Misty F Fiction

Genre: Science Fantasy

212 – A Binding Arrangement

For trying to revolt against Taulic, the Deamon-Lord Closest to Heaven, the daemoness known as Kylbyi was sealed into a book. Her life was twisted and warped, turned to stories for other's enjoyment. That is until the book tumbled into our world. There, she was freed when a human with great magical potential cut herself on the book's cover. What happens next remains to be seen, but this is where it all began...

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072 – A Pile of Love

It has been some time since Julian became Xulia and they have come to terms with their new existence as a hyper-sexual daemoness in the employ of the Daemon Lord Mhaxual. However, an unexpected reunion threatens to destroy all of that...Warning: Extreme transformations, massive sizes, and altersex content ahead!

021 – What You Bring to the Table

A man who feels he has nothing to lose seeks out the power to change his life, only to find how deep his hunger really goes... 
Warning: Extreme transformations and sizes ahead!

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005 – My Pet Elf

In the midst of trying to prevent an invasion of her new home, a daemoness was forced to kill her would-be girlfriend. Trying to save her life, she bound them together, but what happened was unexpected. It has taken some time, but now she wants to make things right with her bonded companion... Warnings for implied rape and enslavement.