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001 – Switch Hitting

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Deliberate Non-Consensual Participation, Dubious Consent, Exaggerated Sexually-Focused Transformation, Explicit Sex, Intimate Nudity, Large Sizes, Mental Corruption and Significant Growth

Fresh off three losing road games in Dallas, losses which would drop his team from playoff contention, Craig "The Beast" Rauston could feel his chances of finally making it back to the majors slipping away from him. The truth was, without him on the field, his minor league teammates were just not good enough to keep up in their competitive division. That they had even been in contention at all was thanks to him. The third one stung the most.

After having to watch two abysmal games from the locker room, he finally went to team management. He had been cleared of all suspicion a month ago now, why was he still being kept off the active roster? Did they want to lose all these games, was that it? Had they been bought off to keep him on a mid-tier team for another year?

It was then, with the implication of bribery hanging in the air, management backed down and agreed to let him gear up for the last game of the series. He was at bat four times, and those were the only runs scored in all the last five of their games with their division rivals.

The team had gotten back two days ago, and he had not gone to practice either day. It made more sense to do a workout routine by himself and start focusing on next year. Not like anyone could keep up with him anyway. He outlifted every guy by at least thirty pounds per rep and could do twice the sets, too. On top of that, he could run for nearly two hours without feeling tired.

This was nothing new, honestly. Craig had always been physically gifted, and his current stature was nothing short of Herculean, which had been the whole problem. He had worked his ass off to recover from the training camp injury which had gotten him cut from the majors. Generally, if Craig had not been on the field, he was at the gym. If not the gym, he was running.

All that effort had resulted in huge gains--impossible ones even. In twelve months, Craig had gone from physically impressive to downright legendary. His physique now looked more like it belonged to a half-giant warrior from some fantasy movie rather than a semi-pro athlete. The biggest jersey could barely contain his shoulders and chest, and there was not a game this season where he had not torn the back of his uniform open. It all came to a head when he shattered a bat hitting a home run and became the talk of national news as he carried his team to win after win over the summer.

Meanwhile, people had started to accuse him of cheating. No one entertained the idea that he had won the genetic jackpot and just grew out of control like, well, bamboo or kudzu for lack of a better comparison. Soon after the bat incident, a rumor had leaked from inside the organization that his rapid gains and super-human size had been the result of the liberal use of HGH and steroids. It was bunk of course, but management reduced the amount of time he was on the field anyway until they squandered his talents to whatever end they hoped to accomplish.

Trying to relax after a post-run shower, Craig sank back into a sofa which felt more like an oversized armchair for him and stared at the ceiling before letting his eyes close. The cheers of the crowd rose around him only to be squashed by the droning voice of commentary staff. The talking heads were discussing the last week's games. He grit his teeth as he listened to the highlight reel. Despite professing that they believed the tests, he could tell the retired greats all still felt he was a fake.

Just as the frustration welled up, the door opened behind him, accompanied by the sound of keys.

"It was a fricken war zone at the market today!"

"Hey, hun," he muttered, sitting forward as Laura went past him with groceries. Craig's college sweetheart, Laura was a well-established e-sports writer for a site that was a pillar of the various scenes. He didn't get it but supported her as best he could. It had been her dream after all, and she was an excellent writer with an uncanny knack for analysis.

It was her analysis that led his college baseball team to win the division title three years in a row by providing statistics on their opponents and helping them look for weaknesses. Craig owed her quite a bit for getting him this close to being a pro, and he would do everything he could for her.

"I don't know why you have that on," she said over her shoulder from the kitchen. "it just makes you annoyed."

"I like hearing that people believe in me," he said, running his hand through his rusty brown hair. "It's all that's keeping me going most days."

"That's all? You're sure about that?"

Craig grunted a laugh and got up to help her with the groceries.

Where Craig was the definition of hyper-masculine, Laura was a different kind of exaggerated. She was very tall--taller than he was--and decidedly androgynous, maybe even Elven in appearance.

