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004 – Wild Magic

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Altersex, Complete Demihuman Transformation, Consensual Participation, Dubious Consent, Explicit Sex, Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation, Intimate Nudity, Large Sizes and Significant Growth

Jhnessa of the Veldt Ward was not a conventional witch. Though her sisters were concerned with the elements that bound the world, that was not her calling. Neither the passionate flame or chill grip of ice whispered her name. It was not the crackling lightning nor the sound of the forge which called her to dance. The tides were inscrutable to her, as were the movement of the stars. For her, it was the green of the forest that held her heart and because of that, it was her duty to stand guard over a mistake made generations ago.

The vine-choked ruins she called home spread for acres in all directions above the Great North Road. The trees grew tall and strong around the relics of a war long since forgotten. But forgotten things were not powerless. The abandoned weapons of war, which lay scattered as far as the hawk could fly, were still vital. As the forest consumed them, their essences leaked out, filling the air with mana. The magical energy was so thick it persisted as a fog even on the brightest of days.

Over the decades, being saturated in pure magic had changed both her and the forest, bending each to fit the other. She and the woods were of one mind. There was not an inch of thicket, or glade, or wandering trail that she did not feel within herself. A fluttering breeze in the treetops pulled at her long dark braids and a sunny day was like the warm embrace of a lover.

Once as much a lady of courtly manners and otherworldly beauty as her cousin Illuna, she was wild now. A spirit of the untamed. Over the ages, her legendary beauty had been augmented, changed. She had grown taller, stronger, and more fierce. Becoming the kind of guardian the forest desired.

Stag-like horns grew from her tangle of rope-like coils. Her high cheekbones were lit by eyes that shimmered with a bright green inner fire. Forever black lips, so full that noble women the world over had once envied them, now cushioned pointed fangs.

She commonly wore a short cape of silver wolf’s fur over one of the many simple tunics she had bought during sojourns to renew the treaty which kept the woods sacrosanct. A simple belt cinched the shirt to her thick waist and a knife the length of her arm rode at her hip. Loose shorts hung from hips sculpted from years of walking. She wore no shoes, her feet stained black from loam.

Many in the nearby villages thought she was feral, merely a siren of the forest. They told stories of how she would capture trespassers and steal their souls. With fear in their hearts, those villagers spun tales of her killing and eating people who tried to pilfer relics. Though it meant she could never pass freely in the outside world, she encouraged the rumors to make her vigil easier. Because, as with any rumors, there was some truth within.

She did indeed capture trespassers, but it wasn’t out of spite or malice or animalistic urge. The ruins were a dangerous place to be lost. The forest moved, its trees and paths shifting with the flow of mana, which made traversing it impossible for all but her. Discounting all the manner of beasts who lived in the woods and the weapons still armed for a fight that finished an age ago, the mist itself was a pressing threat, its shimmering substance eventually fatal to mortals.

So she rescued them, but something could not be traded for nothing. People were so terrified to meet her that they agreed to anything she asked. Typically, she traded their lives for their innermost secret, but sometimes it was something more physical. She was still flesh and blood after all, even after five hundred years. She had needs only another person could satisfy.

That was the mood she found herself that morning as she stalked a quarry. As she descended to the path behind a lost soul who had wandered into her realm, she desired companionship. She appraised him for a moment, measuring if he would satisfy. He was dressed like many new adventurers. His armor still smelled of the forge and his scabbard was not dulled by age. Still, he was strongly built and her body cried for the caress of another.

“Halt, mortal, what business do you have in this place?”

He spun and then stood transfixed, his hand frozen halfway to his sword. She knew right away he was just barely a man by mortal reckoning. Though he was broad shouldered, it was not the bulk of experience that filled out his armor, but the potential of a man yet to be.

His gaze darted around, taking in the landmarks of her appearance.

“Yes, you know who I am. So you know what it is I will do to you.”

“P-p-please don’t kill me, Veldt Mistress. I got turned around, I didn’t mean to be here!”

“My choice of your life or death lies simply on your answer to one question.”

“Anything, Mistress!”

“What is your deepest secret?”

He hesitated.

“Do you wish to die, mortal? You have so much life ahead of you.”

“Not if you steal my soul.”

“How, pray tell would I do that?”

“If... If I answer, you’ll know my simplest truth. You’ll be able to control me and bend me to your will.”

She had to give him credit, not many knew of the old ways. “You speak the truth, but surely living as my pet is preferable to dying?”

He shook his head. “Is there anything else I can do?”

“Offer your seeds to the wood.”

The young man bit his lip, obviously confused.

“I am asking you to have sex with me,” Jhnessa said, trying to pierce his confusion.

His eyes went wide and his gaze appraised the witch’s body. Finally, he nodded.

“Then so mote it be. Your life for your seed.”

With a swipe she shredded his armor and clothes, leaving him naked as she threw the scraps over her shoulder. His body was even more impressive than she had hoped. From head to toe, he was well muscled, no doubt from long days working in a field judging from where he was tanned. Though his cock was soft, it already was some inches long. Behind it, his sack looked like it was filled with a pair of walnuts.

