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070 – (Don’t Have to) Twist My Arm

This text is updated to some extent from the Tumblr version. If you have feedback about this story, send me an ask. This story is rated NSFW for Explicit Sex, Extreme Sexually-Focused Transformation, Intimate Nudity and Significant Growth

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Yuuki woke to the feeling of someone nibbling on her ear lobe as thick fingers toyed with one of her nipples. From how much bigger she felt in her lover’s grasp, some of the effects of her formula must have lingered. Hopefully for good. Half awake, she ran her hands over her thighs and stomach. The feeling of her muscular core made her shudder with excitement. While her abs were not as hyper-defined as they were a few hours ago, she was far more fit than she had been yesterday morning.

She rolled over to look at Sage and got caught up the minty scent of her lover's shampoo. It was overwhelming thanks to the sheer volume of copper curls which tumbled from her crown past her waist. When Yuuki shifted, her redheaded submissive leaned over to nibble her neck as she continued rolling Yuuki's sensitive flesh between her thumb and index finger. Yuuki felt a throb between her legs. Nothing like last night, nothing phallic, but still more intense than ever before.

“Mmm didn’t you get enough last night, pet?” she asked, brushing Sage's hair back so she could look into her stunning green eyes.

Sage’s pale, freckled face split into a grin, her hand trailing down to grab Yuuki’s considerably bolstered ass. She bit her fat bottom lip as she looked up through her lashes. “No, ma’am, I did not,” her submissive purred. “Would it be possible for me to get more before tonight?”

“Not right now,” she said, pulling her lover into a kiss. “I want to save some my formula for Caroline. Besides, I don’t feel that against my legs anymore...”

“Aww, you mean it’s gone?” Curious hands moved down her body towards her center as Sage’s fingers searched for the formula’s surprising and unintended side effect. Although she did not find the thick, meaty cock which had sprouted from Yuuki’s clit the night before, they were both surprised to find out just how big the organ still was--and how sensitive from the way her body tensed from just the slight touch.

“Wow, that was intens--oh!

Sage’s fingers slid over her button deftly, her middle digit slipping down between her lips. Yuuki realized as she clenched that it was not just her clit that was more sensitive, everything had felt far more sensation.

Gripping her submissive’s wrist, Yuuki pulled her hand away. She was losing herself in the excitement. She needed to stay in control of the situation.

“Why were you playing with me just now?”

“It seemed like Ma’am needed some more attention,” Sage said as she got into her role once more. “I was just…”

“--Acting without permission?”

“Yes, ma’am. I just got so...excited. Last night was amazing. No guy has ever fucked me like that.”

“Well, if you’re good, Caroline and I will use you like that even more tonight.”

“I would love that, Ma’am.”

“I’m sure. Now, would you be so kind as to help me find out just how much more sensitive I am down there?”

Sage nodded and once more pressed her fat lips to Yuuki’s her neck before starting to head downwards. With her bottom kissing down her supernaturally fit body, Yuuki cupped her boobs to confirm just how much new heft she had left over from her growth spurt last night. Scooping them up, the alchemist got a sense of just how much of her gained mass remained--quite a bit, it turned out. Purely by feel, her cup size had to be four times as big as yesterday, which was incredible considering she had been unable to fill out a large sports bra before now.

As Sage nibbled around her vulva, Yuuki’s attention snapped back as her head dropped to the pillows. Sage kept teasing, building her mistress' anticipation. When she finally started to suck on her labia, Yuuki could have sworn she was orbiting the moon. All of her ability for coherent thought faded as the primal moment gripped her. She tangled her fingers in the other woman’s long hair and pulled her closer.

“Yes...that’s it, pet. That feels wonderful…”


Seeing both of her loves in one day was always a roller coaster. Where Sage was more experienced and gleefully bottomed, Caroline was a bit of a rookie, but enthusiastically topped. It was exhausting switching in such a short period, yet rewarding in a way that made all the effort worth it. Yuuki loved the relationships she had with both women and could not see herself without either of them. There was just something about each of them that made her feel whole in different ways.

As much as Sage enjoyed teaching, Caroline enjoyed learning. The woman with Afro-Carribean heritage was always researching, trying new things, and then getting feedback from her more experienced lover. Tonight, she was experimenting with controlling wardrobe by having Yuuki cook dinner in just an apron and thigh-high tights. Yuuki felt a thrill at how both articles of clothing were on the small side after her growth spurt last night.

Until now, there was one thing both of the women shared besides their connection with her, and that was their height over her. Both Sage and Caroline loomed over Yuuki’s demure five-four frame--although their builds were entirely different. Her Irish partner was burly, her height complemented by width. In contrast, her partner with roots in The Islands was willowy, her long, dark limbs covered in colorful art.

Yuuki was cleaning up the leftover flour from cutting "from scratch" biscuits when Caroline came up from behind and dragged one of the more massive strap-ons against Yuuki's butt. It was likely the double-ended one.

