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022 – Swapping Love

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex, Intimate Nudity and Sexually-Focused Transformation

“So what did you want to talk with me about? Is it about the hair? Because I love that you’ve grown it out.”

They were sitting on Justin’s bed, a bed they had shared several times before, and it had Kayleigh reminiscing of the summer only a few months prior before she went off to college. Spacing out, she drank in his dark eyes and hair, along with his light brown complexion. She still wished she had confessed to him sooner before they graduated. They could have had so much more fun then.

“Actually, that is a good place to start.”

While not the square-jawed and stubbly masculine of a typical hunk, Justin’s height and athletic build made him very enjoyable to look at. By no means huge or bulky, it simply looked like he could run forever. Even at a glance, it was plainly evident he was still spending several hours at the gym multiple times a week. His clothes, as usual, were just a hair too small, letting them cling to him in just the right places to highlight his fit body.

“Okay, then lay it on me. Did you get picked up to be a pro footballer?”

By contrast, Kayleigh was on the short side with bright brown hair and a light complexion kissed with freckles. What she lacked in height, she made up for in thickness, especially in her breasts and hips. It was a ratio that had only grown more defined since leaving for college. Her once pudgy core had tightened, giving her a slight hourglass silhouette. It was as if she was wearing an invisible corset that had gently squeezed her frame into shape. Justin had not said anything about her physique beyond that she was looking healthy. It reminded her how dating him felt completely different than anything before or since.

“That’s not it, no. I need you to do me a favor.”

“Sure,” she said, flipping her hair back and making a pair of black plastic bracelets clack. “Though, to be honest, you are starting to freak me out.”

“Sorry, just freaking out a bit myself. I can trust you to keep this quiet, right?”

Kayleigh toyed with the black choker around her neck. “Just lay it on me, I’m ready.”

Having been friends forever, their relationship had not changed over the summer beyond them becoming more physical with each other. They still mostly just hung out and played video games, now with a lot of touching and teasing as well. Most of their sex had involved him going down on her or them in the sixty-nine position with her on top.

Back then, she had thought it odd he never fucked her, but thought it was awkward for him to be having full-on sex with a girl he had acted like a brother to for so long. She figured he was working himself up to it and just happened to go off to college before that time arrived. Not that she minded too much in the meantime, he was surprisingly good at eating her out, and no one since had been able to make her orgasm as consistently.

“Even if no one else does it, I want you to call me Jessie going forward.”

“Wait, what? Jus-ssie, are you… Are you telling me you’re trans?”

Her friend shrank away, shoulders and hands rising defensively. “Yeah. It’s something I have been struggling with for a long time, ever since middle school, but wasn’t sure how to come to grips with it. When we started dating a few months ago, that was right when I really started to grab hold of my feelings.”

“You were so different back in Middle School.”

“Let’s be honest, I was fat, but I misunderstood that discomfort with my body and started working out and playing sports.”

He, no she, raised her hands, “Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed being an athlete and intend on continuing to be one. However, I always felt a little tingle in the back of my head that something was still wrong, even when I was in top form. It wasn’t until I started seeing a therapist, after you moved away for college, that I even thought I might be, you know, in the wrong body to put it one way.”

“And no one else knows?”

“Besides my therapist? No. She told me to tell someone I trusted first so I would have support when I started coming out.”

“Oh, Jessie, I…” Moment after moment from Kayleigh’s life unfolded before her eyes. There were the times Justin had stood up to jerks who did not get they were no longer Kayleigh's boyfriend. The times he had covered for her when she was out of school for the divorce hearings. The times he had pushed her to succeed despite her situation. The times he had been the most comforting thing in the world.

It was kind of scary to think that something so present in her life was going to change, however, it also kind of made sense. Justin had never been a typical guy. In fact, thinking back, Kayleigh was surprised the thought that Jessie might be trans never crossed her mind. In hindsight the signs dotted their friendship like billboards along the highway. Which is why she knew, without a doubt, that Jessie would still be the same supportive force she had always been. There was only one answer.