Laura's style capitalized on her unique build, and her fashion choices ran the gamut gender-wise. She enjoyed donning the crisp, three-piece suits she wore on days at the analyst desk just as much as the long socks, short-shorts, and tank tops that were her weekend fare. Then there were the dresses she acquired for social events.

Today, the rainbow-striped socks she had on underscored just how big and well-developed her calves were as black spandex biking shorts did the same with her thick thighs and tight butt. Laura's lengthy legs were Craig's favorite part of her body, always had been--and not just because how they felt around him in bed either. On her bike, Laura was the only person who could keep pace with him.

She had not styled her hair into her typical mohawk, so the array of short, electric-green locks fluttered as the ceiling fan whirled overhead. Multiple earrings hugged her ears in a stunning array of metal and luminous plastic. The symbol of the guild she ran with back in her raiding days peered out from the tummy-exposing gap between the hems her snugly-fitting camisole and shorts. It was one of many well-done pieces she had all over her body after a lifetime of collecting ink. Craig was only one of three people who had seen all of them.

"I, uh--" he began, trying to find the words to express his frustration when his train of thought derailed as she squatted to pick up a case of water. Her teeny, tightly-clinging shorts rose up between her cheeks in the process, causing the bottom curves of her muscular, cyclist's butt to bulge from the openings. She did not fix the issue when she stood, either, but instead flashed him a grin, saying she was well aware of where his attention was.

"I didn't realize it was Goddess day," she said with a play-annoyed edge to her voice. "'Cuz from the way you're staring, it feels like I'm being worshiped right now..."

Craig barked a laugh and closed the distance between them. She turned and bent slightly to kiss him. A purr rose in her throat at the feeling of his hands on her butt.

"I dunno," he said before kissing her again. "Letting a Goddess put all this away by herself? I feel like a plague would find me."

"You're fine, love," she replied, her words accompanied by a grin and another kiss. "I know how stressful things have been."

"Yeah... I just..."

She stepped back and started putting groceries away once more. "Just what?"

"Just wish sometimes that I wasn't like... this," he gestured at himself. "I wish that... That I could be a normal guy with some desk job somewhere, who didn't have to live up to everyone's expectations."

He cracked open a bottle of water to pause as he tried to find the words. "Ultimately, I guess I wish I could, I dunno, give it all away or something."

"I'd love to be that big and powerful," she said in an offhand way while handing him something to put in the fridge. She was flexing her thin arms when he turned back to take the next thing. "It'd be a massive buff to my CHA."

A chuckle slipped out of Craig and Laura shot him a withering glance. "Sorry," he said, putting up his hands. "Wasn't saying you being super-buff would be silly."

"Then why the laugh, hmm?"

"I mean, think about it. You being huge would make your costume work even more astonishing, right?"

"It would make me stand out, that's for sure. Seriously though, I'd be lying if I said I've never fantasized about having your physique. I've always wondered what it must feel like to be an immigrant from the Hyborian Age. Just thinking about it makes me shiver."

"If I could give it to you, even if just for a day, I would."

"If you gave it to me, I don't think you'd get it back."

He laughed at that. "Well, I'll keep that in mind should I ever find a scroll of 'Drain Attribute' or something..."

Laura guffawed and ran two fingers over her newest tattoo, the white and silver emblem was outlined heavily in black and seemed to shimmer. "Yeah, you're right. Like that would ever happen..."

As he tried to hand her something to put up on the top shelf, she bumped into him. The world tilted, and he put his arms around her waist to keep from falling over. As his fingertips brushed her new ink, there was a burst of brief shocks, like he was getting zapped by static. He began to feel hot like he had been working out in the sun for a few hours. Sweat had already started to roll down his face.

"You ok?" she asked over her shoulder, leaning back into him.

