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049 – My Chimeric Fiancee

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex, Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation, Massive Growth and Masturbation

(Misty: I decided to post an excerpt from the much improved Changelog version of this story because the original is so... lackluster in comparison. Like, so much so that it hurt to look at the original. For all intents, this is the exact same narrative as the original version but, to give you an idea of how much more story there is around the below excerpt, this runs from the bottom of page 6 to the top of page 20 and there are another eight pages left after that.)

[...] Eddie was starting to have second thoughts about what he was here to do. What if… the new him was not someone who Christine wanted to be with? While they had discussed him changing so that he felt more comfortable, he had not been completely honest about what he truly wanted. If his dreams could be made a reality, how would Christine handle that?

“Green? Eddie Green?”

Waving to the nurse, Eddie walked up only to find himself staring at the four very large, torso-obscuring breasts under her scrubs while looking for a name tag. Her very fat and visible nipples were obviously pierced, based on the outline of four heavy square rings which were each starkly outlined by her distressed shirt.

In trying to not stare at her absurd tits, he realized her pants were rolled up to the knee, displaying that she had the calves and feet of some kind of cleft-hoofed animal. Then there was a tail which was unlike any he had ever seen, it was long and flexible and looked like it could probably pick things up with its wide, triangular tip.

“Uh…” he said upon realizing there was a pretty significant bulge in her pants, before turning to look at something else. “Sorry, didn’t mean to stare...”

The nurse laughed, making her multiple breasts quake. “It’s okay, I get that reaction all the time.”

“Sure…” As he forced himself to look at just her face, he could not help but notice the curved horns sprouting from her short-cut, bone-white hair, or that her pupils were black hourglasses on purple irises.

“Don’t worry, having people stare at me feels really good, honestly! Especially after the most recent addition…” she added as she put her hand on the strained crotch of her pants.

He glanced down and could have sworn he saw the bulge not only throb but grow noticeably larger in an instant. She had a penis--and a big one at that! His mouth was suddenly watering like the first time he saw Christine wearing a strap-on. He could feel his own erection starting to swell as his face began to burn.

“Anyway, let’s get some vitals and then I’ve got a room for you!”

After height, weight, and blood pressure were checked, Eddie was brought back to an exam room, which the nurse mercifully left him alone long enough for his erection to fade. A moment later, he got his first glance of the clinician who would be working with him today when the door opened once more.

Overfilling the doorway was an exceedingly curvy, yet muscular, feminine body. The cross of doctor and tattoo artist had massive tits which hung nearly to their wide hips, both of which curved just out of view. Within all that womanly shape, there was a contrasting trio of massive, masculine bulges, which grabbed his attention and would not let go. That insanely sexual physique was crammed into a sweater dress and leggings as well as a lab coat--all which barely managed to cope.

Eddie assured himself that surely, such a physical display was at least partially the result of chimera alterations, there was no way that body was natural. They were so tall that he could not even see their shoulders, much less their face through the open doorway. When they stooped to fit through the door, their grinning, hyena-like countenance made him gasp. Furthering their animalistic appearance was a tangle of twisted black horns which rose from the tan and black fur which covered their head.

While they squirmed through the doorway, it became painfully obvious how inhumanly huge they were. Still trying to rationalize what he was seeing, Eddie’s focus was drawn to the clinician's expansive bustline. The jiggling masses were disproportionately large, which reminded Eddie of Christine and her own massive, impossibly huge sweater puppies.

Unlike Christine, whose changes were mostly invisible or fairly low-key, the clinician and the nurse had been altered quite drastically. Altered in much the same ways Eddie wanted. He had thought himself ready to take that plunge, and yet… He was having second thoughts once more. Realizing it was very likely this clinic would actually be able to do any and every single thing he could ask for scared him almost as much as it thrilled him. He wished Christine had come with him.

The clinician’s tangle of horns scratched the ceiling when they stood up, and the room seemed to shrink around them. Nervous laughter escaped his lips and his gaze flicked to the doorway beyond her elbow. She had left it open and he could see people bustling in the halls, stepping over her tail, which seemed to take up quite a bit of space in the passage. She followed his gaze, then gasped and laughed.