“I’m with you the whole way, one-hundred percent!”

“You mean it?” There was an expression of surprise on Jessie's face, a face that was both familiar and yet new.

“Yeah, you’re my best friend, and you had my back all those years so it would be pretty shitty of me if I couldn’t do the same for you when you are in an even more difficult place.” She put her hand over her friend’s. “I know you didn’t know, but I wish you had told me sooner.”

“I sort of knew while we were dating, but it felt so different-”

“-Because it was like fucking your sister, right?” she said with a grin.

Jessie flinched then chuckled. “Not quite where I was going, but sure, that was a reason. No, for me it was that, when I was with you, I didn’t feel like I had to be that macho guy who people expected.”

“Oh, I thought you were talking about how you never really shoved your dick into me.” She flashed her friend a grin and then frowned. “Wait, I’m sorry. That was terrible of me, wasn’t it?”

“Sort of, but I know you’re playful. This is a lot to take in. To be honest, I didn’t want to put it in for more than one reason. Our existing relationship was one, but it was mostly because I had already reached a point where I could admit I was unhappy about my junk. Though also being honest, I really enjoyed you going down on me and sixty-nining was the best, it was the closest I ever felt to being a lesbian.”

Kayleigh leaned over into Jessie’s toned arm. “I’m glad, I suppose, that I made you feel comfortable with yourself for once.”

They sat in silence for a moment, their lives rewinding to a simpler time when they would just lounge around. Even if it was only a few months since the last time they had shared space like this, it felt like a lifetime after what had just transpired. Finally, Jessie laid down in a ball and Kayleigh hugged her as best she could.

“I know it is early to ask this,” Kayleigh said as she smoothed Jessie’s long, curly brown hair, “but what are your plans now? Do you plan to transition? Does this change your goal of playing pro soccer?”

“I am not sure really, part of me wants to change right away and as fast as possible so I can start a new life, the other wants to try and find if I can marry who I was with who I want to be.”

“I can’t tell you which of those is right, but I can likely help with the first one.”

“What do you mean?”

Kayleigh sat back on the bed and switched one of her bracelets to her other wrist. She reached back and pulled off her bra then tossed the surprisingly large garment on the floor. Hanging loose under the plan t-shirt she was wearing, her girls curved just outside her shoulders and came to rest on her bent arms. She cupped one boob, and the jiggling flesh overflowed her hand as it spread out. She put the other hand on her tummy, and there was a soft green light. Bit by bit, her tummy shrank, and her boob swelled until the flesh really began to spill over her palm and fingers.

She tiled her hand sideways, letting her mam roll off her fingers to fall to her stomach. The curve was noticeably larger than her other.

“That’s amazing!”

“They fell on my head,” Kayleigh said as she balanced her growth out with more of her stomach, leaving her with just the slightest amount of pudge and boobs a bit larger than her head. “The bracelets I mean. They let me redistribute mass. The choker seems to do something to the food I take in. I always feel full after having just a little to eat when I am wearing it, but have not really toyed with it.”

“Here.” Kayleigh handed over one of the bracelets, on it was a green seven-pointed star. Around her wrist was the sister piece, one with a red star. Jessie put the bracelet on and gasped.

“It tingles!”

“Yup! Now, put your hands on my chest.” Jessie did so, and there was a jolt.

“Think about drinking. That’s how I got it to work the first time.”

“Got what to work?” Jessie asked before she gasped as her shirt began to fill out and Kayleigh’s bust line shrank an equal amount, back to the size they were before. Jumping back, Jessie grabbed her new breasts that filled her firmly cupped hands.

“How’s that?”

“Feels amazing!” Jessie grinned and dove at Kayleigh, pushing her hands against boob once more. This time she did not jump back as more mass pumped up her arms and into her chest. Her toned arms became less defined as the curve of her breasts approached the crook of her elbows. She leaned back to let go, but Kayleigh held her hands in place.

