound of very small motors followed. Almost at once she dropped to the bed, her pussy on June’s face. The vibrations against equally sensitive flesh sent both over the edge for a another time that evening.

June was the first to recover and proceeded with what Shelly had started. Licking gingerly to avoid vibrating her lips too much, she slowly worked the pussy of her succubus-lover into overdrive with nibbles and long, slow tongue caresses. That got Shelly moving again, unconsciously perhaps, but it was enough to get her to turn the vibration down to where it would not disable June from the overwhelming sensation. Working with Shelly’s persistent humping, June’s licking, biting, and sucking was all the more potent and it was not long before thighs clenched around her once more.

Shelly tilted over to collapse onto the bed, June wiggled into her arms. Despite everything, or perhaps because of it, they fit together great. They each pulled at the blanket and tucked in for the night. Both were thinking about the game that remained unbeaten and how good tomorrow would be when they conquered it together.


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