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189 – In the Aftermath…

The text presented here is copied directly from my Tumblr with minimal editing. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex, Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation and Massive Growth

Maddie, only wearing the evening's shadows and a long shirt which draped much further down the back of her legs than the front, yawned as she stepped off the stairs up to the refinished loft of their rented warehouse. Each step made her recently expanded bust quake in a way that kept fanning the embers of a raging personal fire she had finally managed to get under control. She had not meant for them to get so far past her waist, but it had been hard to stop, too.

Between this being the twelveth hour of pouring her magic into a seething concoction and still dealing with the fallout of her recent, Supernatural encounters, she felt beyond drained. Even with her shower just now, a wrung sponge probably had more juice than she did. She was tired and sore and wanted to sleep but, she needed to look in on her brew now that it had been going for half a day.

Tucking her damp silver locks back behind her ears, Maddie peeked into the workspace she shared with Cassandra. The potion in her cauldron towards the back corner was no longer the sickly acid-green from earlier but a brilliant pastel purple that glittered and frothed. A second wind rose around her as excitement pushed aside exhaustion. Her latest--and greatest--idea had finally congealed into completion!

"Could you have your swelling theme music moment somewhere else, Pumpkin Tits?" Cass said, in her ever dour Ukrainian-Romani accent. She had not even looked up from her work to deliver the barb, her head ringed by purple-blue smoke that wove around her messy bun. "Some of us actually worked all day instead of getting off for the last twelve hours."

"Hey! That was working!" Maddie snapped back, sticking her tongue out at her begrudging roommate, sort-of business partner, and maybe even something else now. "My getting off was part of the spell's focus, Bubble Butt!"

"Oh? It was, was it? You needed to have a screaming orgasm every hour for the last twelve?" Cass spun around on her stool. Her pale cheeks and the white fabric of her snarky Curse Words t-shirt were both streaked with soot from her etching runes into her wooden project. Several poofy and curly strands of her night-black hair had escaped from their restraining headband and hung over her prominent nose like a storm front. From behind those clouds, her black eyes flashed blue in imitation of distant lightning. "Was me listening to you all day also necessary or just an added benefit?"

"Whatever," Maddie said, stepping over the threshold into the vast room that had been a storeroom in its previous life and was now home to a room-spanning waist-high workbench. "You know you enjoyed listening to me moan all day."

As she slipped through the humming wards, her barely an outfit morphed into a thick, well-worn dark-brown leather apron over a long-sleeved shirt, equally heavy pants, and work boots. It was her go-to outfit for dealing with scalding hot well, anything really--because getting burned seriously sucked. Well, that and the fact that these work clothes always resized to fit her body.

"In fact," she continued, her half-occupied mind returning to their normal bickering pattern, forgetting all of the tension built between them right now. "I bet you thought about joining me at least once."

"Oh totally," Cass said, her voice dripping sarcasm as her eyes flashed again. "I mean, why wouldn't I be all hot for you after finding out that us hooking up every night for more than a week was not you finally being into me, but because you got possessed by a super horny lesbian fertility demi-goddess during Ostara, hm? That seems like the perfect basis for desiring further sexual escapades, wouldn't you agree?"

Maddie went to retort, but it was hard to argue with the truth. The mood deflated quickly as her exhaustion rushed back in around her.

Cass punctuated her snark with a huff before letting her hair down. Released, her mass of unrestrained locks fell into a shimmering cascade of inky black waves and ringlets that enveloped her shoulders and left the silver-haired witch scrambling for words.

Although Maddie might have been a passenger in her body's first lesbian encounters, her mind had spent that time wrapped in a compelling, sapphic experience which had left its mark on her. In an attempt to keep her host passive, Maddie divine co-pilot had clouded her mind with visions of another time--one where she and Cass had been an item for years.

"Have I... have I told you what happened during that time?" she said, her voice quiet. The near-endless stream of slightly altered moments from their past had all felt so very real in the euphoric haze of pleasure and satisfaction. So much so that it was hard telling them apart from the actual memories.

