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216 – Full-Time Magical Girl

The text presented here is a rough draft which was never posted to Tumblr. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated SFW

"Ugh! Dammit all!"

Hitomi threw down what had been a blouse of silk lavender that morning and was now a white, velvety sailor uniform top and a mint green scarf. Her favorite slacks were now a knee length skirt that matched her scarf. It was the ninth outfit that had met the same fate ever since the twenty-five-year-old had decided to go ‘full-time' a month ago. This time, it had only taken a day for her magical girl powers to warp another one her business casual clothes into her regalia. It was likely the pace would only increase, too. At least stewing in mystical energy was having other positive effects.

All of her tank tops had become adorable bras and bralettes, just as all of her boxers had become cute panties. Both garments had gotten more daring as the month passed and today her once masculine underwear had become an adorable plunge push-up bra that made her look busty as hell and a pair of tiny boy shorts that left little room to hide anything. The way her body looked in them made her giddy--and for good reason.

By uttering the simple phrase of "Spice Up Your Life!" while holding the turquoise crystal from another dimension, she had become Sailor Mint once more. With that change, her cock had vanished, as had her balls. Both of them had been replaced when she became Hitomi because of the transformation.

They would return eventually, as they had before every time when she changed back--but that was all the more reason to never stop being Sailor Mint. She now had the cute boobs, wide hips, and long hair she had always dreamed of having. Being the producer for their pop idol group Spice Drops was everything she had ever wanted from life. She was making music. She had friends. It made her feel so warm inside and that warmth was the source of her power.

Sure, there were a few minor inconveniences. First off, her hair was a now a pale green color even when she changed back. Second, if the way her clothing sizes were increasing was any indication, she was growing curvier by the day. Yet neither of those things seemed like real problems to her. After all, if this got out of hand, she could always change back for a day and reset. Then again, she could keep growing, too. She could continue packing on more and more extra femininity with each passing day until, surely, even ending the spell of transformation would not be enough to return her to how she was before.

There was a knock on her apartment door. She had been expecting Nanako, who played the piano in the group and was one of her comrades in arms, but was it already time? Was the tea ready? Was she really ready to share her dark secret with her closest friend? She was about to find out since it was too late to back out...

"Just a minute," Hitomi called. She pulled on a t-shirt and grabbed one of her less shortened skirts then made her way to the entryway. Stepping into the bottom and pulling it up to her waist beneath the shirt, she opened the door to greet Sailor Cinnamon in her civilian guise as she pulled her calf length hair back into a ponytail that was glamorous looking thanks to the magic.

"Don't you ever take a break, Hicchan?" she asked. One hand was on a hip, the other wagging was a finger as she play-admonished Hitomi. "I feel like you're always Mint nowadays. Are you that paranoid about getting attacked by one of their goons?"

"Hm? Oh, uh..." She fished around for a white lie about why she was transformed. She was so used to keeping herself from being outed as anything other than a cis woman that it was reflex now. "That's because I was working on the new track and I needed some inspiration so I figured why not? When I'm Mint, I can feel you all right here," she added, touching her fingers to her chest.

It was hard to tell if Nanako believed her, which was part of why this needed to happen.

"Why don't you come in?"

Nanako stepped inside and stooped to remove her heels. Meanwhile, Hitomi grabbed the tea she had been steeping from the kitchen. They settled around the table in the living room.

"Okay," Nanako said, "what's this huge thing you need to tell me?"

"What if I told you the reason I'm always transformed was that I felt more comfortable this way?"

"I could understand, though weren't we warned not to stay powered up for too long? Something about burning out..."

"I've been like this a month and haven't noticed anything." Well, except for the progressive growth, and the underwear that keeps getting lewder, and having a fantasy hair color all the time now. "Besides, I would be beyond ecstatic if I got stuck transformed... see, unlike you and the other Spices, I was born male. However, I have never really felt at home in a guys body... maybe that's why The Crystal Mint came to me."

Nanako's face darkened and her body stiffened as if the admission had been a slap in the face. "You mean to say you've been a guy this whole time?"

"No--I've been a woman for most days since that night where we got our powers. Changing back feels awful now, like stepping into wet sneakers. This is who I'm supposed to be and I was hoping you could help me explain to the other Spices."

"Hitomi, I-- I'm not sure I would be the best to help you with that."

The words hurt more than when she had been slammed through two walls while fighting dark forces last week. Was this how it ended? Would they make her give up the thing that made her happy so that "a real girl" could join the team? She was about to cry when Nanako grabbed her hand.

"That said, I'll do anything for my best friend. So just... let me--let me know what I can do to help."

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