“Keep going, I can take it back if I need it.”

Jessie pushed down, and the exchange sped up until she was the one who had tits the size of her head and her fingers were pressing against Kayleigh’s ribs. A feeling of hunger washed over her, and she dragged her hands down to her friend’s hips.

Like with their busts, second by second Kayleigh‘s mass was passed over to Jessie through the bracelets. Hips, butt, and legs swelled against athletic pants that were quickly becoming capris. The sound of straining seams only egged the growing woman on. She did not stop draining until her toned, masculine frame had been consumed by the body of a tall, plus-sized model.

Kayleigh was very thin now. Jessie was starting to panic when an audible snap, followed by a flare of red light filled the room. A feeling of weakness went down her arms as the barely visible curves of her muscles began to fade. Against her hands, Kayleigh’s legs swelled as new tissue knit itself into existence. Within moments she looked like she had always spent her afternoons at the gym and her mornings running.

The red light flared again, and both women were hit with the conflicting feelings of being stretched and squashed. Jessie wrenched her hands away and the light faded. She collapsed on her much fitter friend’s chest gasping. They were the same height now as if the foot difference in height had been split between them.

“I didn’t know it could do that,” Kayleigh said between panting breaths.

Jessie flopped over to her back, setting off a boobquake that made her shirt ride up until there was a bounty of underboob on display. “You didn’t? You told me it could exchange mass!”

“I had only really moved a few pounds around on my body before this, I did not expect it to completely change both our physiques.”

“Speaking of,” Jessie sat up, her shirt hem jiggling up another couple of inches so that it squeezed her tits near the middle of their curve. “Could I see the other one, I love these and all, but they are a bit much for me.”

Slipping on the other bracelet, she began to grope herself with one hand as the other rubbed her already ample ass. The green light flared once more as several inches of bust became butt in a few seconds. Running both hands around her lower half, Jessie sculpted all that weight into a broad core and pair of hips along with the kind of booty all those Instagram fitness models seemed to sport. For Kayleigh, it was hard to believe the woman on the bed with her was ever anything but.

“Did you want some of this back?” Jessie asked, hefting a boob that was still larger than her hand.

“If you don’t want all of it, yeah.”

Bracelets were exchanged, and there was another flare of green light. Groping Jess more than she probably needed to, Kayleigh drew some of her weight back. Instead of going directly to her bust, however, the mass seemed to distribute evenly, thickening her into being just slightly chubby overall with moderate curves and a stomach that rose and fell with abs nestled in fat.

Jessie was blushing and panting when Kayleigh let go of her rack, now just slightly above average. Kayleigh sat back and let out a sigh. “How do you fee-”

Without warning, Kayleigh was being kissed. Again and again, Jessie’s lips pushed against her’s until the pair tumbled backward. Not wanting to accidentally swap, she made sure her bracelet ended up on the bedside table then attacked in earnest. She pushed back on Jessie, rolling and pinning her to the bed as she returned the affections. The pair rocked back and forth, each trying to have the other on top until they ended up on their sides and staring into each other’s eyes. Hands roamed undershirts as teeth met lip, tongue, chin, and neck. Fingers dragged across warming flesh, teasing and begging at the same time. When they broke apart, each was panting and starting to sweat.

“ Kayleigh, can we…I mean, do you want to-?”

“Yes, I came over wanting to fuck you, but this is beyond my wildest dreams.”

“What do you mean?”

“My best friend just became a bombshell, and I made that happen. You were hot before, and you still are now—maybe even more so since I know how well you could use that tongue.”

“Oh,” Jessie looked away and blushed even harder. “Right, this is all so new. I did not expect to be so…well, hot.”

“Magic is a wonderful thing.” Kayleigh pulled her much too large shirt over her head. “Now, let’s see what the new you looks like naked.”