“Oh! Right, sorry, I'm still a bit out of sorts after a… lab accident, yes, that's the best way to put it. A lab accident." Her voice was a brassy rumble with a hint of British or Aussie accent. “I still forget how big I am now.”

She pulled a tail reminiscent of a Chinese dragon’s into the room, and the appendage coiled around the exam table before she turned to pull the door closed. There was probably more of her in the room now than anything, other than air, and even that was in doubt. It was hard to breathe without being hit by the floral notes of whatever shampoo she used on her extensive fur coat.

It was then he realized the glimmering black band he had thought a choker was actually dark scales which plated her neck and vanished into the dress’ strained collar. This--Creature? Person?--really was an actual, factual chimera!

"Anyway, hi," they said, offering a paw-like hand, "I'm Dr. Xurnami, I'll be the one doing your chimera treatment today. If you could use female pronouns with me, that would be much appreciated."

“Sure…” Edward gingerly offered his much smaller hand. He expected her grip to be crushing, but it was more like the caress of a velvet glove.

Settling on a stool which creaked under her weight, she crossed her legs as demurely as possible with the bulge between them and opened a folder on her lap. Eddie recognized the printed pages as being the form on the clinic’s website, which he had completed at Christine’s encouragement.

"From your survey results, your interests are all over the place. I’ve actually never seen someone who answered so highly for so many, many things.”

"Yeah, I'll be honest… I don't really know what I want beyond feeling at home in my body."

"Well, what's a priority? What would make you feel most at home?"

There was a flash of the first time he had tried on one of Christines' bras under a shirt and she dropped everything to have sex with him like that. They had gone for hours, and it was the most passionate she had ever been. It had become something of a thing for them as her being a top became the norm. She bought him all kinds of clothes to wear at home over the forms she had given him.

He really enjoyed being a bottom and dressing as a woman for Christine, but it was not a side Eddie had shown the world at all, thanks to a lifetime of backlash and ridicule. Even when he and Christine went out for fetish nights, he presented as masculine. While he had expressed a desire to alter his sex in the question and answer form, it had been an idle musing to say he wanted to be both. It was something from his wildest dreams. No matter the vector, he had not expected it to be possible to become both sexes at once, much less equally oversexed versions.

When the doctor tilted her head because he had not spoken yet, Eddie blushed and mumbled about wishing he was more well endowed. It was a defensive answer, the one he felt most keenly despite being here for reasons besides masculinity. Granted, yes, he really did want to be bigger down there, but he could not bring himself to also confess that, deep down, he wanted to be just like her and the nurse. Well, not just like them, he was not into being quite so… huge, but actually being both sexes? Yeah, that was a big dream and yet, it was almost impossible to say that to his most intimate partner, much less a perfect stranger who could make that dream come true.

"What was that?" Xurnami asked with a grin as she shifted her position. Her movement lifted her bulge to show she knew exactly what he had said, but that she wanted him to say it more confidently. "Was that something about wanting to be more endowed? Go on, be honest."

"I’ll be honest, I don’t wish I was 'bigger', I wish I was that fucking big," Eddie said in a rush, as if not doing so meant not being able to say the words. He pondered the statement as it hung in the air between them. Did he really want to be that huge? Could he even have sex with a dick that massive? Was this really about him and not his burning need to know that he was satisfying Christine both in bed and as a partner?

"Okay, that is not an issue in the slightest. Increases in size are a simple matter," She marked something in his folder, then looked back. “supposing that is what you want, of course.”

“I… well, it’s hard to explain.”

“Take your time, this session can last as long as you need.”

“I want to feel like I can match up to my fiance...” He went on for a while, expressing everything that had been on his mind. As if that confession had torn off a band-aid, his true desires began to spill forth. Dr. Xurnami grinned and nodded sagely the entire time, her pen dancing over the clipboard.

When he finished, she clicked her pen and chuckled.

"Sorry, not laughing at you. Just thinking back to when I first came to terms with wanting to be both sexes and founded this clinic. Ah, those were the days… Well, anyway, the good news is I have a broad-spectrum gene therapy which, if you so desire, can make you the big dicked girl of your dreams and, from the sounds of things, your girl’s dreams, too."

"I... Well... What does that even look like? I’m not sure I want to end up like..."

