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Conf Call – Aug 7 ’19

Hey all, Misty here!

Let's hit story stuff first.

After planning on having #218 done last week, I have another round of revision I want to do before I share it with you all. The VR story is after that, then the first story from the Drafts Folder: "It Started With a Conversation." I want to run the next Drafts Folder poll, but I feel like that just snowballs the issue I am trying to circumvent. I wish my day job would freaking let up for one moment so I did not have to rush my lunch, but such is life for a workaholic. <<;;

Speaking of The Drafts Folder and snowballing, I added a few new items. [PubClub members can check out the whole shared folder], but here are some high-level concepts of the most recent additions.

  • "My Multi-Classed Girlfriend": A Rogue finds themselves dating an otherworldly being, who worries about their frail mortal companion. They imbue the Rogue with as much power as can be safely given and that has a profound effect on the mortal as she becomes a Warlock as well.
  • "The Five": An Isekai-type scenario where five guys fall into another world, ending up as four girls and one guy instead. Told from the POV of best friend and love interest of the "protagonist," this romantic comedy explores gender, identity, and the other ways something can be a power fantasy.
  • "Buffs and Busts": A pro-gamer says in an interview that no woman could ever hope to win against him. A witch bets him otherwise and utterly wrecks him. In a few weeks, JohnnyKek420 becomes FemmePerfectSchala, a rising star in the speedrunning community.
In case you missed them, here are the backlog stories I got up since the last one of these...
  • 115 - Fallen Atop the Mountain Ch.1: In a land where the Gods dream, an exiled dark elf climbs Mount Gneise in search of enlightenment from her patron, the Goddess of Magic Atheek. There are a lot of hurdles to surmount. Chief among them having been on the wrong side of a war that only just now fading into memory...
  • 116 - xxxHiGH Powered Growth: An older woman with a taste for younger men. A personal trainer with a body to die for. A recalled protein powder. Things are bound to get out of hand...
  • 117 - The Gift Which Keeps Giving: A night out with her girlfriend takes a dramatic turn after Hazel inadvertently comes out to her mother and receives something her late father wanted her to have. A necklace with a gemstone that seems to shift in the light like it contains some sort of fluid...
  • 118 - Riddle in the Dark: At the edges of three conflicting realities, a mage fights a war by themselves to keep the peace between magic, machine, and those caught in the middle. However, the war is turning against them and those who were once enemies might turn out to be allies...
  • 119 - A Chimera and A Mage: Tonight would be date three with the tall dark and handsome chimera he met online. This time, they were going back to Basa's place after dinner, and Jeff could not hold down his excitement, anticipation, and anxiety if he tried. While taking a tour of his date's laboratory, Jeff discovers Basa's next project, a potion of "ideal beauty" that last for a few days. However, neither of them expected what would happen after Jeff had a few drops.
  • 121 - A Pair of Surprises: After a week apart, a mild-mannered office worker comes over to surprise his girlfriend with Saturday morning breakfast--only she has her own surprise to share...
  • 161- Cycle's Climax: Lenore's time of the month was... complicated. A woman with a bit of cat in her heritage, her cycles had extra complications. Transformative ones. She normally would take off the days where she would peak, but in the shuffle of switching to a new team, she ends up traveling to a conference that week. Can she control the heat of her feline nature on the four-hour flight or will her ailuranthropy turn into her horny, cat-girl before she makes it to the hotel room?
  • 162 - An Interview: As Taulic's forces close the stranglehold on her world, an Elvish warrior princess tries to make a deal with Taulic's lieutenant, Hythena of the Azure. What will the right hand of the Daemon Lord ask of the last uncorrupted royal?
  • 167 - Compassionate Domination: She had never expected to be so fulfilled in a relationship period, queer or not. Her parents pretty much hated each other, and her brothers were both dogs to their wives. So it had seemed inevitable that she would end up another sweatpants-wearing drone of a mother driving a mini-van to and from activities for her two-point-five children. Being with Amara had shattered all of that.
Finally, Recommendations!

I had the pleasure of beta reading [the latest chapter] of A New Direction For Humanity by Certis (Twitter, Literotica).

Shae was a fairly normal woman living in an extraordinary time. Her job of translating between English and Rei-sa was almost mundane. Then, everything went to hell when humanity launched a preemptive strike and the Rei-sa withdrew to space. By virtue of still being in her liaison office when the ship took off, Shae is unknowingly abducted by her alien hosts. Now miles and miles from home, she finds herself being promoted as the face of humanity to persuade the leadership of this alien culture not to completely eradicate humans in retaliation. What awaits her in this brave new world as an assistant and pet to one of the most powerful Rei-sa in the galaxy?

In effect, this series is somewhat of a kinky travelogue of a woman trying to find her place, and stay alive, in a situation far bigger than just herself. Content warnings: dubious consent, unbalanced d/s relationship dynamics, as well as brief moments of racism and transphobia.

I also managed to, finally, read [Potion Problems] and its sequel, [Potion Pandemonium] by "friend of the show" Devi LaCroix (Twitter, Patreon).

Jojo, a potion-making witch, gives her friend Anna something to help with her marriage. Instead of getting to take it herself, Anna's husband Bradley mistakenly downs the potion, but that is hardly the first mistake. A couple of pages in Jojo's spellbook had stuck together and the libido-enhancing potion she handed over could be something far more sinister. Is the world ready for what she has unleashed?

The first is available on Devi's website, but the second is currently exclusive to patrons. Content Warnings: reality and memory alteration, corruption, hypnosis, and enslavement.

Anyway, as always, you can reach me on twitter @mistyfdfa or ask me things on curiouscat. If you want, stop by the Discord to check out WIP teases and more, or support me on Patreon if you like my stories.

Until next time... be excellent to each other!

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