Yuuki squirmed. “I need to get these in the oven in twenty minutes if you want to eat dinner at five exactly, my Lady.” Even so, she stood on her tiptoes and offered herself like she told Caroline she would.

“An’ I need relief more than I need food right now, love,” her dominant responded, tugging at Yuuki's shoulder-length hair. “There’s something about you tonight that’s jus’...driving me crazy. It’s like you suddenly got even hotter.”

Yuuki bit her lip, it was not like she was hiding her changes, she was stark naked after all, but she had not told Caroline about them yet either. She was honestly surprised her partner had not noticed the significant bump to her bust size at the very least.

There was a squirting sound, then the hollow thud of a half-empty lube bottle hitting marble. Her dominant pressed the slickened shaft against her center, sliding the phallus against her vagina, spreading her outer lips wide. The stiff, nobby rubber hit her clit, and Yuuki gasped as lightning rushed along her spine. She collapsed to the counter into her folded arms. Her newly enlarged boobs slid off the floured counter to hang against the edge.

“Was Sage that good to you, love? You’re never this responsive.”

“More than I can express, My Lady.”

“Still... there is somethin' differen' about you. I can’t put my finger on it, but I want to put my dick in it.”

Caroline lined up for her thrust and gripped Yuuki’s hips. She was both pushed and pulled on, the half-inch thick toy insistent on squeezing into her. Being penetrated was almost overwhelming with her new sensitivity, and Yuuki was already gasping like they had been going for twenty minutes. She could feel an abundance of her glit running down her legs, lubricating the huge rubber cock.

“Oh? Does my girl love this?”

“Yes, My Lady. Please, fuck me.”

Caroline began to thrust slowly, and Yuuki’s gasps became moans and begging almost at once. Caroline accelerated, each impact now making Yuuki’s boobs hit the counter and leave floured imprints.

“Ah! Yes! Yesyesyes!”

All of a sudden, Caroline stopped.

“My Lady, why did you stop? Was I not pleasant?”

“Oh, more pleasurable than ever. Which is why I am not continuing until you tell me how you got your body so into overdrive.”

“A formula I made..." Yuuki panted. "It was, uh, it was just supposed to be a protein boost, but it seems to be far, far more.”

“Oh, you very naughty girl,” Caroline said, matching each word with a slight thrust. “Keeping such a discovery from me.”

“It was not my--ah!--intent, My Lady.” Yuuki stammered as Caroline resumed her pace. “I was going to--oh, fuck--excuse me. I was going to talk with you about it at--at--at--dinner!” She managed to finish her sentence just before her words once again became gibberish as her entire body clenched in orgasm.

“Well then,” Caroline said as she pulled out. “I best not hold you up.”

It took Yuuki a while to get the rest of dinner prepared as her legs trembled. The whole time, she could see Caroline sitting at the table. She had put a cami back on but was still idly stroking the eight-inch dildo sticking out of her. What would she look like after taking a dose of the formula? Would her cock be that big? Would it be bigger? How long had it been since she fantasized about a partner with an actual dick? She tried to think of the answer as she finished scrambling the eggs, but an answer eluded her even after putting the plates of breakfast food on the table. Maybe the answer was never?

“So," Caroline said, taking a bite. "What’s this formula you’ve got an’ what’s it do?”

“Okay, so..." Yuuki began, as she put her mind into presentation mode. "The goal was a supplement one could take after a workout to help the body process protein and rebuild muscle. What it seems to do, however, is something far more impressive.”

“And that is…?”

“Well, first off, it builds raw muscle from free protein. You gain mass like nobody's business after eating. Then there are the other effects--you said I felt different, right?”

“Yeah, sure, but I wasn’t sure how much that was just us not having seen each other in a couple of weeks.”

“It's not just that. I’ve grown a lot in the last twenty-four hours,” Yuuki said, hefting her boobs.

It was the first time Caroline seemed to notice, and she gasped in response. “You’re right! Holy shit, how’d I miss that?”

Yuuki crossed her arms under her bust. “Perhaps it’s another effect of the formula? A mild masking agent to keep you from attracting attention as your body changes to an ideal...”

“Are you tryin’ to say you made a formula that not only makes you grow but also hides that growth from others? Just want did you make it out of?”

There was a pregnant pause as Yuuki thought about her answer. “Let’s just say it’s quantum and move on.”

“Okay... So then what gives? Why not tell me?”

“I wanted you to see what the lasting effects looked like before I offered you the opportunity to have a dose.”

Caroline mouthed the words have a dose and then pursed her lips and furrowed her brow. “Are you saying you wish I were busty?”

That’s what you got out of that?" Yuuki snapped.

"I was playing, pet. Please, go on..."

"There’s, um, a side effect to taking the formula that I think you’d be interested in--more than any of the lasting changes. I wanted you to know what those were though before you just took the formula for the temporary effect.”

