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019 – CamDevil

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex, Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation, Intimate Nudity, Massive Growth and Masturbation

"Yes! Yes! YES!"

Olivia Martinez, known to many as TF House contestant Peri Pepper, was having the ride of her life with Sara's head between her thighs. As the athletic Latina's knees ground into the carpet, the thicc British blonde gripped her tight quads while lapping at her pulsing snatch with a tongue which had become something more, something... out of this world. Olivia could swear the felt the tip tickling the depths of her center as it both wriggled against her walls and pinched her clit, too! It had all happened because of Sara’s latest transformation. During her session for the day, Skarla, Sara's pseudonym, had taken six of a new, yet unseen pill to dramatic effect. The biology altering drugs had utterly transformed her tongue, causing the pink muscle to swell to considerable length and thickness and also turn green. Her saliva glands had gone into overdrive as well from how messy her oral play on camera had been. When Sara got off the camera, Olivia could not resist sharing an intense, wet kiss. As was usually the case between them, the situation escalated from make outs until she was riding her friend's face in the middle of the living room.

"Ah--fuck! Skarla! I'm gonna--ngh!!" Olivia's upper body tensed up as her hips began to rock even harder.

Sara slid her hands up and grabbed hold of Olivia's wide hips. Her fingers sank into her partner's exaggerated, bubble-like butt as she squished her face into the other woman's crotch. On the other side of Olivia's stiffened form, Sara's body squirmed and writhed with need. She rolled her hips back and forth while squishing her thighs together, just to try getting to the edge as well. Then, she caught her pussy just right, and it sent a shock of pleasure up her spine. Her eyebrows knit against the smooth skin of Olivia's tanned mons and her sudden moans vibrated the Brazilian woman's hard enough clit to send her partner's mind rocketing off.

"Oh! OH! Ffff--Skarl-aAHHH!!" Tensing into a twitching arch, Olivia lost track of the world for a moment.

When she came to, she was already on her stomach returning the favor with unbridled enthusiasm. Sara's knees rose to hook over her shoulders. Soon the other woman's heels were digging in as her plush thighs pressed in from either side, her entire body clenching from the expert stimulation.

Olivia noted with a shiver that Sara's nectar tasted just like her saliva had and she never wanted to stop tasting that savory-sweet flavor. However, there was something... odd about what was happening. Sara's show had been nearly six hours ago, the effects of the transformative drugs should have been wearing off. Instead, it seemed like the effect was propagating to all of her mucus membranes as the blonde's labia developed a green blush a few shades darker than the color of her tongue. Glancing up, Olivia found Sara playing with her huge knockers, which had a slightly green cast to them that served to further accentuate how vascular they looked now. What was happening to her and was it communicable?

There was a time when the hypothetical answers to those questions would have been enough to stop Olivia cold but, after getting used as an onahole for nearly an hour while she was only sixteen-inches tall and highly elastic, that otherwise normal part of her had simply switched off. Now, she found the potential of experiencing bizarre, radical changes exciting. She tugged Sara closer and gleefully ate her friend out through not one, but two orgasms. Then, they hit the baths, Olivia needed to get ready for her show at the top of the hour.

"--an' your sure I didn' hur' ya?" Sara asked, her green tongue lolling out of her mouth down onto her chest as she relaxed into the steaming water of the large, square tub.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine," Olivia replied from the open shower across the room. Her accent was a lilting, almost musical fusion of her Latin heritage and New York upbringing. Though she took great pains to not talk quickly, she could become incomprehensible when excited.

“It’s those pills' effec', I’m sure,” Sara offered, her Cockney accent even worse than usual because of her recent transformation.

"That certainly helped," Olivia said, stepping out of the shower. She padded across the tile floor and joined Sara in the tub. "But, don't underestimate just how fucking hot you were back there. I've never been fucked like that. Not even when, um, what-was-his name?--Well, whatever, you know who I'm talking about."

"The guy whose arms became tentacles?"

"Yeah, him!" Olivia said with a snap after which, her hand began to stroke Sara's soft skin. "Your tongue was even better than the rutting he gave me with all those wonderful, pulsing, wriggling apende--mph!"

