Misty F Fiction

A Story Setting: Magical Realism

Settings with hints or pockets of magic

210 – Witchy Shit Ch.1

It was, of course, a stormy night when Lenore first seriously tried to do the “witch shit” in the old three-ring binder she had gotten as a twenty-third birthday present. It was not like she had planned or waited for such an evening to provide ambiance. In fact, the autumn Nor'Easter was something of a hindrance. The lightning kept messing up her chant and after the fourth time she jumped then lost her place, Lenore decided to try again later.

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189 – In the Aftermath…

After a ritual goes poorly, a witch who specializes in transformations is possessed by a hedonistic entity which thrives on the sexual tension between her and a rival witch. Now the women have to face that their relationship is forever changed--especially since the feelings the entity drew upon are keener than ever before...

048 – Divine Attentions

Reuniting with his wife after she had been traveling work, the normally dominant young professional finds himself at her mercy as she exhibits far more lust than before...

042 – The Cheerleader’s Gum

Rumors abound after a new brand of gum emblazoned with a seven-pointed star gets recalled before even reaching shelves. People said chewing it could grant wishes but, that's ridiculous, right?

033 – A Swelling Mentorship

Following the events of [A Swelling Regard], Sabine and Lyla have had all of Winter Break to come to terms with the reality of each being greatly exaggerated in their own way. However, with classes restarting soon, both of them are going to need to find a way to return to more mundane sizes. Which means doing the very thing they were trying to avoid--ask Lyla's mentor for help. What sort of trial awaits them?