The conflicts kept clawing at Maddie's awareness. Things about Cass which had been annoying before were now maddening in different ways. That which had been kind of cute before was now attractive enough to make Maddie feel hot. With all her being, Maddie wished she could claim the feelings pounding in her chest and between her legs as her own and not the result of The Stag Goddess's meddling--but there was no getting around that her feelings now grew from those memories.

"Not one fuckin' scrap," Cass snapped, then she put her fist to her mouth, her index finger against her lips. After a few seconds, she spoke again. "Sorry, I just... I was so happy that we were together... finally."

"Like, this probably sounds selfish as all hell," Cass continued, "but I had spent all that time thinking you were into me, the same way I was you, and were just hung up on something from your past. By the time I realized that you were straight and just a very physical person, my crush had already reached critical mass."

"Now wait a godsdamn minute," Maddie said, putting up her hand. "I've never been straight. It's just, well... my first time with another woman went... poorly. So you were right, I was hung up on something in my past."

"Oh," Cassandra said simply before getting to her feet. "Um... where was I?"

"Something about your crush reaching critical mass?" Maddie offered.

"Yes! That! So yeah, I feel even worse about it after hearing that, but all the affection I had turned to frustration with you," Cass was pacing now, her colorful, patchwork skirt swaying with the movement of her hips. Her butt, a near-perfect shelf behind her, bounced with each step. "Especially with how we kept getting pushed together. I took jabs at you, but our clashes never seemed to dispel my emotions, only intensify them. We kept connecting better and better, and that only made the frustration all the worse."

"So you blew up my ass at every opportunity to what--punish me?" Maddie jabbed on reflex.

Cassandra stopped moving but, instead of unleashing an emotionally charged outburst, her cheeks turned pink, and her lips rose into a wry smile. "Growing your butt was part of it, yeah. Although it was more than that, too, you were just so... oblivious about what I was trying to do by sharing my, uh... primal love."

Maddie raised an eyebrow.

"Hmm, said differently growing you like that, it was... um... me sharing my most intimate desires directly with you. Giving you a pear shape all the time it... You know, what? I can't explain it really beyond that."

She pulled her fingers through her dark roiling sea of hair, her expression pensive as she gazed at the floor, seemingly looking for words the same way Maddie was. Letting the moment rise, Maddie turned her attention to her potion. As she stirred the viscous, oily goop, Cassandra's words drifted around her mind.

"You know, I kind of get what you were trying to say," the silver-haired witch mused. "It's not like I... I didn't do the same to you. Sharing what I liked in that intensely intimate way. Geez, I can see why everything I did was confusing and frustrating to you."

"Right, so when "you" came on strong that first night after the circle for Ostara," Cassandra continued, her arms crossing and her obsidian eyes coming back to meet Maddie's. "I figured that maybe... maybe you'd gotten past whatever was keeping us apart. It's probably silly to feel this way, but I have never felt happier than the first time we kissed."

"I wish I could say the same--and not because I don't feel the same way," she added in a hurry, "because I do. It's just I... I have no idea how much of this is me, and how much of it is still the lingering side-effects of sharing my body with a sex-charged existence. It's all such a tangled mess."

Maddie had woken up from the possession horny and madly in love with Cassandra. In the following days, she had found herself clinging to the idea that her turbulent emotional state, and much-increased sexual appetite, were both the persisting influence of The Horned Goddess--not actual changes to her personality. As good, as comforting, as natural-seeming as the feelings were in light of the new memories, she was also all the more keenly aware they had come into being in the span of a few days.

It was those feelings and memories which were the real reason Maddie had spent the bulk of the day masturbating to stoke the fires flickering beneath her cauldron. The conflict had just built up to a boiling point and it took the entire day to find relief.

