049 – My Chimeric Fiancee

A Glimpse into a A Present Fantasy

After a dramatic shift in their relationship, a guy who never felt much like a guy is about to undergo a procedure which will alter his genetics and make him a chimera. Question is, what does he want to become?

Rated NSFW for sexual nudity and explicit sex. The story also contains Sex Change, BDSM Dynamics, Human to Demihuman transformation

Read the extended version* of this story and three others in [Changelog v2: Best Of Both Worlds]

(Misty: I decided to post an excerpt from the much improved Changelog version of this story because the original is so… lackluster in comparison. Like, so much so that it hurt to look at the original. For all intents, this is the exact same narrative as the original version but, to give you an idea of how much more story there is around the below excerpt, this runs from the bottom of page 6 to the top of page 20 and there is another eight pages left after that.)

[…] Eddie was starting to have second thoughts about what he was here to do. What if… the new him was not someone who Christine wanted to be with? While they had discussed him changing so that he felt more comfortable, he had not been completely honest about what he truly wanted. If his dreams could be made a reality, how would Christine handle that?

“Green? Eddie Green?”

Waving to the nurse, Eddie walked up only to find himself staring at the four very large, torso-obscuring breasts under her scrubs while looking for a name tag. Her very fat and visible nipples were obviously pierced, based on the outline of four heavy square rings which were each starkly outlined by her distressed shirt.

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