Kayleigh pressed her lips to Jessie’s once more, biting gently on the bottom one. A hand tightened on her arm as a moan escaped. With kisses down a neck she had loved before, Kayleigh slipped her tongue between the collar of Jessie’s shirt and her skin, making the tan woman arch her back. Cupping a boob through the cotton shirt, her thumb sought out a nipple and then dragged circles around it.

Unable to wait any longer, Jessie lifted the soft cotton shirt over her head and tossed it over Kayleigh’s shoulder. Her hands were moving slowly over her half-naked body, taking in the curves she was seeing for the first time. She tweaked her nipple and gasped at the new found level of sensation. Her other hand moved down into the taut waistband.

Kayleigh could only bite her lip and moan as she drank in her friend’s knockout body. Jessie’s complexion had brightened to the color of salted caramel, her nickel sized aureole were a bit paler, a bit pinker, as were her cute little nipples. Her new boobs hung halfway to her waist as perfect teardrops. There were hints of stretch marks from the rapid expansion becoming her reality on her sides going down her wide hips, but that only increased the feeling that Jessie had always been a woman.

Withdrawing her hand from her pants, Jessie draped her arms around Kayleigh’s shoulders, and more moans rose from her throat at the new sensation of boob pressing against boob. Hungrily she nipped at Kayleigh’s chin until the other woman pinned her to the bed once more.

A string of kisses down a toned body that was also still plush lead to the hem of the athletic pants. Through all of this, they had been pushed down, and Jessie’s bush was peeking out. Lifting her lover, Kayleigh pulled the pants around her ass. They and a pair of boxers joined the shirts on the floor.

Despite all of the delightful transformation this far, her friend still had a male set between her curvy bright brown thighs. Her cock was about the same size Kayleigh remembered it being, but it was also somehow more feminine. The veins were less prominent than before and, like her nipples, the skin had a pink tinge to it that made it seem all the softer. A couple licks had Jessie’s already aroused shaft throbbing, and Kayleigh grinned before sliding her mouth over it.

Jessie gripped the blanket with both hands as Kayleigh swallowed her whole length in one go.

Working back up slowly, her tongue caressing the bottom side, Kayleigh moaned at having her favorite dick once more in her mouth. Gripping the base, she bobbed on the tip, her lips caressing the soft, springy skin. Already Jessie was leaking pre-cum, the taste much sweeter than Kayleigh remembered.

“Not that it’s my—ah!—business, but just how much—mmm—cock have you sucked since mine?”

Kayleigh let go with a pop and laughed. “A few, why?”

“You are SO much better than before.”

A blush spread as Kayleigh grinned. “All for you. You know that, right?”

It was Jessie’s turn to blush. “What?”

“When we first hooked up, it was like a dam broke inside me. I had never thought of you sexually until that night we kissed and now? I can’t get you out of my head. I thought about you every day I was waiting for the day you’d be inside me, so I kept getting better at all the coaxing, encouraging things. Now though, it seems sort of silly.”

“No, not at all.” Jessie shifted so that she could lean over, her hands moving to cup Kayleigh’s face. “There is a reason I told you first, I really do love you, Kayleigh, and I’m happy you feel the same.”

“Oh, um…” She bounced up to kiss Jessie again to cover for not knowing what to say. The contact was still hungry, but there was a depth there now. A connection finally forged in shared feelings. A bitten tongue, a deep moan accompanied with bodies pushing closer.

Once more Jessie was on her back, Kayleigh swung around and planted herself on the other woman’s face as she resumed her enthused fellatio. Jessie pulled her open and caressed skin warm and slick with a tongue that was even more dexterous than before. Both women began to rock against the other’s face as their lust for each other began to boil.

Kayleigh was watching when Jessie’s cute little sack twitched and pulled tight. She anticipated the feeling of warm and sticky in her mouth and pulled back just as the first throbbing pulse hit her in the back of the throat. Eyes closed in bliss, she gulped it down without thought as another pulse coated her tongue.