Sara had suddenly straddled her. The other woman shoving her thick, flexing tongue between Olivia's lips once more. Each grappled the other with a fierceness matched only by the howling want to pound in their veins.

[Old Story Version Below]

“I’m sure I’ve got something unknown waiting for me as well. That’s the best part of the job though, never knowing what’s gonna happen on camera.”

With that, she slipped into her room and she sat down in her high backed computer chair. Her body was still throbbing, the nerves between her legs firing like crazy. As such, the soft velveteen cover of her command-style seat sent a shudder up her spine as she shifted her naked lower half to get comfortable.

Turning on her custom-built rig, she waited for her streaming dashboard to come up. She primped in the preview on the second monitor once her camera switched on. It was hard to believe she had been a transformation Cam Girl for a year now. Becoming a member of TF House had dramatically changed her body. When she had arrived, she was a scrawny, tattooed, Instagram model who thought being size negative one was the epitome of being sexy. Now though, after having been transformed into so many body types, she had settled on being trim and fit as if she spent hours at the gym each week. Aside from her thick ass, which rose from her back like a shelf, she had the body of an Olympic swimmer.

“Hi again, love! I’m Peri Pepper and this is Transformation Pill Roulette. For those new to the stream, what that means is I, and others on the TF House network, take physiologically altering chemical concoctions and film the outcomes for you, the viewer. Which pill I take is up to each of you. How many I take is based on the number of people watching. Many pills have known effects, but we are constantly getting sent new sexual elixirs for your viewing pleasure, Master.”

She winked at the camera as she puffed at an errant cascade of half-dry black ringlets. She absently adjusted her sports bra and the jersey material rubbing against her nipple dragged along, moaning sigh out of her chest. Had Sara’s saliva become some sort of aphrodisiac during her last on-camera session? If that was the case, it was sure to make the rest of the day interesting. Already being switched on meant everything was going to have maximum impact on her body.

“For those of you subbed to the House TF channel, you just got to watch me riding Housemate Skarla’s face before she ate out both my holes at once, showing just how dexterous her newly enhanced tongue had become after taking two #92 pills.” Just thinking about it had Olivia low key moaning again.

She propped one hand up on her desk and leaned into it then bit her pinky. Her other hand began to trace circles on her thigh under the desk, drawing them closer to her pelvis with each orbit. “You know, it’s probably fortunate she only had to take two. I can’t imagine what would have happened if she took more. While we had been told what it did generally, none of us expected the pill to have quite the…extreme level of effect that it did. She was still huge when I got out of the shower to come see you, but I’m sure her tongue will eventually return to normal. We haven’t had a permanent transformation in months.”

She glanced to the left and right before leaning in to whisper conspiratorially. “Though, just between me and you, I really do hope it stays like that. A foot long appendage is a foot long appendage, you know what I mean?”

Olivia sat back as someone knocked. “I will be right back, master, and then we’ll get started. So keep voting for what pill you want me to take.”

She set her stream to show her last session, one where she had shrunk to barely three feet tall, and stepped over to open the door. Sara was framed in the doorway. She was dressed now, in a fresh black lace bra that matched her panties. The blonde was also more flush and panting even more heavily than before. Her tongue still hung over her bottom lip, thought it had changed. Even longer than before, the oddly forked tip brushed her chin. It was also now a vibrant green color instead of the expected pink and the surface had a liquid-like sheen.

“What’s up, hun?” Olivia asked once out of microphone range.

“Turns ou’ #92 is actually perm'nent so we’re takin’ it off tha list.” Despite the further alterations, Sara’s posh accent was back to normal. It was a mystery how her organ’s new found bulk did not have an impact on her speech. However, as she continued to talk about all the minute, permanent changes she was expected to undergo, her split tongue seemed to contract and shrink when in use and then immediately expand back to its new shape.

The changes were numerous, but the most exciting was that, yes, Sara’s saliva had become a mild aphrodisiac, one that would inevitably grow stronger as her body accepted the changes. It seemed the most drastic change was still on going, happening even as she spoke. The fork in her tongue was slowly deepening, making it seem like she had two tongues instead.

