Misty F Fiction

Content Warning: Masturbation

A character pleasures themselves either explicitly or implicitly

166 – By the Silver

After a bloody encounter with a wolf infected by the lycanthropy virus, a woman finds herself hopeless and depressed as she waits for the first full moon. However, her first encounter with the silver light goes differently than she expected...
Contains: altersex/crossgender content.

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161 – Cycle’s Climax

Lenore's time of the month was... complicated. A woman with a bit of magical cat in her heritage, her cycles had extra symptoms. Transformative ones. She normally would take off the days where she would peak, but in the shuffle of switching to a new team, she ends up traveling to a conference that week. Can she control the heat of her feline nature on the flights or will her ailuranthropy turn into her horny, cat-girl before she makes it to the hotel room?
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096 – In Your Genes

As his twenty-fifth birthday approaches, things have been weird for Rodney. His sex drive is off the charts, he is eating enough food for three people, and he keeps dreaming that he is a woman--but those are just dreams, right?

097 – Anticipation and Agitation

Doused by chemicals due to an accident, three friends gained emotionally-based shapeshifting powers. The two of them who used to date are now going to be roommates and that is leading to all kinds of growing problems...
Warning: Altersex content ahead!

081 – A Birthday On Camera

It was Zoey's birthday and her girlfriend wanted to do something for her. So she got in touch with a mutual friend who has some... reality altering abilities. Warning:Extreme transformations ahead

056 – Lovechild

The best thing about fiction is putting yourself in the shoes of the characters, but what happens if that fantasy gets a little too real?

049 – My Chimeric Fiancee

After a dramatic shift in their relationship, a guy who never felt much like a guy is about to undergo a procedure which will alter his genetics and make him a chimera. Question is, what does he want to become?

019 – CamDevil

On TF House, an erotic, online reality show, participants take mystery medications which cause transformations. One such contestant is about to have the best show of her life...