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064 – Seeking Demisexual Roommate 1

The text presented here is copied directly from my Tumblr with minimal editing. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated SFW

Alex got off the sixty-six bus and walked towards the address near Carter and Wilson. When he found himself standing at the gate of a fenced-in colonial at the listed address, he felt daunted, but kind of reassured as well. This was a far cry from the apartments and frat houses back towards campus. For one, the yard was well groomed and there were no beer bottles strewn about. Beyond that though, the old house looked well cared for.

Not sure what else to do, he sent an email to DreamGurl666 to let them know he was outside and a moment later the door opened. A woman with bright pink hair stepped out onto the wrap around porch. Even with his blunted sexual desire, Alex could not ignore that she was a bombshell and a half in her tiny shorts and tortured tank top. No wonder she was looking for a roommate that would not want to get into her pants. Her figure was out of this world.

“Hi there!" She gushed, opening the gate. When she did, her vast bust engulfed the outer bar in a way he knew would have driven the guys in the dorm up a wall. All he could think was what a hassle that must be.

She caught his glance and winked at him. He blushed but did not look away from her gaze. Her eyes were bright teal and they glimmered like polished stone. The color had to be from a pair of contact lenses. "You must be Alex dot Mortinson--I’m guessin' that means your name is Alex, right?"

"Y-yeah, that's right," he said with a lame laugh. This woman was weird, but he was also desperate to not spend another year dealing with the ridicule of being a guy not at all interested in sex.

"You know," she said, crossing her arms over her chest in a way that caused her bust to very nearly escape from her top. "I half-expected you to be a woman--they tend to be greys far more often--but, if you really are a demi then this’ll still totally work out for the both of us.”

“I don’t follow.” Was she trying to bait him into a situation where she could take a verbal jab or two at him or was there something else going on?

“You’ll see. I’m Zee, by the way.”

She held out her hand, and it was such an innocuous thing that Alex did not even think about returning her offer of formal contact. Touching her skin, however, was like passing his hand over a fire. His pulse began to race. His half-dormant primary attraction flared like never before, and he realized just how insanely hot the woman standing there holding his hand was.

Then the feeling was gone and she was grinning like she had heard the best news in her life. He noticed her bicuspids were particularly long. “Wow, okay! It seems like you’re the real deal. Oh, I’m so excited!" she added, doing what would have been a cute dance had she not been so buxom.

"I mean, Normally you humans just burn to a figurative crisp when I turn on like that.”

You humans? “Wait, what?”

“Oh you silly goof," she said, punching him in the shoulder. "I’m an incubus. You know, a dominant sex demon? I top other sentient life and absorb their energies through sex.”

Alex stepped back, but Zee still had his hand in her grasp. “Wha-what do you want from me then?”

“Companionship mostly. I get so lonely since nearly anyone that approaches me is driven into a sexual frenzy. I figured my affect would bring one of you greys up to an average level of desire as opposed to making an allosexual into a mindless cock in my hands. And that’s what happened! So... if you're still interested, welcome to your new home.

"...You will stay won’t you?” she added, pouting.

“I, well,” he supposed there were worse things and she seemed like a nice enough person--even if she was effectively a predatory creature. Above all, he was hurting for a place to stay next year. “You know what? Sure. When can I move in?”

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