"Yeah. Just tired, I think. Maybe we should go lay down," Craig said, rising slightly on his toes to kiss her neck. Laura returned the affection with an excited gasp before pushing back into him. The feeling of being sunbaked grew stronger as he continued to hold her and they stumbled back until she sandwiched him between her and the counter. The rounded marble edge was a welcome chill against his lower back.

Thinking he was dehydrated somehow, Craig tried to ride out the moment of sensory overload. However, the sensation grew stronger and stronger. It felt like Laura was getting heavier. Though she was tight against his body, the feeling of her pressing against him was increasing. It also felt like there was an increasing amount of her in his embrace with each passing second.

She turned to put her arms around his neck, and the touch caused more shocks. Her expression was somewhere between mischievous and surprised. As his vision swam, it seemed as if her shoulders were widening, and that her arms had gained mass they didn't have before.

The heat grew worse, and Craig was now sweating more than after an eight-hour workout. He could swear steam was rising off him.

"Craig, love? You okay?"

"Y-yeah, just... whoa." His workout shirt, which had fit like a second skin a moment ago, now felt like it was a size too big. "I feel like I'm shrinking or something, but that's..."

"You seem surprised, love. Weren't you just saying you wish you could give all your bulk away?" she asked in a sultry tone that was out of character. "I'm just taking that weight off your shoulders, and your chest, and your arms, and your--Oh, Goddess! My body is humming with energy. Everything is throbbing faster and faster. I can feel them, my muscles, they're--they're going to get so big. Growing like this must be what it feels like to level up! I want more--no, I need more!"

Laura dug her nails into his thick lats with those last words. Her lips caressed his sweat-slick skin, as teeth slid against his pounding jugular. She thrust her pelvis into his and pressed him against the counter as if she was trying to squeeze the power out like he was a tube of toothpaste--and that seemed to be working because it was hard to ignore that she was growing like a weed now. Veins began to stand out under her skin, thickening with each pulse. Meanwhile, he could feel his muscles melting away.

Her hands pulsed against him. Her breathing got faster as soft snapping sounds emanated from within her body, and she grew noticeably broader. There was no denying it as the difference in their heights continued to increase. All along his forearms, he could feel her body developing as more and more of his mass was inexplicably siphoned off. Her obliques were swelling. Her waist, widening. Her back's width was spreading by inches as his musculature relaxed and shrank.

"Oh, yes! All this power, it feels... So good!" Her voice had gotten deeper as her gasping grew louder. There was a soft gurgling noise emanating from her body, like the sound of fluid flowing through plumbing on the other side of the wall. Was that his mass flowing through her? Could he hear her getting stronger? Why did that make his cock throb?

The counter, no longer cold, was sliding up his back, and as he shrank, she grew. Her pelvis slid up, grinding against his still relatively athletic-looking stomach. With all of the muscle growth that was happening, Craig was startled when soft flesh rose to meet his chin. It seemed that Laura's transformation was not burning off her body fat, but relocating it in its efforts to make her look even more shredded. Within the span of a breath, she had gone from pretty much flat to the low side of big--and the steady increase in size showed no signs of stopping. Within seconds, the widening domes of her expanding boobs were trying to escape from her low cut shirt. Was she pulling fat from him as well?

"How far are you going to go?" he asked. "Aren't you--ngh!--satisfied?"

"Now, now. Don't be stingy, love," she teased. Her voice was like black satin on his ears, and he could feel himself sink into her words as she continued. "You wanted to be a ‘normie' so... I'm just taking you up on your offer. Don't worry," she said over him as he tried to protest. "I'm not going to take every last ounce. I need you to be capable of keeping up with me in bed--or wherever I want to fuck, really."

Between her combined gains of height and tit, soft cotton which was damp with sweet smelling sweat stifled his next protest. Her deepening cleavage pressed in around his face. In just a couple seconds her tits had swollen to sizes larger than his head!

