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WIP – Guess I’m A Slime Now…

Pardon my dust. The text presented here is an in-progress draft--it might even just be notes. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated PSFW

Teji Jedhav
Late twenties, 5'4", 135 lbs, Size 6 Pant, 34B-32-34
Average Build, Overall Slender
Short dark hair
Cool, Tawny skin tone

Peak Size
Late Twenties, 5'6", 420 lbs, Size ?? pant, 36M-48-72
Super Thicc Build with a huge booty
Short dark hair that is one purple mass
Cool, Tawny skin tone which gives way to a bright purple

After Splitting with Siraj
Late Twenties, 5'6", 245 lbs, Size ?? pant, 34C-42-58
Moderately thicc build, wide hips and meaty legs
Short blue-black hair that is one sky blue mass
Cool, Tawny skin tone which gives way to a bright blue

Siraj Jedhav
Late twenties, 5'6", 170 lbs, Size 14 Pant, 34G-36-38
Slim, stacked, and fit
Long and wavy pale Strawberry Blonde Hair
Warm, Sepia skin tone which gives way to a light-red color which darkens towards her core

[Setting the scene]
Teji found herself blinking and tearing up again as she stepped through the door to the clinic from the darker office building hallway. The sudden brightness stabbed at her puffy, red eyes. After a moment of haze, so realized the walls of the clinic's waiting room were a white so stark they glowed. Thankfully, the dazzling illumination was broken up by a wide array of inspirational posters, the check-in window on the far side of the room, as well as a couple rows of simple chairs with plastic backs and seats in metal frames.

Reading the closest poster, Teji pursed her lips at the message and hiccuped a sob of frustration. The words of encouragement felt like empty platitudes after the weekend she had experienced. After all, the fact that she was here to read them meant her life was effectively over at twenty-five. Just then, a movement caught her eye and she stifled the urge to cry again.

A willowy elf with red-framed rectangular glasses reached up to slide a glass panel in the window aside. "Hi, can I help you?"

"Oh, right. My name is Teji Jedhav," she said, stepping over to the counter. "I have an appointment with Dr. Hutchinson at two-thirty."

"Ah, nice to meet you." The elvish nurse said with a smile which seemed genuine--if restrained. Her soft face had a pale, freckle-covered complexion, and bright orange eyes looked out from behind her glasses. Her pink scrubs were neatly pressed and she had her pale-pink hair up in a crown-like braid which was secured with pins adorned by holly leaves. As Teji's gaze lowered, she noticed the elf's nametag read 'Leasvira Vastra LPN'.

"I'll need your ID and insurance card," Leasvira continued, pulling Teji's attention back to her eyes. "And also the packet we had you print and fill out."

Complying with the request, Teji fished the pieces of documentation out of her bag and handed it over.

"Great, thanks. One sec." The elf scanned her cards and handed them back. "Now, if you'd just have a seat, the doctor will be right out."

Feeling a bit disarmed, Teji turned around to take a seat. The magazines on the table were all months old, their covers showing promotional press for movies which were already on video or predictions for sporting events which had since been resolved. Still, Teji flipped through one, trying to keep her mind off the reason she was here. She felt the gurgle in her gut which was stronger than just her stomach grumbling but made a point to keep her focus on the outdated article speculating about the next summer blockbuster until she heard her name called.


"Miss Jedhav?" It was another nurse, this time in lime green scrubs, who was leaning out of the back. The corners of his mouth twitched into the same hesitant yet encouraging smile when their eyes met. "Could you come this way please, ma'am?"

"Yes, be right there." She put the magazine aside and got to her feet, only for her eye-level to drop back to where it had been. The peculiar, haunting sensation of her feet and legs turning once more into a semi-solid gelatinous material brought renewed tears of frustration to her eyes.

Teji began to swear as the transformation crept further up her hips. "Sorry," she said, catching herself. The heat of a blush bloomed in her tawny cheeks, no doubt turning them pink. "I'm just so... So..." Her anger dissipated into despair and the somewhat gooey-woman began to sob as her bottom edge spread out over the floor.

The nurse in green scrubs hurried across the room and sat on the chair next to her. "Miss Jedhav?"


"I need you to take a deep breath and meditate. You have to expel some of this excess mana or you're going to come completely undone."