In the quiet, Cass shook out her magnificent mane, unknowingly pouring fuel on the awakening fire. She pulled her fingers through her tangles a few times as she moved to stand next to Maddie, pulling it all up into a vast, floofy ponytail. Putting a hand on the other woman's shoulder, she tried to sound encouraging. "Go on, Mads; I'm all ears."

Maddie, however, was not sure how to articulate that she had rationalized that The Stag Goddess had only temporarily altered her consciousness--at least, not without implying her newfound attraction to Cassandra was part of that illusory state. It was one thing to tell herself that everything she was feeling, including her massive crush on Cassandra, was a result of the false memories created by her possession, but it was quite another thing to tell someone that everything you felt towards them was likely a lie.

"Hey, you in there, Pumpkin Tits?

"Oh! Yeah. I just, um, got lost," Cassandra's pale lips were so close to her own. Maddie felt herself slide over so that their hips touched, though she made no move to escalate the intimacy further. "Lost in thought, I mean."

"Okay, well?"

"When I woke up, I avoided facing those feelings being part of my reality now," Maddie continued, resolving to let her emotions flow out. "Not because I hated the prospects of having a libido deeper than my near-canyon-sized cleavage or of being with you. In fact, us living as a couple would make life so much more comfortable."

"Then why the walls once more in the last week?" Cass snapped, turning to push her body into Maddie's bust. Her eyes were hurricanes. "Why push me away when how you feel is how you want to feel?"

"It's... In large part, it feels painful--"

"--Painful!?" Lightning seemed to crackle around her.

"Yes! Painful!" She roared back, pushing the raven-haired woman back with a sudden breeze.

"Look, Cass. Either chill the fuck out, or I'm done with this--all of this. I get that you've lived with a dull ache for years--and I'm honestly sorry about that, but, here's the thing, I'm right there with you now! While the euphoric bliss of being possessed enveloped me, I was shown, over and over, what we could have been! In a week, I lived an entire other life where we were fucking amazing together!"

Cass staggered back even further; the storm had gone out of her eyes. "I had... I had no idea. I had thought you were present for everything. By The Wheel, I--"

"It's okay!" Maddie cried, reaching out to grab hold of her hands. "I don't blame you for what you did during that week--and you're the only reason I'm the one standing here and not The Horned Goddess."

"Anyway, the pain comes from how every missed opportunity--all of which The Stag so helpfully showed me--weighs on me. I am feeling regret for a life that could never have been. I can get over that though; we can go forward together."

"Y-y-yeah," Cass said, "we can, but that doesn't feel like everything you want to say either..."

Maddie sighed. "What hurts is... What hurts is that I will never to arrive at this state on my own. I will never get to grapple with my relationship to my sexuality. I will have had to deal a sex drive which has always bordered on nympho-fucking-mania. Most of all though, I will never get to fall in love with you because I already have felt that way about you... for years!"

Her rage had grown with each statement as she realized just how much of her identity had been overwritten. She hated the goddess for doing it to her and she hated herself for feeling conflicted about it.

She turned to look at Cass and the next thing she knew, they were kissing. Although that only lasted until the magical flames beneath her cauldron flared up dramatically, causing them both to jump back. In a hurry, Maddie passed her hand between the ornate, wrought-iron legs of the stand for her four-inch cauldron and snuffed the flames of her spell.

"So what are you making anyway?"

"Something to boost someone's sense of pleasure. Just a couple drops and--" but before Maddie could finish speaking, Cass had scooped up some of the light, creamy mixture on a finger and slipped the sample into her mouth. The effect was almost instantaneous as she went from merely sucking her digits clean to moaning as she slid them back and forth between her lips. Her eyes drifted closed as she squeezed a second finger between her taut lips and slurped.

"Cass...?" Maddie gingerly reached out even as purple tones similar to the potion bloomed within Cassandra's pale lips. They seemed subtly fuller now, their colorful mass glistening thanks to the dark-haired witch's increasingly copious drool. "You okay?"