The choker began to get warm and the room filled with a pulsing blue light, but neither woman noticed. With each shot she swallowed, the light got brighter. A heat she thought was building towards an orgasm spread to Kayleigh’s fingers and toes. Every inch of her felt tingly, her body starting to hitch with each pass of Jessie’s tongue until she was vibrating.

Jessie realized something was happening first as Kayleigh’s thighs began to thicken around her. Within moments Kayleigh’s lower half was back to how big it had been before. The feeling of boob growing against her stomach made her lie back.

“ Kayleigh. Kayleigh! You’re growing!”

Kayleigh’s eyes popped open, and she rolled off Jessie. There was noticeably more of her than there had been a moment ago. The hourglass build she had before had returned as if she had never given it up and had just happened to get taller instead. Her armful of tit-flesh rested on the gentle slope of a stomach with the shadows of abs that hinted at a growing work out routine. The curve spread to wide hips, each graced with a handful of faded pale ridges.

Jessie did not hesitate in attacking her lover’s more massive boobs, her lips pressed to puffy areolae and tongue wrapped around a fat nipple. Kayleigh pulled the choker off over her head and set it next to the bracelets. Looking at the plastic rings, she felt ideas dawning.

Palming both she slid the red one around Jessie’s still hard sex and pressed the green one into her own. Jessie looked up at her in surprise and bit her lip, but did not say no. The telltale tingle washed over her as there was a flash of green light as they were swapped.

Unlike how it had looked on Jessie, Kayleigh’s cock was unquestionably manly. Wrapping her hand around it felt different from before, and not just because she could feel her grip. Foremost, it was half again as long as her palm when it had just barely outside her grasp a moment ago. Second, it was definitely thicker as well, her thumb now just over her fingertips instead of her first knuckles. Then there was the weight! Her new meat was so intensely hefty.

Her new balls, too, were more massive than they had been on Jessie based on how the soft skin rubbed against the middle of her plush thighs. It occurred to her it was because she had likely absorbed much of Jessie’s testosterone in the first exchange and the organs had responded to that abundance of the masculine hormone, and yet she felt that there had to be other contributing factors.

Not surprisingly Jessie’s new pussy was also a bit exaggerated with a prominent clit and labia that rose just above her mons. Like her nipples, the sensitive flesh was bright tan overlaid with pink to create a soft blush. Kayleigh felt her new manhood throb as her heart skipped a beat upon realizing her friend was now wholly female–and the hottest woman she had ever seen at that.

“Why did… why did you–?”

“Because a cock this amazing needs to fuck someone, okay?“ Kayleigh said with a laugh. "And you weren’t going to do me so… I might as well do you.”

Jessie laughed as well, high and clear like crystal. “I suppose that’s fair,” her gaze moved over Kayleigh’s almost hedonistic combination of curves and cock.

“I didn’t expect it to be so…so big,” Kayleigh said as she ran her hand over its vein covered length.

“I have a theory about that. I think I made it happen.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, spend as many years around so many hyper-masculine guys as I do, not comfortable in your body, and you’d start to develop a taste for a certain look. That was part of what took me so long to come to terms. I thought perhaps I was gay, I even experimented, but it didn’t quite feel right.”

Kayleigh nodded, still absently stroking her new growth as she watched Jessie’s eyes follow her hand. The tan woman licked her lips and continued. “When you moved away, I started fantasizing about you, even more than I did when we saw each other. I woke up quite a few times from a dream where you had had somehow grown a cock and just absolutely ravaged me. It got to the point that I would jack off to thoughts of you—something I had never done.”

Jessie began to stammer and blushed then looked down. A moment later she glanced up through her lashes. “I guess what I’m trying to say is, based on how you look, my fantasy probably affected the transfer somewhat. The bracelets took our mass and then gave the both of us parts that matched my dreams. Kayleigh, I have never seen someone so fucking hot.”