A gesture lifted him off the ground to hang in the air before her. She cupped his balls with her left hand and kissed the skin of his shaft. His body twitched. She kissed again, lingering this time, drinking in the heat of his body. The trees nearby rustled like they were feeling a light breeze as she began to lick his shaft, coaxing him to erection. Only, he was not getting hard.

She pushed him away to float at arm’s length.

“Are you scared?”

“No, I just...”

He looked away. Jhnessa began to feel irritated.

“If you cannot perform, you will have to trade something else.” She pulled him close once more, her fingers pressing into his neck, “or should I just kill you for wasting my time?”

“I will not speak my secret, though I grant you means to find it.”

She grinned at his cleverness.

“So be it.” She faced to the east, her fingers bridged before her. Chanting, she pulled them apart, then began to trace lines in the air before her. The fog of mana rose around her, its shimmering tendrils flowing behind her hands. She moved through the spell with practiced grace, her long fingers seeming to caress the strands of magic around her.

Finally, the threads snapped tight and a single brilliant gem hung in the air before her. She pointed at her captive and the gem whisked towards him. “Blessed magic, reveal this one’s deepest held secret. Make his unspoken desire manifest.”

There was a bright flash and the gem was gone. An answer was not in its place. Jhnessa wheeled to face her captive, ready to be rid of him, when a tingling sensation washed over her. A warmth blossomed in her pelvis, followed by a peculiar pressure. The young man’s gaze was fixed on her crotch, his face brilliant red.

The pressure between her legs continued to build and the witch stripped off her pants. It seemed she had found her answer to what secret the young man harbored. Her nether lips had swollen past her mound and showed no signs of slowing down. Within moments they had overtaken the front of her pelvis, forming a deep red fleshy mound that continued to grow out from her.

There was a slithering sensation within that made the witch go weak at the knees. Her captive dropped to the ground as her focus scattered. She gingerly grabbed the growth with both hands and gasped at the feeling of two round somethings within. In her grasp, the spheres pulsed larger and larger until she was supporting them in each palm. They were hanging between her legs now and there was no doubt in Jhnessa’s mind what she was holding. The biggest testicles she had ever beheld.

She dragged her fingers along the now black expanse of soft skin up to the column of flesh that had sprouted while she was occupied with her new balls. Pulling it open, she gasped once more as she realized what the spell had done.


The young man however, was crawling forward, his voice cracking as he repeated the same word over and over. Yes.

Drawing close, he rubbed her still swelling balls lovingly with one hand as his other slipped into her ass. As his fingers penetrated her, she could feel her hole enlarging until his whole hand was within her. The skin around his wrist swelled into a puffy ring which became increasingly sensitive. His own reasonable cock was at full attention. Something about his adoration was a little off putting. Jhnessa couldn’t believe his deepest held secret was a love of horse cock, but as he began to massage her sheathed shaft, it became a greater and greater certainty.

“Oh, mistress. Thank you. Thank you for capturing me. Please, dominate me. Use me as you see fit for my transgressions.”

Between his ministrations and prostration, the witch could feel herself getting hot. The flared head of her dick emerged, following quickly by nearly a foot mottled, vein-laced flesh. The loose skin drew taught as more blood flowed in to further bolster her member. Somehow, the impossible tower of meat was mostly rigid.

At this point, her captive was worshiping her shaft. There really was not another way to put it. He kissed and licked and sucked every inch of flesh he could reach while on his knees before her. Somehow, through all of those sensations, she was aware of fluid running down the back of her balls.

Inquiring fingers probed puffy folds, but she eventually felt her fingertips brush her center. It seemed she was still intact behind all this masculine display. In fact, as her captive intensified his attentions, she felt her more and more of her hand being pulled within. When her clenched fist slipped inside with a soft pop, her cock twitched and let loose a blast of thick, creamy semen.

The young man withdrew his hand from her ass and moved to her head, lapping up her aftershocks. His tongue probed her hole, causing her to tense up before unleashing another, even larger burst. The stream filled her captive’s mouth to capacity, ballooning out his cheeks before further ejaculate exploded back along her shaft. The young man coughed as he gagged on the sheer volume of her cum. Yet, he smiled as he swallowed and went back to rubbing her shaft. Lubricated, his hands felt even more divine, but Jhnessa wanted to have her own share of being filled.

She pushed him down and straddled his cock. Pressing her pussy against it, he slid in with almost no sensation. That made sense. A pussy big enough to accommodate her fist certainly was likely not going to feel a reasonably sized member.

Her captive didn’t seem perturbed by his new position, if anything he seemed even happier with the weight of her dick holding him down. He was working the foot long shaft with abandon, his face pressed against her head.