“Well, shall we see what the master have chosen for me to take?”

Sara made a face at being interrupted, but pulled up the dashboard on her phone all the same. “Tha curren’ pill in tha lead is num'er nine-four. Which ‘as been described as ‘aving an “Concubari” effec’.”

“Maybe it’s an overall growth thing?”

“No idea, those are all tha notes tha’ were attached when we got 'em.”

“Okay, so how many am I taking?”

“Five. Your upcomin’ show 'as nearly five thousan’ subs tunin’ in.”

Olivia flinched, five was going to be an insane level of transformation and there was no telling what the outcome would be. On top of that, five thousand plus people were going to watch all of it. How she had gotten so popular was a mystery. Perhaps it was that she always managed to end up with pills that caused expansion to her tits and the number kept rising for even greater growth.

“Okay, five it is. I’ve taken more, albeit of a known pill, but still, should be able to handle it. How is pill #94 administered?”

“It says they’re supposi'ories, either for tha anus or vagina.”

Both women looked up and blinked. Another of the residents, a very femme young man who called himself Alawyen, arrived just then with the bottle. The green plastic cylinder was about the size of a coke can. Popping it open revealed at least three dozen capsule style pills that were each about two inches long and about as wide as a finger. They were black and white two-toned with no other markings beyond a five-pointed star.

“Oh wow, this is going to be, um, intense,” Olivia said as she picked one out of the tube. It was oddly warm in her fingers. All at once, she was overcome with the compulsion to take the pill. Before it even registered what she was doing, the capsule slipped between her cheeks and into her body.

“Olivia!” Sara looked at her aghast. “Do you realize wha’ you’ve done?”

“Made sure I could even take these?”

“Well yeah, I guess tha’s fair, but you still 'ave to take five on camera.”

“Ah, fuck.” Already she could feel heat radiating out from her ass. With each heartbeat, there were faint twinges in her nipples, lips, and clit. It was very apparent that what ever effect the pills had, sensitivity was definitely on the list.

In a hurry, she snatched the whole bottle with at least a dozen of the pills and grabbed some toys before heading back to her room. She pushed the door closed once more dropped into her chair.

“Well then, you deviant, I’ll ultimately be taking five of #94. Which is administered a little differently from a swallow. What this means is not only are you going to get to watch me change and play with my new body, you’re going to get to watch me stuff both my ass and pussy to get there.”

Anticipatory exclamations filled the chat. Lots of [Can’t Wait!]s and other such sentiments scrolled past, encouraging her to just go into things instead of warming up and teasing the crowd. She winked at the camera and then eagerly stripped off her panties and grabbed the butt plug she had picked up.

At the apex, the almond-shaped mass of red rubber was just a little wider than her fingers could grasp. It was far larger than anything she had used before, but the weight felt right in her hand. Sizing up the toy, she evaluated the general flow of her show.

Since she had already taken one pill with her ass, she would put two more in and then plug up before slipping the others between her folds. She would then ride out the transformation, letting her body take control as it did what it needed to be satisfied. Just like riding a bike.

Gripping the chair with one hand and spreading her legs apart, she made sure her backdoor was in the frame. Positive her master could see, she shoved one of the remaining two capsules into her butt. Like the first, it slid in without much fuss, though she did have to push a bit to move the other, already deteriorating, pill further inside of her body.

By now her whole body had somehow a live wire and she was moaning like she was getting pounded as she pushed two fingers into her anus to make room for the third pill. The weight of her body on her feet felt like she was mashing her clit with the heel of her hand. The breeze from the A/C playing over her skin, as sweat began to bead from both exertion and arousal, was more intense than the time she slept naked on silk sheets. Her nipples were so hard they were twitching with her accelerating heart rate. Glit was rolling down her thighs, her throbbing pussy begged to also be filled.

Her hands were shaking as she tried to get the third pill inside. She finally had to sit on it, resulting in an audible squelch. Raising off her chair again, she positioned the plug and lowered her body once more. The size was even more impressive against her cheeks. The tapered point flared quickly, widening until her anus was struggling to spread any further.