It did make a certain amount of sense. The whole process was based on desire. Kayleigh moaned as her cock throbbed as if in confirmation. “You aren’t too bad yourself there, love. I can’t wait to feel you around me.”

“Oh? You aren’t the only one who wants to fuck, you know.” With that, she pushed her lover back and straddled her. Unfamiliar with the movement, she fumbled a bit until Kayleigh reached up to spread her open. Jessie bit her lip as she slowly lowered down over a cock that looked way better on Kayleigh than it ever had on her. The tip pushing against her walls was beyond even her wildest expectations, and the feeling of the cleft slipping inside suddenly made her fall forward into Kayleigh’s cleavage.

“Oh fuck that feels good,” they said it nearly at the same time and laughed. Jessie’s hands pushed into  Kayleigh’s massive mams as she tried to get up and push down at the same time. The sensation of penetration for the first time, even though she could feel that her body was somehow built to handle the shaft she was sliding down, was surprisingly intense. Only a few inches in, she was clenching already from the stimulation. She tried to force herself further, but Kayleigh held her up by her hips.

“Don’t try to take all of me while you’re having an orgasm like that. You’ll hurt yourself. Enjoy the high, then relax and we’ll continue.”

Jessie nodded vehemently and began to rock against the shaft as she got control of her legs back. Kayleigh”s name became a constant moan as her movements hastened. With all the action from sliding back and forth, she was slowly slipping down. With each gyration, she was further filled.

Finally, her crotch was against Kayleigh’s. “Okay. I’m going to push inside, are you ready?.”

“Yes! Please, press on!”

Kayleigh’s slow thrust raised Jessie up off the bed. The feeling of her sliding out as she pulled back was nearly as mind-numbing as sliding down. Wanting to feel even more, Jessie lowered her hips as Kayleigh thrust up a second time. The twin sensation made her collapse onto Kayleigh’s chest, gasping and moaning, her fingers buried in the other woman’s pliable flesh as her body twitched. Kayleigh continued her slow cycles, reveling in the feeling. She was going to miss being fucked, sure, but this connection was really, well, enjoyable. Feeling Jessie melt around her, the two of them breathing as one, was better than any sex Kayleigh had ever had.

As she smoothed Jessie’s hair, something about the situation, the sudden but enjoyable reversal of their roles crashed over Kayleigh like a wave. Her thrusts began to speed up, and their shared moans became a constant. Jessie’s eyes rolled into the back of her head, even as her body responded to its lust and began to move against Kayleigh’s shaft once more. The sensation of their flesh finally crashing together after all this time drove both women to fuck even harder. Years of relationship crystallized into a pure, primal need. Kayleigh’s nails dug into Jessie’s back as the other's dug into her shoulders. Out of nowhere, Kayleigh felt her balls tightening, and she was suddenly throbbing and cumming and groaning. Jessie slammed down against her crotch, gasping at the feeling of ever more cum pumping inside of her before she, too, began to clench and groan.

They woke hours later in each other’s arms. It was dark out, and they felt no need to get up and go out. After a short discussion, Kayleigh dialed for takeout. Pulling on the pants that once belonged to Justin, she felt a thrill as the stretchy fabric clung paradoxically to the heft of her new anatomy and also her bigger-than-ever bubble butt. The soft shirt she had worn over was tight around her wider shoulders and thicker back but also felt wonderful against her larger, more sensitive boobs. The cute delivery guy could not decide what to look at when Kayleigh answered the door. Something about that made her feel really sexy.

The reconnecting couple ate while watching TV. They did not speak, lost in the moment and enjoying the feeling of being naked and next to each other under a blanket. What was later supposed to be a quick shower instead became a bath and more fooling around. Sex the second time felt even better as Kayleigh pounded Jessie from behind in the sudsy tub. There was more playing and eager laughter as they got into bed. Finally, Jessie snuggled into Kayleigh as they went to sleep. The pair content and happy with the new chapter dawning in their lives.

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