012 – Goddess by Proxy

An Enchanting Tale of The Far Shore

An accomplished therapist who uses hypnosis with her clients finds out that her newest referral is more than he appears–much more.

Warning: this sexually explicit story is about a woman who hypnotizes people for therapy. When puts her new client under, she discovers her suggestions to him are changing reality. Can she resist being a proxy for such power or will rewriting her history be her undoing? With themes like men’s beautification, penis expansion, reality alteration, femdom, cumflation and more this story might not be for you, but I am sure my [Story Index] will have something for you!

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While this story is free to read, it is a work of adult fiction and I need you to provide some level of identification to read it. So, please, either sign in below or [register for an account]. Thanks for your understanding!- Misty F

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