"I'll--sniff--tr-tr-try," she said, trying to find her center even as she felt her chest becoming less solid rib by rib. The mana-sensitive woman tried to remember the lessons she had been taught about her personal magic. While she had never been strong enough in her connection to pursue Magecraft, every Terran child was taught the basics to keep them from accidentally hurting themselves--or for situations like these. Her eyes drifted closed as her breathing began to smooth out. Slipping into her mind, the song of the Manabond Virus swelled until it was all she could hear. Faced with the certainty that if she did nothing she would melt away, Teji steeled herself for a mental battle.

First, she visualized the virus as a speaker, forcing it to take a form of her own making. Doing so gave her power over it, though its volume hardly decreased. So she reached for the power cable, her fingers stretching towards the plug to remove the flow of energy feeding the noise. The sound grew stronger, pushing her back like a stiff wind. She gave herself cleats and stomped her way back to the wall outlet. There was a jolt of energy as she wrapped her fingers around the plug and another when she finally wiggled it free from the wall. Sent flying by the burst, she came to in an exam room, her body solid once more.

[Teji talking with her doctor about the initial changes.]

"Ah, Miss Jedhav," said an inhuman voice. One that sounded more like ten speaking at once. "We were worried we might be too late. It was very, how you say, 'touch and go' there for a moment as you melted all over our waiting room."

Teji looked away from her knees and up at the figure sharing the room with her. For the most part, the entity looked like a tall, athletic black woman in a lab coat. However, feathered wings were furled around her trim waist and her face was... Beyond words. Teji tried to look away but, was unable to pull her gaze from the unearthly beauty. It was like staring into a black hole as everything around the Angelic woman's countenance diminished to void.  Then, something eclipsed that pull and the world snapped back into place from the warped shape it had taken on. The woman held a silver disc before her face. Then, the metal bent and shaped into a pale imitation of the divine appearance she had witnessed.

"We do apologize for that," the Angel said in that wavering chorus-like voice. "We had used our gift to siphon off some of the mana you were drowning in. We didn't expect you to look up at us right away."

"It's fine..." Teji whispered. "We're totally okay here."

"Good. Then shall we discuss the matter at hand? How long have you been infected?"


[He explains how the Manabond Virus works.]

It had been two weeks, but Teji still had not fully grappled with the idea of becoming a sentient mass of mana. Keeping her normal appearance had become more, and more of an effort as the slime’s toxin spread through her system. Of course, like lycanthropy or vampirism, there was no cure unless she managed to secure some kind of divine favor.

Which is why she had taken matters into her own hands. If she could gain more mass, she could keep her body stable. She felt that protein was probably the easiest way to do that and milk was likely the simplest method. The bottle was cold in her hands as she stood in front of the convenience store fridge.

Not sure what else to do, she threw her head back to drink it down. The fluid slid down her throat with ease. Her tan skin flickered purple as the slime nature of her body began to react.  Her grip on the plastic grew tighter, her gulps grew more forceful. Her shoulders bulked up first. They felt ridiculous on her tiny frame, but she had a feeling she would not be tiny for long. With the first bottle already empty, she could tell the protein-packed liquid was doing its job. She went for a second without hesitation.

She gulped eagerly, milk running down her cheek as she guzzled. Her muscles seemed to explode with power, as biceps inflated like they were being pumped full. Her skin went translucent as what remained of her humanity was strained even further. She watched her forearms balloon outwards, their gelatinous nature showcasing the of amount milk swirling through her system.

It seemed like this was having the opposite effect!

Perhaps one bottle at a time was not enough? Cracking open two more she shoved them into her mouth, stretching it out. Chugging like her life depended on it, she felt the power growing in the rest of her body. Her core muscles had grown more defined through the first two bottles, but now they pulsed with each gulp.

All of a sudden her lower half lost control, and she dropped into a puddle of herself. Desperate to regain her shape, tendrils of purple mana coiled around other bottles. She crushed them in her grasp, letting her monstrous body absorb the protein directly. Slowly, bit by bit, her body rose out of the mass. It was like she was wearing a mermaid dress as she staggered to her feet once more. Her new weight made the floor crack, each step sounded like the roll of thunder.