Forced to bend back to breathe, he found himself wholly overpowered by his growing girlfriend as she pinned his shoulders to the countertop. She seized on the opportunity to bend down against him and drag her teeth against the pounding blood vessels in his neck once more. Her soft tits settled on his chest, flowing around him as they continued to swell. Despite everything, he had never been harder than he was right now.

In trying to squirm free, his hands had ended up cupping her ass, which too was burgeoning outwards. An impossible mixture of tight muscle and jiggling fat was filling out her backside. Unable to do anything else, he worked his fingers into her girlfriend's skin as, inch by inch she, she surpassed even what might be considered Amazonian. If anything, his attention encouraged her body's transformation because the first thing giving way to her new stature was her shorts. The denim was creaking her hips widened against his forearms, and her quads thickened against his crotch. Then, the seams just... gave out, leaving her with a makeshift skirt.

"Yes," she said, breathless. "Yes. That's it. Give it to me, Craig. Give me everything and make me larger than... than..."

Her words trailed off into a moan as her neck muscles bulged and swelled. Just as her mounds of muscle threatened to touch her ears, however, the width of her shoulders stretched out until her musculature looked balanced once more. Craig had no doubts that she was wider than he had been. Heck, her pulsing, vein-laced deltoids were just barely in his periphery now, and the drastic change in stature moved down her body like a wave.

Laura's waist thickened, even more, snapping the button off the waistband of her ruined shorts. Half a second later, the growth of her abs forced the zipper apart before her widening hips tore them to shreds. The scraps fell away to land on the kitchen floor. Her crotch was above his belly button now and, through her thong, he could feel her clit growing. It was inflating like she had been on steroids for many years. With each powerful pulse of blood, the organ swelled against his stomach. It had to be three inches long now!

Acting as if she had been waiting for that signal, Laura twisted and pushed Craig to the floor. His heart skipped a beat as her new, massively increased weight settled on his pelvis. He began to squirm once more when she pressed down on his chest with hands that outsized his barely-there pectorals. There was no escape, however.

Laura pinned his atrophied arms against him with tight, bulging calves that had become thicker than her thighs had once been. A mix of sweat and glit soaked her upper legs. Her pussy throbbed against his trapped erection, her walls grasping at him, tempting him in.

With a Cheshire grin, she began to grind against him, sliding her labia over his trapped erection. The force of her weight shifting along his cock soon had him gasping, however, with each pass he felt smaller against her. Whether she was growing or he was shrinking was unclear. All he knew was that being between her knees when she squeezed was like being trapped in a tightening velvet vice.

For her part, she was moaning like this was the best sex she had ever experienced. Craig could feel her clit swelling against his cock's raphe, growing from being as big around as a Sharpie to nearly twice that size. Bit by bit, she slid further along his erection until, finally, the tip of his cock caught her button on the backstroke. With him wedged into the peak of her pussy, Laura began to twist her hips rubbing his seeping pre-cum all over her. Further lubricated, it was not long before his dick slipped free and flicked past the fat nub of her over-swollen clit. The stimulation seemed to be just what she was craving, however, as she began to spasm in the throes of release.

Laura gasped and cooed as her she kept moving, pushing her orgasm to soar even higher. There was a wet cracking noise, and her whole body was suddenly even bigger. With her weight shifted forward, she was pulled off balance and threw up her hands to catch herself on the counter. For the first time since this started, she was looking into his eyes. His girlfriend's new physique was even more impressive when lit from behind. The stretched out camisole had become a strip which just barely covered her considerable areolas and nipples from the strain of containing her pecs, lats, obliques, and traps. Her shoulders and biceps were even beefier than his had been.

"Now then," she said. her voice was deep, booming even. "A goddess like me needs a proper servant. As good as this feels, I can't absorb all of you. In fact..." She kissed him, her lips completely engulfing him. She alternated between nibbling at his bottom lip and driving her tongue into his mouth.