The chat was going wild. Chanting, [Go! Go! Go!] as she tried to force herself over the apex of the curve.

“I think…I think #94 might include some sort of bimbo or nymphomaniac personality modifier. I’ve never been so horny before, Master. My body is burning up, begging to be filled.”

With eyes clenched shut and knuckles squeezed white on the arm’s of the chair, she tried to leverage herself the rest of the way down. In that moment, there was not thoughts in her head, nor feelings in her body. There were only two sensations and she was stuck between them. The resistance to the extreme insertion and the surprising drive to conquer the toy were consuming fought in both her body and mind. Neither feeling would give an inch. The tension built and built until there was a loud snap.

Accompanied by several more staccato pops, her pelvis inexplicably widened until the flesh of her hips was squeezed against the arms of her chair. After the fifth and final crack, the plug slipped in easily. The feeling of the wide base against her gave an oddly intense sense of satisfaction that burned away the pounding fog of need.

“Whoa, I can…I can think again. Damn, that was a trip. I can’t even begin to describe to you what that felt like, Master.”

Now that she was filled, her mind was clearing even if her body remained in sexual overdrive. If anything, the returning awareness was a curse. She could already feel the pleasure swelling up around her thoughts, tendrils of desire entwining into everything.

There was one thing she did know though, she was looking forward to feeling the other two pills begin to take effect. If just one had been this intense, after six, having sex later was going to send her sky high from just the slightest sensation. Already her body was bucking slightly, grinding against the plug.

The chat did not miss this fact as line after line of text poured in. A glance at her numbers showed nearly seven thousand people watching her.

“En-enjoying yourself, you deviant? Do you loving seeing me like this? Hungry for sex, panting to be bred like some bitch in heat? Well, let’s go the rest of the way, shall we?”

Olivia reached for the bottle to grab the last three pills when the omnipresent fire in her body flared between her legs. With pulses that grew longer each cycle, her clit swelled. Two inches. Then four. Now six. In ten seconds, it was already bigger than most guys and it did not seem like the growth was going to stop any time soon as the throbbing intensified. Each pulse made her stiff rod swing wildly, the mass of nerve endings alternating between crashing into her stomach and her chair.

“I-I-I-I have a cock? What the hell are these pills you made me take, Master?”

Unabated by her agitation, her girl cock began to widen as it continued to extend, thickening from pinky to thumb to two fingers’ width by time it was bumping into her tummy just below her navel. All the while, the tip of her extended clit became more and more penis shaped. A ridge rose several inches from the end, forming a small mushroom cap.

The throbs were affecting her hood now, too. The soft skin was spreading up her shaft, accompanied by the almost tickling sensation of arteries growing into place, weaving into a webbed network of blood flow. With a final throb, a slit opened at the end of her foreskin shrouded clit-dick and her body was wracked with an orgasm that made her clench around the plug and pull the remainder of the capsules further inside her.

“What is…what is happening to my body, Master? I’ve been tiny and a giantess. Fat and built like a truck, but this! This is something completely new. It’s blowing my mind!”

Before she had even finished playing up her arousal, her boobs were surging in size. Her soft flesh pushed against the mesh and elastic of her sports bra as suddenly her b-cups became d-cups. Fumbling with fingers numbed by the continuous assault of pleasure, she unhooked the bra in the front. Unleashed, her tits continued to expand, doubling in size every second as they spread over her ribs towards her waist. As her boobs grew so did her areolae, the dark skin rising to a puffy plateau as it spread over most of each curve.

“Holy shit! Holy shit! This is amazing. I need more!”

Caution thrown to the wind, Olivia dumped quite a few more than three pills into her hand. Spreading her pussy wide open, she slammed the handful of pills against her mound. Playing with herself was a bit awkward with her still hard clit-dick rising above her labia, but she did her best to stroke circles around her mons until nearly all of the pills were inside her.