"Like Tiffany? Sure, I can understand that worry, but getting to that size from one treatment would be a genetic jackpot, honestly.”

“I’m not sure I follow.”

“The therapy’s effectiveness varies from person to person. It depends on genetic background, other alterations you already have, or get at the same time… There are quite a number of factors to consider, actually."

Eddie nodded after a moment. “Okay. Let’s do it then.”

The doctor made more notes.

"One more thing... Is it, um, is it possible to get some fur?"

"Oh? You mean like me? Yeah, what'd you have in mind?"

"I'm partial to tiger stripes..."

They went back and forth a bit more to work out all the details, not only of h(er) animalistic alterations, but the specifics of h(er) new sex. As they did, Eddie warmed considerably to the ideas (s)he had feared to express before. By time the consultation was over, (s)he was ready to do it that day. The huge chimeric woman laughed at that and said she was happy to oblige. She left the room, saying she needed to make up the tonic.

Eddie pulled out h(er) phone--or was it still his phone?--to text Christine about what all had been planned.

[You're really gonna do it? EEE! That's so exciting :D

So… What all are you getting done?]

It took a couple minutes to type out everything, and Eddie was actually shaking with excitement by time she was done.

[Wow! All that growth and changing your sex?!

You're really taking a big leap, though I guess this means we’ll be sexy lesbians, huh? >u<]

Something about reading that last line made h(er) heart skip a beat. It felt… strangely right to think of them as a lesbian couple.

[Well, when someone else is paying for things, might as well get them their money out of it. Besides, you always say you wish I was your girlfriend XP]

[Don't say it like that… :I

You could spend that money however you wanted and I would be just as happy! n.n

You don’t need to change how you look to make me love you and I couldn’t desire you anymore than I already do! <3 <3 <3]

[You sure about that? You sure you won’t like sucking on my tits while you use that new strap-on to claim my virgin pussy as yours?]

[Well… when you put it that way, my little slut, I'd be lying if I didn't say I was already working myself up over the thought of your new, smoldering hot altsex body ._.;;]

[Oh? Just how worked up are you?]

Christine sent over a photo of her on her back in bed that spoke volumes. It was obvious Eddie's fox-and-cow-tinged partner had been enjoying herself for a while, probably since (s)he left the apartment, but that did not really lessen the impact of the photo.

Her large ears were down like she was getting the best petting in the world and her golden eyes were half open. She was naked except for the cami she used to keep her bountiful bosoms in check. Those swollen, heaving mounds had to be twice their normal size already as they were straining what she knew to be a 5x top. Her long red hair was damp and sticking to her face, neck, and shoulders. She had her thick, powerful thighs spread wide, to get the maximum clearance as her free hand worked her plump snatch from within her knit shorts.

[I'll keep edging for you, my cute pet-wife, so I'd better get one hell of a good fuck with that new dick of yours, k? Else I’ll take you back there and have them turn you into my personal living toy (kidding, would never do that)!]

Even if it had been a joke, Eddie’s cock throbbed at the idea of Christine choosing more alterations for her, but she promised the best fucking ever just as Dr. Xurnami returned with a tray, some colorful vials, and several large syringes.

“Okay, so which arm?”

“Before we begin, can you… call me by feminine pronouns. Just to see how it sounds?”

After a conversation about nothing in particular. Eddie felt as sure as she ever would. The soon-to-be-chimera balled her left hand into a fist and put out that arm. The needle entered her vein. There was a brief sting as cc after cc of magical, mutagenic material was pumped into her body. Already warmth was spreading as the tonic began to circulate.

She felt the changes in her dick first, its length stiffening in her jeans. With her body already pumping extra blood there in reaction to her mistress’ teasing, the focus made sense. Though already at her full size, the organ kept swelling. In the span of a few breaths, her soft head slipped more than halfway down her thigh and then began twitching as it grew more and more girthy. Before the injection was even done, she already had a cock bigger than any of her male friends did--and she would only get bigger!

Dr. Xurnami pulled the empty syringe out and pushed her stool back out of the way. “Do feel free to strip, Miss Green, I'll provide you with better-fitting clothing once you... settle down.”