Cassandra gave one final moan around her fingers before releasing them with a wet pop. When she opened her eyes, there were hearts faintly superimposed over her irises and pupils. "Wow! I feel so good, Mads! I'd say the potion's one helluva success!"

"Well, sure, but I don't like the side effects you seem to be having."

"What side effects?" she said, sounding genuinely surprised even as her tongue played with lips which were definitely getting plumper by the second. "I feel fine--well, okay, I feel hornier than usual. But that's to be expected, right?"

"I guess..." Maddie twisted to grab some glass flasks from the shelf just over, and when she turned back, found herself kissing Cass unexpectedly. Something wet and warm flowed between them. Her body warmed, the satisfaction finally found after hours of masturbation faded away as her libido awoke. Her divinely-inspired sex drive dove into her alternate memories, flooding her awareness with so many little things about her partner that were arousing.

That smoky scent of her woodwork. The taste of clove and cinnamon in the air around her. The intense softness of her lips. The cute noises she was making as they continued to sink into each other. Maddie found herself craving the feeling of Cassandra's skin and tugged off her companion's shirt. Both women were gasping for air as they briefly separated, but they reconnected without hesitation.

They stumbled backward as they kept making out, their voices blurring into one moan. Passing back through the workshop's wards returned Maddie's attire to merely a thigh--length shirt and nothing else. A moment later, the battered sofa from Maddie's apartment brushed against her legs, but Cass kept pushing them.

Maddie stretched her left arm back to grasp the back of the couch and try to keep her feet. They tumbled to the cushions anyway, Cass' skirt draped over the both of them. Pinned beneath, Maddie could not extract her arms from under Cassandra's body. She realized then why Cass had not been feeling her up as well.

"No! Wait, Cass--!" But it was too late.

She watched, horny and worried at the same time, as the other witch downed what was nominally a hundred doses of the potion. For a moment, the only sounds were Cassandra's enthusiastic gulps. Then she started panting and moaning. She frantically pulled off the lace bralette. A blush spread across her chest as her little nipples pulsed and twitched as they swelled up a considerable amount.

According to her alternate memories, Cass had never been super wet, but her juices began to flow over Maddie's wrists like a flood. The pear-shaped witch sank her fingers into Maddie's barely-contained tits to keep her balance while starting to rock her bountiful hips ever further back and forth. It was not long before Cass' swelling clit, no doubt heavily engorged from the potion's effects, soon became wedged between the rounded edges of Maddie's pinned forearms. Her grinding movements quickened, and her tongue slipped past her lips as she gasped and moaned and cooed with open mouth.

"...Cass? Cass. Cassandra!" Try as Maddie might reach her, however, The Witch of Butts was essentially drunk on pleasure. She sighed. "Typical... you always have all the fun..."

Just then Cassandra stopped humping her. She opened her eyes for the first time in minutes and brilliant purple-pink hearts encompassed nearly all of her pupils and corneas. "Boobie Maddie Moo, whatever am I going to do?"

"Stars, Cass! Whew, I thought you'd gone off the deep end."

"Oh, I'm in deep, my cute little cowgirl," She leaned forward, letting Maddie free her aching arms as she lounged on mounds that might as well have been small beanbags.

"I'm drowning in you, Mads," she whispered, their lips just brushing. "In these tits and those baby blues..."

This time, each kiss felt like their very souls were touching--it was the only way Maddie could describe the sensation of utterly connecting with Cassandra. Her hands slipped down into the bottom-heavy witch's skirt and began to work the waistband over the colossal curves of her companion's ass. It was a little awkward, but they managed to remove her skirt together without pausing in their make-outs.

Naked now, Cass lifted Maddie's shirt by pulling the collar past her chin. The rest of the fabric dragged over her nipples, causing the silver-haired witch to squeal with delight--until she realized that Cassandra was once more restraining her arms. The t-shirt was just behind her head, her limbs enveloped by the slightly stretchy fabric like she was trapped in some kind of giant Chinese-finger puzzle.

"You... you did this on purpose!"