Casting about for a tool to assist in pushing the capsules in further, she grabbed a dildo with big balls that was about as long as her forearm. Her thumb covered her fingertips, giving her a good grip as she plunged it balls deep into her glit-slick pussy. The rubber rammed against her cervix, pushing a number of pills into her inner chamber. Once more her body clenched as she fell into all consuming sensation.

Even so, with each orgasm the overwhelming feelings from every inch of her body were becoming more bearable. She could feel an awareness building in relation to her hair-trigger nervous system, as if she was developing some extrasensory awareness. With this tolerance, Olivia was starting to feel when the heat of her body melted through the coating and the pills contents spilled out into her body. None remained in her anus, but there were plenty still to come in her pussy.

At that exact moment, two popped in her pussy, surging her dick and tits larger as pressure built around her temples.

Overwhelmed by feeling once more, she could only lie back in the chair and moan as the waves of pleasure broke over her. The second monitor, with her dashboard and stream preview, showed her changes to her. Her skin was darkening, the olive deepening to a bronze that burned with an inner fire. Her tits had settled on her resting arms, their curve now past her navel. Olivia was not sure if she could hug them or if her hands would not reach.

She was basking in the feeling of her new body, sweat pouring off her as her skin seemed to steam, when there was a sharp pain in her eyes that made her clench them closed. When she opened them next, golden irises peered out of inky blackness back at her from the monitor. Her pupils twitched and shifted before her eyes, the black circles becoming five-pointed stars. With that change, it was as if a another new sense awakened in her. All around, a fuchsia mist hung in the air. It was thickest around her, though there were substantial drifts from the direction of her door.

“I think, I think I can see lust, Master. These eyes can see desire. What…what am I becoming? What are these pills?”

There was a strange slithering feeling in her pussy, as if her body was consuming the dildo. She tried to remove the toy, but it vanished, balls and all, between her swollen lips. A moment later, there were a cascade of sensations within her body.

“Oh no, what’s going to happen now? Fwah! Feels so good!”

First was her dick. Her tightly drawn foreskin grew over her glans and kept growing until nearly an inch of skin hung off her erection. Then, against the front of her pelvis, there was an inflating sensation as her g-spot grew and grew until it was pushing against the back of her canal. Then, with a similar inflating feeling, another mound grew against it, spreading outwards in both her pussy and anus at the same time. With every ragged breath, they rubbed against each other shooting pleasure through her whole body.

“Master! Master…something is growing. Inside me something is growing. I think, I think I’ve grown a man’s prostate. I-OH! There are more growing, clusters of them. I can feel the cum churning in them. I want to cum with this cock. I want to cum!”

More pills popped within and her cock, which had passed the dildo in size already, grew even larger to smack into the desk. The faint outlines of the arteries grew more pronounced, the network twisting and coiling as they swelled larger. Bolstered by even more blood flow, the mass swung up to lodge in the bottom her cleavage above her navel, giving her a view of the under side. A ridge had grown against her foreskin, pushing the vessels to even greater prominence. Beyond that, she noticed a mass of skin building. With another slithering feeling, two small weights brushed her thighs as the internal plumbing for her increasingly masculine clit-dick completed.

“Oh, Master. I’m sure I can cum for you now. I’m sure I can soak you in girl semen from my big fat cock!”

She fished her dick out of the sea of boob and wrapped one hand around her shaft. She could feel pre-cum flowing up her shaft, but her excessive foreskin was trapping it. Struck with an idea, she wrapped her hands around the mass and worked the loose skin around the head of her shaft. The chamber of soft skin held more and more of her fluids, swelling like a balloon until a spurt emerged to land on the desk.

Eager more now than ever, she jerked back hard and the extra length slid down, expelling all her pre-cum down over her fingers and exposing her spunk coated glans. She dragged her fingers through the increasing flow, lubricating her grip as she began to lightly stroke.

Beneath her hand she could feel her foreskin thickening from the end, becoming a veritable cock sleeve packed with nerves that could slide along much of her length. Within, the network of arteries twisted and writhed until some of the vessels surpassed the thickness of a pencil. They were so filled with blood, they felt like they were rings within, creating an ever heightening sensation as her fingers passed over pulsing ribbing.