It turned out the suggestion was timely, as no sooner had Eddie removed her shirt than her chest began to ache. The chimera-to-be felt a rushing sensation and a feeling of building pressure as her pulse started to race. A weight steadily settled on her shoulders as the bust she had asked for started to develop in spectacular fashion.

Her hands jumped to her swelling boobs, and she gasped at the depth of sensation that spread outwards from her fingertips. The burgeoning flesh was sore, like the alteration was making her go through puberty for a second time, but they were also soft as they grew to a size that filled cupped hands. She shuddered at the feeling of her areolae and nipples beginning to change. They fattened against her palms, the sensitive nubs thickening from the tiny bumps she had before to a girth that was probably close to her thumb. Her bust surged outward again, the surprise rapid gains making them flop from her hands and crash against her chest.

The tightness began to fade from her chest as her lower body started to grow, her already-tight jeans becoming painfully so. Pulling off both them and her boxers, she looked down at a cock which was already huge, but was definitely going to get larger, as several tickling, slithering sensations ran down her length and thick veins began to stand out under her foreskin.

An intensely pleasurable throb, which began at the base of her shaft and ran down the length, made her half-hard cock twitch and begin to rise. There was another throb and her erection swelled further as it stiffened. The cycles of throbs and growth accelerated until her heart was racing, she was panting, and over a foot of thick penis was growing from her crotch to thump against her stomach with each frantic beat of her heart.

She slumped against the exam table as the sensations became overwhelming. Her hips started rocking and the throbbing grew stronger and more frequent as her balls began to get in on the action. The transforming chimera had not expected them to grow much, but she loved the feeling of them growing bigger, fuller, and heavier. Cupping her enlarging testes, she closed her eyes and found herself so very excited by the sensations as they swelled ever larger, until each was bigger than she could handle with just one hand.

All of a sudden, there was a lull in her body-wide throbbing. It seemed like the transformation was complete. Her bust was a good size, just a little above average. Her enhanced cock looked tantalizingly thick. Her churning balls, almost as large as coconuts, were flooding her body with new and more powerful hormones. For the first time ever, she felt comfortable in her skin, and it felt absolutely amazing. She was only a little disappointed that the injection had not managed to give her the sex she had wanted. There was nothing behind her balls but smooth, albeit very sensitive skin. Just as she went to ask about the missing element of her transformation, a new twitching began between her legs, heralding a new wave of changes.

Her taint swelled against her thighs and fingertips as her asshole did the same between her cheeks. With the same intense cycle of throbbing pleasure as had gripped her dick, she felt her ass beginning to expand as it pushed her away from the table. There was a grinding in her hips as her pelvis reshaped, spreading her stance wider as her thighs and calves began to thicken with fat and muscle.

The swelling between her legs grew and grew, and she began to rub the jiggling mound, the sensation so intense she had to grip the table with her other hand as her hips thrust into her petting. New nerves awakened, causing her to yelp and moan as her circling motion became so powerful it blotted out all other aspects of her awareness. The soft skin of her swollen taint started to sweat, the new moisture lubricating her motions and letting her push harder. Her extra force made a deepening dimple in the quivering mound.

There was a spike of pleasure and she pressed her fingers tight to her pelvis. Something within shifted, letting her prodding sink even deeper as a sucking feeling pulled at her fingers from within. Slithering and gurgling and tingling filled her awareness. She soon found herself two knuckles deep in those growing depths, her digits slipping against flesh which was becoming ever more silky and smooth. Her tight passage began to twitch as new muscles were quickly woven into being all around it. It occurred to her this felt like when she fingered Christine and the realization of what was happening made her shudder.

The twitching became throbbing as her newly formed center hungrily pulled her fingers in. The back of her developing vagina was so very sensitive, encouraging her to keep pushing on it with strokes that were growing more desperate. She pushed the cavity deeper and deeper into her body, her furious masturbation all she could feel until there was a sudden pop.

She had gotten so deep that her thumb had suddenly slid through her spasming entrance. Not only did she now have a vagina, she was apparently capable of fisting herself. Just curling her fingers into a ball made her knees and ankles turn to gelatin. Dragging her knuckles along her clenching walls made her gasp over and over.

