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065 – Her Own Master

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex, Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation, Intimate Nudity, Masturbation and Significant Growth

“I can’t believe you fused us together,” Kareem said with a sigh as he and Amara regarded their hybrid body in the mirror. From how voluptuously feminine they were now it was like her pink-skinned body had just absorbed his mass and redistributed it throughout her body. Her hips were wider than the reflective glass by a significant margin. Her bust had grown to a point where each boob was much, much more than a handful and her areolae were almost boobs in their own right. Her tummy had risen like dough, the bottom curve resting on thighs now way too thick to wrap her hands around. Her bubble butt now felt huge in their grasp.

In short, they looked like a fertility goddess version of Amara. Well, aside from the gigantic penis which sprouted from the middle of her vulva. The uncut member was easily larger than Kareem’s had ever been--and it was still completely flaccid! Much to their surprise, her vagina remained behind that massive display of manhood, her labia flowing up into the vein-laced underside.

“You wished for us to be one, was this not your intent?”

“Not really, no.”

“Well, I wish you would be more literal with your wording.”

“And I wish you could be your own master for once!”

With that, a tingling sensation spread down their body which became more and more pleasurable as it intensified. "Damn, is this how it always feels when you grant a wish?”

“No, this is new--although I wouldn’t hate if always happened..." she put a finger to their plump lip and then an evil grin split her face. "In fact, I wish this was how granting wishes felt from now on.”

The moment the words left her mouth, the sensation intensified tenfold to become a demanding vibration which sent them to their knees, gasping for breath as she felt several orgasms coming on. Their joined sexes pulsed more and more as his bolstered erection began to stiffen. "Oh, fuck, I wish this felt even better!"

Another round of intense vibrations ratcheted up their sense of touch to a level that made every inch of skin an erogenous zone. Lost to the rising tide of stimulation, they dropped to the bathroom floor as their hands caressed their plush, sensitive body. It seemed that, somehow, Kareem’s wish had granted Amara direct access to her vast cosmic powers.

“I’m so...aroused right now,” he said between moans as they flopped on their back. “Blood rushing into penis...making us so big.”

“Not big enough! I wish we were the bigger so I could feel even more!”

Their shaft swelled larger, doubling its size in an instant. It swung up from the sudden change, wedging into their cleavage. Amara attacked it with thickened lips and lengthened tongue. Though the head was now way more than a mouthful, her desire and magical anatomy came together to make it work. At once, Kareem's exaggerated dick began to pulse. He gasped and moaned and then passed out, leaving Amara in total control. If that was the case, it meant she could do literal anything! She thought about visiting Mars, or the bottom of the ocean, or going back in time. Each had their high points, but she wanted to explore somewhere more personal instead. Riding the orgasm, she dove into Kareem's subconsciousness looking for fantasies he had never indulged.

She brushed up against a fantasy of her being so well endowed that she was immobilized. At once, the curve of their boobs inflated to extreme sizes, the tide of pink flesh spreading to engulf their shoulders and arms as it rose to envelop their twitching cock. Reaching for something more masculine to balance that out, she hit a dream where he wished to become a minotaur. Power rippled outwards as muscle built beneath chub. Their body surged past eight feet in height. Their knees smashed the vanity. Their shoulders destroyed the tub. Sprouting horns sank into the tile. Their cock, now thicker than a soda can, peeked out from between their absurd tits once more.

Amara bounced through other fantasies, exalting in how good being in total control felt. There was no need for the middle man, no stepping around her restrictions. There was just their desire--well, that and their apartment. Constrained by that reality, Amara's rush came crashing to a stop. The growth reversed somewhat, enough that the room was not in danger of being destroyed. She made a quick wish to separate them but decided to not undo what remained of their changes.

Looking forward to an evening for the record books, she left them each a sexual fantasy and woke him to make all his wildest dreams come true...

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