“Master, I can’t even begin to describe how this feels. I’ve take a lot of transformational pills, but these? These are amazing.”

At the same time, her balls were growing explosively. Already each was as big a plum, forcing her sack to fill much of the space between her thighs. The feeling of spunk churning within combined with the steady pulses of growth were like a soft vibrator against her pussy. With a sudden pulse, their size grew to rival peaches. “This feels incredible. They’re so heavy and they’re still growing. I, I think I’m-OH YES!”

At once, her balls pulled tight against her pussy. They smacked with such force they slid inside as her as cum flowed up her shaft. She masturbating furiously now with both hands, urging her first release to burst forth. With each stroke, her pussy clenched against her sack, sending further throbs up her shaft. She bucked up and two things happened at once. She came with two mind-shattering orgasms, both male and female, and her anus pulled the plug all the way inside her so that the widest point was pushing against her many prostates. The bursts of cum became a flow as her gasps became moans loud enough that they were audible on other shows across the house.

As if that was what she had been waiting for, the overwhelming pleasure became a buzz in the back of her mind as the pressure in her anus faded entirely. As if her body had, again, somehow absorbed the rubber. Even with control over her body again, the urge to fuck and be fucked did not wane. Still, she was on her feet now and her body was saturated with chemical #94 now, the last pills having shattering in that orgasm. Even then, there were still the better part of a dozen pills left in the bottle.

She noted she was still fully erect, as if nothing could slake her thirst for sex.

“Oh my FUCKING GODDESS this body is amazing!” She hugged herself, her newly enlarged tits just bigger than her arms. Wiggling that that made her dick sway, the movements making her gasp with surprise pleasure.

“I think I know why the notes called this the Omnibus drug, Master. I’m fairly certain it was some dad joke about being both a succubus and an incubus because I feel insatiable now—and there’s still SO MUCH of my transformation left! I wonder…I wonder if I can control it now.”

She visualized her perfect legs. Ones with thick calves and thighs as well as feet that never needed heels. With a crack, her feet changed. The balls of her feet widened as her arch curved. Her toes and heels became claws, letting her rest her weight on her own natural high heel. The alterations cascaded upwards, her comparatively thin legs filling out until she was on par with a power lifter. There was a grinding feeling as her bones lengthened, adding inches to her height.

“Now for an ass to match and a tail! What good is a devil without a tail? In fact, I am the best devil, right Master? So it stands to reason that even one tail is not enough. How many tails do you want your goddess to have, you deviant?”

The responses were all over the place but ultimately settled on four.

That settled, Olivia caressed her ass. Once her defining feature, it had been dwarfed by her impossible sex organs and tits, but she was about to resolve that. Inches bloomed into existence on her frame, her hips swelling to be even with her shoulders and then continuing to swell until the jiggling flesh was even with her outstretched elbows. Her ass grew similarly, the curve swelling astronomically until she could no longer cup her cheeks with her hands. This had the side effect of further thickening her thighs, but she was okay with that.

“Whaddya think, Master? Big enough for now? No? Yeah, I agree.”

Another couple inches swelled into existence. “Now for the tails!”

Only, growing in tails was not like altering existing physiology, she had to create the very idea of them from scratch. They would have to be long and slender, obviously, with a wide, flared tips so as to have more penetrative implements. Being prehensile would help, too.

In waves, pressure rolled down her spine. It built and built until she was sure her body was going to break. Then, all at once, all four tails sprouted. The heart-shaped tips coiled around her wrists and ankles.

From there, she moved up her body. Where her fingers caressed, toned muscle grew more and more defined. It was not long before her silhouette was much more masculine aside from the massive tits hanging like amber teardrops from vastly enlarged pectorals. She rubbed her arms next, bulking them up part by part until every inch of her body communicated physical power.

She looked over herself in the monitor. Her once dark hair had bleached silver at some point and grown to fall around her impressive ass, though it was still a cascade of thick ringlets. Her star-pupiled eyes shimmered against her golden irises. Tiny points grew from her temples, that would have to get changed. Running her fingertips over her tiny horns she drew the bone out of her skin, curving them out and then up before twisting them back to the outside to make a shape similar to an open hourglass.