"Of course... now that it's actually you I, well..." Cass trailed off while she moved, but her heart-shrouded eyes never looked away as her enchanted lips wrapped around Maddie's left nipple.

Body-wide sensations, born from the intersection of sensory and emotional fulfillment, ignited Maddie's mind at the moment of contact between lips, tongue, and nipple. The shift in their dynamic rippled out from that contact in a shockwave of intense stimulation that left the silver-haired witch shuddering.

"Yes, Cass! Goddess... that feels so good! Oh, I wish... I wish we had done this sooner!" The Boob Witch felt her already overcharged growth charm flare to life, even without being triggered by orgasm, and another inch of quivering, sensitive flesh swelled into being between her and the Witch of Butts.

Both of Cassandra's hands were rubbing and stroking now in what felt like adoring worship. The loving caress contrasted with the pounding need elsewhere in her body which was being ignored. That she was unable to play with her clit was maddening! She could feel it--throbbing, pulsing, begging to be touched--but Cass only had eyes for her boobs it seemed. Her lover used both hands to scoop up her other tit before switching to suck on that nipple.

Her libido boiling, Maddie found herself tempest-tossed between the soft but fierce love being paid to her momentously mammoth mams and the raw, burning hunger which roared in her loins. In that state of pleasantly-torturous limbo, The Boob Witch found herself half-recalling, half-reliving evening after evening where the other witches alternated tying each other up and causing the other to grow.

A grin spreading across her face, Maddie channeled the need pounding in her temples into the feeling of domination that the alternate her seemed to have enjoyed. "Go on, then, boob slave. Worship me... Worship your high priestess. Offer your lust to sate my hunger... or I shall satisfy myself in other, more creative ways with your body."

She had not considered it a possibility for Cassandra to be even more enthusiastic, but the bottom-heavy witch slid forward a bit, her thick, meaty thighs now gripping Maddie's ribs and cradling her expansive bust. "Yes, priestess... I... I live to serve..."

So it went, Maddie drawing on a dynamic that Cassandra, in her pleasure-fueled haze, really was getting into. Copious amounts of almond and honey lotion had been conjured, Cass was slick from head to toe from all of the rubbing. There had been more kissing, more feeling of infinite connection.

On and on they continued until The Boob Witch was finally at the edge of orgasm.

She was sitting on the edge of the couch now, cradling her arm-fulls of tit and gingerly gripping nipples so large they filled her cupped hands. They, like Cass' lips and tongue, were that deep purple of the potion's enhancing effect. Just having that quivering flesh in her loose grasp was an experience more pleasurable than she had ever felt--and she had done a lot to her nipples before this.

Her girlfriend, meanwhile, was between her thighs. Cassandra was eagerly going down on her, her lips and tongue giving her pussy the same level of love and affection as her enchanted nips.

On the one hand, the attention was finally quelling the inferno. On the other, however... "Fff... I feel like I'm swelling up like down there now."

Cass looked up at her with half-lidded eyes and smiled. The glow from the spell's effect had not wavered in the hour they had been fucking. If anything, the heart's seemed to be burning brighter. The Butt Witch sat back, her fingers taking over as she slowly rubbed circles into Maddie's engorged clit.

"Does it displease you, my priestess?" She asked, wiping her face on her skirt. "Should I... stop?"

The moment Cassandra's fingers lifted away, Maddie felt like her body was going to vibrate apart around her pussy. It seemed her fat, purple, potion-soaked clit had become a metaphorical black hole for pleasure.

"Cassandra, you pear-shaped hussie, don't you dare stop now!"

"As my lady wishes," she replied with a sensual, throaty laugh. Cass' tongue slapped into her mound, enveloping all of her in warm, wet muscle. The Butt Witch dragged her considerably-larger organ, ever so slowly, along Maddie's quivering center until the near-prehensile end flicked over the tip of her clit.

At that point, Maddie stopped playing with herself and tangled her fingers in Cassandra's mass of black curls. "Oh...fuck! Fuck--gonna--!"