Curious, she focused on that mass and thought about it being somewhere else. Almost at once her muscles faded away as all of that bulk moved to her chest, and a pair of astonishingly large boobs blossomed. The strain was so great that they melted back into her, the mass returning to her muscles.

She toyed with the idea of drinking more. She wondered what that would even do to her. There was really only one way to find out and if she ended up huge? Well, that would not be the worst thing to happen this month. (531)

[After what had happened in the store], Teji had made a detour on the way home to pick up two cases of the protein-enriched milk. She had managed to keep her body fairly normal looking, but picking things up was another story. Trying to carry the heavy cases out of Pam’s Club had merely resulted in her arms stretching out. Which is when she had the idea of enveloping her purchases.

As a result, she had shifted most of her bulk to her lower half to support the bottles and in doing so, had turned her legs into a semi-solid bell-like shape. It was so big it looked like a Victorian bustle. The two bundles of shrink-wrapped bottles floated within that huge curve, slowly spinning as she sloshed from the bus stop to her apartment.

While she waited for the elevator and the cases of milk dropped through her to the floor as her humanity returned. The less gelatinous version of her was just as buff at the slime one but had absolutely no problem picking up her bounty. If only she could do this at will. Hopefully, physical therapy would help with that.

No sooner had she gotten into her apartment though that her legs gave way to her skirt-like lower half again. She focused everything she had on keeping her arms and shoulders solid and made it to the fridge before she could no longer hold up the bunches of bottles.

“Ugh! How am I supposed to live like this?” It seemed like more mass was not the answer. If only there were a way to reduce the amount of her body that was slime. Then it occurred to her there might be a way to do it. It was crazy, but so was the reality of becoming a monster girl.

She pulled out a few of the milk bottles. Downing them in short order, she felt her body swelling with power once more. As every last bit of tan faded into purple like paper on water, she thought about being two people.

It started as a pulling ache in the middle of her back that spread with each passing second. Her hips began to push into the cabinets on either side of her galley kitchen as they widened. The feeling of a crease forming on her tummy made her reach down to feel the scar-like hardness. Even as she felt it with both hands, the left hand felt distant, like it was asleep.

The pop she felt as her new right shoulder broke free of her existing left was followed quickly by the twin sensation of new arms growing and her pair of necks lengthening. She shuddered at the intensity. She had not expected this to feel somewhat pleasurable.

Her vision blurred as her gaze began to widen. The sudden ignition of another mind made her gasp. She and her clone were still attached at the hip, so their perceptions were shared, which only further heightened the increasingly sensual sensations.

The copy of her turned and smiled, her face mirroring one that Teji had seen in photo after photo. Unlike Teji however, her translucent hair was long. Each tendril moved and swayed like they were alive. She was also completely red aside from the swirls of purple where they were still attached.

As she looked down, Teji realized that her tummy was a brilliant blue now as were her hands and arms. The clone pushed down on their conjoined hips, forcing the separation to advance. Both of them were panting, their bodies starting bubble under the surface as shots of red and blue crawled over her bell-like bottom half. Suddenly they came apart, and Teji passed out as she experienced an intense orgasm.

Waking moments later, she found herself on the floor of the kitchen cuddled up to her clone. Both appeared human. Even though the other her should have been a copy, her skin was so tan she was almost brown, and her long hair was a pastel green. Not sure what else to do, they lay there for a while more, and during that time neither of them became slimes. It seemed like this crazy idea had worked.

Then the other her woke up. White irises started out of black pools as her eyes opened and then they were hugging. “Big sister!”

“Sister? Aren’t you a copy of me?”

“Sort of, it’s hard to explain.”

“How do you know something I don’t?”

“I’ve always been a slime, so of course there are things I know that you don’t.”

“That really doesn’t make any sense.”

“Here, this will be easier than explaining it.” She pushed her finger into Teji’s palm and for a moment the sensation of having two minds washed over her again as red and blue merged. All of a sudden, she knew everything about her condition, especially staying human indefinitely.

“So, I’m going to live with you now, Big Sis. I’ll make sure you don’t turn into a puddle!”

While it was not how she expected things to go, it was at least the outcome she had wanted. “Okay, then what should I call you?”

“Setta works for me!” (867)

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