“Now for the last pills, Master. Where should I put them?”

The chat was oddly quiet, no doubt many of them were furiously rubbing themselves. A thought crossed Olivia’s mind and she reached towards the camera, tendrils of lust coiling around her outstretched arms before sliding into the lens. In response, a tingling sensation crawled up her arm. It grew more distinct until it was the feeling of hundreds of lovers’ lips caressing her skin.

“Tell me where to put the pills, Master, before I get cross.”

Answers were flying in now, but none of them interested her. Finally, one suggested she shove them down her cock.

Taking a seat once more, her body now considerably larger than her chair, she grinned at the camera as she pulled out the first of the last eight pills. Looking at the capsule and the slit in her dick, it was obvious the latter was smaller. Kissing the first of many, she pushed it against her tip. There was the briefest feeling of resistance before the pill slid into her dick. The second and third followed quickly.

“Can you see that, Master? How the pills are making my dick all bumpy? I can’t wait to have them all inside me!”

With each successive insertion, it got both easier and harder. She could easily fit two fingers in her dick hole now, but the sheer number of capsules end to end was longer than her dick was currently. She was worried the last three weren’t going to fit when the first one popped.

Applied directly to her shaft, the pill’s effect was exponentially stronger. At once her dick was even with her collarbone, and its thickness was more than she could grasp with one hand. The second pill popped and this time her balls grew, inflating to the size of oranges and then grapefruits. Her awareness to her body picked up on the massive amount of extra testosterone beginning to flow through her system. Even without a direct application, her muscles were benefiting from the pills.

That was not the only effect of the extra hormones. Though she had taken great pains to regularly remove much of her body hair, her body was starting to sprout fine, silver follicles up her legs and down her arms. Rubbing her arm, she found the soft hair only enhanced the plush feeling of her muscles. To finish it off, a heart shaped bush grew into place above her cock.

Olivia shoved the last three pills into her cock. She grabbed a knobby, progressively larger dildo, one that had once been too big for her pussy, to plug up her dick. Each slightly larger ball both pushed the pills deeper until the entire eight inches of length were sunk into her.

Working her shaft with both hands, the Omnibus felt the pills popping one after another. Her tails, once an afterthought, began to get more and more sensitive as their anatomy knit the rest of the way into her body. It was not long before she had enough control so she could toy with her nipples and cup her balls as she jerked with abandon building up a pressure that she was sure was going to break her cock.

Her body seemed to be steadily swelling larger with the pressure as well. Her cock grew to her lips not once, or even twice, but three times until her weight destroyed her chair and she hit the floor.

The door opened behind her and Sara rushed in just as the pressure reached critical levels. The dildo began to slip free as her balls once more clenched for a flood. Not only did the rubber toy shoot across the room, but a flood of cum washed Sara back into the main room.

Getting to her feet, Olivia stalked towards the open door. The House’s lust stirred around her, the fog of desire growing thicker as one by one, every person in the house left their room to stand before her. Most of the assembled group, a mix of women and men, were all in the midst of their on-camera time, their bodies each changed to some extent. They each approached in their own time, their hands caressing her sweat and cum slick skin. Already her tails were seeking out eager partners, it was not long before she was the center of a massive orgy that lasted for hours.

Two days later, Olivia was still a Omnibus. Blood tests revealed she was saturated with the chemicals that somehow enabled her transformation. It was likely she was producing it within her body now. Her body still changed on command, it was the only way she could get around with her perpetually hard, two-foot dick.

She was still doing TF Pill Roulette, though she would just analyze the pill and recreate the effects with her impossible body. The more people watched, the more she felt in control of those changes. It was not long before she was the most popular streamer on the internet. Thousands tuned in just to watch her lay about and read while at her “half size”.

When asked, most said they felt a connection as if she was talking right to them. Many claimed she had visited them personally even though she hardly ever left the house any more.

Even constantly surrounded by praise and pleasure, Olivia was not satisfied. There was still so much about her new body she did not understand. So much more to explore… (5544)

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