The muscle pressed against both sides of his jaw, forcing it to spread as the flexing organ grew stronger and thicker like the rest of her. A warmth pooled in his mouth and hung in his throat like phlegm. No matter how much he gulped and tried to swallow the sensation only grew stronger. Just as he began to panic about suffocation, Laura pulled away, and there was another shock as they separated. Craig felt the heat dissolve and spread through him with a wave of pins and needles which left him gasping for breath. What the hell had that been?

As if sensing his question, Laura reached down and pulled his waistband up to reveal his cock. Much like when she had first started draining him, there was a rushing gurgle like water flowing through hidden piping. Then, a second later, several new inches of cock peeked out from his shorts--and from the way his dick was throbbing, there was more growth to come. She let the elastic snap back, causing him to groan from the combined pleasure and pain.

No doubt confident in her ability to stop him from escaping, Laura sat back to explore her body. She tore the cami open at the collar revealing just how massive her boobs had become after squeezing out every drop of extra fat from her body. She pressed her fingers into them, then shuddered and gasped once more, further soaking her panties, as well as both Craig's shorts and growing cock with her nectar.

Despite everything, Craig was rock hard. He could swear he was harder--and more substantial than ever. With his legs pressed together, it felt like his balls were growing, too. What was happening?

Craig could feel the head of his cock sliding over his much less muscular stomach. The leaking tip was nearing his navel when Laura gripped his shorts once more and tore away the fabric that separated them. She rose to remove her stretched out panties, letting his arousal spring up. She gripped his substantial girth with both hands and dragged him past her lips then between her legs until she was sitting in front of his cock. Her significantly bolstered ass was pressing his erection down but, with each twitch, he felt himself forcing his way between her cheeks. With a throaty, confident laugh she spread her phenomenal ass open, and his dick smacked into her tailbone.

"See, my love," she said as she slowly rose along its length. "I made sure no one would question your masculinity, even though you're so lean now. I could have kept every drop of your power, but I gave some back. Am I not generous?"

"I guess..." It was all he could muster as his brain stuttered, overloaded by the sheer volume of stimulation.

His glans vanished down into her crack, her soft skin dragging against him as he throbbed. "You guess?" she teased. "Then I guess I don't need to use you right now. I can go do some work while you lay here..."

He caught her wink and realized with a start that she was role-playing. "No, wait!"

"Yes?" she said, pausing with her dripping wet pussy inches from his fat, bright-pink tip as she squatted over him. It was even larger now--much larger. It looked like he had the cock of a giant or something. His twitching, vascular erection was about the same thickness as a baseball bat and about as long as his arm. Even as big as she was, how was Laura going to fit that behemoth inside her? "Does my lovely toy have something to say?"

The steady growth of his dick marched on, his glans now pressing into her center. The feeling of his girlfriend's swollen pussy made his hips twitch. "I'm sorry, my goddess," he said quickly, putting on a simpering voice. "Y-y-you're right. I'm lucky to have this huge cock and to serve your needs. Please, what can this humble servant do for his mistress?"

"You need to stay hard, got it? I don't... I don't want to hurt you--much." She laughed at that and impaled herself on the monster appendage without any hesitation, bottoming out about two-thirds of the way down. The very act of penetration pushed Craig over the edge. The tight grip of her vaginal muscles was the softest fist he had ever felt. Her kegels worked around him, mixing his spunk with her juices as she began to move. Not content with just one orgasm from him, she worked his cock's length like a machine warming up.

Laura rose and fell slowly at first, her cycles taking an agonizing amount of time to rise from his pelvis and fall again. Still, she kept him locked in that position for what felt like an eternity. Each successive orgasm made Craig more and more sensitive until his balls were pumping a load each time she slammed back down into him. His grip on reality began to fade. Finally, though, after nearly an hour, her Super-Amazonian body tensed, and she screamed from the bottom of her lungs before collapsing onto the floor next to him. Too exhausted to move further, they passed out almost at once...

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