Each reflexive thrust of Maddie's hips shoved her aching pussy into her boob slave's face, grinding lips into lips. She bit flesh between her teeth as an animal scream clawed at her throat. Shuddering with the orgasmic release, she felt her growth charm activate for the thirteenth time that day. She had never pushed this far and was surprised when, near-instantly, her usually temporary capacity for lactation had not only returned but switched into overdrive. Her veins began to stand out as she swelled up dramatically and continued to do so even as her tits filled her lap and the weight pulled her forward.

She needed to express--and now! A service that her boob slave seemed only too happy to perform. The other witch pulled Maddie's nipples together and began to squeeze. Maddie stroked her swollen mounds from above, as Cass sucked on both teat-sized nubs. Over the course of several bliss-filled minutes, what had to be several quarts of milk flowed from her into Cass' eager mouth.

"You like that taste, don't you, boob slave?"

Cass nodded, not letting go of her suction or pausing in her milking caresses.

"Yeah?" Maddie pressed, the feeling of domination flaring up within her. "You really like sucking my teats?"

With a moan turned hum from all the flesh in her mouth, Cass responded in the affirmative.

"Good, my acolyte, because I love you sucking on me. I love feeling my power filling you, infusing you. I want... I want you to love it, too!"

Cass' grasp on her swollen bust began to shift, her fingers sliding down the milk-slick curves to get under them. Using nearly all of her body, Cass worked the glands to express even more fluid.

In the midst of this, another wave of orgasm hit Maddie. Her enchantment reacted in kind, pumping both her and Cass full of more milk. She had barely recovered from that when the increasing size and weight of her boobs pulled them both to the floor.

Now that she was on top, she smothered Cass between tits that verged on absurd, even for her. The potion's effect, however, made everything wonderful. Being more massive and more weighty than ever was something to celebrate. The sense of boundless euphoria the enveloped her mind encouraged her to take pleasure in surpassing her limits--just as it also suggested she go further.

Maddie sat back, letting Cassandra take gasping breaths, just before she sat on her face. "Show me just how much you always wanted to fuck me, you wonderful heathen! Prove your dev--oh! Ah!"

Cass' tongue had pushed up between her folds, and the flexible muscle had Maddie quaking even before she had even gotten into character once more.

"Oh... That's... that's... s-s-so good!" Doubling over, Maddie crossed her arms over her bust and tried to hold on as her body moved on its own. Still riding high from the last two orgasms, and a whole day's worth on top of that, it did not take long for Cassandra's expert tongue to send Maddie over the edge and into another spiral of milky growth. Lifted off her lover by her growing tits, Maddie found herself standing on tip-toe and bent over her milk-filled bust like it was a water bed. The magic had gone so far into the realms of fantasy that she could have sworn milk was actually sloshing in her massive milk tanks.

There was a soft touch on her thighs, the pressure of confident hands spreading her open. "Cass... that's... that's okay...I--"

"A true devotee takes care of her priestess," she muttered, and Maddie was not sure if her companion was still cognizant. "Not just in the bountiful times, but in trying times as well. She ensures her priestess gets every last ounce of love and devotion from her coven..."

Then, Cassandra's tongue slipped between her folds once more. In the back of her mind, Maddie knew that this needed to end--and yet, the feeling of Cass' potion-soaked tongue brushing her labia once more sent The Boob Witch floating off into a haze of all-consuming pleasure.

Hours later, Maddie awoke and found herself laying on her stomach in the most comfortable water bed she had ever experienced. Cassandra was snuggled into her on one side, holding her close. The Boob Witch felt satisfaction like never before. Things seemed perfect, but that contentment evaporated when the silver-haired woman realized that the pressure she felt on her boobs was not from slightly outgrowing a shirt, but the walls of their massive living room pressing in on the sides. A loud gurgle declared that it was time for a pumping session--lest she wander any further into overboard territory--but how was she even going to do that?

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