“Temporary effect? Spit it out, woman. What does this formula do?”

“It, uh," there was no tactful way to say it. "It gives you a dick...”

“Oh,” Caroline said, blinking. Her gaze drifted down to her naked lap and the dildo strapped in place there. “Um, yeah, I can see why you would think I’d want that.”

“Shall I pour you some?”

“I, well--you know what? Yeah. That way I can go to town on you and your girlfriend later.”

“I’m sure she’ll enjoy that--Oh, just to be clear, I intend on taking some more myself once we get there since I promised her some double teaming.”

“Sounds like a wonderful evening, my pet. Go get the formula. I'll handle the dishes.”

Yuuki went to their room and retrieved the case of vials. The first was half empty, and she planned to give that to Caroline. When she got back downstairs, her girlfriend was finishing up. She moved to help, setting the case on the counter as she did so.

“So... how much did you take last night?” Caroline said, handing her a dripping wet plate.

“Half a vial?” Yuuki dried it and put it away.

“What’s the max I should take?”

“Probably a full vial.” Another plate.

“Then that is what I want.”

Yuuki almost dropped the cup she was holding. “You sure? Why not take half first?”

“We both know I’m going to take as much as I can, why delay it?”

“I guess that’s true…”

They finished the dishes soon after, and Yuuki fished a full vial out of her case. The blue fluid swirled in the glass. She uncorked it, and Caroline took it from her with trembling fingers.

“Well, bottoms up…”

The liquid went down in a couple of gulps. A single drop ran down Caroline’s cheek and neck. As Yuuki followed its descent, the changes were already happening.

Caroline's moans grew louder and deeper as she dragged her hands down her transforming body. Her fingers rose and fell over abs that were getting more and more ripped as she moved towards her pussy. Her clit was starting to poke out from between her legs. She pinched it and began to roll it between her fingers. It did not take long for her button to swell into a phallus. Within moments, its size was comparable to an average erection. When she began to jerk on it like it was one of her strap-ons, it swelled larger with each stroke.

“So...so good!”

Movement under her cock caught Yuuki’s attention. A pair of testes emerged from Caroline’s vulva and cock just in front of her vagina. That was a stark difference to her transformation. Perhaps it was due to taking far more of the formula? Whatever the reason, things promised to keep getting more interesting.

Both Caroline's dick and her gonads continued to inflate, her warm, brown skin stretching tight and shiny as the formula-fueled transformation raged within her. She was six inches long now. Seven. Eight. Nine. Holy shit.

Little more than a minute had passed, and Caroline's living dick already surpassed even her most massive strap-ons. Her tight sac hung a third of the way to her knees now. Yuuki had no doubts that copious amounts of testosterone were flooding the rest of her system, further virilizing her dominant as her transformation continued.

At this point, Caroline was bulking up far more than Yuuki had. Her pectorals were bulging now, the mounds of muscle dwarfing her barely-there boobs. Veins rose from her shoulders and biceps as they pulsed larger and larger--her arms growing beefier by the second. Her legs, too, were bulking up as her quads and calves swelled over and over.

Most surprising, however, was the audible stretching and grinding noises as her already long frame enlarged further to make room for all of the new tissue. Her musculature was swelling so much; it was like new, never-before-seen muscles were growing in to support the increasing bulk. She was probably twice as heavy as Yuuki had been and was perhaps two to three times beefier than any professional bodybuilder--male or female.

Her cock was truly massive now. It had not gotten much longer, but was much bigger around, echoing the thickness of her arms and legs. It had to be the circumference of a soda can. Its skin was deep red from the sheer volume of blood needed to make it hard. It was twitching with each heartbeat, rising and falling nearly four inches as it swung around despite Caroline's hands near the base.

Caroline’s jerking grasp began to slide as the precum lubricated her movements. She stroked furiously, groaning the whole time. Yuuki could almost hear her heartbeat. The flow of heavy cream was becoming a steady stream that was splattering the floor. Finally, Caroline screamed, and a torrent of cum burst forth as her balls pulled tight to her body. The blast hit Yuuki full in the face, painting her white. They both sank to their knees, gasping and reaching for each other. Caroline's massive erection slid up Yuuki's slick tummy as they drew close, leaving it sandwiched between them. Even after that release, the organ was not going soft...

“Okay,” Caroline said. “You were right--A full vial is way too much. I'm so fucking horny!” She bent to lick her shiny cockhead and moaned when the first glob hit her tongue. Her hips started to rock, sliding the lubricated shaft up and down against their bodies.

“Perhaps you're right,” Yuuki said as she dragged her fingers around the cum coating her boobs. It seemed to shimmer with blue. As she rubbed, it faded into her skin like lotion, and she felt the tingle from the night prior. She licked the rest off her fingers and shuddered as she felt the transformation begin once more. “I just hope Sage can handle us both...”


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