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042 – The Cheerleader’s Gum

An Enchanting Tale of The Far Shore

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated PSFW

There was little about the plastic-wrapped cardboard package which differentiated it from any other sugar-free gum. The bright blue envelope was a bifold design with twenty-four pieces. The front flap was tucked into a slot to keep it closed and the word 'Winter' was embossed on it to give an indication of flavor. It was so unassuming that Theo was having a hard time understanding why Faerie Star gum had been mysteriously recalled before it even went on sale.

Sure, there had been many rumors about the new brand, each more out there than the last, but none of them had explained the reason for why Faerie Star was being prevented from hitting shelves. Which is why Theo had a pack now. The need to know the truth had been much stronger than the sense of apprehension about what would happen. After all, everyone wanted to know if magic was real. And--if it was--could chewing a piece of gum really grant a wish that would not escape your mouth? Well, there was only one way to find out but first, Theo had to get back to the room. Which was easier said than done.

The stink of stale clothes and sour beer was omnipresent, like a fetid miasma as Theo opened the front door of the subdivided mansion. It, like a dozen other huge sprawling Victorian-style houses clustered closely in the pre-war neighborhood to the west of campus, was owned by the University. The massive houses had been subdivided into pairs of suites across three floors and each unit served as part of the urban campus' sprawling dormitory system.

While Theo might have liked men for more than one reason, that stink was part of why the college junior hated living with a bunch of other guys. It was always the morning after a party. On top of that was the reflexive 'no-homo' at every little touch or complement. The practice made the already oppressive atmosphere even more so and Theo was constantly having to stay in the "hetero zone." The first month had been super exhausting.

Still, the dorms were cheaper than similarly-sized apartments in the area and money was always an issue becu--

"Yo, Teddie! Wha's good?" The voice was tinged with the Brooklyn brand of Italian which seemed to populate the open spaces around campus.

Theo tensed as the other guy in the suite thumped down the well-worn staircase. Not that there was anything awful about minded Gianfraco--just Franco, my ol'man's Gian--Saldovinni. The captain of the University's soccer team was honestly pretty chill for being at the top of the social food chain. That, however, did little to assuage the stress Theo felt every time they stood in the hall or lingered on the sidewalk to have a chat--much less the roiling anxiety when they were both alone in their room and winding down for the night.

It was just really... awkward to talk with the consummate ladies' man because, first-off, he was pretty much a steel beam when it came to being straight, and of course, Franco was the kind of guy which got Theo's motor running.

This morning he was dressed in mesh basketball shorts and an over-sized tank top with arm holes so big that the shirt might as well have been a singlet. There was not much of his ripped and artfully manscaped torso left to the imagination as a result. His lightly bronzed skin glowed with the sheen of having been out for a run or a scrimmage and his short, dark hair was mussed just so. It was like someone had distilled the very concept of David Beckham down into a serum, filtered that until it was pure athletic manliness and injected it, super soldier-style, into a guy who looked like he had just stepped off a shoot for the next GQ cover.

  He is too fucking fit! 

The thought was so loud that Theo had a brief moment of panic over vocalizing that reaction. Whether the sentiment had been uttered or not, it did not seem that Franco had heard.

"Hey, me an' some of the guys from the team were going out tonight for Toni's twenty-first. Did'chu wanna come with or...?"

If there was ever a better and accidental set up for a great gay porn, Theo could not think of one. In fact, there were few thoughts beyond how those chiseled abs and bulging biceps would feel in the midst of sex as Franco leaned over while he stood behind--

"Yo, Teddie? You there?"

"Y-y-yeah, sorry. Long day," Theo stammered. "I'll have to take a rain check."

"Sure, sure." Theo could have sworn a look of disappointment flashed across that hunky, handsome face but, Franco was beaming again a moment later. He clapped Theo on back with a laugh. "I'll hold'chu to that, killer," he said before rushing out the door. At least that meant he would be gone long enough for an experimental piece.

Unwrapping the foil around the first piece washed away the stink of old socks and stale beer with the smell of wintergreen. The aroma was so intense it caused shivers. Like ice cracking in a soda, Theo's mental walls quaked. For a moment, the masculine facade peeled back and actively identifying as a woman felt good for once. Her heart ached from the relief.

"Well, no sense going back now," Theo said as she popped the piece in her mouth. "Let's see if this does more than just give a girl some confidence."

The moment she began to chew, she began to change. At once, her short, dark hair grew out and lightened into a soft, silvery cascade that draped around her slender, feminine shoulders and reached her waist. There was a stinging in her face and she reached up to find that morning's stubble completely gone.

"Wow, it really, uh, it really works," she gasped before clutching at her throat. Her voice! It was higher, more feminine! Convinced now, but not quite ready to face the world as a completely new her, Theo spat out the gum. Even after wrapping it back up, however, the smell lingered on her tongue and breath. Her jaw worked around empty air as her mouth became uncomfortably dry. On top of that, the changes driven by her deepest desire continued unabated.

Phantom fingers started working at her non-existent muscles, setting off pulses from head to toe as new fibers began to form. Stimulated by the gum's very real magic, her neglected, scrawny arms began to fill out. Before her eyes, they morphed into the toned physique of someone who had been a life-long athlete. At the same time, her stick-like legs and flat, bony butt swelled against her distressed skinny jeans which were, themselves, changing into a skirt.

Memories of days at the gym, with girlfriends she had never had before, bubbled up with each mint-infused gasp. Theo recognized a woman who was super supportive but could not quite place her. The soaring feeling of affection was the only thing that came through clearly.