Not content to let this encounter end without an earth shattering orgasm, Jhnessa slid his cock to her pillowy asshole. This time, the penetration was like a thunderclap. Her sphincter clamped down on his cock and the witch finally felt like she was getting somewhere. Grinding her newly sensitive skin against her captive’s body, she could feel a massive wave coming. Her balls pulled tight against her. Her body tensed.

She felt a boiling within, a rising even more intense than before. She bit her lip and let out a long, throaty groan. With a spasm that shook her body, the first burst filled her captive’s mouth once more. Only this time, she kept coming. The flow unending. Beneath her, she could feel his stomach begin to fill with her seed.

Elsewhere, her own body was starting to distend as her captive’s reasonable cock somehow began to thicken within her. As it spread her asshole further and further open, the shifting head pushing deeper inside of her, her unending orgasm intensified. Around them, trees were thrashing like in a howling storm.

Between her legs, the young man’s own transformation spread outwards from his burgeoning cock. His once bald flesh was sprouting chestnut hair that caressed her thighs. Under her hands, his chest swelled with the peculiar feelings of growing bone and knitting muscle. Before her eyes, his body expanded outwards in all directions and within moments, he had gone from reasonably well built to a pinnacle of physical perfection—and he was still growing as she pumped more and more of her magically infused seed into him. The most miraculous change was the feeling of his mouth widening as he pushed her cock as far down his throat as he could.

A nub rubbed against her drooling pussy and quickly blossomed into another flared cock head. Jhnessa could feel it growing against the other, now massive shaft, as its edge dragged along the floor of her horse-sized cunt.

Nearly every inch of him was covered in fur now and he had to be at least seven feet tall. His pectorals pulsed gently against her fingertips, making her hands seem smaller by the moment. His own hands, which had seemed so small only minutes ago, worked her still spasming shaft with fingers thicker than his cock had once been. His swelling quads and glutes pushed her legs out further and further letting him bury his twin cocks impossibly deep within. With each thrust, two pair of ever larger testicles slammed into her. Overhead, clouds began to roil and thunder rolled.

Finally, she felt her stream of cum wane and her captive laid his head back to let the aftershocks trickle over his face. She felt his massive sack contract up against her ass. At the same time, his grip on her cock tightened even more. She felt the first blasts of seed fill both of her holes. Sealed tight by his girth, the spunk had nowhere to go but inside. In response, lightning cracked and it began to rain.

He lifted her bodily off the ground and hugged her to him as he moved to one of the nearby ruins. She climbed down once he stopped moving. His expression was rapt wonder as he looked down at his hyper masculine body. His feet were huge, his calves were thick. Thighs with bulging muscles cradled four balls that were likely more than a handful. His pair of semi-bestial cocks were still throbbing, still pouring out thick globs of semen.

“I'm so...so big!” His voice was like the thunder still rolling in the clouds above. His broad hands caressed his upper body, lingering over his massive biceps and pecs. “I feel so powerful—and I want more. Please, fuck me!”

He was on his hands and knees in an instant, his massive sack jiggling against the back of his thighs. His asshole looked like hers felt. She felt her cock twitch as she thought about how wonderful it would feel to bury herself in it. By the time she put her hands on his exquisite ass, she was sporting a raging hard-on.

Penetrating him switched something inside her. The world dropped away as she began to slide in and out him. With each beat of her heart, her cock drooled more pre. It was not long before she was thrusting rapidly. She groaned from the depths of her body as she felt her balls pumping. Knees going weak, she staggered back. She was still shooting as she landed on her butt. Exhausted, she laid back.

A moment later, huge hands grabbed her ankles. Her captive stood over her, his eyes glazed over.

“Go on, you big stud. Satisfy both yourself and me.”

The flared heads of his cocks pressed into her once more and she shuddered with pleasure. His pelvis pressed against hers but, the heads of his shafts seemed to be getting deeper inside. He bent over her, his body blocking out nearly everything. There was a grinding noise as fur crept up his neck and over his face. Jhnessa was horrified, as horrified as one can be while impaled by two massive, pleasure-giving cocks, as his face became more bestial, more befitting the monstrous body he now had. With a howl he began to pump into her with a primal ferocity. She gripped his huge forearms as she felt her self-awareness began to flicker. He thrust into her and held as he came for a second time. The witch passed out then, her body overloaded by pleasure born of pressure.

When she awoke, she was laying on the softest bed. It smelled of honeysuckle and clover. Half awake, she ran her fingers over it. Only to realize she was laying on fur. She opened her eyes slowly and was greeted by a truly astonishing display of masculinity. Beneath her was her captive, she was laying on his chest and stomach. She could not reach both sides of his chest at the same time and marveled at just how big the magic had made him.

She sat up, shifting her smaller, though still augmented genitalia out of the way. All around, leaves had fallen like a great storm had passed through. Her escapade would have likely uprooted some saplings near the forest’s edge.

The witch spoke a word and her captive’s eyes opened. “Mistress! I-”

“Please, call me Jhnessa.” She had wanted a companion.

“I will. My name’s whatever you want it to be, mistress.”

“How about Love?” He seemed like a perfect fit.

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