The jackhammer pounding of her pulse was all around her wrist as a wrinkle in her new pubic mound began to engorge and form a plump pair of labia which grew up to meld with her sack. The muscles of her canal squeezed her fist, working it with a surprising dexterity. They flexed harder and faster around her, every fiber of her being straining to reach the edge. Everything clenched suddenly, her whole body locking up, and the world spun around. She could feel herself yelling and cumming. The moment stretched on and on until it ended just as abruptly.

“Well then, that was the most drastic reaction I've ever seen,” Dr Xurnami said, wiping a glob of spunk from her lab coat.

Extracting her hand from her snatch with a loud, wet slurp, Eddie apologized and then looked down over herself. Were it not for the massive erection drooling from her release and those gigantic balls resting on the front of her thighs, she would have thought herself completely transformed from male to female. Her hands roamed over her new curves, coating half her body in her glit. Her fingers caressed up and over the slight pudge on her thighs and tummy before moving on to cup breasts which had grown a little more, to a size that was above average but would look tiny in comparison to her partner.

“Yeah… that was intense, but, I, uh...I feel like this isn't quite where I want to be.”

“Was it too much? I warned you that was possi--”

“No, I want… more. Much more.”

“Well, we certainly can make that happen...”


Over the last hour, Christine had worked herself up to a size she had not reached in a long time. Her Spandex shirt was barely able to contain her girls and she could feel the seams starting to pop along her ribs. She normally avoided getting this big, as she was close to the point where her growth became undeniably arousing. Already the temptation to go even larger was guiding her fingers as she began to edge once more.

Stroking up the sides of her swollen, throbbing vulva, her fingers once more grew slick with her slippery nectar. She was just about to start rubbing her tortured, stone-hard, marble-sized clit when her phone buzzed and she removed her hand from her sopping wet shorts.

[Hey, I'm downstairs, let me in?]

[Be right there xoxo]

She heaved herself out of bed and realized just how truly massive she had become. Her boobs settled on her plump tummy, which in turn was rubbing her thick thighs. The bottom of her tits' curves and her navel were both even with her drooling center. With each breath, her prominent clit rubbed against the soft flesh of her belly through the wet fleecy cloth.

Even as her alterations began to reshape her back and core muscles to deal with the weight, she was unaccustomed to the sway and had to lean on the walls of her apartment as she moved towards the buzzer. Her legs and butt throbbed with each step, her body rapidly developing the power to walk while verging on fertility-goddess-sized.

By time she had walked the twenty feet to the end of the hallway, she was walking upright as if she had always had boobs thrice the size of her head and a huge, jiggling booty of similar dimensions, which flared out dramatically from a waist that was shrinking to be just barely larger around than her, admittedly huge, thigh.

She hit the button and heard her front door open, followed by the slow steps of Eddie coming up the steps. She vibrated with anticipation, her tail puffed up as it flicked back and forth against her calves. A gasp escaped her lips as her fiancee appeared. Just seeing the extent of the changes was enough to make her boobs surge larger with unbridled lust. Her future husband had become one hell of a bombshell wife.

“I’m home, Ma’am,” Eddie squeaked in a voice that was different, but familiar as she pushed a stunning mass of voluminous black waves out of her purple eyes. “It’s good to see you after today.”

“Eddie, I.... wow!”

“Does this please you, mistress?” Her pet asked as it turned to let her take in everything. Gone was the gruff t-shirt and jeans her partner had left in. Eddie was now dressed in exquisite business attire. A tight sweater. A pencil skirt. Absolutely adorable shoes with several buckled straps and four inch, wedge heels. Everything about her pet was curves, huge tits, wide hips, and that phenomenal bulge in her skirt! It was almost too much.

“Yeah… I love it, but what about you? How do you feel?”

“Hot and horny. My whole body is a live wire since I’m still transforming.”

Still? What else is there?”

“Just a few things, the doctor said the species-based alterations take a little longer than ones which are just growth.”

“Ah, yeah, my fur took a almost an hour and I was insanely horny during that, so I can only imagine what it must be like for my pet who has new, no doubt demanding, physical needs.”


Christine dropped to the sofa and tapped the arm. Beside herself with want, she put on her dominant face. “Now,” she said, her tone far more stern. “Come over here, pet, and let me really get a good look at you.”

[Continued in Changelog v2!]

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