Overwhelmed by new emotions, Theo dropped to Franco's bed thinking it was her own. Looking down at her hands, the wounds from nervously picking at her hangnails were healing. At the same time, her nails and cuticles began to look healthier even as the skin of her fingers and palms was toughening up from years of working out and playing field hockey..

"Okay, um, maybe if I wish really hard to stay like this... That'll stop the changes?" With her current self pictured in her mind, Theo unwrapped a second stick of gum with trembling fingers. The scent was even stronger this time, causing her to inhale deeply before placing the piece on her tongue. The moment she started chewing again, however, her tension about what was happening melted away. After all, why should she be apprehensive about being the her she wished herself to be? Had she not dreamed of this as she laid in bed all those years, unable to sleep?

The changing woman was merely curious as a feeling of gentle pressure pushed from either side of her masculine torso, narrowing its waist and shifting that mass south as womanly hips widened and spread over the bed. She watched, transfixed, as her over-sized shirt began to billow while soft flesh began to sprout beneath it. These new endowments swelled to little bumps as the shirt shrank down around them. The altered shirt was emblazoned with her new favorite band and was so very soft.

"But--But I--I wanted--to stay--like that," she whined between snaps of her gum. Had she really though? Her whole life had been tinged with the desire to anything but a boy. It was ingrained in her psyche. It was why she, Theodora, was a she. So it was no surprise that her attempts to stop chewing again were met with stubborn refusal from jaw muscles and taste buds. The gum's taste was too overwhelming, too wonderfully stimulating, that her burgeoning body craved the rush of that flavor squishing out over her teeth and tongue with each bite. Changing into the real her, the her that had been buried deep inside felt better than she could even articulate.

Her body, seemingly tired of dealing with her still lingering reservations, was moving on auto-pilot now as her fingers removed the foil from another piece. An even stronger wave of satisfaction washed over her as the scent flared. It felt like being hit with a stiff wind that had ripped her umbrella from her grasp. One moment she was worried about being a woman, the next, she was popping the piece into her mouth. Theo began to chew with abandon and the sound of wet rubber smacking between teeth filled the room. She laid back, her arms scooping up the blankets only to realize they smelled like Franco when she hugged them to her face.

Spurred by months of pining, the musty scent of patchouli mingled with the mint, enveloping her completely even as another scent came to her attention. Franco's girlfriend Cleo--an irony not lost on Theo--had been over last night, perhaps it was her Theo was smelling. Oh, if it could only be her in this bed with him instead!

As if in reaction to the intense desire, Theo's sheet of long, straight hair began to curl, kinking up into the bouncing mass of strawberry blonde ringlets that Franco's girlfriend had. Theo's newly grown boobs swelled a good bit larger, growing from what looked like early-HRT bumps to great handfuls of warm, jiggling flesh. They were big enough now that their curves were squishing out from the hem of her skin-tight crop-top which showed off tight abs bronzed by hours at the beach.

Each time her mouth opened and closed, her lips subtly pushed against each other more and more as they inflated bit by bit until they had a slight bee-stung look. Between one smacking bite and the next, her knee-length skirt became much more daring. The tightening hem rose up her muscular thighs until she was sure her penis would hang out.

Putting that aside, she lifted her phone and admired the changes. She looked just like Cleo now--down to the beauty mark on the left side of her bottom lip. Her body burned with need in a way it had never before. It was like every inch of her got in on the feeling of an erection and not just her dick.

Despite the heat of arousal spreading over her chest and face, however, there was no tented erection--no evidence of her masculine features. As she sat up,there was a slithering feeling between her legs and she no longer felt balls against her skin. When she lifted the skirt, Theo found herself looking at the smooth front of a pair of cute bikini-style panties.

Something about the change staggered her. What was even weirder was that, when she looked up, she was no longer in her room in the men's dorm but in a locker room. The girl's one. How had she--? Trying to think about it caused the sound of her smacking gum to become like explosions. Each squishing burst was so loud that Theo could hardly think as she sank back to the wooden bench.

This was what she had wanted sure, but, it was so startling at the same time. How was she going to adjust to life as a woman? How was she going to tell parents who expected a son to come home for the holidays? What would happen when she went back to her room looking exactly like her roommate's girlfriend?

“Dora!" yelled a voice which cut through the noise. "What's the hold up? We’re gonna be late for practice!”

Who was Dora--? Was someone going to find her here? Not that anyone would have even known she had been male only minutes ago. She found herself clutching her head as the sound of chewing became all-encompassing again.

"Dora?" someone asked as they put a hand on her arm. "You okay?"

"Y-yeah," she said, not sure what was going on. She looked up at the concerned person and panicked when it was Cleo looking down at her. The other woman's jaw went slack when she realized she was looking at her double and Theo braced for the worst.

Then a sharp pain flared in her head and, all of a sudden, Theodora recognized her twin sister Cleodora. All of the hazy memories of another girl who had been with her always came into focus. Cleo was the oldest by a few seconds, which is why she got the first half of her name and Theodora had been shortened to Dora. The two women were super close, sharing in everything. The connection was to the point that they were both dating Franco--they even fucked him at the same time on occassion.

"I was just, uh, spacing out." What had she been doing? It was totally unlike her to get lost in her thoughts. She had never been anything but the confident, outgoing, and adventurous half of the sisterhood. Jumping up, Dora slammed her locker closed, swatted her sister on her slightly larger butt, kissed her when she turned to protest, and then rushed off to meet the rest of the cheer squad.

Meanwhile, the packet of gum lay forgotten on the bench and Cleo picked it up. Completely ignorant of what she had in her possession, she unwrapped a piece and began to chew... (2429)

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